Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 22.05.2015

Dear Vice President Joe Biden,
On June 4th 1978 a Soviet Bear Bomber crossed from the Pacific Ocean and flew across Southern California and them Mexico on its way to landing in Cuba. Penetrating American Air Space is not hard for Russian Bomber crews. At this very moment we have a Russian Bear Bomber 55 miles off the coast of Texas! Missions that last 32 hours are common for Russian Bear Bombers.
The Junkers JU-390 has a range that is perhaps better than the Bear Bomber. In 1957 the American Air Force was serious about guarding American Airspace. You had over 1,200 fighters that guarded your country, but now my KGB tells me that you have fewer than 110, perhaps fewer than 75, and they have to have permission from the White House to fire a missile! In Russia our pilots are free to shoot down anything they perceive to be a threat. The finest AIR DEFENSE in the world is around Moscow. The only thing that rivals Moscow is AREA 51. Why is the German Luftwaffe at Nellis AFB with Mig-29 Fulcrums?? Why does the U.S.A.F. have 246 fighters at Nellis AFB guarding AREA 51??
Something else that is a mystery, Why did the Germans have so many long range Luftwaffe aircraft based at Bodo, Norway during World War II?? From this base they would fly to Japan during the war. Two Junkers JU-390's left Bodo Norway in May of 1945. One was flown to Wright Patterson AFB, and the other flew to South America. Yet you Americans still insist that only one Junkers JU-390 ever flew??

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 20.05.2015

Tonight I am near Al Jarha in Kuwait. It is cold and there are a billion stars overhead. In the distance are some M-1 Abrams tanks with their crews feeling tired. My thoughts once again return to the children of Syria. If you could see how beautiful the children of Syria are, how they love their parents, and how they still have hope. It is hard for me to sometimes understand people like Obama and Vladimir Putin who turn their heads and pretend they do not see the suffering in Syria.
I would at this time like to pay tribute to the people of Bakersfield, California. There is so little to smile about anymore, so my trip to the HOT ROD CAR SHOW in Bakersfield was a very relaxing and fun break. If anyone asks you what America is all about, just tell them to come to Bakersfield and see the largest gathering of Hot RODS in the world.
Finally I would like to pay tribute to Martin Caidin, one of the greatest aviation writers who ever lived. Before Martin Caidin passed away he met with me and we enjoyed many flights in his Junkers JU-52 Trimotor, IRON ANNIE. Martin Caidin was one of the few writers to understand the horror of STALINGRAD, and what the Luftwaffe pilots went through to try to keep our troops alive. STALINGRAD was by far the greatest disaster that the German nation has ever gone through.

Shipmaster Merk Lekgolo, 19.05.2015

Those giant spiders you see are a result of the U.S. Nuclear testing from decades ago. The UFOs that you are seeing are our patrolling Seraph fighters, but do not fear them. They will not attack you or abduct you as long as you do not fire at them.

Richard Summers New Mexico, 19.05.2015

Dear Senator Harry Reid,
I live in La Luz, New Mexico and we are having problems out here in the desert. Huge, enormous, hairy Tarrantula's are starting to appear all over the place and I think there is a connection with what you guys were doing at AREA 51.
Is the Government of the United States raising huge 88 yard wide spiders? Is this part of our Homeland Security? Also almost every night we are seeing Flying Saucers! Is this from AREA 51 and Anna Kreisling? Or is this real Aliens that are not from this earth? Senator Harry Reid, please reply because you are the foremost expert in the world on Giant Spiders! The folks at USC and UCLA told me this!

Shipmaster Merk Lekgolo, INSF, 18.05.2015

This is Shipmaster Lekgolo of the Artemisia-class home supercarrier Shadow of Intent of the Ikonosian Naval Space Forces of the Ikonosian Empire.
All Japanese and Chinese forces are to halt any attacks on Russian soil by order of the Ikonosian Dark Council. All terms of the treaty between China and Japan are to be re-negotiated immediately or cancelled entirely.
If any forces are noticed making advances on Russian territory, they will immediately be glassed by the Home Supercarrier Shadow of Intent. This 1,000,000,000,000 km long ship is currently in orbit over Earth with active camouflage engaged. Gravity wells are tuned so that the ship does not affect the orbit of Earth or cause other anomalies.
Any invading forces will stand no chance against the on-board weaponry. Civilian sectors will not be glassed if an invasion of Russia occurs. Military and political forces will be targeted. Air attack will be repelled by on-board weapons, TIE Hunters, and Seraph fighters. Resistance is futile.
Again, all forces are ordered to stand down in their invasion of Russia or suffer the consequences. This is under order from Dark Council members Darth Jadus, Darth Thanaton, Darth Marr, Darth Viloris, Darth Kivar, Darth Knox, and Darth Downs.

