Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Dr. Thomas Davis, UCLA, 09.10.2015

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
While everyone is covering Donald Trump in Las Vegas today, I want to remind everybody that tomorrow night is Friday night in Morro Bay, California!
On Wednesday a USAF C-141 Starlifter four engine jet transport landed at Porterville Airport and unloaded Hitlers personal six wheeled Mercedes Touring car!
Rachel you can bet that Donald Trump will be in Morro Bay to have dinner with Adolf Hitler and discuss the coming election! Anna Kreisling and Heinrich Himmler will be there, and when you see these Saucers land on top of Morro Rock, this is really a wondrous sight.
Tourists from around the world enjoy meeting members from the Third Reich and love having pictures of themselves taken with Hitler and Eva! I myself have a picture of Anna Kreisling and Heinrich Himmler smiling and waving to the tourists from New Zealand!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 09.10.2015

Dear President Hillary Clinton,
On October 7th, Wednesday, was my 63rd Birthday. I was gazing out the windows of the Kremlin when a Flying Saucer came into view and slowly landed in Red Square.
A cockpit door opened and a ramp appeared and down walked Jennifer Lopez and Bill Clinton! Bill brought me some Elk Steaks from Finland and Jennifer Lopez shook her fabulous ass for me for five straight hours! She wore me out just watching that heavenly sight go round and round! When I was a kid in the URALS I watched Ann Margaret in VIVA LAS VEGAS shake her booty, and I watched that movie 387 times! I dress up like ELVIS all the time and fly to Las Vegas with Anna Chapman who dresses up like Ann Margret and we WOW THEM AT CEASARS PALACE!!!
Thank you Hillary for sending Bill and JLO and making my Birthday so nice! Hey when do you take office? America could save so much money by just announcing that you are President! Your going to win anyway!
Hey I have some bad news, some of our Cruise Missiles were Nuclear Tipped and they blew up the Iranian Nuclear Bomb Factories in IRAN. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called me up and wanted to know if I was working for ISRAEL??? He said that it will take ten years to replace all the dead scientists and Billions of dollars to rebuild the Nuclear Bomb Factories!! However he said John Kerry and Obama are so stupid they will probably volunteer to rebuild the Nuclear Plants with American Tax Dollars!!
Finally, where is Anna Kreisling?? I received a birthday card from her, but it makes me nervous when I don't know where she is? Is she at AREA 51? Pakistan? Antarctica? If you see her, tell her thanks for congratulating me on bombing IRAN!!

Gen. Scott Mcdonald U.S.A.F., 08.10.2015

Dear TIME Magazine,
In 1937 Time Magazine made Adolf Hitler the Man of the Year on their cover. Now if you turn to page 37, you will see a young blonde girl giving Hitler a hug, guess who this is?? Your right, Anna Kreisling. Now as far as the Junkers JU-390 is concerned, what is available to the public is the diagram of the Recon Version of the Junkers JU-390, it shows the eight massive fuel cells in the fuselage and the fuel carried in the wings.
Next look at the Map of New York that the Scientists working on the Nazi Nuclear Bomb Program published. It shows the effect of a Nuclear Bomb detonated over New York. Does anyone think that the Germans would publish a map of New York without doing a Recon flight over this city?
These facts are well laid out, yet the biggest comment made against the Junkers JU-390 is that it did not have the range to fly to New York. We now know it could stay flying for 31 hours. This is plenty of range to take off from Norway, fly over Canada, fly over Michigan, then on to New York and then back across the Atlantic.
Another fact to remember, KG-200 if given the job of bombing New York with an Atomic Bomb would have made it a one way trip with the crew rescued by German U-Boat.

