Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Vice President Joe Biden USA, 30.05.2016

Dear Veterans and all of our Military,
This Memorial Day we will all try to honor and remember all of our Military soldiers, both men and women who have died for our country. This is a hard time for many families, because our nation has been through so much.
There is something else to remember about our soldiers and Military people and that is how they go out of their way to help the people in nations around the world.
Anna Kreisling probably described Gen. Patton and the U.S. Army the best, she said," These were real men, real soldiers who helped the children and the people of Germany. The Russians were only interested in Rape and Looting, but the American Army would pass out chocolate bars to the children and help whenever they could, they would not stand around while people were hungry, they would help the people of Germany. Many times I would go to the soldiers and Gen. Patton for help, for the people, and every time they would work to help to feed and care the people of Germany. This is what is great about the American People is that they care about other people!"
So America let us remember our Veterans and our Military People serving around the world. May God bless all of you, and may God bless America.

President Donald Trump USA, 29.05.2016

Dear President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey,
Howard Johnson is right! It is really hard to find an 1/18th scale model of the Junkers JU-390! This Baby is big, and it is breathtaking to behold! 22 foot wingspan, six engines, twin tails, Luftwaffe green and gray on top and sky blue underneath! My favorite part is Anna Kreisling in a one piece red swimsuit diving through the clouds,,,and in big letters on the nose,,,,BERLIN BABY,,,,absolutely fantastic!
My fellow Republicans it has been a long and hard campaign, but now we must unite to defeat Hillary Clinton. If I can convince Anna Kreisling to support me for President, there is no doubt that I will win the election! So Anna,,,,tell me why you support Hillary Clinton???

S U P E R M A N, 28.05.2016

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
Captain America and myself have been meeting with President Obama and he has given us firm orders not to allow Anna Kreisling to open a high energy GATE in Jerusalem and bring forth SALADIN and his army and also Saddam Hussein.
He said this would embarass President Bush and undermine American Foreign Policy. He went on to explain American Foreign Policy to me and CAPTAIN AMERICA, but after four hours none of it made any sense to us, so we told him just to shut up and let us kill this Nazi bitch!
Then he said that we could not do that because she is protected by the CIA and Bill Clinton! At this point CAPTAIN AMERICA began to choke this College Professor and wanted to know why he had called us to the WHITE HOUSE! Again OBAMA started babbling about how we had to stop this GATE from being opened up! At this point INDIANA JONES swung into the room using his whip and threw some KRYPTONITE to Superman! Then he kicked CAPTAIN AMERICA in the balls and while he was screaming really loudly, he threw him out a window! For the next four hours he listened to President Obama explain our American Foreign Policy and INDIANA JONES left the room really disgusted!
Obama asked him," Indiana, where are you going?"
Indy just said," I'm going to be in Jerusalem when Anna opens this GATE, SALADIN will be able to tell me about the secrets of the Knights Templars."

Howard Johnson, Porterville, 27.05.2016

Hello Obie Johnson!
Buck Johnson is right! It is hard to find a 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390. I found mine in Texas, I had to steal it from President George W. Bush from his pool room. This aircraft can be seen hanging from the ceiling in the Blue Max cafe here at Porterville Airport. But here in Porterville, if you want to see the real thing,,,Anna Kreisling flys it into Porterville Airport once every two months. She parks it on the North end of the airfield and unloads her 1972 glacier white MGB car and then putters up to THREE RIVERS where she has a big castle on a hill.
Porterville Airport is an ideal place to fly a Junkers JU-390 into. We have a 6,000 foot runway, no control tower, we get all kinds of jets and warbirds and also your Piper J-3 Cubs and British Tiger Moths. Porterville is a great place to own an airplane! Beautiful snow capped hills, we have a big lake,,,and Obie guess what. Porterville has more retired CIA and OSS people than any other city in the world. This is why there is no crime here,,,everyone carrys a gun, everyone here loves guns, and everyone here loves Anna Kreisling because she brings so many high rollers into Porterville Airport! Captain Kirk on Star Trek used to fly Hang gliders here! Steve McQueen used to fly into Porterville Airport in his Stearman Biplane!

