Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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President Barack Obama USA, 31.07.2015

Dear Oriel Martins,
Man I know just how you feel! When I was in Kenya and I was beating on the drums and dancing all around and jumping up and down all night,,,,Man you really can catch some stuff!
When I arrived back in Washington D.C. I found my Little Joe hanging a Junkers JU-390 in the Oval Office, so I said," HEY BABY,,,WHATZS HAPPENING??" And my Little Joe said," Man everything is cool daddy, Anna Kreisling is going on HANNITY to explain our Foreign Policy in the Middle East!!" And I said,,," MAN, WHAT IS OUR FOREIGN POLICY IN THE MIDDLE EAST???"
Joe Biden just scratched his balls and said," Man, I think we shoot the bad guys and give the good guys all the bombs and guns and all the money we can give those cats!!"
"That's a GROOVE DADDY!!" I said, then I looked at the Junkers JU-390 and I told my Little Joe to turn on FOX NEWS so that I could check out those HEAVENLY 38D Breasts of Anna Kreisling, that float out front like Two Zeppelins flying along in formation!

Oriel Martins, 31.07.2015

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Oriel Martins, 31.07.2015

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Anna Kreisling KG-200, 29.07.2015

Dear George Soros of New York,
We had a wonderful party, and yes I did model this Stainless Steel Bra for all of our soldiers and Albert Speer. However Adolf Hitler was not at this party, and of course he did not spank me, if he had I would have enjoyed it, and it would have been grand fun,,but this did not happen,,,you are letting your imagination get a little wild. Do you have a spanking fetish??? Many years ago there was movie made in Hollywood showing Hitler spanking every girl he could find! This is complete nonsense, Hitler was very courteous and kind towards women. Many times he had dinner parties and he would be the only man in the room, and we women loved this. He was witty, charming, always a gentleman, and a little shy, which only made women adore him even more. Leni Reifenstahl, myself and Hannah and Eva were always protective of him. By 1943 he carried a grave and hard burden.

George Soros, NEW YORK, 29.07.2015

Hello Dr. Silverstein!
Dude, guess what?? COSTCO is now importing the 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390 Six Engined Monster! It sells for $150 dollars and it comes with five figures! There is Hans Pancherz, Anna Kreisling, Albert Speer, Hannah Reitsch, and Heinrich Himmler!
Yes it is green and gray on top and sky blue underneath, the Luftwaffe markings and detail is mind blowing! Man even on the nose in big letters it has " BERLIN BABY" with Anna Kreisling diving through the clouds in a one piece red swimsuit! The history behind this RECON FLIGHT really fascinates me! Did you know their was a drunken orgy in Bodo Norway before the flight! That over 150 of the TOP NAZI BRASS was there to see Anna Kreisling naked put on this Stainless Steel bra and model it for Albert Speer! That she took this bra with her for good luck on the flight! That after the war Howard Hughes bought this bra for Jane Russell for $300,000 DOLLARS! Jane Russell also had amazing 38D breasts just like Anna Kreisling! Man I wish I could have been at that party! Albert Speer talked about this party on p. 57 of his book, INSIDE THE THIRD REICH, that once she got the bra on, Adolf Hitler himself spanked her bare bottom 23 times to the cheers of over 1,000 Nazi's gathered in the hangar! Then she drank an entire stein of beer and saluted Adolf Hitler!
Albert Speer who stayed to see the Junkers JU-390 take off from Bergen, Norway had tears in his eyes. He knew she and the crew of the Junkers JU-390 only had a 50% chance of coming home alive!

jessica, 25.07.2015

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Vice President Joe Biden USA, 23.07.2015

Dear Donald Trump,
I just came from Wal-Mart and I have bought the coolest plane in the world. It is a 1/18th scale model of the Junkers JU-390 that flew over New York on August 28th at Noon, right over the Empire State Building!
This six engined monster has six two tails, on top it is painted green and gray, and underneath a Luftwaffe sky blue, and on the nose you can see in big letters, BERLIN BABY , with Anna Kreisling in a one piece red swimsuit diving through some clouds! FANTASTIC!! WOW! WHEN I HANG THIS AIRCRAFT IN THE OVAL OFFICE, President OBAMA is gonna love this!!! It is a great reminder to all Americans, that we must protect NEW YORK CITY! This shows why our Men and Women in Uniform are vital and important! We can't allow six engined Nazi Photo Recon Bombers to go flying over our American Homeland again! We need to wake up America and get to work protecting our nation!

