Formed 12 November 1969 by equal shareholding of Fiat and IRI-Finmeccanica to combine Fiat aerospace activities (except engines) and those of Aerfer and Salmoiraghi. Fully operational January 1972. In September 1976 IRIFinmeccanica bought Aeritaiia stock owned by Fiat. Had cooperation agreement with Boeing. Then comprised Combat Aircraft, Transport Aircraft, and
Aeritalia G.222
Diversified Activities Groups. Main products were Aeritaiia G91Y twin-jet development of very successful single-jet Fiat G91; Aeritaiia G222 twin-turboprop high-wing transport (first flown 1970); Aeritaiia (Lockheed) F-104S serving with Italian and Turkish Air Forces (delivered from 1969). Took control of Partenavia in 1981-1992 under its General Aviation Group. As Panavia partner, designed and developed variable-geometry wing and other important features of Tornado multirole aircraft. Became partner in AMX program (see AMX International), and joined Aerospatiale of France in establishing ATR. Merged with Selenia in December 1990 to form Alenia Aerospazio.

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