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 05.10.2015

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
This is to let you know that I am indeed going to run for President! I will be at the debate on October 13th and I will lay out my plan to save America!
Folks, lets face the truth, the last seven years, Obama has taken America into the toilet. I intend to flush all that down and start over!
First, I am going to support Israel.
2nd, All Americans will only have to pay 5% of their income in taxes!
3rd, The Nazi's on the Moon and Mars will not have to worry about their bases. Also the 27 Nazi Military Bases scattered around the world will not be bothered by the USA! This is why Anna Kreisling supports Hillary Clinton, and I pledge tonight that the Germans will not be bothered, whether it is in Antarctica, Egypt, Australia, the Sinai Desert, India, Pakistan, Alaska, etc. we will not bother Hitler, Himmler and the Fourth Reich!
Finally we come to the most famous Nazi Air Base and Space Center in the world! AREA 51! Anna Kreisling can keep her Junkers JU-390 out there. If she wants school children to come out and see her aircraft and Spacecraft, I say this will be the greatest fieldtrip any child could take! I would even drive the bus myself if I could see FRED and take a ride on this huge 88 yard wide big Spider!
So Hillary, there is a new dog in town, I own a Harley and I chew gum, so watch out lady because here I come! I'm gonna getcha at the first Democratic Debate. So watch out baby, cause here I come, I'm gonna getcha good!!

President Barack Obama USA, 04.10.2015

Dear President Bill Clinton,
Why would I ever want to go to AREA 51?? Senator Harry Reid has been eaten alive three times by a Giant Spider at AREA 51!! So what if they can bring him back using DNA and hyperbolic genetic transfers?? No one is going to take my Gonads and encode my DNA so they can bring me back to life, I'm not going to get killed in the first place. Have you seen SADDAM HUSSEIN since they brought him back to life?? He wants to watch Disney Movies and smoke Hashish all day long! What kind of life is that?? I want to play some golf and not have to worry about AREA 51, besides if I want to ride in a FLYING SAUCER all that I have to do is get on the telephone and Anna Kreisling is here in 22 minutes to fly me to the Moon where Willie Nelson is celebrating OCTOBERFEST!!
Hey Harrison Ford, congratulations on getting that Ryan PT-19 Trainer up and flying again. I am looking forward to seeing the new STAR WARS movie this December!

President Bill Clinton USA, 02.10.2015

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
Many people have wondered how I met Anna Kreisling and why she became such a great supporter of not only myself, but also Hillary. Well Rachel, When I became President I started many investigtions into Flying Saucers and the ROSWELL UFO encounter. Even as President they would not tell me the truth, in fact they would not allow me to visit AREA 51. Then in 1996 the Republicans went crazy and tried to impeach me on false Moral Charges. This is when Anna Kreisling began to come and visit me in the White House. She encouraged me not to resign, that she thought that I was a great President. Then in 1997 I finally received permission from her to visit AREA 51. Folks, your life will be forever changed when you see the vast number of Aliens and Alien Spacecraft they have recovered there! The entire history of World War II, Operation Paperclip, our race to the Moon, how the Nazi's and the CIA completely supported each other and did some of our most dangerous work together. Now in the year 2015, World Peace depends upon people such as Anna Kreisling. She is very upset and angry that the Russians have been bombing the Free Syrian Army and for the last five years she has been urging President Obama to have a NO FLY ZONE over Syria. But she knows that Obama loves to play golf, and sit around and do nothing. I really have to talk to her and calm her down, this isn't his fault! When you grow up smoking Weed in Hawaii you just get naturally laid back. His view of the world is very different from Hillary Clinton! Rachel did you know Obama has never been to AREA 51??

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 01.10.2015

Hello President Obama,
So you will not arrest Anna Kreisling? This morning we have started bombing Free Syrian Army, and we will bomb anyone in Middle East we want to. What do you think about dem apples bawhanna boy!
Obama you know what your problem is?? You are smoking to much of that Jamaican Weed. Just yesterday you found out that there have been Russians in Syria for the last four years. So wake up because now we have a military alliance with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebannon and Egypt. Soon we will be in Saudi Arabia building a new Russian Air Base and you can come over and stay in fancy hotel and watch our Russian Air Force land and take off over your golf course.
Goodbye, and I was sorry to hear that the five guys you trained for $567 Million Dollars all broke their legs on John Kerry's bicycle. They are now in Beirut in hospital eating chicken and each buying a FERRARI all paid for by your American Tax Dollars.

