Formed originally as Taylor Aircraft Company, reorganised as Piper Aircraft Corporation in 1937 at Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, with W. T. Piper as president. Initial production type was the Cub two-seat high-wing monoplane, of which 10,000 had been completed before the end of 1941. In 1948 Piper took over the Stinson Division of Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation and acquired the Stinson Voyager production rights, but production of this type was soon halted. Piper's first twin was the four-seat Apache, which
Piper PA-28 Cherokee
PA-28 Cherokee
entered production in 1954. The later four-seat single-engine Comanche first flew in 1956. A whole line of light aircraft has followed the original Cub, from the Pacer/Tri-Pacer/Colt series of high-wing monoplanes to their successors, the Cherokee low-wing series, first of which flew in 1960. Piper produced the specialized Pawnee agricultural monoplane in 1959. Series of twins developed from the Apache to Aztec, Twin Comanche, Seneca, and Navajo, plus other aircraft such as single-engined PA-38 Tomahawk. Company became subsidiary of Bangor Punta Corporation, then Lear Siegler Inc (1984), and later Romeo Charlie Inc (1987), finally with only Cheyenne and Malibu Mirage offered, but became insolvent early 1990s, though reduced-rate production continued while buyer sought. See The New Piper Aircraft Inc.

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