Sikorsky S-40
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Sikorsky S-40

When built the Sikorsky S-40 was the largest amphibian in the world. Powered by four 428kW Pratt & Whitney Hornet engines, it had accommodation for 28 passengers and the added luxury of a smoking room with three chairs. It entered service with Pan American Airways on 19 November 1931.

Sikorsky S-40A three-view drawing (734 x 912)

 ENGINE4 x Pratt & WHitney "Hornet B", 425kW
    Take-off weight15400 kg33951 lb
    Wingspan34.8 m114 ft 2 in
    Length23.4 m77 ft 9 in
    Height7.3 m24 ft 11 in
    Wing area174.0 m21872.92 sq ft
    Max. speed210 km/h130 mph
    Cruise speed185 km/h115 mph
    Ceiling5550 m18200 ft
    Range w/max.fuel925 km575 miles

Sikorsky S-40

Barry, 30.03.2016

Only three were built NC80V Caribbean Clipper NC81V Amrican Clipper and NC752V Southern Clipper.

Don Mitchell, 06.08.2015

Little known fact, the stress analyst for the S-40 was Karel Jan Bossart, who years later designed the Atlas missile.

Dave Paulley, 05.07.2012

In the May 1999 issue of Airpower magazine, page 50 a photo is shown of a S-40 loading at Oakland,CA for a flight to Honolulu. These aircraft were flown mainly in the Caribbean so this seems to me to be a special flight. Does anyone have info on the flight or flights to and from Hawaii like dates etc: Would appreciate any help. Thanks, Dave Paulley

John Britton, 09.06.2012

There is a book out, Pan Am and it's planes (R.E.G. Davies), that gives illustrations; that is, if you can find it. It was available on Amazon a couple of years ago. If memory serves, Clippers of that era were bare aluminum, aluminum dope on fabric controls, black bottom, balck or dk blue anti-glare, and international orange recognition on the top of the wing. Same for S-42 and M-130. My father flew all 3. Photo above looks llike dark leading edges, but that is probably shadow.

CHUCK SAVA, 06.05.2012

it would appear that not all of the s-40s were amphibian. is this true as i cannot see any wheels on one of them. Secondly. since I am building a model of one I would like to know where or how to find out the color scheme used on the first machine especially on the upper surface of the wing,

wanshan, 20.06.2011

what type of engine used in the aircraft.pls explain about engine specification

, 20.06.2011

Sikorsky S-40

Roy Lindberg, 19.06.2011

As the note above says the engines in this aircraft were Pratt & Whitney Hornet B , 575 HP. These were 9 cylinder radial, air cooled. Bore stroke 6.3 (159) x 6.8 (171), displacement 1860 cu. inches

saravana, 09.03.2010

what type of engine used in the aircraft.pls explain about engine specification

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