Piper J-4 Cub Coupe
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Piper J-4 Cub Coupe

To compete with the expanding range of lightplanes offered by other aircraft manufacturers, Piper produced in 1938 the Piper J-4 Cub Coupe. Retaining basically the same airframe as the J-3 Cub, this had a small increase in wing span and introduced improved landing gear with a fully-castoring tailwheel, hydraulic brakes and-speed fairings for the wheels. As powered initially by a 37kW Continental A50-1 it had the designation J-4, but introduction of the 48kW Continental A65-1 or -8 engine in 1940 brought redesignation as the J-4A, and later of the 56kW Continental A75-9 as the J-4E. In 1939 Piper introduced the J-4B, differing only in powerplant which initially, was a 45kW Franklin 4AC-171, but that was soon replaced by the 48kW Franklin 4AC-176-B2 without any change in designation. Last of the J-4s was the version powered by Avco Lycoming engines, the 41kW O-145-A1 or -A2, or 48kW O-145-B1, both of these Cub Coupes having the designation J-4F. Production of J-4s reached 1,250, and during World War II 17 J-4Es were impressed for service with the USAAF under the designation L-4E.

 MODELPiper J-4F
 ENGINE1 x Avco Lycoming O-145-B1 flat-four piston engine, 48kW
    Take-off weight590 kg1301 lb
    Empty weight336 kg741 lb
    Wingspan11.02 m36 ft 2 in
    Length6.86 m23 ft 6 in
    Height2.08 m7 ft 10 in
    Wing area17.00 m2182.99 sq ft
    Max. speed161 km/h100 mph
    Ceiling3660 m12000 ft
    Range547 km340 miles

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Joe Bichsel, 01.10.2017

Hi All : looking for a set of wings for a j4E

Andy Brantner, 15.01.2017

Looking for the J4 my Uncle Richard (Dick) Brantner owned in the early 1960's around Jackson, Michigan. Have no N#. I had my first ride in that plane as a wee lad. Any info appreciated.

vernon, 11.12.2016

can someone tell me if my j4 will take 0320 engine

Charles Fox, 06.12.2016

I soloed in my Dad's J4, NC 27871 and was wondering if it is still aroung?

Jeff Moser, 03.06.2016

I bought a 1940 J4 with a 75 Cont. in Dec of 1964 I paid 850.00 for it and took my Private check ride in a Piper Colt and flew the J4 until July or August of 1968 and then went to flying for the CAP until April of 1973. I loved the coupe I could handle a pretty good crosswind in it. The # was N30975 and I think it may be in Ariz.

Erik Dhelie, 12.02.2016

I have found my green little J4-LN-HAD that I did my first
flying lessons with back in summer 1957 at Drammen FK,Norway.
It is located in a hangar "Dakota" at Sandefjord, Norway.

Will Kennedy, 13.01.2016

Contact me @ wken401@yahoo.com

Will Kennedy, 10.01.2016

Contact me @ wken401@yahoo.com

Will Kennedy, 10.01.2016

I've got a 1943 j-4 coupe for sale if anyone interested. Got the big c-85 and 8.5 tires

Denny Hauck, 28.12.2015

Has anyone had experience with the 1940 J 4A with a 85hp?

Erik Dhelie, 21.07.2015

I did my first flight in a green painted J4,LN-HAD in 1957 at Drammen airport,Norway.Nice little plane. It is still somewhere in Norway.

Bob Mahran, 18.06.2015

Got my Licence in J4 #NC 32977 while in the Army at Pine Bluff Ark. in 1955. Bought it $500 and 3 of us got our licenses before selling it for $500. According to the FAA its no longer in existence. Had difficulty getting to 5000 feet for stalls with my check pilot. I don't remember numbers but I'll never forger NC32977

David Thomasson, 17.03.2015

Did my training and first solo (1976) in a '39 J-4 at New London Airport in Central Virginia. The bench seat made it excellent for dual instruction. Always had to pay attention on takeoff, standing on the right rudder pedal to keep it from careening off the left side of the runway.

vernon balsom, 20.11.2014

just bouth a j4 #CF-MMJ have not flown it yet but hear it is a good plane it has a A200 and will be put on full lotis 1450 waiting to fly it in the spring

Hernan, 29.10.2014

HI everybody,

I am looking for the main landing gear for the J4E. any suggestions???? please help!!!

Glen Stone, 26.06.2014

Just started completely rebuilding 39 j 4 got to rebuild both wings best place to get parts..?

albert piccioni, 30.04.2013

Dick Munro,re your lycoming 320 J4,I,m restoring one and could use your advice


Ernie Morris, 13.04.2013

My first airplne ride was in a J-4 Cub Coupe at the old Moorestown airport in Moorestown New Jersey in 1953 the Pilots name was Stanley Dan.Thousands of hours and many aircraft later I rember that flight as though it was yesterday.

Dick Munro, 11.03.2013

I have one under homebuilt category with a Lycoming 0320. large cuffed wing , super cub tail feathers, cessna 180 yokes and Edo 2000 floats. PERFORMANCE, and then some!!!!

zelememiguel65@hotmail.com, 21.12.2012

I wonder if anyone has the plans for the J4 and I see q is a good plane for the actions and performances that have and I would like contruilo as amateur. If someone takes the system pdf I thank you. Sincerely Yours: Miguel Angel Zeleme. (zelememiguel65@hotmail.com)

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