Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Anna Kreisling KG-200, 22.09.2014

Dear President George W. Bush,
I stand by my statements that invading IRAQ was the greatest American Strategic Blunder in our nations history. Many people and many Germans blame Adolf Hitler for our defeat at STALINGRAD, but you must admire Hitler, he always fought to win. Victory was always his goal in World War II. I have talked with many pilots who flew in the Vietnam War, and they will tell you of how they could not bomb Mig Airfields because some Russian advisor might be there. The Vietnam War lasted more than a decade for America because our leaders did not fight to win! Remember this, it took the Japanese only one month to conquer Vietnam, and what they did to the Vietnamese People was a thousand times worse than what we did to the Russians.
Finally I want to encourage the people of Ukraine to fight these Russian Dogs. Vladimir Putin is not creating a great Soviet Russian Empire. He is bringing disaster for Russia. History shows that Prosperity and great wealth only comes with PEACE. If Russia wants war, the Russian People will not prosper, in fact the next ten years could be a nightmare for them. Once Nuclear Weapons are used, there will be no chance for peace and right now throughout Europe tensions are very high.

Sir Thomas Avery RAF, 20.09.2014

One of the most overlooked facts about the Junkers JU-390 was how easy and responsive it was to fly. It was a true STOL Aircraft that could use a 2,500 foot runway. Many of the Junkers Test Pilots reported fantastic endurance and flight characteristics of the airplane. Example, Junkers Test Pilot Hans Joachim Pancherz reported that the Junkers JU-390 had the range to fly from Italy to South Africa and back without refueling! This is also the same Junkers Test Pilot along with Anna KREISLING, that pioneered AIR to AIR refueling for the Junkers JU-390 in 1943.
The photographs from the New York Times show the JU-390 approaching the Empire State Building from the west at an altitude of 8,000 feet. More than 16 pictures were taken, and the most dramatic was when it was directly overhead. Another photographer took a picture from ground level capturing the top of the Empire State Building and the six engines of the Junkers JU-390 are clearly seen.
The main reason these pictures were labeled TOP SECRET, is that they would have to tell the public about the Nazi Nuclear Bomb Program. That this JU-390 had flown a RECON mission over New York, because New York had been selected as a target. This would of course lead to the public learning about the MANHATTAN PROJECT, the most vital secret of the war. Remember in 1943 neither the U.S. or Nazi Germany really knew fully how advanced the nuclear projects were on the other side.

President George W. Bush, deepintheheartoftexas=yahoo.com, 19.09.2014

President George W. Bush,
Austin, Texas
Dear Anna Kreisling,
I have read how you do not like how I invaded IRAQ and got rid of that Nazi Fruitcake Saddam Hussein. Let me tell you that Ground Squirrel deserved to be taken out and hanged. Anyone who used SARIN GAS on the Kurds, deserves to be kicked out of office.
Now to some serious business, IF Bill Clinton can have a Junkers JU-390 with a Hot Tub, why can't I??? Since Junkers JU-390's are rare and expensive, I want a Texas size Hot Tub in a C-5 Galaxy aircraft! I once played Basketball in a C-5 Galaxy while flying across the Atlantic Ocean back in 2003!! One last thing, as President I never had the nerve to visit AREA 51. There is something about ALIEN Lifeforms that scares the Shitte out of me! Hell even Octopusses scare me! Eight arms with Tentacles! But since Bill Clinton and Harry Reid have visited AREA 51, I want to visit when you are celebrating OCTOBERFEST!! Nobody celebrates OCTOBERFEST like you KRAUT NAZI's do!! Hell I'm gonna bring Dick Cheney so he can look at all your spacecraft and Alien Monsters!

