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TsAGI A-15

Intended as fastest autogyro of day, two-seat wingless machine using A-12 and A-14 technology and with usual welded KhMA structure. Scheibe fins on braced tailplane with elevators and direct-control rotor. Main gears with vertical shock struts carried on triangulared outriggers each side of fuselage. Pilot with synchronized ShKAS and observer with twin ShKAS and AFA-13 reconnaissance camera. Chief designer M.L.Mil, construction manager A.A.Kuznetsov. Completed April 1937 and taxi tests began by Chyernavskii and Ivanov, but A-12 crash caused further work to be halted. No reason to doubt airworthiness of A-15 but effectively terminated Soviet autogyro development. Autogyros picked up again at Kharkov, Kuibyshev and Riga 30 years later.

Bill Gunston "The Osprey's Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft", 2000

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Technical data for A-15

Engine: 1 x M-25V, rotor diameter: 18.0m, length: 8.6m, height: 4.1m, weight empty: 1695kg, fuel+oil: 385+40kg, weight loaded: 2560kg, est. max speed: 260km/h, min speed: 50km/h, ceiling: 6400m, take-off run: 35-60m, landing run: 0m

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