President Barack Obama USA, 30.09.2015

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
I would like to explain to the people of the world why I will not arrest Anna Kreisling and turn her over to Vladimir Puitn and the Russian Government.
First, she is an American Citizen and has been since 1955.
2nd, all of Germans that have come to the United States since 1945 have done a fantastic job getting us to the Moon and helping us defeat Communism.
3rd, What does Vladimir Putin think that I am a Dictator?? I can't take away single shot 28 gauge shotguns from the NRA, How am I supposed to arrest a woman who is guarded by the SS LEIBSTANDARTE and Japanese Samurai troops?? Even SUPERMAN can not take Anna Kreisling! She kicked him right in the Cajones with her Kryptonite boots!
4th, INDIANA JONES has written me that he is going to make a movie with her about the TOMB of the COBRA GOD!!
5TH, DARTH VADER wants her help in rebuilding the DEATH STAR and to help crush the Rebels. That all the Starship Troopers have her Pin-Up in their barracks and they want her to lead them to Victory!
6th, Princess Leah wants to know where she can get some 38D Knockers, these bazongas are just to wonderfully beautiful!
7th, Hillary Clinton wants to know who her Personal Trainer is!! She wants to get in shape and join Darth Vader and kick some ass!
8th, Every sailor in the United States Navy wants to learn from the German U-Boat Commanders in Antarctica how they are so successful against the Russian Submarines!
So you see Rachel Maddow, I can't arrest Anna Kreisling, she is just to valuable to our National Security!

Eva Williams, 28.09.2015

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President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 27.09.2015

Dear Senator Harry Reid of Nevada,
So you think the Truth does not matter? Of course we here in Russia captured many Nazi Scientists and military equipment. But we did not get the cream, the best of Germany! Gen. Patton and Operation Paperclip did more for American Science and Technology than any other thing in history! We in Russia did not get the NAZI BELL PROJECT. We did not get Werner Von Braun, and we did not get Anna Kreisling! Do you have any idea how many TOP SECRET PROJECTS she worked on? The thought just boggles my mind and it shook Stalin to his core!
Our great and glorious leader Nikita Kruschev also was in shock when Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling spent three days talking with President Kennedy. What were they talking about? Why would President Kennedy have Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling come to the White House?
Make no mistake, we in the Russian KGB know that Adolf Hitler was alive in 1963! The bodies of Hitler and Eva were never found in Berlin in 1945! DNA Test results of the skull of Adolf Hitler turned out to that of a woman! These two fake Dopplegangers were planted there by Martin Bormann, who we know made it to South America!
This is why I want Anna Kreisling arrested! If I can get Anna Kreisling arrested, then the entire world will see that Russia is on the side of truth and justice!

Senator Harry Reid Nevada, 27.09.2015

Dear President Vladimir Putin,
I have been told by the President of the United States to convey a message to you in this unofficial capacity. Are you out of your Cotton Pickin Mind? You Russkies talk big, but you have the brains of a crab! Do you really think you can come to the USA and demand that Anna Kreisling be arrested?? Because she was one of 55,000 Nazi's that we brought here to the USA?? So what! You Commie Rats under Stalin also captured thousands of Nazi Scientists which helped you develop both the Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs plus they gave you an edge in the space race!
If you land in New York and start claiming that she flew Hitler out of Berlin, we will simply deny it, and paint you as the lunatic Russian Leader that you are!
Have you been to Area 51? Well I have, and let me tell you, they have Alien Monsters out there that will scare the Jesus out of you! I myself was ate by a Giant Spider three times, and each time Anna brought me back to life using my DNA and the Gate Technology. Now I just love Fred, and I enjoy taking this giant 88 yard big Tarrantula for scenic walks. Nevada is a great state, and Fred and me are going to keep it clean and safe. A long time ago we used to have Russian Spies around AREA 51, but now thanks to FRED, these Communist thugs stay in Las Vegas and just play poker, they do not want to even talk about Area 51!
By the way on your desk you will find a picture of me and Fred in front of the infamous Black Hangar, notice the Junkers JU-390 parked behind us?? There is only one place on earth you can see me with a Giant Spider and a Junkers JU-390, and that is Vladimir, AREA 51.