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, IRA, 22.07.2015

Dear President Obama,
You must go to AREA 51, 110 miles North of Las Vegas and arrest Anna Kreisling and the Nazi Scientists that work there! She has taken DNA samples and with her GATE TECHNOLOGY she has created a new SADDAM HUSSEIN. Do you realize what this means? Saddam will come back to IRAQ and rule the country and protect the Christians!! When George W. Bush invaded IRAQ and killed our greatest enemy, SADDAM HUSSEIN, everyone in IRAN danced with joy! But now, SADDAM HUSSEIN is back, better than ever!
So President Obama, you must stop Anna Kreisling! I do not want to wake up tomorrow morning and read in the newspapers that SADDAM is alive and is invading IRAN with 1,298 Tanks!

President Bill Clinton USA, 21.07.2015

My Fellow Americans,
As you know being a former President of the United States does allow me to receive Top Security Briefings. We now have the ability to see the future, and what the future reveals is a Major Nuclear War within two years, unless Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. This last Friday I had a gourmet dinner made just for Hillary, the right wine, her favorite foods and I wore her favorite outfit that she just adores. I dress up like Tarzan in my Gucci Leather Loinclothe and I have this huge ARKANSAS TOOTHPICK BOWIE KNIFE, and I go swinging across the room while she is eating! Hillary just loves this, and I wanted her really happy, because I wanted her to drop out of the Presidential Race so we both could support Donald Trump!
When it came time, she smiled and said politely, "No", however folks, she is thrilled that Donald Trump is running and she agrees with Ann Coulter that the other Republicans are Midgets and are to dumb to be President!
Well folks, I really tried to save the world, I really tried to save Arkansas, but I can't change the future. Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States no matter how many times I dress up like Tarzan and swing across this room!
Dear Anna Kreisling and Barbra Streisand, Girls I really tried, I really tried to save the world, I wanted the world to survive, to prosper, to grow, that people would care about each other, but I still do not understand TIME TRAVEL???? How in the world does Donald Trump prevent a Nuclear War between India and Pakistan??? Anna has told me that she is going to fly me to Japan in her Junkers JU-390 and that we are going to open up a Time Portal, perhaps then I can better understand how events in time affect the future!

Prof Henry Watson, London, 20.07.2015

Dear Dr. Albert Bernhardt of MIT,
Five years ago I attended your demonstration of Iridium Plasmatic Physics and how it could power a Triaxial Flo Field of Torsion Multidimensional Fields allowing Time Travel. I asked you then what your source of information was and you said it was from German research done in 1935.
Recently Pictures of Queen Elizabeth II giving the Nazi Salute when she was a little girl have emerged. While no one believes she is a Nazi, the fact remains that she has known many important Nazi's since 1933. She has met, Hitler, Bormann, Himmler, Hess, and even Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling. Her last visit with Anna Kreisling was on June 7th, 2015, when she had tea and went for a flight with Anna to the Moon where she congratulated the children there on their gardens and the livestock they were raising.
This is what fascinates me about Germanic Nazi Culture, how in the devil do they build such advanced machines and yet they love the earth, and even Hitler said the Farmers were the supream people in all of Germany. That it was the Farmers who grew the crops, raised the animals, made the beer who were far more important than the Bankers and the bean counters in all the Major Corporations. This love of earth and animals is common with all Nazi's. The love of Country and the Church, the beleif in God, and the superiortity of the Aryan Race. To them this is not racism, it is merely a fact.
Three weeks ago I was in Morro Bay, California and witnessed a Flying Saucer come in from AREA 51 and land on top of Morro Rock. Within 22 minutes Anna Kreisling and Heinrich Himmler were on their way to Dorn's Restaurant to have Clam Chowder Soup. Hundreds of devoted Nazi's were holding torches to light their way, I have never seen such love and devotion, these Stormtroopers are very loyal and devoted to these two people. They will stand at attention for an hour while these two have dinner. Later many of them consider it such an honor when Heinrich and Anna salute them and shake their hands. This type of loyalty is so sadly missing from our British Society today. Far to many young people here in London do not show respect to our Flag and our glorious history. Even Anna Kreisling shows up every year to honor the British and German pilots who died in the Battle of Britain.