Obie Johnson, Paragould Arkans, 26.05.2016

Hello Buck,
Hello from Paragould, Arkansas! Buck hey I'll give you $2,000 dollars for that 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390 aircraft! They are hard to find! I have a friend in Oklahoma who has one above his pool table and let me tell you it is ENORMOUS!! That means Big,,,really huge,,, the wingspan is as long as my Dodge Truck!! But the girls go crazy over it when they read about Anna Kreisling flying a RECON mission over New York. Out here in Oklahoma most of the girls have 44D bazoongas,,so 38D is kinda flat chested, but the thing I love about Anna Kreisling is that well tanned firm bodacious beautiful Butt she has! I was with some Southern Boys when they opened up that GATE AT WEWELSBURG Castle, ten miles south of Yosemite National Park. When Gen. Robert E. Lee rode out of that GATE on Traveller his great horse,,,I just wept with joy! They were passing out SPILLER AND BURR pistols,,,and to this day that is my most prized posession!
Lord have mercy,,,when Anna Kreisling came riding out of that GATE,,on that White Stallion,,,clad in Black Leather,,,her crystal ice blue eyes,,,frost blonde hair,,,red lips,,,,Man I almost fell over I was so stunned!

Buck Johnson, Dallas TEXAS, 25.05.2016

Dear Ma and Pa in Austin!
Man I just got bored so I wandered over to WAL-MART to try to find a beautiful Blonde, so I got to lookin at the BARBIE DOLLS! Jesus Palomino, did you know they have a 1/18th scale JUNKERS JU-390 on sale from China! Man this is a huge six engined model! It is green and gray on top and Luftwaffe sky blue underneath! It comes with five figures,,,there is Hans Pancherz the pilot, Anna Kreisling the Co-pilot, there is Albert Speer holding a stainless Steel Bra in his hands,,,and boy he can't wait to put it on Anna Kreisling and have her show off her 38D heavenly breasts! Then there is Adolf Hitler and Eva! Wow! I only paid $150 dollars for this incredible airplane! Man when I have some hot babes over to play pool and they see this Junkers JU-390 hanging over the Pool Table,, they are gonna know that I'm a refined cultured cowboy!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netany, 25.05.2016

Dear President Vladimir Putin of Russia,
So you think your nervous? Try running a country like Israel, where half the people are crazy and the other half keep wanting favors from you! I tell you I don't get any respect around here! On top of everything Anna Kreisling just landed in a Flying Saucer at Lod Airport in Tel Aviv! Vladimir I now understand how you feel when Hillary and Bill land in Moscow, and then all they want to do is kick you in the balls! What does Anna Kreisling want? Vladimir you did a great job in Syria! Do you realise that you killed more ISIS Terrorists in One month than did OBAMA in three years! Now he is in Vietnam thinking he is going to screw the Chinese! Boy is he in for a big surprise!
Now I've been told that she and Adolf Hitler and Eva are taking an old Mercedes Taxi Cab up to Rosh Haayin! Also I'm getting a report from Saudi Arabia that they are going to have a big parade in Jerusalem and then invade Syria!! Vladimir I'm going to have a nervous breakdown,,,why are so many powerful people coming to Israel, why can't they go to California and get a suntan at Palm Springs and just leave me alone! Vladimir, you should come to Jerusalem and hold my hand so I don't crap my pants when Anna Kreisling opens us this GATE! I have been told that she is bringing SALADIN and SADDAM HUSSEIN through this GATE! The Americans are going to have a cow when Saddam Hussein comes back! What am I supposed to tell IRAN??? That we are having a party and SADDAM HUSSEIN showed up??

Rachel Kudrow MSNBC NEWS, 24.05.2016

Dear Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of IRAN,
What is wrong with you? Are you out of your mind? Why is IRAN threatening Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, Germany, Russia, and the United States?? Do the people of Iran want to live in a nation that is always at war with 99% of the population dead or starving?? Nuclear War is not a joke and for the leader of a nation to go around and threaten Nuclear War every two days is either crazy and a lunatic, or is mentally ill. Is their something in the drinking water in Teheran, Iran, that makes the people want war all the time??
First you can not threaten Saudi Arabia, and why are you spending $876 Million dollars in the USA on magazine articles saying that Saudi Arabia is behind all the Terrorism in the world?? When anyone with a Fifth Grade Education knows that it is IRAN that is the great EVIL in the world, that IRAN spends more on Terrorism than any other nation.
But there is another reason you should be nice to Saudi Arabia. Anna Kreisling is on her way to Jerusalem to open up a GATE. From this gate she is going to bring forth SALADIN and his Army. Also she is going to bring back Saddam Hussein to invade IRAN with an Army! I am going to fly to Jerusalem to witness the opening of this GATE! All of this is happening because Iran has threatened Saudi Arabia with Genocide and terror.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,IRAN, 24.05.2016