Dr. Kenneth Powers Pismo, CA, edwardsafbcinn=yahoo.com., 19.09.2014

Another beautiful day here in California! I woke up and was listening to the Jefferson Airplane and singing all the way to Wal-Mart. I'm here to tell you that they just got in a shipment of 22 ammunition and several new 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390'S! On E-bay you can sell these for $5,000 dollars, but at WAL-MART they only cost $145.00 dollars! Each Junkers JU-390 comes with five figures, there is Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Anna Kreisling, Hans Joachim Pancherz, and Hannah Reitsch!!! Also they had some new 1/18th scale Bucher Jungmeisters Biplanes in 1/18th scale and they come with the Anna Kreisling doll and Hitler and Adolf Galland!! When Anna Kreisling did aerobatics in the Bucher Jungmeister, Wow, watch out! These planes are not only great investments, but the greatest thing you can hang above your pool table!!!

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, 19.09.2014

The Great and Powerful Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,
ISIS LEADER and Worlds Greatest Soccer Player!

Dear Muslims and Infidels!
The Democrats in the State of California have always inspired me. Since the Democrats have banned Math and Social Studies in California, we the ISIS Muslims have also banned Math and Social Studies in our schools also! Last night I was listening to Gov. Jerry Brown in California singing this song! " Don't know much about Algebra, Don't know much about Science Books, Don't know much about History, Don't know much about the French I took, But I do know that I love you, and if you could love ISIS TOO, WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD THIS WOULD BE!!"
So Muslims, come and join ISIS, we do the same things the Democrats do!!! We sit around and watch Porno Movies, drink beer, eat HAM AND BACON AND PORK, and remember the good ole days of 1327!!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 16.09.2014

Dear Kanye West and President Obama,
Dear Kanye, I am glad you are still alive and all is well. I am very touched by your love for animals. However FRED and her babies are not for sale at this time. Kanye please remember not to get upset when people try to put you down, they are either jealous or ignorant, you are five times smarter than Barack Obama and would do a better job as President.
Now to President Obama,
The CIA is very upset with you. Do you really think you can wage a military campaign if you tell ISIS everything that we are planning???
Your top advisors in the CIA are very frustrated! You are not listening to them! So I will tell you what you must do to win over ISIS.
1. You must hit IRAN hard, really hard, in a three week Air Campaign that will destroy their Nuclear Plants and their Air Force.
2. Why?? Because if you attack ISIS first, you will only be strengthening IRAN. You will be acting as their Air Force. Remember when George W. Bush invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein, all that he did was to make IRAN the No. 1 power in the Persian Gulf, a very insane thing to do.
When Ronald Reagan was President, every night we would fly C-130's to Baghdad full of supplies for his war against IRAN. President Ronald Reagan said Saddam Hussein was worth five of our Aircraft Carriers! He protected the Christians in Baghdad and IRAQ!

Kanye West Hollywood, rapsomesoul9383=yahoo.com, 16.09.2014

I have a son I am trying to raise, he is a Possum named Henry James West. Every morning I tell my son, you'se gots to be a good boy and go to school, and learn that Possums have gots to learn to survive! So I walk him to the corner and put him on a school bus and for the last three years he has done a Good Job at School!! The Teacher says that Henry James my son likes school but he wants more time on the school yard, so they lets him play in the trees! Kim Kardashian likes to climb trees also, so thats O.K. WITH ME! The reason I am writing is because I want a GIANT TARRANTULA like FRED! Man if I had a giant 88 yard wide spider living at my home in Beverly Hills, I would not have to worry about all those Soul Brothers who like to steal my Weed when I step out the door! Also Kim Kardashian would not have to climb so many trees when she hears guns going off! However she does stay in shape that way! If you want a really healthy BUTT, you gots to climb and climb and climb! Climbing is good for the BUTT!! Last year I dropped some Peyote and Mescaline and Acid and some wild crap called BLUE STEW!! I was wandering in the desert North of Las Vegas looking for another Possum and Jesus! A silver Flying Saucer Landed and I saw the most gorgeous lady on the planet emerge! She has eyes like a wolf, Frost Blonde Hair, A red cape flowing against some really tan skin, but her Butt, WOW!! FMJESUS!! So strong, so elegant, so GOOD!! She said her name was Anna Kreisling and she wanted to fly me CEASARS so I could get a Doctor, so I let her strap me in and Sweet Jesus, this thing could go faster than a Ferrari on Drugs! Before you could watch Gilligans Island we were coming in to land on the roof of CEASARS PALACE. Some Doctors were there, and my Possum and Jesus! They took me to the HAPPY PLACE, WHERE RAINBOWS NEVER END! So don't tell me that Anna Kreisling does not own a Junkers JU-390, HELL THAT GIRL OWNS THE BEST BUTT IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