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 17.07.2015

Dear President Obama,
I wanted to thank you for your kind words and for making Russia the wealthiest nation in Europe. Once IRAN has all these sanctions lifted, she will be able to buy tons of Russian Military Equipment, and I must say Russian Military Equipment is the best there is, I would never want even my Uncle to buy or use Chinese Equipment, have you ever heard of a good Chinese watch?? Buy a Russian Watch, and you have the best!
Now is the time President Obama to arrest Anna Kreisling and send her to Moscow so we can put her on trial! Also you must arrest 32,000 members of the CIA for their involvement in OPERATION PAPERCLIP.
1. We know for a fact that Anna Kreisling and Hannah Reitsch and Hans Baur were all part of the plot to fly Hitler and Eva out of Berlin in 1945.
2. We know that Gen. Patton and 35,000 members of the OSS were traveling all over Germany gathering up important German Scientists and Secret Nazi Projects!
3. We know that a Junkers JU-390 was brought to Wright Patterson AFB with the Bell Project! In fact we know of two Junkers JU-390 aircraft that landed in America!
4. We know of another Junkers JU-390 that landed in Uruguay and had another NAZI BELL on board with some very important Nazi officials! All of this indicates some very careful and elaborate planning! Do you think we in Russia are stupid??
5. Take a very good look at the picture of Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling in their bathing suits as they are swimming at the White House in 1962, President Kennedy is smiling and these two women are smiling and having a good time! They act like they are in Berlin in 1936 having a beer with Der Fuerher!
6. My comrades in Russia also want to know about the Stainless Steel Bra made for Anna Kreisling by Albert Speer! This is the most famous bra in history! Howard Hughes would later purchase this bra for $300,000 dollars and have Jane Russell wear it for him! Jane and Anna both had gorgeous knockout 38D Breasts, breasts that would defy gravity, breasts that would make an old man cry and young men go out of their minds and crash their motorcycles! Knockers so heavenly that men would scream and rip their shirts off just thinking about such wonderful breasts!!
7. In conclusion, President Obama we want you to make Russia part of NATO, so when we invade Poland, we can truthfully say, we are just driving around in our tanks!!

Dr. Thomas Davis, UCLA, 17.07.2015

Dear London Times,
The really disastrous Treaty which has been signed by the United STATES and IRAN will put England and the city of London in grave danger. By lifting these Sanctions, Barack Obama is allowing IRAN to have access to more than $287 Billion Dollars. With this money they will buy more Military Equipment from Russia, improve their rocket program and proceed with their Nuclear Bomb Program. The people in England must ask themselves," Why does IRAN want to blow up London???" Also PARIS, and New York???? Why do they want ICBM Missiles that can reach North America???
While John Kerry and Obama are dancing and singing and listening to Marvin Gaye, they are not dealing with the real world. But there is another danger, the Fourth Reich which has been selling Nuclear Weapons to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan, make $Billions of dollars each year! From their bases in Antarctica and the Moon, the Nazi's have created a vast empire based on the selling of advanced weapons and 30 Megaton Hydrogen Bombs. IRAN by wanting to sell their Nuclear Weapons is inviting an attack by Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Anna Kreisling! Make no mistake, the Hydrogen Bombs and Cruise Missiles they have supplied Israel and Saudi Arabia are the finest in the world. Anna Kreisling on her own authority could launch a Nuclear Attack on IRAN!! Iran is playing a dangerous game, you do not try to take away business from the Fourth Reich, they are to powerful and their weapons are incredible!
Vladimir Putin was recently put in the hospital, because he disturbed Hitler while he was eating some soup. While Vladimir Putin for years has been calling on the USA to stop Anna Kreisling from capturing Russian Submarines off the coast of Antarctica, John Kerry and Obama have ignored his requests!

