Founded 1922 by Dr. Ing. Rohrbach to continue construction and development of all-metal aircraft designed by him when working previously with the Zeppelin company. Associated company, Rohrbach-Metall-Aeroplane Co A/S, formed in Copenhagen to avoid
Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland
Ro VIII "Roland"
limitations imposed on construction in Germany. Built ten Ro-ll seaplanes for Japanese Navy and Ro-IIIA for Turkey, followed by Rodra twin-engine flying-boat and Rofix single-seat fighter. Copenhagen plant closed in late 1920s when restrictions on German manufacture were lifted. German factory continued flying-boat and landplane construction, including Roland three-engined 10-passenger monoplane. In April 1934 Weser Flugzeugbau GmbH took over the company and Dr. Rohrbach became technical director of Weser.

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Ro V "Rocco"
Ro VIII "Roland"
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