Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Prof. Henry Ducksworth YALE, 25.10.2014

Dear Prof. Alan Kennsington Harvard,
I have just received your pictures from Morro Bay, California and I am a little amused by your claims. You claim that Adolf Hitler is there at Dorn's Cafe having Clam Chowder with Eva Braun and Heinrich Himmler? You also have pictures of Anna Kreisling and Hannah Reitsch arriving with Hannah in full Luftwaffe Uniform and Anna Kreisling wearing a red cape dressed in black with titanium spiked black leather boots that came up way past her knees??? That she handed her sword to you and let you examine it! From your pictures this is engraved on both sides of this sword,,, TULFBERH+T,,, with many other engravings??? This was not a Samurai Sword??? But looked like a war sword from Europe??
That they are still there eating and drinking by candlelight? Outside their are hundreds and hundreds of Nazi's holding candles and torches to light the night and they are singing songs to Hitler and his guests!!!
Alan can I give you some advice,,find out why Hitler enjoys eating Clam Chowder at Dorn's?? Try to find out what they are discussing? Also why is the German Submarine decorated with lights in the harbor?? Why would the Krauts decorate their Submarine?? Is Hannah Reitsch celebrating something?? Also their are rumors that Hans Ulrich Rudel is there!! Hurry up and contact me you Harvard Twit!!

Pee Wee Herman,,HOLLYWOOD, 24.10.2014

I am in the desert about 89 miles north of Las Vegas and I am looking for FRED! For those of you who do not hang around AREA 51, FRED is a biologically enhanced Tarantula around 88 yards in size. Nice Personality, a little protective, but if you scratch his head, he will follow you anywhere. My problem is that Senator Harry Reid landed at AREA 51 last night in a Cessna 172 with Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity from the FOX NEWS Station. I think Harry Reid is going to try to get FRED to chase them across the desert and then show the Movie to everyone at the Democratic Convention! This is not nice! FRED is a very nice spider and should not be used for Political Purposes! Plus I am worried that FRED might get the wrong signal and eat Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity! That would be a BUMMER!!!
Boys and Girls, just because you get a chance to come to AREA 51, DOESN'T MEAN YOU COME TO AREA 51!! You must resist temptaiton! This is a very dangerous place, that is why they have Germans running around here taking care of exotic ALIENS and SPACECRAFT, BUT I do love working here!!! Wait a minute!! In the distance I do see Ann Coulter and she is down to her underwear and sneakers and really running fast! Sean Hannity is thirty yards behind and he just turned around and threw a football at FRED!! Senator Harry Reid is up on a hill like George Lucas filming all of this, and I have to say this is gonna make a GREAT MOVIE!!!!

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 22.10.2014

Dear President Barack Obama,
Things are bad here in China! The Jiang Zemin faction of the CCP the Chinese Communist Party based in Hong Kong is broadcasting JANET JACKSON RECORDS 24 HOURS A DAY!! Everyone is hopping around and dancing! Who needs dancing? I am not Kevin Bacon running around in my underwear! Me Chinese Leader!! Not some Shanghai Geisha girl pining for her lover in back seat of Mercedes! OBAMA this is all your fault! Why? Because now all Chinese want to be black, they all want to dance and listen to HIP HOP MUSIC and RAP about how bad the noodles are in SOUP!! They should be happy that they have soup!! Hey tell Steven that Jennifer Lopez is over here shaking her ass for President Hu Jintao! Tell Bill Clinton that she really shake her money maker! This is why China does not invade Japan!! We to busy watching her beautiful butt go round and round! Hu love to kiss dat ass! He eat chicken and noodles and dream of JLO's CURVY SWIRVY BOOTY!! Hey Steven do you still work for the CIA?? Tell John Rizzo to quit drinking so much! Tell Gen. Michael Hayden to take Chicken out of oven! Tell Jose Roriguez that the Russians are launching Operation KIEV in the Artic, to seize all known oil reserves!
Dear Anna Kreisling, Hu and Xi both miss you and invite you to come back to China. We miss you! The Chinese People miss you, we need your advice and wisdom. Also you bring Bill Clinton! Smartest guy in America! Let Obama worry about the Hen House!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 18.10.2014

