Junkers Ju 287
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Junkers Ju 287

The Ju 287 was an unconventional jet bomber prototype with forward swept wings. Two of the engines were fixed to the sides of the front fuselage, two under the wings. The Ju 287 used the fuselage of the , the tail of the Ju 388, the main wheels of the Ju 352 and the nose wheel of a Consolidated B-24 Liberator. Only one was built. Development continued postwar in the USSR.

Junkers Ju 287

 MODELJu 287 V3
 ENGINE6 x 800kg BMW 003A-1 turbojets
    Take-off weight21520 kg47444 lb
    Empty weight11920 kg26279 lb
    Wingspan20.11 m66 ft 0 in
    Length18.6 m61 ft 0 in
    Wing area58.3 m2627.54 sq ft
    Max. speed856 km/h532 mph
    Ceiling12000 m39350 ft
    Range2125 km1320 miles
 ARMAMENT4000kg of bombs

Junkers Ju 287A three-view drawing (1000 x 601)

Junkers Ju 287

Betp Piedabuena, 21.01.2015

No es la base del su 47??, como la fac. Junkers quedo en manos de lAS FUERZAS ARMADAS RUSASA EN LA ii GUERRA MUNDIAL

Trevor Webb, 08.06.2014

The photo does show the Ju-287V1 first prototype which was only built to prove the low speed characteristics of a forward swept wing. It only had four engines, one under each wing and one each side of the nose. The next prototype the Ju-287V2 had a possible production configuration with three engines in clusters under each wing. This was 80% complete when the war finished. The Ju-2878V3 had an engine each side of the nose and a podded pair under each wing. Work had commenced on this aircraft at the end of the war. All three were captured by the Soviet forces and transported back to the USSR (CCCP) and the V2 and V3 were completed and along with the V1 were flown in the USSR. The technical group from Junkers were also taken to the USSR.

deaftom, 14.02.2012

The photograph shows the first prototype, the only Ju 287 to be built and flown. The three-view shows the proposed refined production development, which, however, never was built.

Ben Beekman, 12.03.2011

Take a look at the forward swept wing of the Grumman X-29. It flew hundreds of test flights in the 1980's to evaluate certain advantages thought to exist including spin-free characteristics. Apparently, though, any advantages discovered were outweighed by the design's disadvantages and work on the concept was eventually halted.

Karl, 08.03.2009

Only 1 was built? I got 2!

Johnny Fireball, 29.08.2008

Editorial note:

The first prototype was intended to evaluate the concept, and was cobbled together from the fuselage of a Heinkel He 177, the tail of a Junkers Ju 388, main undercarriage from a Junkers Ju 352, and nosewheels taken from crashed B-24 Liberators.

Matt Sipple, 08.07.2008

I thought it was destroyed by the SAS?

Mauricio Quiroz, 03.07.2008

Does this one made it to the sky?


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