Dr. Karl Dirkensen YALE, historydeptackekal=yahoo.com., 13.09.2014

To UCLA History Dept.
Professor Mainstein has given me 27 documents about the squadron KG-200. I would like to share Seven Key items.
1. Throughout the documents, there is no doubt that the Nazi's were not only working on the Atomic bomb, but they were drawing up plans for a Nuclear attack!
2. Kreisling is mentioned numerous times in these documents.
3. An attack involving five Junkers JU-390 aircraft, each carrying a 10 Megaton Atomic Bomb was planned for July 1945, their targets the industrial factories in Michigan!
4. We also have definite proof of Junkers JU-390 aircraft operating in the Kuril Islands north of Japan. This is in February of 1945 and Anna Kreisling working with the Japanese on their Atomic Bomb program!
5. Incredible proof of Martin Bormann being very involved in not only the Nazi Nuclear Bomb program, but he was also using his knowledge to produce deals with England and the United States.
6. We have a copy of his orders to Anna Kreisling to return to Germany and to prepare a rescue in Berlin!
7. More documents that both Hannah Reitsch and Martin Bormann wanted Anna Kreisling to test the Horten V-9 Jet Fighter. This confirms the Horten in the Smithonian Museum, is the same Horten she was landing when captured by the U.S. Army. The other Horten captured inside the Hangar by the U.S. Army was taken to Edwards AFB!

Senator Harry Reid, Nevada, 13.09.2014

Dear Governor Rick Perry of the Great State of Texas;
I woke up this morning in Las Vegas and decided to drive the 110 miles north to that famous air base called AREA 51. After eating breakfast at CEASARS, they called Anna Kreisling and let her know that I was coming! Trust me folks you do not want to drive into AREA 51 unless they know your coming! Last year a British Journalist Andrew Weber parachuted in and then found him in the desert. He had been turned into a statue of hard white salt! Another example of Alien technology that I know nothing about! So after breakfast I start up my 1957 Apache Chevy truck which is green and white and get her out on the highway. I pass some hippies and other people singing Joan Baez songs and after three hours I pull up in front of the famous black hangar! In the distance I can see FRED moving quickly across the desert to come up and see me! He is more affectionate than some hound dog and I deeply love this giant spider! So now Gov. Rick Perry we can now begin to secure the border! Fred has 88 babies and they are now each the size of a basketball court and they are going to scare the crap out of these Illegal Aliens!
So Rick, how do you want these baby Giant Tarrantula's shipped to you? Do you want to send me some cowboys and we can herd them to Texas? Let me know, remember they are big and can move pretty fast!

Chancellor Angela Merkel, 83767rhinelandberlin=yahoo.com, 07.09.2014

Dear President, Barack Obama,
Anna has brought me to AREA 51, and I must say I am impressed. First the flight over here was done in a small two seater Flying Saucer that I could park in my garage. How can something so small and so comfortable, fly so fast?? From Berlin to AREA 51 only took 20 minutes! Anna was taking her time and we chatted the entire way! The view from space was breathtaking! Basically it feels like you are going straight up and then down at an incredible speed. Anna is a superb pilot and this did not feel scary at all. It is reassuring to look over at her and she is smiling and talking like she is ordering a beer in Munich!
AREA 51 is different than any military base I have been on! You step out of the Saucer and you immediately see Anna's collection of JUNKERS AIRCRAFT from World War II. The hangars here are immense! They seem like they are designed for our ZEPPELINS from World War I. Also there are vast Underground hangars and Laboratories that descend more than 51 levels underground.
Now to business, President Obama, you need to listen to your advisors and read your reports. For three years Anna has been begging you to support the FREE SYRIAN ARMY and you have ignored her. By allowing Assad of Syria to murder and butcher 178,000 women and children in Syria, this is why the SUNNI Arabs created ISIS. Events in history do not happen by accident! In the year 1919, after the war, England still blockaded the ports of Germany. That winter more than 110,000 German women and children starved to death. This is why Hitler came to power, This is why Hitler wanted revenge! Things do not happen by accident!!
You need to stop smoking dope, start running 5 miles every morning! Get in shape and understand that Vladimir Putin is no Pot smoking Hippie who believes in World Peace!!
Time is not on our side, if you don't shape up, soon a Nuclear War will be fought that nobody will survive!!!!.