Dear Vice President Joe Biden,
Good Grief, you are so arrogant! What makes you think I want to appear on the FOX NEWS Bill O'Rilley show? We Nazi's within the SS survive by not being seen. We follow orders and we carry out missions, but we do not seek publicity or want television cameras filming us. Why? Our survival depends on secrecy. Make no mistake, I gave permission to James Newsom my neighbor to interview me and to use my picture in the Australian Magazine Pacific Flyer. Since that time I cherish my privacy and I have great sympathy for my freinds such as Shania Twain, Brad and Angelina, Britney Spears and Bill Clinton who must endure the PAPARAZZI and these endless Vermin who carry cameras. I have been very lucky to grow up in Germany where Heinrich Himmler my Step-Father raised me under his protection. So many wonderful holidays we celebrated, and my favorite picture of us together is me as a little girl staring up at a star with Heinrich, the star of Bethleham on the top of our Christmas tree.
So please Joe Biden, keep me out of your political problems with Bill O'Rilley, besides Bill O'Rilley has met me, and he fully knows what I do at AREA 51.
Now to the EBOLA VIRUS, so far President Obama has handled this crisis like so many of his problems, with disdain and unconcern. Already Obama is making plans to retire in California and have the big mansion and his own personal GOLF course, he wants to live near OPRAH and continue being a celebrity. What he should be doing is to try to save our nation! The United States was built through hard work, not smoking weed and playing golf. Adolf Hitler our great leader saved Germany by putting our people back to work. By having bread and work for everyone!
Finally, remember this, Hitlers greatest achievement was that he brought the German people together, to work together, to care for each other, and to love each other as Germans! This is what America needs, a leader who will use Common Sense, who will teach the American People to love each other, to care for each other, to work for the American Way of Life! Peace, Prosperity and the dignity of Man!

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 16.10.2014

Dear FOX NEWS and Bill O'Rilley,
You people are complete morons, instead of worrying about the EBOLA VIRUS, YOU should be more worried about Vladimir Putin starting a war in Europe!
Also Bill O'Rilley, why don't you have Anna Kreisling on your show? Afraid? Chicken? You know that Operation Paperclip will come up in the conversation! You know that the death of Gen. Patton is because of a death order signed by Joseph Stalin! And why did STALIN sign Patton's Death order! Because he was enraged that people like Werner Von Braun and Anna Kreisling were brought to America.
Did you know aspects of Operation Paperclip are still TOP SECRET? Did you know that on top of bringing three Horten V-9 Jets to Wright Patterson AFB, Gen. Patton was also responcible for bringing 33 Nazi Flying Saucers that were also shipped to the USA! Why do you think Werner VON Braun requested the OSS to find Anna Kreisling and bring her to him? Did you know in April 1945 she was one of a select few who knew how to fly these Nazi Saucers! On top of this she knew about the agreements Martin Bormann had with the British and the Americans. This is why in 1945 she urged the Emperor of Japan to surrender to the Americans! This is also why she saved the Emperor of Japan and killed two of Stalin's killers on the steps of the Imperial Throne with just her Katana Samurai Sword!
So Bill, invite her on your show! Don't be a chicken! Are you afraid of the WHITE WOLF??? Let me tell you, STALIN WAS!!

Shania Twain CEASARS, 15.10.2014

Dear Vladimir Putin,
I have just finished my Tuesday nite show here at CEASARS PALACE in Las Vegas, and to my surprise Anna Kreisling was in the audience smiling and enjoying my music. What we share in common is our love for horses. In her ranch in California she has many Arabians, while her ranch in Texas is where she keeps Bismark her famous Glacier White Stallion. Vladimir, it does not surprise me that you had a bad time in Munich, Germany. You can't go around killing people in the Ukraine and expect people to like you. What upsets me is that I have travelled to Russia and I find your people very much like Canadians, warm, friendly, and not wanting war.
Tonight, Anna has invited me to AREA 51, to see her latest aircraft in her collection. Underneath the wings of the Junkers JU-390 is a Heinkel HE-45 Biplane, which looks similar to a Boeing Stearman Biplane, but is far more older in appearance. What is exciting about AREA 51, is just being there, you never know what you will see, or what will happen. I am in awe of the STARGATE that they have there.

