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Rutan Quickie

The Quickie Aircraft Corporation was founded in Mojave, California in 1978 to market the Quickie homebuilt aircraft (models Quickie, Quickie Q2, and Quickie Q200 aircraft) which were designed by Burt Rutan and founders Gene Sheehan and Tom Jewett. Now defunct, the company sold over 2,000 kits in its lifetime.

Rutan Quickie

 ENGINE1 x Orion, 10kW
    Take-off weight220 kg485 lb
    Empty weight110 kg243 lb
    Wingspan5.1 m17 ft 9 in
    Length5.3 m17 ft 5 in
    Max. speed203 km/h126 mph
    Cruise speed195 km/h121 mph
    Ceiling3750 m12300 ft
    Range1320 km820 miles

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Steve Riedel, 23.10.2017

can you put a Rotax 85 hp in a Q2?

Kevin, 12.10.2017

I'm looking for a Q-200 kit. I would like to find a kit that is complete or very near complete. Not started or near completion.

Chris, 13.09.2017

If there is anyone interested in a Quickie Q-1 call at 269832551o. I have one that has everything needed to finish to include brand new engine and all brand new instruments landing gear etc. All fiberglass work near complete. Thanks!

Bob, 18.08.2017

Looking for a Q1 or Q200. Southeast US. Please email with info.

Allex, 31.07.2017

stephenk There is a Quickie Q200 for sale in good condition that suffered some wing and canopy damage in the hanger. The seller is asking $4K and it comes with all the replacement parts, new canopy and engine. They said everything to make it complete. Let me know if you are still interested and I will get you the info. Allex (sold)

Vick, 04.03.2017

Hello, I am looking for a Quickie Q1 in flying conditions for sale in Europe. Please write me at if you have one for sale. Would also consider buying one that needs restorarion or if it is still in building process but close to be completed.

Lawson, 03.11.2016

I like this airplane very much.

Cham Gill, 25.06.2016


I have a unfinished Q1 project if anyone is interested. It is in excellent condition and just needs finishing. I am located in BC. For more details call me Sam 604-615-9926

stephenk, 30.05.2016

Looking for a quickie. I live in Athens ga either an un-started kit or completed aircraft

Demenko, 25.02.2016

I have a Q1 with a fresh Rotax 447 that has been bored .10 with Ivo 3 blade Prop. I have been restoring this bird and doing a lot of updated things all around including upholstery I will be putting a fresh coat of white on it when I am done. Open to Offers 360-624-6319 Demenko

vincent chang, 05.10.2015

looking for a quickie one to install a v twin diesel 28hp turbocharged runson engine. want to build a ground effect craft out of it with floats on the lower wing. email me at if you have a plane or parts available with or without engine.

jan, 25.05.2015

I have kit for sale if anyone is interested ,email for more info at jany77 at

Alex Carter, 30.01.2015

I'm intereted in any kits or aircraft out there and available for sale. my e-mail is

Cham Gill, 02.09.2014

I have a Q1 homebuilt project. Wings, fuselage and tailfeathers all completed. Very high quality with plans. Aircraft needs to be finished. Comes on a trailer all ready to go. Call me for more details 604-615-9926. $ 3,200.

TORBJÍRN KAMPE, 19.05.2014


Jamesgaddy, 04.05.2014

Would like to buy a quickie kit or plans please call or email me with info 3142180165

mar.dave(a), 24.12.2013

good morning i m looking a quickie Q1

Rick Aberson, 09.08.2013

Have Quickie Q2 Serial #80 a beautfull lookng machine but recently found cracks near the root of the canard wing. Looking for informaton whether this is normal superfcial exterior paint cracking from the wing flex or major structural damage which at worst could lead to a wing seperaton. Any information from knowledgable informed composite bulders would be most appreciated. Thanks

Rick, 27.03.2013

I have what I believe to be a quickie kit. possibly a dragonfly. located in Pa email me for pics

Don C, 14.08.2012

Quickie 1 in Idaho on Cl. Accepting offers on this great flying(and in great condition) aircraft.

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