Gen. Jack Carlson NATO COMMAN, 06.09.2014

The situation is now very grave. Under the orders from Vladimir Putin several citizens from Estonia have been kidnapped and taken into Russia. Make no mistake, Vladimir Putin did this as a slap against Anna Kreisling. Why? Anna's mother was Hannah Kreisling a Baltic German lady who volunteered as a Nurse and left Estonia for Germany in 1916. It was in 1918 when she cared for a German soldier who was blinded from a Mustard Gas Attack, that she met Adolf Hitler. When the war ended both Adolf Hitler and Hannah joined the Thule Organization and pledged their lives to rebuild Germany. Anna Kreisling was born in Berlin on January 10th, 1920. Her mother Hannah was killed by Communists in 1923. It was then that Hitler assigned Heinrich Himmler to raise Anna and to teach her German traditions and values. It was Heinrich who first introduced her to flying and gliding competitions! Anna has always been very close to her family roots in Estonia. This is why Vladimir Putin is trying to hurt her, by hurting the people of Estonia.
Twelve hours ago the world was very hopeful when Anna released the 124,000 Russian soldiers. She did this because Vladimir Putin had promised to end his war against the Ukraine, but now even President Obama understands that we will have to fight a Nuclear War with Russia if they attack Estonia! What worries me is the NAZI Missile Bases on the Moon! If Vladimir Putin wants a Nuclear War with the Fourth Reich, he will lose, because you can not attack the NAZI MISSILES ON THE MOON! If any Russian General thinks they have missiles that can hit targets on the Moon, they are out of their minds!

President Barack Obama USA, usctrojansrotcsim=yahoo.com, 05.09.2014

Wow! Man I just woke up and AIR FORCE ONE is full of smoke! Man it smells so good! Dats da Good Jamaican shit! Youse gets what you pay for! God, I hate England! Today they made me walk around and meet some school kids who asked me some really tough questions, like," Where do you find UKRAINE on a map???" and,,,," Why is the Earth round???"
Joe, I love my little Joe, Joe Biden is telling me that Vladimir Putin is not being nice to Angela Merkel so I gots to get on da phone and pretend that I am SUPERMAN!!

Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germ, 83767rhinelandberlin=yahoo.com, 05.09.2014

Dear President Vladimir Putin,
Please come to Munich for Octoberfest, and I will show you how much Bratwurst I can stuff down your mouth! Anna, you have my permission to show Vladimir the latest weapons that you have developed at AREA 51.

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 976stavarskysquaremoscow732987, 05.09.2014

Dear Flugakapitan Anna Kreisling,
Do you really think that I care about 124,000 Russian Soldiers?? On the Eastern Front in World War II we lost 11,000 Soviet Soldiers a day! Do you think Comrade STALIN lost any sleep? This is why STALIN said," The first man gets a rifle, and the next man gets some bullets. When the first man gets shot, the second man will pick up his rifle and continue, if you come back without Victory, our Communist Political Troops will shoot you!" Anna this is how we beat the Germans in World War II. Here are my seven demands to President Obama.
1. All the lands east of the Dnieper River in the Ukraine will belong to me, Vladimir Putin.
2. All of ODESSA will be given to me and the U.S. Congress will build me a $55 Million Dollar Mansion just like they did KARZAI THE TURD the Leader of Afghanistan. His Palace was built in Switzerland, paid for by the U.S. Congress!
3. The CEASARS PALACE in Las Vegas will put on my show," How I made the UKRAINE, RED!!" This show will make me a lot of money!
5. During the OCTOBERFEST in Munich, I want Angela Merkel to be my little beer maid and serve me all the Vodka and Bratwurst I can eat.
6. I want East Germany and Berlin returned to Russia!
7. I also want England and France to become part of the Russian Empire!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 04.09.2014