Mara Walker, 15.10.2014

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Mara Walker, 15.10.2014

I am 50 years old and my husband is also 52. I had a surgical operation and one of my ovaries was removed and the doctors told me that I would only be able to conceive by a divine miracle. God intervened and I gave birth to a baby boy who later died. After seeking for help through prayers from Dr ABU FATIMA, the gods intervened again and I conceived and to the glory of gods I gave birth to triplets, two boys and a girl. Dr ABU surprised me because one of the babies looked exactly like the one that died. thanks to Dr Abu Fatima. contact him if you are in the same situation i pass through via email abufatima77powerspellcaster @ g mail . com or call him direct +2348164210522.

Mark Levinson, Bakersfield, 11.10.2014

Today is Saturday, October the 11th, and SECOND AMENDMENT SPORTS is honored to have Anna Kreisling and the WALTHER Gun Company Staff here showing off the entire line of WALTHER GUNS! We are celebrating OCTOBERFEST here, so come on down to 2523 MOHAWK ST. here in Bakersfield and you will get a FREE Autographed copy of Anna Kreisling's book entitled,"The SECRET MISSIONS OF KG-200"
Anna is here to honor the WALTHER Gun Company, and her Walther PPK is like an old friend to her, "Ya, you never leave home unless you have ole Uncle Walther vith you!" she said as she showed just how good the Walther is in the shooting range!
For more information, come on down and get your picture taken with Anna and a PANTHER Tank from the SS 7TH PANZER. This will be your last chance to buy a brand new WALTHER PPKS here in California. This January thanks to the Democrats in Sacramento, you will be unable to buy a WALTHER here in California! You can in Nevada and Arizona, but not in California! This is why Anna is here to promote ONE OF HER FAVORITE GUN COMPANIES!

President Bill Clinton USA, 10.10.2014

Dear Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany,
I arrived in Germany having a great time in my Hot Tub in the back of Anna's Junkers JU-390. This is the only way to fly! Pee Wee Herman was telling me about the pressures of being a Major Hollywood Star, and seven of the most beautiful Japanese girls were rubbing us down with scented oils and caring for our feet and knees! Let me tell you we arrived in Munich relaxed and ready to take on the Russian Team in the Beer Drinking Contest that Joe Biden had arranged! When I saw the Russian Team, my mouth went wide open when I saw Anna Chapman! This Russian KGB Spy is gorgeous! She looks better than Hamburger Gravy and Peach Pie! She looks better than a Big Mac all covered with Turkey Gravy and Grits! So I grabbed her and told Vladimir Putin that I needed her to help me with something TOP SECRET!! Then I dragged her into the Junkers JU-390 and we discussed World Events while drinking St. Pauli Girl Beer in my Hot Tub! Pee Wee Herman walked up to Vladimir Putin and told him about how they had a new BMW for him in the Hangar off to the Left. He led Vladimir to the door and let him in. Standing in the middle of the Hangar in the dim light was only one person, but that was Hillary Clinton. Vladimir Putin walked nervously up to her and said," O.K. BABY, WHERE'S MY NEW CAR!" Hillary glanced up at him and snarled, "What did you call me??"
"Listen Vladimir, NO ONE CALLS ME BABY!! Are you looking for trouble!" Vladimir looked nervous and laughed,then he said," Listen to stupid Broad, I just want my New Car!!" At this he felt a swift kick to his groin, and then as he staggered he saw a fist hit his face hard and several teeth went flying. Then Hillary had him from behind choking him to death, but luckily he knew JUDO so he threw her over his shoulder! She hit the floor hard, but rolled and came up with a flying scissors kick, which tore out his vocal chords. The truma continued as she kicked him in the balls repeatedly!! Each time swearing and kicking him some more! Finally PEE WEE had to stop her! "STOP! STOP! Your just having too much FUN!!" he screamed at her.
As Pee Wee Herman called for Joe Biden to come and put Vladimir Putin back together again. Hillary had a smoke and walked towards the door. She was smiling and it was a good day!