Mike Huckabee for PRESIDENT, 17.05.2015

Gov. Mike Huckabee for President!
Dear New York Times,
Bill Clinton is right! For far too long the South has been picked on and maligned by Yankees only interested in lining their fat pockets. This is what caused the CIVIL WAR! RICK FAT YANKEE Business men who wanted to control the cash crops of Cotton and TOBACCO! They were so mad that the SOUTH could sell these crops to Europe for a higher profit. This is why every Newspaper in the North portrayed Southerners in such a demonic way! The Wall Street Pigs of 1860 caused the CIVIL WAR!
Now LETS GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT! Bill Clinton and Hillary were barefoot and broke in ARKANSAS until one day a FLYING SAUCER landed on his front yard! Out came the most beautiful woman Bill had ever seen! Frost Blonde hair, ice blue eyes, tan and gorgeous, breasts that were heavenly floating and bouncing and her cleavage a chasm of paradise! Howard Hughes once bought her Stainless Steel Bra for $300,000 dollars! Then in a brilliant move gave it to Jane Russell who had the same breath taking 38D breasts!
When Anna Kreisling gave Bill and Hillary $800 Million Dollars and told him that the future revealed he would be President of the United States, that is when his eyes were opened and Bill and Hillary jumped up and down on their lawn and screamed," WE CAN DO IT!!! WE ARE GOING TO WASHINGTON D.C. AND LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!"
This is why Anna Kreisling is supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the USA! This is why I am begging for her support also! I'm also from Arkansas, and if I'm elected President I will make sure that Anna's Junkers JU-390 will be on display in the National AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM right here in Washington D.C.!
So Anna, please support Mike Huckabee for President also! You can do this, both Hillary and I agree that the ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS are the greatest football team in the world! GOD BLESS YOU ALL, AND MAY GOD BLESS ARKANSAS!

Billy Bob Jeter, 14.05.2015


President Bill Clinton USA, 13.05.2015

To the Dear People in Texas,
Some of you have been hearing this high pitched ringing in your ears at night. Folks this is just OBAMA turning up the Microwaves on his snooping equipment trying to hear every word you are saying. President Obama has told the HOMELAND SECURITY to go after TEXAS!
This President hates the SOUTH, AND HE HATES SOUTHERN COOKING, SOUTHERN FOOD, BLACKEYED PEAS, HAMBURGER GRAVY, JIM BEAN WHISKEY, KID ROCK, HANK WILLIAMS JR. WAYLON JENNINGS, JOHNNY CASH, BASEBALL,, FOOTBALL, SKINNY DIPPING, HELL IT IS NOT TEXAS, OBAMA JUST HATES ANYONE SOUTH OF NEW YORK CITY!! He also does not like beautiful women! In the SOUTH you open doors for ladies and you find a chair for them, and you always pay for their dinners and whatever they want!! In the SOUTH we love our Mothers, in the NORTH they treat their women like they are Leftist Liberal Lesbians who drive Volvo's and spit chewing tobacco and beat up sailors in bars on the weekends!
Next I want to thank Anna Kreisling for her support for Hillary for President. I love the fact that when I go anywhere in that Junkers JU-390, IT HAS THE BEST HOT TUB IN THE WORLD. Why would anyone want to get on a commercial flight and be beaten up by HOMELAND SECURITY just because you wanted a chocolate FUDGE BROWNIE, AND SOME ICE CREAM!! Hell any Southern Boy can't live without some decent food and drinks to go with it!! Remember folks, things will be a lot better with Anna Kreisling helping Hillary run this country. We can start caring about food and God and Country again! Folks, thanks for listening, and you people in Texas please remember that every decent American loves TEXAS!!

Gen. Scott Mcdonald U.S.A.F., 12.05.2015

Dear John Rizzo;
CIA Deputy Counsel;

You wanted the report on OPERATION TIMELINE, as you know Anna Kreisling has made significant progress in trying to stop this coming Nuclear War. She has had to kill Four High Ranking Generals in the Air Force of India. They were shown to be the ones who fired a Nuclear Tipped Missile into Pakistan on November the 10th 2016. But their are also many high ranking Russian Officials that will have to be removed. Here are the key things to watch if Anna is successful in stopping this future Nuclear War.
1. If Hillary Clinton is elected, NO NUCLEAR WAR.
2. If you see the Stock Market below 17,000 on March 21st, 2016, there will be NO NUCLEAR WAR.
3. If you see an explosion in Jerusalem and the Mosque of Omar, the DOME of the Rock is damaged or destroyed, there will be a Nuclear War.
4. If Iran invades Kuwait in August of 2015, there will be a Nuclear War.
5. If Kim Jong Un invades South Korea on Sept. 10th, 2015 there will be a Nuclear War.
6. If Ann Coulter appears in the December 2015 issue of PLAYBOY, this is a sign that all hope is lost and there will definitely be a Nuclear War!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 10.05.2015

