Sikorsky S-39
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Sikorsky S-39

A smaller single-engined development of the S-38 powered by a Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior engine and accommodating five persons.

John Hood, 04.03.2013

I built a scale model of the S39 about 15 years ago fitted out like Osa and Martin Johnson's. I recently sold it. It is now flying again off land and water. There is a fabulous video of the full sized one on utube.

Carl D chultz, 27.12.2011

My grandfather, Edward G. Schultz, flew for Pan American Airways out of Miami. He was killed in '43 flying B-24s. Making his flying history before that obscure at best. Any information about his career there would be enlightening

Bill, 10.06.2010

Checkmaster CMR128, Resin, in 1/72 scale

LLes Dennis, 17.10.2008

A beutiful aircraft. Is there anyone who makes kits for this aircraft today?

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