Dr. Karen Jackson NASA, 09.10.2014

Dear Vice President Joe Biden,
You really need to calm down and have a drink! All of this ranting and babbling talk is whats wrong with this administration. Both you and the President promised an increase in the budget for NASA, and you have really let us down. Make no mistake, we really need to be on the moon. Both the Chinese and the Russians are far ahead of us in the development of a viable Moon Colony that can house 2,600 people! While many Americans are not aware of how bad things are, I would like to reveal some history to the American people. Back in December of 1962 the Russians had logged over 400 hours in space. The United States only 50. The Russians had flown around the Moon and had mapped the backside of the Moon! We had not even began to do this!
When we landed on the Moon in 1969, which was a great accomplishment!! Two weeks before Neil Armstrong stepped off the L.E.M. and said those stirring words that Man had landed on the Moon. Two Russian Cosmonauts had landed their Vostok Spacecraft on the Oceanus Proceuarum, the Ocean of Storms surface of the Moon. They almost survived, but their descent speed was to great and their spacecraft was smashed to bits. Russia has never told the world about this failure, and like many Cosmonauts that have died in space. Russia kept this a secret.
President Obama my point is this, a new Space Race is beginning. The United States has a huge advantage in the fact that we still have the best scientists in the world. But for how long?? The United States in 2014 spends less on research than any other country in the world. You and Joe Biden only care about fund raising or speeches, and not funding research and development of a new spacecraft to replace the Shuttle.

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 05.10.2014

The Vice President of the United States,
The Honorable Joe Biden,
Dear Gen. Jack Carlson NATO,
First off, I would like to Thank You for your 45 years of service to the United States of America. I am always humbled when I meet officers in the military, that have served through so many wars and conflicts.
What I don't understand are people like Bill O'Rilley of FOX NEWS who have never served in the Military and yet wrap themselves in the American Flag and urge the USA to jump into every war they can imagine!
In his latest book, KILLING PATTON, Bill O'Rilley left out key points in history! He did not mention in his book how Gen. Patton was surrounded by Intelligence Officers who were looking for secret German Weapons and People. Operation PAPERCLIP is barely mentioned, the thousands of high ranking Nazi Military people are not mentioned, the hundreds of TOP SECRET Nazi aircraft and weapons are not mentioned! In his book KILLING PATTON he does not mention Anna Kreisling at all, even though most historians know that it was her disappearance along with Werner Von Braun that really enraged STALIN! STALIN knew about Operation Paperclip and he knew that Patton was the General that led the drive into Germany and was so successful at locating and finding the really important German Top Secret Projects. STALIN knew the race to find the German Scientists would shape the world for the next fifty years!
Why won't Bill O'Rilley have Anna Kreisling on his show at FOX NEWS?? What is Bill afraid of?? Is he so stupid that he thinks that AREA 51 does not exist? Does he think that aircraft like the Junkers JU-390 were not brought here to the United States?? Bill when you look at the two Atomic Bombs that we dropped on Japan, why are they so different from each other? If we designed an Atomic Bomb, wouldn't they all look the same? But take a good look at the bomb we dropped on Hiroshima, and then the one we dropped on Nagasaki,, Why are they different Bill???
This is why you will not have Anna Kreisling on your FOX NEWS SHOW!! You are afraid of the truth! You can't handle the truth! So to all the Republicans out there who say you want the truth, just ask Bill O'Rilley to have Anna Kreisling on his show!! He won't do it!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 01.10.2014

There is just a tiny sliver of a moon tonight, so air operations are in full swing here at AREA 51. Many of our Spacecraft are heading to Syria, others fly recon missions over Russia and the Ukraine. This is a very sad time for me, because of the children in Syria that are suffering. Also what the people of the Ukraine are going through is terrible. Leaders such as Assad and Vladimir Putin do not care about the suffering of children.
Yet, it is the children of Syria that give me hope for the future. Many have lost everything, but they crowd around me and still manage to smile and they appreciate everything that we do for them. Make no mistake the FREE SYRIAN ARMY is doing everything that they can for the children, but it is not easy with murderers like ASSAD in power. If you would like to help, write to your Congressmen and encourage more food and aid for the children in Syria and the Ukraine. Weapons are important, but food and shelter and teachers and hospitals are actually more important right now.

