Vought VE-10
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Vought VE-10

The failure of the VE-8 prompted Chance to work on improving the VE-7 in order to insure continued business. In his methodical ways he came up with the VE-9, while at the same time announced a flying boat design, the VE-10.

Unwrapped in the summer of 1919, it was a short hull, pusher biplane flying boat powered with a Curtiss 90hp OX-5 engine. It could carry three hefty people and sufficient fuel for a 2 1/2-hour flight at 130km/h at sea level. This was an exceptional performance on such low horsepower and evoked much interest in aviation circles. Vought tried to interest the Navy but other than some unofficial flights by Naval personnel, it was not acceptable. Final disposition is unknown.

Vought VE-10A three-view drawing (534 x 768)

Terrence I. Murphy, 22.02.2012

General characteristics
Crew: 3
Length: 27 ft
Wingspan: upper-36 ft 5 in/lower-28 ft 3 in
Height: 8.ft 6 in
Wing area:
Empty weight: 620 lbs
Max takeoff weight: 1950 lbs
Powerplant: Curtiss OX-5

Maximum speed: landing speed 46 mph
Cruise speed: 80 mph
Range: 200 miles
Service ceiling:


Jeff Perkins, 25.10.2007

Looks somewhat like Glen Curtis's NC-4 or "Nancy" flying boat.

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