Rutan Model 61 LongEZ
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Rutan Model 61 LongEZ

The Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ is a homebuilt aircraft with a canard layout designed by Burt Rutan's Rutan Aircraft Factory. It is derived from the VariEze, which was first offered to homebuilders in 1976. The prototype of the Long-EZ first flew on June 12, 1979.

Changes from the VariEze include a larger main wing with modified Eppler 1230 airfoil and less sweep, larger strakes containing more fuel and baggage storage, slightly wider cabin, and the ability to use a Lycoming 108hp engine with no nose ballast. Plans were offered from 1980-85. As of late 2005, approximately 700 Long EZ's are FAA registered in the USA.

The aircraft is designed for fuel-efficient long-range flight and can fly for over ten hours and up to 2,500 kilometers on 200 liters of fuel. Equipped with a rear-seat fuel tank, a Long-EZ has flown for 7,700 kilometers.


Rutan Model 61 LongEZ

    Empty weight345 kg761 lb
    Max. speed340 km/h211 mph
    Cruise speed291 km/h181 mph
    Range2500 km1553 miles

Leandro, 28.01.2017


I am wishing to build a long-EZ.
Where and at what cost am I able to obtain the plans.
if anyone can help me. thank you

Jason Wisbey, 05.06.2015


I am wishing to build a long-EZ.
Where and at what cost am I able to obtain the plans.



Michel, 16.03.2015

I could report the cost of the plans for its construction.

SARAJAFARI, 20.12.2014

hi i wana make this myself at home but i need a price list for the kit frome whole body to power point.thanks if u send the price ,

JEFF NAKUYA, 05.01.2013


Jan HENKES, 10.05.2011

I got spoiled, a dear friend of mine built a very nice EZ but didn't have a license. As soon as I got my PPL he let me fly it. Especially after the C-150 this was pure heaven, the LongEZ is like a glove you put on and it does all you want it to and more. Together we made many trips along the west coast meeting many interesting an always friendly EZ people.

The best advice I can give potential builders looking for complete and up to date plans is to purchase the Cozy (IV) plans. Nat's plans still have very much EZ in them, and an advantage is that you can bring the kids...

Randy White, 20.04.2011

I need a set of plans for the boat stage only.

Carlos Schirmer, 22.01.2011

John Denverīs last breaths were in one of these airplanes. He was a great person.

Marty, 16.11.2010

I'm looking for LongEZ plans too...

Tom Staggs, 16.10.2010

Rutan no longer sells plans for the long-EZ or VariEze, but there are second-hand plans available. There is no longer support from RAF, but there remains an experienced pool of prior builders and some professional assist companies. Builders are found around the world.

The Long-EZ has basically the same fuselage as the VariEze, but a much larger wing that allows it to carry more fuel and baggage. Cruise speeds for the two planes are similar.

Rob Robertson, 20.08.2010

I was a kid when the EZ and Long EZ were first odd, but really cool looking air craft came on the market. I loved to build things and worked with tools and i felt i was pretty good at it and that some day I would build a kit and learn to fly it. Too many things kept getting in my way and now I am 81 years old and I realized its too late for me,, if this is your dream, go for it. Never let the little things get in the way of your dream. i can promise you, If I can ever come back again, I will build an EZ or an equivalent. So watch out for me it will be painted red, white and blue.

Bill White, 16.07.2010

I own one that I built. It trimed out perfect on the first test flight. It has a 118 HP Lycoming O-235 L2C. I'm thinking about selling it. It has 140 hours on it. My email address is if anyone has any questions.

J. Haymaker, 16.06.2010

I would be interested to know the average cost and hours to build the plane fuselage.

john quong, 03.06.2010

surely there must be experts that can resurrect this plane for home builders in australia..
where do we start...can we better the original or is there a club for the hard nosed genuine rutan long eze followers..
from joh knee in down under

george barba, 21.03.2010

Whare can i find this plane new or use my email

JOHN CURIN, 01.11.2009

I would like to know, how dose a Long EZ differ from a EZ, and a Vary EZ? Can you still get drowings? Where?

Russell Boyd, 19.10.2009

Can I buy plans for this airplane?

Reg Finch, 25.07.2008

The San Diego Flight Museum flies one regularly to airshows out of the Brown Field airport . Memberships start at $ 20/year . 619 435 1075 .

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