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 22.09.2015

Dear President Obama,
Within a few days I will be in New York and I expect that you will have arrested Anna Kreisling and will turn her over to me. She will be taken to Moscow and put on trial for flying Adolf Hitler out of Berlin in 1945.
While you in the United States think that she is a hero, we in Russia know the truth. Stalin found only two bodies burned, they were not Hitler and Eva. DNA testing has proven that these were fake Dopplegangers. We never found Martin Bormann! We in Russia know that when Hannah Reitsch landed she saw a Junkers JU-52 Trimotor in front of the Brandenburg gate with Anna Kreisling smiling and giving her the Nazi Salute! When descended the steps into the Bunker it was Hans Baur that greeted her and told her that one of them would fly Hitler and Eva out of Berlin, and it was to be in a Junkers JU-52 Floatplane in the river one mile away. After Hitler and Eva were married they left with Martin Bormann down a secret tunnel with Anna Kreisling. Within three hours they were in Denmark, then on to Norway and then they flew in a Junkers JU-390 to South America! All of this has been documented and Stalin knew about all of this! Now comes the real deception, Joseph Goebbles opening up negotiations with Stalin. Then dieing with his family instead of surrendering to the Russian Army.
While I am in New York, I expect you, President Obama to bring me THE WHITE WOLF! Then John Kerry can discuss Syria with me!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 16.09.2015

To the Brave People of Europe,
At this time my heart goes out to the women and children that are fleeing the war in Syria. To the people in Europe, this is not your fault that so many millions are fleeing the Middle East. It is the fault of President Obama and President George W. Bush.
Tonight I am in Fresno California with Col. Gary Davis. He is having heart surgery and I am with his family hoping that all will be well. Gary Davis is an American Hero who helped me stop Russia from using Nuclear Weapons against China. In 1972 Russia approached Richard Nixon and wanted his permission to use Nuclear Weapons against the Chinese Nuclear facilities within the Gobi Desert.
President Nixon, a great leader, told the Russians that any use of Nuclear Weapons would mean a war with the United States. However the Russians massed 120 Divisions on the Chinese border. President Nixon ordered me and 18 other Civilian Pilots to intimidate the Russians and spy on their activities. This began the famous Taiwan to Pakistan Run. It was a dance of death fly the SR-71 Blackbird into Russian territory along the Chinese Border. For four weeks we outran every missile, hundreds of Mig fighters, and took countless photographs of the Russian Military.
The SR-71 flew so high and so fast that nothing could touch us. Col. Gary Davis was one of these pilots, he is a genuine American Hero. Tomorrow if all goes well he will be released from the hospital.
All of our Veterans deserve better hospitals and treatment. May Congress and our President keep their promises to our Veterans.

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 13.09.2015

Dear Tommy,
Anna Kreisling is here in Shang-hai with me enjoying lessons from the Shaolin Monks. Even one as gifted as Anna, still is in awe of the depth and complexity of the Shaolin Monks. Tommy this is a lesson from China, if your nation goes to war and has to fight, you have not won a great victory. Victory is when you can have power and gain territory without having to fight for it.
Now to your question, Tommy Germany did not start World War I, yet Germany was blamed for that war.
Germany did not start World War II. England viewed Germany as a threat, and factions within the British Govt. plotted war. Winston Churchill was the leader of this faction. England wanted to base Aircraft in Poland to bomb Germany. England wanted to surround Germany. This is why Hitler signed the Treaty with Stalin to divide up Poland and to not fight with Russia. Tommy this treaty was a mistake for Hitler to sign, this treaty caused World War II.
Tommy in the future I will let Anna discuss the Atomic Bomb. This is very painful for her, because she spent much time in Hiroshima before the bomb was dropped.
The event in history that saved her was being recalled to Germany on orders from Martin Bormann. Two other pilots would receive orders to be at the bunker in Berlin. Hans Baur and the great Hannah Reitsch.
Tommy when you are older, come to China, it is steeped in history.

sven, 12.09.2015

Tommy your comment is off subject but while we are there>
Why no mention of Vera Lynn? Much nicer than Annie Krapling