Dear People of England,
No important person from England came and celebrated our 70th Anniversary Victory over Nazi Germany! It is England that started World War II when they encouraged STALIN to sign this treaty with Germany. It is this treaty, this document which is why Germany and Russia would go to war.
Make no mistake Joe Biden, Stalin knew that Hitler had escaped with Eva Braun to South America. The body that we found near the Bunker was a fake. In fact it was the body of a woman. The Skull that we have in the Kremlin, DNA Tests prove is that of a woman. Also Joe Biden, did you know that no body of Eva Braun was ever found, not even Blondi, Hitler's personal German Shepherd was found! It is as if someone came and flew them out, and the Marriage was part of the escape plan. We in Russia know that three of the top rescue pilots in the world were at the Bunker. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling! But here is the real proof, Martin Bormann also went missing with Hitler, and later, much later in history his body was brought to Berlin and reburied. It had soil from Uruguay in it! You English Dogs think we Russians are fools! We know that Hitler escaped, Stalin said so! But you arrogant Americans, you believe your own propaganda! Do you honestly think Hitler would kill himself, when Anna Kreisling and Martin Bormann were the real power in the BUNKER! We honestly believe that Hitler was exhausted and not capable of rational thought, we know he was weak and that Martin Bormann was running the show. Who do you think ordered Anna Kreisling to come from Japan, to report to the Bunker? Martin Bormann the entire time was arranging this escape. Also remember that as long as Martin Bormann stayed with Adolf Hitler, his power was immense!
We in Russia have letters from Adolf Hitler written to Anna Kreisling in 1964. These are letters written on a very personal level and Heinrich Himmler is also mentioned.
Our fight in Russia goes on! There are still Nazi's out there and they are very wealthy and powerful. WE know of your secret Nazi Bases around the world. Our struggle against the Fascists continues!

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 09.05.2015

Dear Ann Coulter,
You are right! This scared the crap out of me! Rachel Maddow and myself stood beneath Morro Rock and watched a large Flying Saucer land on top of the mountain! Lightning was flashing in the sky and I held Rachel in my arms so we could stay warm. Hundreds of Nazi's stood at attention, their faces showed enthusiasm and determination. Then suddenly in the distance a car drove by, a huge six wheeled Mercedes with Adolf Hitler standing in the front, saluting his troops as he drove by. Even Rachel and myself joined in this celebration thrusting our arms out in the classic Nazi Salute, yelling, SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! When we arrived at the restaurant there was Hitler and Eva, Anna Kreisling and Himmler, Hannah Reistch and Hans Ulrich Rudel. As Rachel and I entered the restaurant we were escorted over to Hitler's table by five Japanese Samurai. Hitler bade us to sit down, and we graciously accepted his invitation.
Two hours later he said that if I could prove my courage to him, he would give me permission to run for President of the United States! So I asked him what I could do to prove this? His answer was, that I would have to climb the Matterhorn Mountain with Rachel Maddow, and that would prove my courage!
Anna Kreisling said she would fly us to Switzerland, and it would be great joy to see us climb the Matterhorn!
So Ann Coulter, would you like to join Rachel Maddow and myself and help us climb the Matterhorn? CNN NEWS has already said they would have the three of us do a REALITY T.V. Show. Two gorgeous chicks and one old fat out of shape Geezer sleeping in a tent in the Swiss Alps! Sounds really great to me!

Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS, 08.05.2015

Dear Hillary Clinton,
I am here in Morro Bay California with Vice President Joe Biden! It is a cold gray Thursday night, and Joe and I are waiting for the BIG EVENT tomorrow night! As most of you know every Friday night, ADOLF HITLER and EVA arrive for dinner! This will be the first time that Joe Biden will see Hitler and I'm sure that he will be in awe! With that in mind, I am starting my interview!
Rachel; Dear Mr. Vice President, why does Adolf Hitler fascinate you so much?
Joe Biden; Well Rachel, by the way you look HOT tonight with your black and white polka dotted shorts and your matching pink strapless bra on, Man you look Hot Baby!! Man Bill Clinton would just eat you up! JFC, HOLY COW LOOK AT DEM SHOES! Aren't those called Hooker Pumps??
Rachel; No they only have 8 inch heels, Hooker Pumps are a good 12 inches!
Joe Biden; 12 INCHES!! NO WAY!! Baby you look so hot, are you sure you are a Lesbian?? You look like the all American Girl who plays Baseball and jumps around on the dance floor just jitter bugging away!
Rachel; Joe can you please stop tripping and answer my questions! Why do you admire Adolf Hitler?
Joe Biden; First lets get one thing perfectly straight! My weiner is crooked right now, and I need to get him straightened out in my shorts! There, now I feel much better! Well Folks, Hitler did a great job running Germany from 1933-1943, but let me tell you 1944 was a real BUMMER! But in 1945 thanks to Gen. Patton and Operation PAPERCLIP, we had a chance to save more than 55,000 German Scientists and important people in the Third Reich! Rachel did you know that many of these famous Germans live right here in Morro Bay, and you see that huge Mountain at the entrance to the harbor?? You can see Morro Rock from Outer Space, and this is one reason that there is a FLYING SAUCER LANDING PAD on top of this Mountain! Anna Kreisling has been known to land here and take a secret elevator down to the road below and there join Hitler and Eva for dinner here! It is a very sophisticated set up!
Rachel; Thank you Joe, hey are you going to run for President?
Joe Biden; Well Rachel, that's why I am here, I want Adolf Hitler to help me run for President! If he says YES, OR YA! THEN I WILL RUN FOR PRESIDENT, JOE BIDEN IN 2016!