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
Praise be to ALLAH, and to all our brave Hezbollah Fighters in Mexico. We now have 22,000 trained Terrorists in Mexico ready to cross the border and invade the USA!
We also have Nuclear Tipped Missiles that can wipe out Israel, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia in eight minutes!
We can put these Missiles on Banana boats and use them against New York, Washington D.C. and Miami!! Obama is so dumb he will not stop a banana boat on the way to New York! If you own a house in New York and you love IRAN, you better sell your house and move,,,just a suggestion,,,OBAMA is not going to save your Heine if you live in New York. He has also promised NO NUCLEAR RETALIATION against IRAN!! What a guy!! OBAMA has also promised to shoot down the ISRAELI AIR FORCE if they attack IRAN!! What a guy! We just love this little Monkey!
Now to a pain in my side,,what is Anna Kreisling doing in Jordan with an Army that is huge,,,I mean really big,,,From what my Persian Pussy Kat tells me,,,this bitch is on the warpath. I mean she wants to invade Syria and chop the head off of our best friend,,,the BUTCHER ASSAD!!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 23.05.2016

Dear President OBAMA,
Can you please tell your U.S. Navy Sailors to stop flipping birds and showing their butts to our glorious Russian pilots when they fly by!! This is rude! Also the sailors are making a fortune selling the film of our Russian Pilots practicing landing techniques on your U.S. NAVY ships. Why?? Because they consume so much Vodka, they might need to ditch their Migs and swim to closest ship!
My Generals are having a cow about Anna Kreisling moving her Army into Jordan. She will then have her 7th Panzer SS Division and the SS Leibstandarte Division have a big parade in Jerusalem in honor of Bill Clinton buying up the King David Hotel and renaming it,,The Arkansas Hillbilly Hotel and Porky Pig Barbecue Joint! All the Pork Chops you want to eat and their finger Lickin good!!
Adolf Hitler and Eva and Heinrich Himmler will be there to watch the parade and to supply Bill Clinton with all the German Beer he can imagine for his new hotel and restaurant! There is nothing better than a good Pork Chop and some beer!
I have just been told that President Obama is now in Vietnam?? I don't blame him,,,who would want to visit Chicago with all those Black Thugs going around and shooting Black children in the back. Chicago is worse than Syria. In the past six months, Chicago has had 8,976 Black people gunned down, 6,987 Black people raped, 76,946 Black people have gotten sick drinking the monkey piss water. Another 55,987 Black people have had nervous breakdowns listening to Obama sing at Birthday Parties! This is why so many Black People are moving to Canada and joining the Black lives Matter Movement.... OBAMA is in Vietnam eating fish heads and rice! What kind of Black Man eats Fish Heads and rice???

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 19.05.2016

Dear Dr. Mary Gentile USC,
You are very educated and informed about the history of World War II. However you miss an important point. Hannah Reitsch and myself are not after fame and fortune. What we did in World War II was for the survival of the German people. Mary did you know that 90% of our brave sailors in the U-boats never survived the war. This is what courage is all about, knowing you are going to die, but what is important is Germany and its people.
From 1933-1939 were wonderful years for Germany. We had peace and prosperity and our pride as a nation was returned to us. The 1936 Olympics at Berlin were the greatest ever held. British Propaganda and Hollywood have tried to portray the German people as racist, but when Jesse Owens ran, all of us in Germany were cheering for him. Even Hitler was impressed with his athletic ability. Jesse Owens himself said he was treated better in Germany than he was back home. But the really important thing that Hitler taught Germany was to love each other, and love our nation.
The words of God, and Country, of mother and child, of love for the Fatherland were deeply instilled in us. Please remember Mary that we German Women do not look upon ourselves as victims, or need the New York Press. We are very strong and we believe in duty and honor.
Hannah Reitsch wrote about her life in the book," THE SKY MY KINGDOM",,,, Adolf Galland wrote about his life in the book," THE FIRST AND THE LAST".
James Newsom, my friend and a friend to my son and daughter, my next door neighbor has written about my life. It is titled," ANNA KREISLING, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe." It not only covers my life, but the secret missions flown by KG-200.
Of all the Book Companies I am urging him to choose SPHERE Books located in England.
At this time I would like to explain why I am supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.
Hillary is far more qualified to be President. Both she and Bill love America and will work to improve the lives of the hard working people that make up America.
Make no mistake, at a time when the world is so dangerous, America can not afford an Amateur Celebrity who only cares about his hair, and his money.
I have known Bill and Hillary since 1988, they are both people that I trust. Both are committed to the security of our base at AREA 51. Both support our bases on the Moon and the Planet Mars. Both support our bases in Antarctica and our brave U-Boat Commanders who guard our Nazi Bases in Antarctica. This is why I am glad to support Hillary Clinton for President of the United States!

