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Rutan VariEze

Burt Rutan set up the Rutan Aircraft Factory in 1974 and set about radically altering the format of home-build light aircraft by designing and building the Rutan VariEze. The revolutionary design of the VariEze belied its simplicity. It was initially powered by a pusher Volkswagen engine (but later a larger Avco Lycoming type), and the wing configuration was forward canards with a swept and wingletted main rear wing. The secret of the VariEze's endurance lay in extensive use of lightweight composite materials. It and the later Rutan LongEZ were built in many thousands and used to break endurance records, as would the later Rutan Voyager.

Robert Jackson "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft", 2004


Rutan VariEze

 ENGINE1 x 100hp Volkswagen automobile engine
    Take-off weight263 kg580 lb
    Wingspan6.80 m22 ft 4 in
    Length4.30 m14 ft 1 in
    Height1.50 m5 ft 11 in
    Max. speed290 km/h180 mph
    Range1127 km700 miles

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Ray Mallah, 11.07.2017

Iam looking for varieze plan Electrical,instruments and other systems instructions to help in accomplish my project thanks call 314 484 5552

Stan Morris, 07.01.2017

I am looking for a set of original Varieze plans -

Matteo, 08.11.2016

I'm interested into buying the Varieze plans, if anyone has it, please email me! I would like to build it myself from the very beginning, so no purchase of incomplete plane. My email is

greg davis, 20.02.2016

We have 2 incomplete variEze in dads basement. Have been setting since 2001. Have plans and all pieces, glass work mostly done. no motors, dad was a composite builder and work is spot on. any help on moving these would greatly appreciated. 423 991 1959 (Eastern Time)

tony, 14.12.2015

Bo Watwood I would be interested in a copy of the plans. You can e mail me at

Giovanni, 26.11.2015

Jane Hastings.....
I'm interested in her box parts.
Please contact me at (

Bo Watwood, 05.10.2015

email correction
phone 256 786 0626

Bo Watwood, 05.10.2015

I have a complete set of plans. If you will pay for copy cost, I will send copy to you.

TORBJÍRN KAMPE, 19.03.2015

A dream machine. Has all the man could want in terms of performance.
I wish Attman had one and queke. You should have fun up there in the air.
Thanks Burt Rutan, To good home construction flying good.

Giovanni, 22.11.2014

Wanted Varieze metal parts

tom, 25.10.2014

Verite project for sale.

Francesco, 05.11.2013

I'm looking a Varieze project or plane ready to fly
Please conctact me

Tom McAvoy, 11.05.2013


I am looking for a set of plans and templates for a long ez or varieze

Jane Hastings, 12.11.2012

I have a box of templates and other misc small parts/pieces someone can have, if you are in San Diego or nearby. My husband and I built our EZ in 1978 (finished in Jan, 1980). Illness forced the sale a number of years ago. As I cleaned out the garage, I found this box. Anyone interested?

Hank Johnson, 03.07.2012

Interested in buying plans for the VariEze...what are the main composites used in this plane? CF & fiberglass? Anything else?

Greg, 23.06.2012

I have a partially built VARIEZE airplane with everything for completion including a new 125hp Lacoming engine. Please inquire if interested.

Brendan, 06.05.2012

I am looking for a set of plans to build one of these aircraft

Larry Rothrock, 06.01.2012

I love the airplane. San Diego to East Coast fights are delightful. I throttle back to 150 - 155 mph and get a 4.3 gph fuel burn.

lucy johnson, 15.09.2011

can you forward this to lew danforth on facebook?

JeskaSavage, 24.07.2011

Alan Summers, I have a set of plans for the varieze. I'm pretty sure they are complete.

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