Beagle Aircraft Ltd. was, immediately before its dissolution, a state-owned company, acquired in August 1968 to continue the production and development of light aircraft in Britain. The company was founded in 1960, and became in 1962 a subsidiary of British Executive and General Aviation Ltd. before which it had absorbed Beagle- Auster Aircraft Ltd. and Beagle-Miles
Beagle Husky
Aircraft Ltd. The Auster interests were disposed of to Hants & Sussex Aviation Ltd. which continued to provide spares and modification support to all Auster aircraft in service. The company went into voluntary liquidation on 27 February 1970. Beagle produced Auster-designed aircraft, conversions of ex-military Austers, the B.206 twin-engined light executive transport, of which 20 served with the RAF as the Basset, and the B.121 Pup two/three-seat light aircraft. A military trainer version of the latter aircraft, known as the Bulldog, was also produced; production of this was continued by Scottish Aviation after Beagle went into liquidation.

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