Lewis & Vought VE-8
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Lewis & Vought VE-8

With the development of a 300hp Hispano, Vought immediately designed a new aircraft around it, the VE-8. This single seat fighter appealed to have been greatly influenced by the French SPAD. The resemblance was in appearance only, it was in reality a modified VE-7. The nose and landing gear were heavier, more stout to carry the added weight of the bigger engine. The top wing was very close to the fuselage; the center section area being filled with a wooden fairing. Test pilot reports were very unfavorable, it was sluggish on the controls, tail heavy and directionally unstable. Lt. Harold Harris USAS, felt that the joining of the fuselage to the upper wing resulted in much of the instability. Ground crews complained of difficult maintenance. Four VE-8s were ordered by the Air Service, however records show only two built, one for static test and one for flight tests. Both airframes were subsequently surveyed.

Lewis & Vought VE-8A three-view drawing (1677 x 1163)

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