Tommy Atkins 5th grade, 12.09.2015

Dear Anna Kreisling,
My teacher here in Fresno California says that Adolf Hitler started World War II. Is he correct?
Also, why do you think that America dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan?

sven, 12.09.2015

Six engines! We are missing a plug wrench guys> and there may be someone with a screw loose

Dr. John Goddard NASA, 12.09.2015

Dear Prof. Barnhardt,
While Vladimir Putin and Russia have the right to be angry with so many patriotic Germans helping the USA at the end of World War II. Make no mistake the Russians also benefited in captured Nazi Technology. Recently here are Seven new News Items.
1. A picture of Anna Kreisling standing with two other Luftwaffe pilots at the tail of a Henschel HS-129 Tank Killer, at the Battle of Kursk in 1943. A letter from Hitler confirms that he gave her permission to fly the Henschel in combat to test its effectiveness!
2. A picture of Anna Kreisling standing next to Jackie Cockran at Edwards AFB in 1947. Both were stunning blondes and Jackie flew the Bell X-5 which in 1945 was the ME-1001 Jet with the swing wing.
3. Recently Japan released a picture of the two assassins that tried to kill the Emperor of Japan in 1945. Both were killed by Anna Kreisling in front of the Imperial Throne. The Katana Samurai Sword used by Anna that day was a very heavy sword designed to be used on horseback. It showed no mercy to the Ninja Killers sent by Stalin to murder the Emperor. Why she chose such a sword that day remains a mystery? But many experts say that once this blade is in motion it is almost impossible to stop. Both men were killed in less than 30 seconds.
4. Russia continues to release information about the Junkers JU-390 aircraft based in the Kuril islands in 1945.
5. Argentina confirmed that a Junkers JU-390 landed in Uruguay in 1945.
6. A Junkers JU-390 landed at Wright Patterson AFB in May of 1945 with a Nazi Bell, and many German Scientists.
7. New pictures of Anna Kreisling lying by the pool at CEASARS in Las Vegas. Tonight is Friday Night and she will be at the Celine Dion Concert.

sven, 12.09.2015

An aeroplane that made no difference at all. Anyone care to tell me why its important rather than just interesting?

President Bill Clinton USA, 23.08.2015

My Fellow Americans,
Hot Diggety Dog, it feels great to be here in Iowa! Last night Anna Kreisling flew me here in her Junkers JU-390 and me and James Bond 007 were in the Hot Tub enjoying some Hot Saki! Three gorgeous Japanese girls were taking care of Mr. Bond, and I had five of the most gorgeous Black girls you ever laid eyes on. Folks, there is nothing better in life than some Black Honeys and Peach Pie!! Just try banging the BOOTY AND EATING SOME PEACH PIE!!! mmmmmm mmmm DAT'S SO GOOD!!
I have some good news for Hillary, Anna Kreisling has convinced the Queen of England to have OO7 guard me. I'm going to show James what America is all about! He is going to party so hard, he is going to want to stay in Arkansas and take up fishing by the time I'm through with him!
I looked at his 1979 British MGB, and had it painted Orange with a big Rebel Flag painted over it, and on the back bumper it says, ARKANSAS CAVALRY!!
Folks, don't worry, Hillary will get this E-Mail Mess behind her. Like most folks she does not understand why she can't have some privacy in her E-Mails! The Republicans are saying that she is like Nixon?? This has really made Anna Kreisling very mad,,,she considers Richard Nixon one of the greatest Presidents that the United States has ever had!
She told me that Russia wanted to use Nuclear Weapons against China in 1972. The Russians massed their tanks and army on the border. That it was Richard Nixon who told Russia that if they attacked China, the United States would go to war, and would use Nuclear Weapons if the Russians did. Well folks, Russia backed down!!
Anna Kreisling told me that in the 1973 YOM KIPPUR WAR when Egypt and Syria attacked Israel, it was President Richard Nixon who had 175 F-4 Phantoms flown in and tons of Military Equipment delivered to Israel, and this really helped them!! Richard Nixon was a great American, a superb President!

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