Tupolev Tu-204
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Tupolev Tu-204

Medium-range passenger aircraft for 214 seats, designed as a replacement for the Tu-154.

Tupolev Tu-204A three-view drawing (1000 x 665)

 ENGINE2 x PS-90A turbofans, 157kN
    Take-off weight93500 kg206133 lb
    Empty weight56500 kg124562 lb
    Wingspan42.0 m138 ft 10 in
    Length46.0 m151 ft 11 in
    Height13.9 m46 ft 7 in
    Wing area168 m21808.34 sq ft
    Max. speed810-850 km/h503 - 528 mph
    Range4600 km2858 miles

MAX, 23.01.2015

OUR COMPANY have in his fleet 2 TU-204 cargo configuration
ready for lease
please contact me at

mamun, 31.03.2012

Required official quotation for this type of aircraft. About 4 units . Where to communicate ??

Brian, 20.03.2012

Looks like a stretched Airbus a321

123, 10.08.2011

It looks like a Boeing aircraft,isn't it?

rani, 29.05.2011

please i want an information about cargo tube of tu 204

Maher Bashour, 28.07.2007

need more information about civil aircraft and if have in vision to expand in middle east are (gulf region)

Do you have any comments about this aircraft ?

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