Dr. Jacob Steinbrunner USC, 30.09.2014

In my extensive library here at the University of Southern California, Anna Kreisling is mentioned in the following books, A HISTORY OF THE LUFTWAFFE by Steiner Mackoff, The Final Days of Hitler by Julius Bremmer, Inside THE THIRD REICH by Albert Speer, and documents such as The NSC Guide to the top 100 Nazis that escaped in WWII.
Perhaps the greatest living authority on Operation Paperclip is Simon Gunson of New Zealand. In his writings he has talked about the Junkers JU-390 that crashed on its way to New York on September 17th, 1944 off the coast of Maine, 2.5 miles off of OWLS HEAD. This aircraft was carrying an Atomic Bomb exactly like the type that was dropped on Nagasaki. It is only a miracle that New York was not destroyed. This Junkers JU-390 was directed to make this flight by Hermann Goering who was trying to impress Hitler. At this time in the war Heinrich Himmler and Martin Bormann was making deals with the British and the OSS. This crash was very fortunate for Hitler, Bormann and Himmler, because negotiations could continue. It is very likely that Hermann Goering ever reported this failed Nuclear Bombing to Hitler!! It is clear in the documents that Anna Kreisling only found out what had happened when she found one of the four JU-390's was missing with its entire crew.
Another document that points to the fact that Anna Kreisling and HANS JOACHIM PANCHERZ flew over New York on August 28th, 1943, is because documents within KG-200 indicate that by the summer of 1944 the Recon Flight would have been performed by the Heinkel HE-274 or the HE-277. Both could fly at 49,000 feet and would have been impossible to intercept. In 1943 Anna Kreisling said that their chance of surviving a Recon Flight over New York was only 50%. This is why they had such a wild party before they left Bergen Norway.
Finally Vladimir Putin is the first to admit that the skull that they thought belonged to Hitler which is kept in the Kremlin has proven to be fake. DNA Tests confirm that it is the skull of a young woman, left by the SS to confuse and hide the fact that the real Hitler escaped Berlin, flown out either by Kreisling, Hans Baur or Hannah Reistch!

Billy Bob Jeter, 26.09.2014

Well weee doggies! Ain't that a hum-dinger!

Gen. Jack Carlson NATO COMMAN, 26.09.2014

Dear Bill O'Riley FOX NEWS,
I have just finished reading your book KILLING PATTON, and while it is a well written book and gives good information, there is much left out of this book.
For instance, did you know that Gen. Patton and his troops were of great importance in OPERATION PAPERCLIP! That Gen. Patton and the 3rd and 7th Armies found more TOP SECRET German weapons and people than all the Russian Armies combined!
This success of Patton of over running Germany and rounding up their top military people and their scientists made STALIN lividly hate him.
One of Patton's greatest finds was capturing three of the HORTEN jets intact and in flight worthy condition. They were all taken to the coast of France and disassembled and shipped to the Wright Patterson AFB in the USA.
Also by sheer accident Patton and his 7th Army captured Anna Kreisling on May 4th, 1945 on the German Autobahn after she had landed a Horten V-9 jet. When the OSS arrived they were told the male pilot had escaped, so they went ahead and shipped the jet out. Months went by and Anna had settled in to pouring coffee for Gen. Patton and his men. It was the picture of Anna Kreisling pouring coffee for Gen. Patton on August 7th 1945 for the STARS AND STRIPES Magazine, that caught the eye of both STALIN and the OSS. They had been searching for her and assumed that she was in Argentina and had escaped. STALIN had assumed the same thing. When STALIN saw that she was still alive and in Germany he went into a rage and demanded from the NKVD that she be captured and brought to Moscow! Luckily the OSS flew Anna Kreisling out of Germany and was brought to America by urgent pleas from Werner Von Braun and other prominent German Scientists! This failure to capture Kreisling caused STALIN then to order the death of Gen. Patton.
Make no mistake, Patton was killed on a direct order from Joseph Stalin. This of course was kept TOP SECRET for the next 50 years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netany, 25.09.2014

The Prime Minister of ISRAEL
Benjamin Netanyahu,
3 Kaplan St. Jerusalem, ISRAEL 91950

