BAC (1960)


British Aircraft Corporation formed in February 1960 to unite the aircraft and guided weapon activities of
BAC.111 One Eleven
111 One Eleven
Bristol Aeroplane Company Ltd., English Electric Company Ltd., and Vickers Ltd. It then had four wholly owned subsidiaries: Bristol Aircraft Ltd., English Electric Aviation Ltd., Vickers Armstrongs (Aircraft) Ltd., and British Aircraft Corporation (Guided Weapons) Ltd., plus a controlling
interest in Hunting Aircraft Ltd. On January 1,1964 British Aircraft Corporation (Operating) Ltd. was formed to be responsible for the business conducted formerly by the subsidiaries. At the same time BAC acquired the remaining shares of Hunting Aircraft Ltd.
BAC 145/164/166/167 Strikemaster
145/164/166/167 "Strikemaster"
Merged into British Aerospace in April 1977. Final products using BAC name included One-Eleven short/medium-range airliner (first flown August 1963 in Series 200 prototype form), Strikemaster jet trainer and armed tactical support jet (first flown October 1967), and Concorde supersonic airliner (first flown March 1969) in association with Aerospatiale of France.

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VC-10 / Super VC-10
111 One Eleven
145/164/166/167 "Strikemaster"