Tupolev Tu-95


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Tupolev Tu-95

Descended indirectly from the American Boeing B-29 via the Tupolev Tu-4, refined Tu-80 and larger Tu-85, the Tu-95 was developed for use by the Soviet Union's DA (Long-Range Aviation) as an intercontinental strategic bomber - a role in which the latest variants still serve. Design of the Tu-95 version began before 1952, its overall configuration being similar to that of the Tu-16 although of much larger size and powered by four Kuznetsov NK-12 turboprop engines, the bench-testing of which started in 1953. First flown in prototype form during 1954, the aircraft was allocated the service designation Tu-20, but this soon lapsed into disuse. Tu-20s began to enter service with the DA bomber force in 1955. In an age when turbojets and turbofans are the major power source for first-line military aircraft, it seems almost unbelievable that the Tu-95, allocated the reporting name 'Bear' by NATO, has remained in operational use for almost 40 years. Nevertheless, its turboprop powerplant gives remarkably high speed and, at the same time, long range and endurance. Additionally, the large size of the Tu-95 has permitted the carriage of extensive radar equipment and the largest Soviet air-to-surface missiles and bombs. The designation Tu-142 is applied to new-build maritime reconnaissance versions for the AV-MF. Production was suspended by President Yeltsin as a unilateral arms limitation measure.

Tupolev Tu-95

 ENGINE4 x turbo-prop NK-12M, 11030kW
  Take-off weight185000 kg407857 lb
  Empty weight94400 kg208117 lb
  Wingspan51.0 m167 ft 4 in
  Length49.0 m161 ft 9 in
  Height13.0 m43 ft 8 in
  Wing area310.0 m23336.81 sq ft
  Max. speed860 km/h534 mph
  Cruise speed710 km/h441 mph
  Ceiling11000 m36100 ft
  Range w/max.fuel15000 km9321 miles
 ARMAMENT2-6 x 23mm cannons, 20000kg of bombs

Tupolev Tu-95

A Ly, e-mail, 11.10.2020 07:16

Tupolev Tu 20 Bear A 1945 Tu 95 Bear A 1950 CCCP USSR Love


Dalhats Laudzafata Avicena, e-mail, 25.11.2013 12:49

Tupolev 95 is the aircraft thats use for testing tsar bomb.


Dalhats, e-mail, 17.08.2013 15:29

Tupolev 95 is only bomber aircraft powered by turboprop thats enter service this is also the one of the noisiest aircraft in the world tupolev 95 is longest service of any military aircraft its serve from 1952-2040.


Martin, e-mail, 07.08.2012 12:40

Where to buy old and used NK-12 engines? russian surplus or other sellers in that area? (they donīt need to be functional just mechanical in order to be overhauled for use)




Charles, e-mail, 02.01.2012 21:17

I am interested in a T-95 as a hypersonic /experimental launching platform. I can be contacted via email or tel 213-880-1454 (USA). The turbo torque and extended landing gear is unique for the application.


Gene Day, e-mail, 02.02.2011 00:27

The Tu-95 has very high ultimate performance and long range but not both. At high speed the propellor tips are supersonic, creating shock waves and dropping fuel efficiency sharply. Its remarkable range is for much lower speeds. As a commercial airliner all the passengers would require hearing protection. This plane is LOUD.


Sgt.KAR98, 26.05.2010 02:36

I would like to get your Tu-95.If I had money...


the-world-of-aircraft.blogspot, 27.04.2010 12:03

double propeller makes the aircraft remains stable at low speed.so the aircraft can release unguided bombs, more accurate.


Kiril, e-mail, 05.04.2010 01:50

I have one demilitarized Tu-95 for sale. Contact me for more information.
E-mail: chochkov@aero-x.eu


Ray, e-mail, 05.08.2008 03:57

The double props serves as Anti-torque making the aircraft more maneuverable and give it faster forward propulsion but with the high cost of jet fuel. turbo fan jet engines would perhaps be move economical; in the long run


Moishe Garfinkle, e-mail, 04.07.2008 03:11

Why hasn't any airframe munfactures designed a modern turboprop airliner with the Tu95 outstanding bipass ratio, considering the the engine and props were designed almost a half century ago? The TU 95 cetainly has modern airliner performance.


Phil van Leeuwen, e-mail, 27.11.2022 Moishe Garfinkle

Check out the TU-114


Stefan, e-mail, 07.09.2007 19:03

Better propulsion, actually the resulted propulsion of double propeller is impressive.



harry eliasw, e-mail, 06.09.2007 19:57

what is the significance of the double propeller?




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