Curtiss P-5 Superhawk
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Curtiss P-5 Superhawk

A USAAC contract placed on 14 May 1927 called for five aircraft with airframes essentially similar to that of the P-1, but powered by a turbo-supercharged Curtiss V-1150-4 12-cylinder water-cooled engine. The first of these was delivered in January 1928 as the XP-5, with the remaining four following as P-5s by June 1928. Dubbed Superhawk by the manufacturer, the P-5 had a side-mounted exhaust-driven turbo-supercharger with which it attained a service ceiling of 9450m. Warm air was ducted from the exhaust manifold to the cockpit, the heat being contained by a "cape" which snapped around the cockpit rim and fitted closely about the pilot. Two of the P-5s were lost in accidents shortly after delivery, but the remaining two served with the 94th Pursuit Squadron until April 1932. The V-1150-4 (D-12F) engine was rated at 435hp and armament comprised two 7.62mm machine guns.

    Take-off weight1519 kg3349 lb
    Empty weight1143 kg2520 lb
    Wingspan9.60 m32 ft 6 in
    Length7.21 m24 ft 8 in
    Height2.82 m9 ft 3 in
    Wing area23.41 m2251.98 sq ft
    Max. speed235 km/h146 mph

William Byrne, 14.01.2009

Thanks for all of your work. Does anyone have a RC kit for this the Curtiss P-5 (or6) It is as old as I am so I thought this might be a good last plane for me.

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