Friedrichshafen G.I


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Friedrichshafen G.I

A rare image of what is believed to be the sole Friedrichshafen G I of 1915, sire to an illustrious, if largely unsung series of bombers, that largely preceded the Gothas, were easier to fly and were built in comparable numbers. Little has survived concerning the G I other than that it used two 150hp Benz Bz Ills and pre-dates the debut of the rival Gotha G II by the best part of a year.

Barry, 18.05.2016 15:58

Only one was built, which was originally conceived as a "battle plane" not a bomber.

Span 69'7" Length 39'1" Height 10'4" Wing area 791 sq ft
Empty weight 3,919 lb Gross weight 6,140 lb
Max speed 84 mph Range 380 miles
Armament 2 x 7.92 mm Parabellum MG 14 machine guns
440 lb bombs


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