CASA C-212 Aviocar
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CASA C-212 Aviocar

The first prototype flew on March 26, 1971. By 1990 a total of 435 aircraft were built.

CASA C-212 AviocarA three-view drawing (712 x 1008)

 ENGINE2 x Garrett TPE331-10 turboprops, 671kW
    Take-off weight7450 kg16425 lb
    Loaded weight3915 kg8631 lb
    Wingspan19 m62 ft 4 in
    Length15.16 m50 ft 9 in
    Height6.68 m22 ft 11 in
    Wing area40 m2430.56 sq ft
    Cruise speed385 km/h239 mph
    Range w/max.fuel1620 km1007 miles
    Range w/max.payload760 km472 miles

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Jose L. Ruiz, 29.10.2015


Jose L. Ruiz, 29.10.2015

Interested in C212-100 or -200 for immediate purchase. Please, email me

john, 11.08.2015

Roberto , I have a Nice CASA 212-200 fresh annual and 8 yr

Sefrida Bandarsyah, 30.07.2015

We have many stock parts for Casa 212, ready to ship. Condition NS, NE, OH, SV, AR with valid documents. Contact to my email, i will give parts list that we have. Thanks for everyone here.
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fernando paternina, 27.07.2015

Good afternoon, we are a Honeywell Authorized Service Center.
Contact: Fernando Paternina

Are Prasetyo, 27.07.2015

i have one (1) unit Casa 212-100 for sale. aircraft need proppeler change due to calender and aircraft is in halim airport jakarta.

john, 30.06.2015

I have a 1986 Casa 212-200 I am selling

Roberto Vargas, 25.04.2015

Dear, I looking for Casa 212 serie 200 for purchase, please help with the information of vendor

Douglas Arries, 25.03.2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a supplier of the Casa 212 Aircraft, My intention is to see if you have the following Heat Exchangers available for sale. I am not sure if this is the correct e-mail address for your aircraft spares department, I would appreciate it very much if you can help me,

P/N 782640-1
P/N 782640-2
P/N 782640-3
P/N 782640-4

I would like to purchase in as-removed condition. Please provide the correct e-mail address to the person in charge of surplus inventory.

Thanking you in advance,


Grace Santosa, 06.03.2015

March 6, 2015

Dear Sirs,
We would like to have a complete passenger seats dimension for the CASA212.
Anxiously waiting for your favourable reply.
Best Rgds,

Gunarsito Pringgorejo, 07.11.2014

Hi, lam looking for engine firewall attach fitting Casa 212-100 due to replace 25000 cycles.

Mario, 29.07.2014


We are looking the following PN:

04 of PN: 100702-002 Double Seats
04 of PN: 100701-001 Single Seats
12 of PN: CA36000.01 Seat Belts

Any info contact:
001 954 770 56 25

Best Regards

Fernando, 12.02.2014

Hi Im looking for this p/n 35-46613-0009. Its is a rudder trim. Can direct your propossals ti
Thank you

Beto Moreno-Brazil, 11.11.2013

Preciso comprar CASA 212-100/300/400 com urgência.

abit bayu, 15.10.2013

We need some items for Casa 212/200 aircraft.The items that we need are:
3. SLAVING ACCESSORIES P/N : 522-2644-011
4. HF TRANSCEIVER P/N : 622-533-700
5. HF ANTENA COUPLER P/N : 622-2824-000
6. HF POWER AMPLIFIER P/N : 622-2883-001
7. DELTA P/P TRANSDUCER P/N : 897260-51

for purchase price please email to
Thank you.

Eric Raphael, 03.10.2013

1.Propeller dowty NC 212 pn.R334\\4-82-F\\13 4assy.

2.rescue hoist pn.214-706-003-107 1ea.

3.main L\\G casa NC-212 (L\\H)pn.212-41051.3 1assy.

4.main L\\G casa NC-212(R\\H)pn.212-41051.4 1assy.

5.nose L\\G casa NC-212 pn.212-42001.1 1assy

Part Cassa I was looking for, if anyone have can contact me at Email

Fernando, 29.05.2013

We have some aircrafts for sale:
-5 x C212-200 plus 18 aprox engines(TPE331-5)in different conditions.
-2 x C235-10 passenger config
-1 x C212-100 passenger config
-2 x A320-214 Brand new. 0 hrs/0 Cycles

Gunansyah, 03.04.2013

We need of form urgent the following items for Casa 212/200 aircraft.The items that we need are:

1. Brush P/N. 30300-1284
Qty : 90 Ea
2. Bushing P/N. CAN64068-10X7B Qty : 20 Ea
3. Bushing P/N. CAN64068-10X9B Qty : 20 Ea
4. Linning P/N. 9535604 / 5010348 Qty : 90 Ea
5. Fire Wire Element P/N. D2370 / 156 Qty : 1 Ea
6. Rivet P/N .MS20470DD8-10 Qty : 100 Ea

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Best Regards

P. Gunansyah
PT Misa Efelindo
Pondok Indah Plaza 2
Jl. Metro Duta Niaga BA 45
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Martin Jose, 22.12.2012

Hello We are looking for Casa 212-235 , for immediate purchase
please e mail to
Thank You

Fernando, 17.10.2012

Good morning

I would like to have a quotation about the spares listed hereunder with availability and time to ship.
Thank you in advance

212-81135-5 1
212-46448-1 1
212-46472.1 1
212-46242.1 1
212-46473.1 1
212-34129.1 1
212-46240-01-1 10
212-46240-02-1 10
212-46241.1 1
212-42002-02-1 6

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