Convair 600/640
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Convair 600/640

About 240 aircraft modified from Convair 240 (Convair 600) and Convair 340 / Convair 440 (Convair 640) with the Rolls-Royce turbo-props installed.

Convair 600/640

 MODELConvair 640
 ENGINE2 x Rolls-Royce RDa. 10/1 Dart turbo-prop, 2256kW
    Take-off weight25855 kg57001 lb
    Empty weight13733 kg30276 lb
    Wingspan32.11 m105 ft 4 in
    Length24.84 m82 ft 6 in
    Height8.59 m28 ft 2 in
    Wing area85.47 m2919.99 sq ft
    Cruise speed465 km/h289 mph
    Ceiling6000 m19700 ft
    Range w/max.fuel3138 km1950 miles
    Range w/max.payload1979 km1230 miles

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Paul Gauthier, 19.01.2010

My father was the CV-640 chief pilot with Pacific Western airlines for the entire time the airline used the plane.He loved it and new it inside out.My late brother also flew the 640 with PWA

c.titherington, 19.12.2009

As i recall fronter airlines had both the 640 and 580 a/c. the 640s were refered to as 44,000 lb dog whistles,becauseof the rolls engines. The 580s though with allison eng. Had a speed risticton on them because of the center windshield post, go figure.

Steven Scott, 23.11.2009

I have eight apu t-wheels that go with the GTP30-141
APU. Anyone out there know who might want to buy them? They are new or in overhauled condition.

steve urlings, 08.04.2009

please send me some more info of convair 600/640 conversion

jerrefedor, 27.12.2008

Need to extend this further with the 580 conversion (Allison Engines). Allegheny had 40 of them and was involved in part of the interior conversion... 1963 and on

roger moore, 21.06.2008

Flew the 640 at Hawaiian Airlines in 1966-1967 and it was a nice ride. Never remember having any trouble with the conversion. Seems it was considerably faster than the 440.

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