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Prince William & Kate, London, 13.07.2015

Good Morning America,
Like most married couples we like to sit around and watch T.V., our favorite programs are about the adventures of Prince Harry, especially in Afghanistan! As you know Prince Harry told us of his meeting with Anna Kreisling. It happened at an airbase near Kabul. Harry went out for a smoke and it was a cold clear night, in the distance he could see some bright lights of a military operation underway! Suddenly in the sky, this bright star was flying a zig-zag pattern and then was suddenly right over him! Down it came bathed in light and a strange blue flame came out from underneath it. It landed right in front of him and as he walked towards it, a door opened and in the light he could see this fabulous blonde clad in black leather and she was gazing down at him. Prince Harry usually has plenty to say, but he was awestruck! She simply walked down and told him to escort her to the base Commander, and that she felt like walking! So off they went and then Harry said he started telling her about the base and he could not get his mind off her wonderful eyes and the cleavage was just a chasm of excitement and wonder! Finally he caught her name and later he was sure it was the same girl his Captain had been talking about, the lady who was at the center of all activity at AREA 51.
We have asked the Queen Mum, if she has ever met Anna, and she said of course, many times!

faith, 12.07.2015

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POPE FRANCIS, Santiago, 10.07.2015

Dear President Obama,
I wish to thank you for providing me with Anna Kreisling as my personal pilot to fly me to South America. As you know at my age flying for 15 hours on a jet is very hard. However Anna landed a very small saucer shaped spacecraft at the Vatican, and we flew from Italy to Santiago Chile in one hour and 22 minutes. I thought I would be afraid to fly in such a small craft, but the view was spectacular! We went straight up into Space and then the slow curve down to South America! I could see the entire Continent outside beautifully laid out like a magnificent tapestry below me. When I gazed at Anna Kreisling she was always smiling and she really inspires confidence. Again the view from space is awe inspiring, I feel so close to God, you can see so much hope for humanity, and the world is so beautiful. Dear President Obama, thank you for making my journey so wonderful!

Dr. Albert Bernhardt , MIT, 10.07.2015

Dear Anna Kreisling,
AREA 51, Nevada,
I have just returned from Syria where I met with President Assad of Syria. He showed me movies and tapes that you must see, but I assume you already know this secret. President Assad understands your anger towards him, but what he showed me about ISIS is astounding. He showed me films of ISIS men at night eating the brains and livers of women and children. After studying these films I had a chance to do an autopsy on one of the ISIS Fighters and found that he was not human. What he was is what you would call a Hybrid. Part Reptile, Part Human, with a taste for brains and livers from humans.
So Anna, we have heard for years that you have this information, that the Aliens that you call SNAKEHEADS, have been successful at taking humans and making them into hybrids, part reptile, part human.
Also in Syria President Assad told me that you have released ZOMBIES several times and thousands of people have been killed by your Zombies, the Russians are deathly afraid of them. Are you testing Zombies in Syria?
Also in Los Angeles Harrison Ford was saying that he loves the way your staff repaired his Ryan PT-17 Trainer, that it actually floats three feet off the ground in the hangar. What did you do to it? Why did you enhance an old World War II trainer? Also the New York Times is doing an article on Fusion Chemical Lasers that you are mounting on U.S. Spy planes flying in the South China Sea.

Vera Wilson, 09.07.2015

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Col. Gavin Lyons R.A.F., 08.07.2015

Greetings to all you American Chaps,
As I landed in Los Angeles I was deeply saddened by the F-16 and the tiny Cessna running into each other over South Carolina. Very sad! Everyone who flys will tell you that Mid-Air collisions are a major concern. Years ago while flying at Edwards AFB, I met Test Pilot Anna Kreisling, and this is a crucial thing she taught the RSAF and the Pakistani Air Force, is to constantly scan the skies around you. This is one reason she drives an old 1972 British MGB is that it allows you to see all around you.
I wish that England had captured all those Nazi's at the end of World War II, but Gen. Patton had his orders to find not only secret German Weapons, but also important people such as Werner Von Braun. So why was Anna Kreisling so important that STALIN was personally directing the search to find her! For all of you history buffs, just read STALIN's messages sent in 1945 and 1946. Anna Kreisling, THE WHITE WOLF is mentioned more than 55 times. This gives you some idea why STALIN went into a rage when he found out that she had spent five months in Germany with Patton's troops, and even Gen. Patton was unaware of who she really was! Stalin of course did not believe this, and he hated Gen. Patton and ordered his death for many reasons, but one of the reasons was the picture that was taken of Anna Kreisling pouring coffee for Gen. Patton!
Soon I will arrive at Edwards AFB, again my sadness for the two aircraft that collided over South Carolina!

Jorge Dominguez, 08.07.2015

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