Founded 1934 as government-run R&D organization, with manufacturing, maintenance and upgrading capabilities. In an official specification of 1934 (see next entry) the company had designed the C-36 monoplane. Newly named EFW as above, it revived the design
Federal Aircraft Factory C-3605 Schlepp
C-3605 "Schlepp"
in 1938 and built 160 as C-3603. Of C-3604 development, only 13 were built. After the war became responsible for Swiss license production of various foreign aircraft for Swiss Air Force, including the British Vampire, Venom and Hunter (under Hawker Siddeley contract), several versions of French Mirage and US F-5E/F combat aircraft, plus French Alouette III helicopter. Produced C-3605 as turboprop conversion of wartime C-3603 fighter-bomber, used for target-towing. See F+W.

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C-3605 "Schlepp"