Lewis & Vought VE-7
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Lewis & Vought VE-7

The American company Lewis & Vought of Long Island, New York, designed and flew in the summer of 1918 the Lewis & Vought VE-7 biplane trainer that had tandem open cockpits and was powered by the 112kW Wright-Hispano engine. Although the type was tested satisfactorily, no immediate production followed, but soon after World War I the US Navy procured a total of 128 in several variants built by Vought and the Naval Aircraft Factory (NAF). These had the 134kW Wright- Hispano E-2 engine, and were followed by the improved VE-9 of which 42 were built for the US Army (25) and US Navy (21).

Lewis & Vought VE-7A three-view drawing (1673 x 1073)


Barry, 15.11.2016

The first aircraft to be purchased by the USN and the first to take off from an aircraft carrier when Lieutenant Virgil Griffin took off from the newly commissioned carrier USS Langley on 17th October 1927.

Power Plant 1 x 180 h.p. Wright-Hispano E-3

Span 34'4" Length 24'5" Height 8'7 1/2" Wing area 284 sq ft
Empty weight 1,392 lb Loaded weight 1,937 lb

Max Speed 106 mph Range 290 miles Service ceiling 15,000 ft
Armament (USN VE-7S) 1 x .30" synchronised machine gun

Garth Worrell, 12.03.2014

My father served on the light cruiser USS Milwaukee during 1928-33 and I always wondered what aircraft was pictured in his cruise album. I only found out the type several weeks ago.


Just back from visit to national museum of naval aviation ansaw a freshly restored Ve-7 on the display floor in the main building. Worth the visit.

daxiong, 21.06.2011

The American company Lewis & Vought of Long Island, New York,

, 21.06.2011

Lewis & Vought VE-7

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