Piper PA-25 Pawnee
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Piper PA-25 Pawnee

The rapid expansion of Piper's operations in the 1950s meant that new facilities were soon required, and in 1957 the company opened a new aircraft development centre at Vero Beach, Florida, to be responsible for design, development and testing of new projects. The Vero Beach facility began its operations on a new specialised agricultural aircraft, designated Piper PA-25 Pawnee, for experience with the PA-18A configured for agricultural use had shown the active market for this category of aeroplane. A braced low-wing monoplane with fixed tailwheel landing gear, the PA-25 was powered initially by a 112kW Avco Lycoming O-320 flat-four engine, and this version was later redesignated PA-25-150 Pawnee. It had a glass-fibre chemical hopper installed forward of the cockpit, this having a volume of 0.57m3, and the dust/spray distribution system was the same as that which had been proven on the PA-18A. Advanced design features were intended to reduce the likelihood of an accident and to give the pilot a far better chance of survival in a crash; thus he was given a high sitting position to ensure an excellent all-round view, above average strength seat restraints, and a specially designed structure that was installed to leave the cockpit substantially undamaged in the usual type of low-speed crash associated with agricultural dusting/spraying oprations. Such attention to detail resulted in good sales figures, the PA-25-150 soon followed by the improved PA-25-235 with structural strengthening, a larger chemical hopper and a 175kW Avco Lycoming O-540-B2B5 engine, or optional 194kW O-540-E. When production of the Pawnee ended in early 1982 approximately 5,000 had been built.

Piper PA-25 PawneeA three-view drawing (1746 x 858)

 MODELPiper PA-25-235 Pawnee
 ENGINE1 x Avco Lycoming O-540-B flat-six piston engine, 175kW
    Take-off weight1315 kg2899 lb
    Empty weight725 kg1598 lb
    Wingspan11.02 m36 ft 2 in
    Length7.73 m25 ft 4 in
    Height2.21 m7 ft 3 in
    Wing area17.00 m2182.99 sq ft
    Cruise speed169 km/h105 mph
    Range410 km255 miles

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Eduardo Grageda Franco, egragedaf=hotmail.es, 01.07.2014

Para venta dos piper pawnee 235 excelentes condiciones y
dos piper bravo 400, acepto ofrecimientos.

mike, mmmikepp=aol.com, 26.02.2014

The 3 view is of a brave, not a pawnee

driss, driss.charef=agricolair-maghreb.com, 06.03.2013

interested to buy agricultural aircraft

Omar carrazco, omarcarrazco2010=hotmail.com, 23.02.2012

Busco motor para un piper pawnee

diego, diegoaeroa_n=hotmail.com, 24.06.2011

Ken... que precio tiene su pawnee y donde se encuentra?

Bob Keen, smokeysmail=bigpond.com, 08.06.2011

Does anyone know where i can buy a fuel gauge site glass from???

Bob Keen, smokeysmail=bigpond.com, 08.06.2011

I have Pawnee PA25 235 Fuselage frame for sale it is in good condition with log books

Engineer Uematsu Kunio, engineer_kunio=live.com, 04.03.2011

I have 260 Engine for sale with good price.if you are interested kindly send email to me engineer_kunio@live.com or call me in my mobile number +233 54 1512600

Ozzie Davis, renee726=bellsouth.net, 19.02.2011

I worked on and trained on a Pawnee while attending A&P school. I would love to have a plastic or scale model of this aircraft. Can you help me?

Mike, gdg200=gmail.com, 22.01.2011

Looking for 235 or 260 engine with reasonable life remaing. Anybody know where I might find?

Walter, comercial=airbuy.com.ar, 11.01.2011

Hi sr. I'm looking PA25 - 235 with good state of engine. The rest we can arrange in my country. Please let me know if someone know something. Thanks

rommel, rommel_orantes=hotmail.com, 08.10.2010

vendo dos pawnne 235 hp bajos en horas a buen presio urgue vender

roky, roky_junior=hotmail.com, 12.08.2010

busco un buen culo para pisarmelo llamen

rommel, rommel_orantes=hotmail.com, 12.08.2010

este es mi coreo rommel_orantes@hotmail.com y mi telefono movil 503 73 42 81 00

rommel, rommel_orantes=hotmail.com, 12.08.2010

compro pawnee 235 y 260 altos en horas o como esten y cessna 188 como esten de preferencias alto en horas me urgen

rommel, rommel_orantes=hotmail.com, 07.08.2010

quisiera saber el presio de el panee 235 y compro como esten fuselajes de 188 y 235 ,260

Colin Ogilvie, cogilviema=gmail.com, 13.07.2010

I think this is one pawnee i flew in UK in 1983 have to check my log book

Kiril, chochkov=aero-x.eu, 05.04.2010

I have Piper (PA-25 & PA-36), Ayres S-2R "Thrush" and Cessna 188 agricultural aircraft for sale. Contact me for more information.
E-mail: chochkov@aero-x.eu
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Doug Rodrigues, mtnpilotdiver=msn.com, 13.03.2010

The Pawnee 150 (fixed pitch prop) was a fire hazard because of the fiberglass fuel tank which would crack open like an egg shell if you went in. Been there...did that. The 235 (constant speed prop) had a fuel bladder, and the power that the plane needed.

rob, robwbadgley1959=yahoo.com, 12.02.2010

going to school for my a/p need list of pawnee salvage yards trying to put one together for school project

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