Tupolev Tu-124


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Tupolev Tu-124

Aeroflot's requirement for a short/ medium-range airliner to replace the llyushin IL-14 led to the design of what was basically a reduced-scale version of the Tu-104. The prototype Tupolev Tu-124 was first flown in June 1960, five years after the Tu-104, and introduced aerodynamic and system refinements, plus newly developed and much more efficient turbofan engines. In fact, the Soloviev D-20P twin-spool turbofans installed in these aircraft were the first such engines to equip any of the world's short/medium-range .airliners. Tu-124 had seats for 44 passengers and entered service with Aeroflot on 2 October 1962, but the major production version was the 56-seat Tu-124V. Variants included the Tu-124K and Tu-124K2 with de luxe seating for 36 and 22 passengers respectively. About 100 were built, this number including three for CSA in Czechoslovakia and two for Interflug in East Germany, but Aeroflot has now retired its Tu-124s. A small number entered military service, and it is believed that some are still used for research and test purposes. The NATO reporting name is 'Cookpot'.

Tupolev Tu-124

 ENGINE2 x Soloviev D-20P turbofans, 52.9kN
  Take-off weight38000 kg83776 lb
  Empty weight22500 kg49604 lb
  Wingspan25.55 m84 ft 10 in
  Length30.58 m100 ft 4 in
  Height8.08 m27 ft 6 in
  Wing area119.0 m21280.90 sq ft
  Ceiling11700 m38400 ft
  Range w/max payload1220 km758 miles

Tupolev Tu-124A three-view drawing (452 x 670)

Luiz Sergio Pinto Guedes, e-mail, 05.08.2014 04:39

Tupolev-124, the little brother of the Tupolev-104, one more marvellous aircraft of the Tupolev Bureau, congratulations

Luiz Sergio Pinto Guedes
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Nelson Becker, e-mail, 20.06.2011 11:10

I am asking about the last version of TU 124 Full data full information ,, Thank you for yours cares. Nelson.


Ernie Hambley, e-mail, 16.05.2011 09:34

Whats the specs for the D20,and how does it compare with the F28,BAC 111 Spays?


Kamil, e-mail, 06.12.2006 21:24

Tu-124- serial variant with 44 seats
Tu-124- project for 48 or 52 seats
Tu-124- for 60 seats
Tu-124V- serial variant for 56 seats
Tu-124B- version with D-20P-125 engines
Tu-124K- saloon version
Tu-124- VSTOL version
Tu-127- military transport


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