To; President Vladimir Putin CCCP,
You must really be in a panic mode Vladimir. You do not have the right to refer to me as a bitch. Do you refer to your own mother as a bitch? These words just show how nervous and angry you are, and world leaders who speak as you do make tragic mistakes for their nations.
Make no mistake, Vladimir Putin, Russia is dangerously close to the point of NO RETURN. What do I mean? Once the NATO Countries impose New Sanctions a new COLD WAR will isolate and destroy the Russian Economy. The United States will give the Green Light for China to take all the lands east of the URAL Mountains. You will be unable to use Nuclear Weapons against China, you will have to strike Europe, the USA, and China all at once and achieve Victory or else Russia is doomed. Do you really want to bet the lives of 268 Million Russians on the chance you can win a Nuclear War??? If you do, very soon a Russian General will come to visit you and use his Makarov to see how tough your brain tissue is.
Vladimir Putin this is my offer, I will release the 124,000 Russian Soldiers within the next 24 hours if you halt your Russian Invasion of the Ukraine. I promise that NO NEWS FEED of our release of the 124,000 Russian Soldiers will be provided to CNN, or any News Agency.
Dear Vladimir, I had no idea that Bill Clinton was coming to Moscow with Jethro to beat you up and kick you in the balls. Things like this happen when you invade other countries! It could have been worse, think of Poor President George W. Bush on National T.V. having a taxi cab driver throw his shoes at him!!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 976stavarskysquaremoscow732987, 03.09.2014

Dear President Obama,
I will make you an offer, and you have only six hours to think about it. As you know Anna Kreisling and the 7th Panzer Leibstandarte is only 300 miles south of Moscow. These Nazi's have captured 124,000 Russian Soldiers and they are being marched as prisoners to the Ukraine. If you the President of the UNITED STATES can call this bitch on the phone and tell her to release all the Russian POW'S, I promise to not show any more interest in invading the Ukraine! Remember you have only six hours, so get off your ass, and get this blonde bitch from hell to let my people go! If word of this gets out, I will deny everything. My Russian comrades will have me cleaning toilets if they find out how easy it was for the 7th Panzer SS to make pizza out of my boys! I also hold you responcible for me getting my balls kicked in by Bill Clinton and Jethro! Who sent these guys?? What is Bill Clinton mad about?? Why can't he go to China and party with Xi Jinping or Hu Jintao??? All he has to do is show up with Jennifer Lopez and they go ape shit watching her shake her booty all night!

Dr. Kenneth Powers Pismo, CA, 01.09.2014

I have just come from the Wal-Mart near Nipomo, and I am thrilled with my 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390 I bought there! For $145 dollars you get the largest scale model aircraft ever made!! Five figures came with my Junkers!! There was Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Anna Kreisling, Hannah Reitsch, and Albert Speer! At home I had a 1/18th Mercedes Benz black sedan from 1938, so all of this looks fantastic when I put this on display. My wife is going to make me a 1/18th Stainless Steel Bra, so I can have Albert Speer at the party in Norway giving Anna Kreisling this bra as gift for good luck before her record breaking flight over Michigan and New York!! I wish I could have been at this party when she modeled this bra for Albert Speer and the two thousand Nazi's in attendance!
By the way Kenneth Wales has confirmed that the famous BERLIN BABY took off from Bergen Norway, not Bodo Norway like many historians have reported. Also Kenneth has confirmed that the flight was in 1943. If the Germans wanted a Recon Flight over New York in 1944, they would have used the Turbo prop Horten V-12.