Dr. Mary Gentile USC, 18.05.2016

Dear Dr. Seth Rogen,
The real reason that Anna Kreisling and Hannah Reitsch are not acceptable to the New York Book Companies is the fact that they are women. The accomplishments of women in World War II has been completely ignored by the New York Press.
Hannah Reitsch, one of the top Test Pilots in Germany, a major celebrity in the THIRD REICH was completely ignored by the Press in the 1950's and 1960's. Even though she wrote many articles and books, they completely dismissed her. In many ways Anna Kreisling was fortunate that the CIA had a top priortity to hide her from the public. They did an incredible job considering that she was married to one of the wealthiest men in the world, and the fact that she did enjoy going out in public in New York, Washington D.C. My favorite photograph is the current one that shows her in 1954 leaving a Department Store. It captures what a radiant beauty she was, Grace Kelly and her could have been twins!
Further proof of her past comes from the papers and books written by Albert Kesselring, Field Marshall Albert Kesselring is pictured with Anna Kreisling in France with Hermann Goering. Also from France comes pictures of Adolf Hitler and Anna Kreisling touring Paris. In one remarkable picture you can see Albert Speer, Kreisling and Hitler sitting together at a cafe table looking at a map of the city!

Sir Harry Winston, London, 18.05.2016

Dear Donald Trump,
When you become President are you going to open AREA 51 to the public? I would love to see this Junkers JU-390 up close! Many people forget that the stalling speed was only 67 miles per hour on this huge aircraft. Junkers designed all their aircraft to take off in less than 2,000 feet and to operate in rugged conditions.
By the way tomorrow night is Wednesday night in Las Vegas and Celine Dion is performing at CEASARS PALACE! I know that Anna Kreisling will be in the audience. Celine Dion is one of her favorite singers.

President Barack Obama USA, 14.05.2016

Dear Fraulein, Angela Merkel,
Chancellor of Germany,
Speckein Ze Deautch Baby??
Hey Angela, what is this talk about a Nuclear War?? Nobody tells me nothing! NADA! Not even Jack Shiite!!!
Man I'm sitting here in the WHITE HOUSE grooving to my JAMES BROWN TAPE, and smoking a really nice Winston Cigarette, and dreaming about my $BILLION DOLLAR LIBRARY out in Palm Springs! Man right next to the golf course and the BURGER KING SPA!! Man I love dem Whoppers and the FRENCH FRIES are like Heroin Baby! They are finger Lickin Good!! Angela you know a Winston tastes good,,,just like a Cigarette should!!
Now what is going on baby???? Robert S. McNamara said that Nuclear War was impossible, because both sides would die screaming and their hair would fall out!
So why is 2016 any different?? Just because dey have a Black Man in the White House they think they can win a Nuclear War??? That's some really heavy shiitte!!!
What is Anna Kreisling babbling about??? An Accidental Nuclear War??? Baby this just can't happen,,it would mess up my Library and the Country Club and all that cold watermelon and that ice cold beer,,,and that Corn on the Cob, and the Fried Chicken!! Man it can't be true baby!!
So Angela, what does this mean ACCIDENTAL NUCLEAR WAR????

