Convair 600/640
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Convair 600/640

About 240 aircraft modified from Convair 240 (Convair 600) and Convair 340 / Convair 440 (Convair 640) with the Rolls-Royce turbo-props installed.

Convair 600/640

 MODELConvair 640
 ENGINE2 x Rolls-Royce RDa. 10/1 Dart turbo-prop, 2256kW
    Take-off weight25855 kg57001 lb
    Empty weight13733 kg30276 lb
    Wingspan32.11 m105 ft 4 in
    Length24.84 m82 ft 6 in
    Height8.59 m28 ft 2 in
    Wing area85.47 m2919.99 sq ft
    Cruise speed465 km/h289 mph
    Ceiling6000 m19700 ft
    Range w/max.fuel3138 km1950 miles
    Range w/max.payload1979 km1230 miles

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GL Baird, 09.12.2016

Rich Hall
In 1973 trans Texas airlines didn't exist, it was called Texas International.

Mike, 24.11.2014

Fantastic aircraft! I have logged well over a thousand hours in Kitty Hawk air cargo 600 and 640 aircraft prior to transitioning to the Boeing 727.

Mike, 29.01.2013

Briefly flew 600 & 640's for Viking International Airlines out of MSP in early 1986. Going from a cessna 310 to the Convair was a blast..

Capt. Amin, 18.08.2012

Am looking forward to acquire the Convair 580. Am a Kenyan interested very much to get one and if any of you guys can hook me up to get one, that will be owe some. My e-mail is

Capt. Amin, 18.08.2012

Am looking forward to buying one. Am I Kenya and I would love to acquire one. If ny of you guys can hook me up, that will be owe some !

Capt. Amin, 18.08.2012

Am looking forward to buying one. Am I Kenya and I would love to acquire one. If ny of you guys can hook me up, that will be owe some !

candace, 16.06.2012

Hi steven to busy to talk to me now ? Well how about a nice romantic test flight on that aircraft just u and I huh?

Raja, 27.04.2012

Looking for a spare RDa10 dart engine for convair 640

Jim Beattie, 14.03.2012

I had the misfortune to be on the evening flight from Vancouver to Campbell River, British Columbia on Sept 17,1969.We were on final approach when the plane struck the side of a mountain. All but three walked away.I have been told that if it had been any other plane we would not have been so lucky.I still just love to fly.

William diephof, 25.10.2011

I used to work for a small freight carrier by the name of Summit Airlines. They had a fleet of convair 580's. I logged many jump seat hours on that plane . All i remember is that it was a very forgiven aircraft in rough weather.

Robert Bourne, 14.06.2011

My father was a Captain for Pacific Western Airlines in the sixties,he flew the Javelin 640 turbo props. He always commented on the ease of flying that aircraft. The new engine upgrade gave it Superior take off speeds for it's day. He always said that the DC-3 were like flying a tank ,but a Convair 640 turbo prop was like flying a Cadillac of the commercial flying world. I would love to hear any stories from any pilots of that era who flew these beautiful aircraft.

yuko, 25.02.2011

We have some kind of Dart MK542-4 Rolls-Royce Engines,
engine parts and accessories parts.
Please contact us if you interest.

rich hall, 01.02.2011

SMB Stage Lines, Des Moines, IA, bought the entire fleet of CV600's from trans texas airlines around 1973. as i recall there were 28 aircraft, parts, and equipment. many of these aircraft were converted to freighters by hamilton aviation tucson AZ, some were sold. i was involved in the certification test flights after conversion and initial crew training for SMB. completed many training flights and type ratings in the cv600. our trainer was a trans texas passenger configuration airplane (N94253). later SMB an all aircraft were purchased by Kitty Hawk Air Cargo DFW Texas. i left employment with SMB in 1980 and lost contact with the CV600 until 1994 when i went to work for Kitty Hawk as program/training mgr on the CV600/640. i flew many of the same SMB airplanes and also the CV640, which was built on the CV340/440 airframe. yes it was truly a 44000# dog whistle and great airplane of the past.

Jason White, 14.01.2011

My Dad was a Flight Dispatcher for Pacific Western Airlines for just over 30 years. As a result, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a number of flights in the jumpseat of their 640s. I will never forget the sound of those Dart engines, and I was always intrigued by the name "Javelin Jet Prop" that was painted on all of PWA's Convairs. The 640 is one of those airplanes that just looks right.

Bob Stream, 07.12.2010

Need more on the 580 conversion(Allison Engines).
I flew the 580 for about 22yr. great aircraft. GM had 14 aircraft in it's fleet, Ford operated 4 aircraft,and the company I flew for owned 1. S/N 509

EdWoerle, 11.08.2010

The Convairs Frontier had were 600's they acquired when they bought Central Airlines in the mid-60's. Yeah, they WERE screamers! Trans Texas also had 600's.

Bill Gorin, 13.06.2010

We have two ex Kitty Hawk Airways CV-640's for sale. Non flyable, one is complete with engines the other is minus engines. Please contact me @

asdf, 01.05.2010

C&M airways in el paso texas has convairs which you could probably get some parts from them.

Oliver enriquez, 29.01.2010

Can any body inform the location of a Convair 600 for salvage, we are looking for some parts, thanks

peter upton, 25.01.2010

Can anyone identify which Indonesian Airline c/n 171 CV-600 PK-RCN flew for, and its fate?

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