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 976stavarskysquaremoscow732987, 31.08.2014

Dear President Obama,
I am in the hospital here in Moscow recovering from severe swelling and rupturing of my balls. I went to the airport to welcome Bill Clinton and Jethro. Suddenly Jethro Bodine grabbed me and Bill Clinton began kicking me in the Cajones really hard, when he got tired Jethro stuck 12 wooden toothpicks into my balls and he also began kicking me in the Gonads!! Are you trying to send me a message??? Please, I only sent 276 T-92 Tanks and 112,000 Spetznatz Russian troops into the Ukraine. What is the big deal??? While I am recovering in hospital, can you send me Season 3 of GILLIGANS ISLAND!! This is my favorite show and I want to have autograph of Gilligan for my Library!!
For all of you at YALE and UCLA, I give you five facts to consider,
1. Campanella the head of the North American Mafia met with Jack Ruby SIX MONTHS BEFORE DALLAS, and told him he was going to kill a man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald.
2. In the winter of 1971, Richard Nixon prevented a war between China and Russia by flying the SR-71 Recon Jets over China and Russia on what was called the TAIWAN TO PAKISTAN RUN, Anna Kreisling was one of these CIA Civilian Pilots who flew the SR-71.
3. Richard Nixon suppled Israel with arms and aircraft and American Pilots during the YOM KIPPUR WAR. Richard Nixon saved Israel, and helped Israel survive, so why do so many Americans still regard him as a bad President????
4. Hillary, can you call Bill and Jethro and ask them where they are taking me?? We have just left the hospital in a Black Mercedes and Members of the Band PUSSY RIOT are looking down at me!!!!
5. Can Pee Wee Herman give me a call and tell me all about his adventures with FRED??? I want to hear more about this GIANT SPIDER at AREA 51!!!
6. I also want Pee Wee Herman to find out if those breasts, those Bazongas, those heavenly Knockers on Anna Kreisling are real?? My Balls are so badly swollen up, but I still get a Boner thinking about Anna Kreisling!!
7. I also want Joan Rivers to recover so that she can come to Moscow and tell me why Bill Clinton and Jethro beat me up and kicked me in the balls?? Why??? Can't they give World Peace a chance!!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 29.08.2014

Dear Bill,
I am sorry and I do apoligise to all the Democrats who love this nation and support our troops and believe that every American has the right to own a gun.
Bill, I can't just walk away from the people of UKRAINE, I hope you understand how much they have suffered at the hands of the Russians. Also Bill, remember the history of Finland and how the Russians raped and killed the Finns. Remember what the Russians did to over 3 Million German Women. Remember what the Russians did to the people of Berlin. These are events in history that I can never forget or forgive. I do not hate the Russian People because Himmler taught me as a child that many of the Russian people have genes that bind them to the ARYAN Master Race. That the Baltic Germans in Estonia who are true ARYANS like I am, share many of the Genetic DNA with the Russian People. To the people in Russia and Vladimir Putin, I say this, Embrace your European History, do not try to destroy your European Neighbors, instead trade and do business with Europe, you will find more prosperity if you choose the path of peace. Vladimir if you crush the Ukraine you will find Russia isolated and a 70% chance that a Nuclear War will happen. With Russia destroyed by a Nuclear Exchange, China will seize all the lands east of the Ural Mountains!

President Bill Clinton USA, runhillaryrungogogo=whitehousenewyork873, 29.08.2014

Hello Darling, Hello Babydoll, Hello Anna,
Darling you need to calm down, and not get so upset about the Russians invading UKRAINE, or the problems in California! Anna, you can't save the world! You yourself once told me that events in history is like standing on a beach and watching a tidal wave come in. You can watch the wave, but you can't change anything. In fact you will be lucky to be able to survive the wave!
So darling, just relax, ride a horse, and remember that all Democrats are not like the ones in California. When I was in office remember how I BALANCED THE BUDGET. Remember how I supported everyone in Arkansas to go out and get a good Winchester Model 12 shotgun. Man I love the Model 12, it is a great Duck gun and a good investment!
Hillary says hello, and she is looking forward to being the next President of the United States. She needs your support and she wants you to become the next Secretary of State! So Anna, go back to AREA 51, and get your Junkers JU-390 ready to fly. We need to go to Japan, it is one of the greatest countries in the world to visit!

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