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 14.05.2016

Dear Chancellor Angela Merkel,
I have failed in my efforts to stop the coming Nuclear War. I am still trying, but as soon as we send a team into the future to change the future, it becomes more darker and complicated. We can see the future and it is filled with darkness and war. War on such a level, such as a Nuclear War which lasts for more than 30 years.
This coming August it could happen, but sometime within the next four years it does happen. We know the war begins in August. We know it begins in the Indian Ocean. Somehow it involves an attack both on an American Aircraft Carrier Group and an attack on Pakistan. Both are Nuclear attacks involving Cruise Missiles. Dear Angela, I am trying to stop this, but it is like standing on the beach watching a tidal wave come directly for you. You can run, you can find high ground, but you can not stop this.
Angela both you and Vladimir Putin can try to limit the spread of Nuclear Weapons. Our problem in trying to change the future is the fact that their are over 4,000 Nuclear Weapons scattered across the nations that touch the Indian Ocean. Our problem also are the multiple treaties that insist on immediate Nuclear Retaliation if any one country is attacked. The situation is similar to August of 1914 when every nation in Europe was bound by treaties to go to war if any country was threatened. Germany did not start World War I, yet in every history book we are blamed. The fact that World War I caused more than 20 million people to die will pale into insignificance compared with the coming Nuclear War. We know that the population of the world will go from 8 Billion to just one Million, and these people will be scattered around the world, living in despair and hunger.
Angela, another dangerous sign is the mood of the leaders in China and Russia and India, that are promoting the idea that a Nuclear War can be won. Another dangerous sign is President Obama and his projection of weakness all the time in American Foreign Policy. North Korea and India feel emboldened. China feels it is the time to strike and go to war. Russia feels that war would be good against Finland and Europe. These desires of greed and power are only dooming humanity. Angela there is much to be concerned about.

Pepper Gomez, Delano Californi, 12.05.2016

Si Amigoes, My name is Pepper Gomez!
What are you Gringos talking about? I, Pepper Gomez, world's greatest detective and orange picker have some important information. I followed Anna Kreisling on my Vespa Scooter. She was driving her el blanco glacier white 1972 British MGB from Porterville Airport to Oakhurst, California. Anna had landed a Dornier DO-17Z at Porterville Airport and Frida called me and told me that Anna had landed and if I wanted to see her fabulous ass that I should get over here muy pronto! When I arrived they were parking the Dornier by the blue and white striped hangar, and she started up her MGB and off to Oakhurst.
Amigos, she drove into Oakhurst and stopped off at a great Steak house! There was Adolf Hitler, Eva, Hannah Reitsch, and Donald Trump! As soon as I followed them into the restaurant two Japanese Samurai guys grabbed me and searched me! They took away my two bottles of Tecquila and brought me to Anna Kreisling! She smiled and asked why I had followed her all the way from Porterville Airport. So I told her the truth, that I Pepper Gomez loved to look at her fabulous ass and her heavenly breasts! She smiled and asked me to join their party! After 33 rounds of drinks I was dancing with Eva and she asked me if I was going to support Donald Trump for President?? I told Eva that if he buys me a bottle of Tecquila I would! The next morning I woke up next to my Vespa Scooter out in the parking lot. Everybody was gone! Where did all the Gringos go???

Sr. Oziba Randy., 12.05.2016


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Prof. Alex Hastings, London, 11.05.2016

Dear Dr. Joseph Mendelstein,
Like many American dimwits and Bagel eaters you gather facts, which are true, but you don't ask the critical questions! Such as why were so many high ranking Nazi Officials brought to America in 1946!
While everyone is going bonkers over Anna Kreisling because she does have fabulous Bazongas, very tan and athletic, frost blonde hair, red lips and a mystical smile, and an ass that is just wonderful for your health. You have to stay focused on who was the Mastermind of the Third Reich from 1944 to 1945. And that would be MARTIN BORMANN.
He was personally flown to South Africa in 1944 by Hans Jacob Pancherz to meet with the OSS and British Intelligence, not to mention Dwight Eisenhower was at this meeting! Remember this meeting is confirmed by Hans Pancherz himself who flew the Junkers JU-390 to Capetown, was refueled by the British, and after the signing of the documents, he flew Martin Bormann back to Germany.
By the way this pilot Hans Jacob Pancherz was the pilot who recommended to Heinrich Himmler that Anna Kreisling be his Co-pilot on the Recon Flight over Canada, Michigan and New York on August 28th, 1943.
All three men, Hitler, Himmler and Martin Bormann approved this flight and the choosing of the four Luftwaffe Officers who would be on this Junkers JU-390.
Martin Bormann also arranged for Heinrich Himmler to meet with the OSS and British Intelligence in Sweden in 1945 to hammer out the details of the removal of top German Scientists and TOP SECRET Projects.
To understand Martin Bormann, you must remember that as long as Adolf Hitler was alive, he was very powerful. To stay alive he had to keep Hitler alive. You must also understand that Martin Bormann did everything in triplet. It is no accident that three of the best rescue pilots in the Luftwaffe were at the Bunker in April of 1945. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling, whom Martin Bormann recalled from Japan, to be there at the Bunker. WHY?? Why was Kreisling chosen to fly Hitler and Eva and Martin Bormann etc. etc. to Denmark, and not Hans Baur or Hannah Reitsch?? Because this had all been arranged by Martin Bormann three months before! Look back from our time in 2016 and it is obvious why he chose Anna Kreisling to fly Hitler out of Berlin. Both Hans Baur and Hannah Reitsch were very famous and he knew they would be interrogated by the British, books would be done about them, but Anna Kreisling would disappear into the murkiness of the Cold War. It was in 1964 that Anna Kreisling approched Adolf Hitler and Eva in Argentina and had them step into the GATE, which was developed from DIE GLOCKE. Once they entered this energy GATE, all of their DNA was encoded, and they would live forever. This is why when you see Adolf Hitler he appears to be only 33 years old, Eva is of course as beautiful as when she was in 1936. There is a famous painting done of Eva Braun and Anna Kreisling in 1991. In this painting Eva is wearing a black one piece swimming suit as she is gazing into the sky. Anna Kreisling is nude and laying against the reddish stones of the swimming pool.

