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Parnall Peto

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Barry, 30.11.2015 17:56

Designed by Harold Bolas to meet Spec 16 /24 for a submarine carried aircraft. The two models produced were a designers nightmare to produce, but produce it he did. The results were satisfactory and the first model re-registered as N255 after suffering a crash in Gibraltar as N181, was embarked on the submarine H.M.S. M2 where it was lost after someone left the hangar doors open and all hands were lost at sea. The other Peto was purchased by one F C Allen, with the intention of civil use, however nothing came of it.
Engine Armstrong Siddeley Mongoose 5 cylinder radial 135 h.p.
Span 28'5" Length 22'6" Height 8'11" Empty Weight 1,300 lb Loaded Weight 1,950 lb Max Speed 113 m.p.h.


Freeman, e-mail, 11.04.2008 13:59

This aircraft was used as board plane on the one of undewater monitor serie "M" HMS M-2. Lost during exercises off Portland 26th January 1932. More details on web site


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