Piper PA-31T Cheyenne II / T-1020 / T-1040


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Piper PA-31T Cheyenne II / T-1020 / T-1040

A significant advance in the Navajo family came on 22 October 1973 when Piper flew the first production example of the PA-31T Cheyenne, which combined an airframe generally similar to that of the Pressurized Navajo with two 620hp Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada PT6A-28 turboprop engines.

Piper PA-31T Cheyenne II / T-1020 / T-1040A three-view drawing (1178 x 844)

 MODELPA-31T Cheyenne II
 ENGINE2 x 620hp Pratt & whitney PT6A-28 turboprops
  Take-off weight4082 kg8999 lb
  Empty weight2257 kg4976 lb
  Wingspan13.01 m43 ft 8 in
  Length10.57 m35 ft 8 in
  Height3.89 m13 ft 9 in
  Wing area21.3 m2229.27 sq ft
  Cruise speed525 km/h326 mph
  Range2557 km1589 miles

Dave Marshall, e-mail, 24.02.2011 07:36

Actaully the T1020 was a hybrid Navajo /Chieftain, with some modifications for increased payload (target was full seats at avg weight and fuel mains only), hardening, dispatch reliability etc. The T1040 was more a unpresurized Cheyenne, it had Cheyenne tail, wings, nose, nacelles, systems etc, with a T1020 fuselage and added cargo pod & wing lockers. The folks in Alaska called it a "diesel powered Chieftain" when it first arrived.


david edell, e-mail, 15.01.2011 17:10

Performance numbers are over rated.


Scott Boyd, e-mail, 06.06.2010 05:24

The T1020 and T1040 were from the same family as the Cheyenne that started with the Navajo, just another branch. They were more a hybrid of both, unpressurized Navajos with turbine engines while the Cheyenne was developed from the pressurized Navajo.

At best they should have their own section or be part of the Navajo section. Neither this section or the Navajo section have any references to them anyway.


Eric Foster, e-mail, 25.03.2010 07:52

The T1020 and T1040 are not from the Cheyenne family!!!


Scott Boyd, e-mail, 08.03.2010 22:47

I flew both the I and II and flew the P-Navajo a couple of times. The Navajo took three different tries getting off the ground the first time I flew it and something invariably broke on every flight. The Cheyenne's were a completely different story. Fast and reliable we used them for air-ambulance flights for a number of years


Andypilot333, e-mail, 11.08.2008 05:28

Number six in my top six all-time favourite aircraft.


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