Dr. Joseph Mendelstein, New Yo, 10.05.2016

Dear Dr. Alan Hastings, YALE UNIVERSITY,
I want to thank you for directing me to the Russian Embassy here in Washington D.C.,,, I first tried CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia,,but they said that AREA 51 does not exist,,,Anna Kreisling,,,does not exist,,,that OPERATION PAPERCLIP never happened,,,and that ADOLF HITLER died in his Bunker in Berlin on April 28th, 1945.
But thanks to the address you gave me, the Russian Embassy gave some really revealing facts.
1. Hannah Kreisling, Anna's mother was the nurse that took care of Hitler in 1918.
2. Hannah gave birth to Anna Kreisling on January 10th, 1920. Both Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess were present when Anna was born.
3. Kreisling is a german baltic name that comes from Estonia. These Baltic-Germans live right across the water from Finland.
4. Kreisling is also a name that is found in France and the name is found in the Templar Knights that guarded the secrets of Mary Magdelene and the Holy Grail.
5. Heinrich Himmler was given the responcibility of raising Anna, and this is where her pictures are seen being raised with Himmler's other daughter.
6. According to the Russians, the Luftwaffe lost 800 Junkers JU-52 Trimotors at Stalingrad.
7. On November 10th, 1942, Anna Kreisling flying a JU-52 trimotor was shot down by THE WHITE ROSE OF STALINGRAD, Lilya Litvyak flying a YAK-3 fighter.
8. Russian records show that she was awarded the War Merit Cross and numerous other awards from the Emperor of Japan.
9. The Horten V-9 Jet at the Smithonian Air Museum in the basement is the same Horten that Gen. Patton's Army captured in 1945. Inside the cockpit there is a metal plaque with Test Pilot Ziller's name and Kreisling's name.
10. That the Americans in 1945 brought another Horten V-9 to Wright Patterson AFB for evaluation.

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 10.05.2016

Dear Universal Studios in Hollywood!!
My Fellow Americans,
In the next INDIANA JONES Movie the part of Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe will be played by Sally Kellerman. She is really excited about the roll and has agreed to breast enhancement, which will give her a great pair of 38D Knockers! Anna Kreisling herself told Steven Speilburg that Sally Kellerman has the voice, the looks, the charm and wit to play her on the screen! Harrison Ford said that Sally will bring a warmth and intelligence to the screen, and she can kick some serious ass!! Sally is currently at AREA 51, learning how to fly the Junkers JU-390 and is very impressed with this STOL AIRCRAFT! Meanwhile the part of Lucifer in the movie is going to TED CRUZ, who will get to barbecue and eat John Boehner! The movie is set in 1938, where Anna Kreisling is in Tibet carrying out research on a gigantic Spacecraft that crashed there 26,000 years ago. Indiana Jones at first has a fight with her, but then the two must face together the Tomb of the Cobra God, Azelkton, in Egypt. Anna has to keep Indiana Jones alive and teach him to fly the Horten V-21 Flying Wing, to escape from Egypt!

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