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Kamov Ka-137

The MBVK-137 is intended for air reconnaissance, border guard, police and ecology patrolling, urgent air delivery of special-purpose cargoes in emergency situations, as well as for transmitting information data from dangerous zones.

Provision is made for three versions of the MBVK-137: automobile-based, airborne (carried by the Ka-32 helicopter), and ship-based.

The complex comprises:

  • Ka-137 multipurpose unmanned helicopter;
  • - ground control station provided with an operator’s workstation equipped with the helicopter control levers and console, data display system, TV and radio-control equipment. The Ka-137 is a coaxial-rotor helicopter provided with a spherical tailless fuselage, four-leg leaf-spring landing gear, and a piston engine.

By customer request, TV and thermal imaging cameras, radar, signal repeater and other equipment with a total weight of up to 80 kg can be installed in a special equipment compartment of the helicopter.

Interacting with a radio altimeter, a satellite navigation system and other systems, the helicopter’s automatic control system and onboard radio equipment, functionally interfaced with radio equipment of the ground control station, ensure Ka-137’s takeoff, hovering at a required altitude, en-route flight and landing in a given area. The Ka-137 can be controlled by introducing a flight program or directly from the ground control station by the operator. A combined control mode can be used.

Military Parade "Russia's Arms Catalog", 2002

Kamov Ka-137

Technical data for Ka-137

Engine power: 50kW, take-off weight: 280kg, max speed: 175km/h, cruising speed: 145km/h, service ceiling: 5000m, hovering ceiling: 2900m, range: 530km, endurance: 4h, payload: 50-80kg

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