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Subsequent development of the VE-7 and VE-9 resulted in the UO which had an airframe basically similar to that of the VE series but with some refinements (the most noticeable being the revised vertical tail surfaces) and which was powered initially by the 149kW Lawrence J-1 or J-3, later by Wright J-1 or J-3 radial engine, and from 1927 many were re-engined with the 164kW Wright J-5. Final development brought an order for 20 UO-3 single-seat catapult-launched floatplane fighters, but before delivery these were redesignated FU-1.

UO-1A three-view drawing of UO-1 (452 x 631)

 MODELUO-1 (landplane)
 ENGINE1 x 149kW Wright J-3 radial engine
    Take-off weight1046 kg2306 lb
    Empty weight678 kg1495 lb
    Wingspan10.45 m34 ft 3 in
    Length7.45 m24 ft 5 in
    Height2.67 m9 ft 9 in
    Wing area26.92 m2289.76 sq ft
    Max. speed200 km/h124 mph
    Ceiling5730 m18800 ft
    Range626 km389 miles

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