Dear Citizens of Europe,
Tonight you heard the President of the United States talk about ISIS. Now get ready because I'm going to tell you the greatest secret about our war with ISIS!
1. For more than 22 years the Nazi's have been waging a war against an advanced ALIEN invading force called the SNAKEHEADS. They are a Reptillian race seeking to destroy the human race and taking control of the planet.
2. The Nazi's have been very successful in this war because of their advanced technology and it is easy to spot a Snakehead, they are eight feet tall with a head that looks like a King Cobra Snake!
3. However, in the past seven years this Reptillian Race has now been injecting their DNA into thousands of Muslims turning them into a Hybrid. Half human and have Reptile! They are bloodthirsty people who love the taste of brains and livers! They can run fast and are very strong, they love killing and eating people! This is what ISIS is!! A colony of ALIENS set up to look human, but they are really a Reptillian Race than serves the SNAKEHEADS!!
This is why President Obama went to the U.N. and behind the scenes showed film for the first time of SNAKEHEADS attacking AREA 51, and being destroyed by Anna Kreisling and the Nazi's that live and work there! This is why President Obama wants to meet with Vladimir Putin, to make sure the Snakeheads have not injected him with their blood and DNA! Once injected, there is no cure, you will become an ALIEN HYBRID serving only your snake masters.
The war on ISIS and these ALIEN INVADERS is only just beginning. Only people like Anna Kreisling and Heinrich Himmler can save our planet! May God bless all of you and shalom from Jerusalem!

President Barack Obama USA, 23.09.2014

The President of the United States
Barack Obama

My fellow Americans,
As you know we are now bombing ISIS and we will continue to do so to stop their reign of terror and murder. Make no mistake, Abu Bakr Baghdadi the leader of ISIS is on the run! This morning a 1,000 pound bomb landed in his swimming pool and blew up his house that had ten tons of Lebanese Hash stored there! He was seen running down the street with his pants on fire screaming to ALLAH that his dope was on fire and so was he!! Remember Baghdadi, this is just the beginning!
Now to the other top NEWS, President Vladimir Putin is coming to Munich to challenge the German Beer Drinking Team and I think this is a big mistake on his part! Willie Nelson has informed me who he is bringing for his Five Man Russian Team. First, Vladimir Putin himself!! Next Anna Chapman!! The famous KGB spy! Next Edward Snowden, who needs a vacation and has promised Vladimir he can beat the German Team! Next my favorite couple in Russia, BORIS AND NATASHA, the real Boris and Natasha!!! Let me tell you, NATASHA is a hot looking sexy spy!! She makes Anna Chapman look like a boy from Leningrad! If you want to see a picture of Natasha, watch Sally Kellerman in the movie BORIS AND NATASHA!! Great movie, and my folks in the CIA watch it all the time to learn how the KGB and Russian NKVD Spies operate! Within the next five hours Vladimir Putin will arrive in Munich for the 181st OCTOBERFEST, and will be greeted at the airport by Hillary Clinton, Boris Mezhuev, and Stanislav Belkovsky!
Good Luck Vladimir, you are going to need it! If you would remove all your Russian Tanks from the UKRAINE, you would have a much better time in Munich! I must admit you are a very brave dude to fly into Germany right now! God Bless and remember to lower your carbon emissions, a good way to do this is to remove all your tanks from the UKRAINE!!!

President Hillary Clinton USA, 23.09.2014

I am proud to announce that my dear husband, BILL CLINTON will be on the German Beer Drinking Team in Munich Germany. As you know Bill and I were poor and broke in Arkansas until we met Anna Kreisling and her husband. They convinced us to run for office and with their help Bill became the President of the United States! Since then Anna Kreisling has saved Bill from many harrowing dangers! She is a true friend and a great pilot and I always feel Bill is in a safe place when he visits AREA 51!!
Now we have the great honor to be in Munich for the 181st OCTOBERFEST!! Make no mistake, the German Beer Drinking Team is going to win with Bill Clinton on it! Everyone in Arkansas is rooting for the Germans, so let the games and the drinking begin!

Chancellor Angela Merkel, 23.09.2014

To; President Vladimir Putin,
So you are betting that the Russian Beer Drinking Team can beat the German Beer Drinking Team?? The Russian Beer Drinking Team can not even beat the Cuban Beer DRINKING Team, and last year we gave them a 22 minute head start!
This year our Famous Beer Drinking Team will consist of ADOLF HITLER, ANNA KREISLING, BILL CLINTON, HANNAH REITSCH and last but not least PEE WEE HERMAN!!!! We had to let two Americans on our team this year to show our support for NATO!! So Vladimir Putin get your skinny bony ass to Munich and lets see if your bragging even comes close to reality!
Bring Edward Snowden, he needs a vacation, and I hear he can drink 25 Liters of Beer in five minutes! PEE WEE HERMAN CAN DRINK 35 LITERS OF BEER IN five Minutes provided his pants are down so he can constantly be pissing!

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