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 05.05.2015

Dear President Obama,
So you finally learn how to play chess? That's very goood!! While you are Bishop and Knight attacks I thought I would tell you that Anna Kreisling is here in Beijing! She has brought Jennifer Lopez to shake her ass for me! My eyes go around and around, and I feel so excited! This is what being the Leader of China is all about!
After Jenny on the Block gets done, Anna Kreisling and myself will sign a treaty with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan! In this treaty China will get Famosa after China and Japan will attack the Russians in Siberia. Japan will not only take the port of Vladivostok, but all the Russian lands that touch the Sea of OKHOTSK! Also all the lands east of the URAL Mountains will belong to China! Anna Kreisling will destroy all of the Russian ICBM's so their will be no Nuclear War, this will be the biggest conquest since Hugh Hefner found 17 Virgins in his swimming pool!
So President Obama, you keep playing chess, China and Japan have some serious land to conquer! May the Shinto Goddess of Japan, Anna Kreisling reign over her Nazi Kingdom for a thousand years!

President Barack Obama USA, 04.05.2015

Dear Anna Kreisling,
I have learned how to play chess! Joe Biden said that Chess will help me understand GEOPOLITICAL THINKING!! I am so good at chess that I now challenge Vladimir Putin to a chess game!! If he wins, he can have Hillary Clinton!! If I win I get Anna Chapman for three weeks in a swanky hotel in Moscow! If any of you GOOBERS want to play me chess, go to INSTANT CHESS on your computers. I am so good!!!
Anna, a quick question, how is Harrison Ford's Ryan PT-17 Trainer coming along?? Have you fixed it yet?? Why do you and Harrison Ford like to fly the old stuff?? The World War II warbirds?? This I don't understand?? Why do you enjoy flying around in a Douglas DC-3??? Why do you collect and restore all these old World War II airplanes?

Billy Bob Van Huesen, 03.05.2015

Hello Bakersfield!!
Hey the Bakersfield Hot Rod Car show was awesome! Saturday morning was cold and gray and wet, rain coming down a little bit. Then suddenly a German Polka band began playing and all these people started dancing and a big parade of cars filled up with girls and people started drinking beer! People started cheering when Anna Kreisling came by in a 1938 Buick that was sunflower yellow! This convertible was awesome! She was dressed like the most beautiful German Beer Maiden I have ever seen! Jesus Palomino! All kinds of Germans were handing out beer and $100 dollar bills to the crowds and thanking them for coming to Bakersfield! Around 2 o'clock the sun came out and then the party really began! Everyone was waving their hats and endless Hot Rods came by! Man I want to thank everyone who came and especially Anna who really cheered up the crowds on a gray cloudy morning!

Dr. Jacob Steinbrunner USC, 02.05.2015

Dear Dr. Karl Rhinehart, YALE
I would like to thank you for sending me a picture of Anna Kreisling. For all of you Luftwaffe EXPERTEN and enthusiansts, you can see this picture on-line!!
This picture was sent to YALE from President Vladimir Putin, and it is superb! It shows Anna Kreisling at the BATTLE OF KURSK, standing by the tail of a Henschel HS-129B Twin engined Tank Destoyer! She is standing next to three other Luftwaffe pilots looking at a map! Her Blonde hair and good looks are unmistakable! She is wearing a Luftwaffe summer flight cap and you can see her hair is bound in a single pony tail. While Hitler and Goring would not let her fly fighters, she is credited with 33 Russian Tanks destroyed at the Battle of Kursk! Also three other pictures emerged last year showing her at Kursk standing next to Hans Ulrich Rudel, the most famous pilot in the Luftwaffe, who flew the STUKA DIVE BOMBER at the Battle of Kursk in the TANK BUSTING ROLL.
Further evidence from Albert Speer who wrote,"After the Battle of Kursk, everyone is very depressed. Anna has agreed to fly the Junkers JU-390 in what I consider a suicidal mission. However after Stalingrad and Kursk, Anna feels this mission over New York must be done."

lee dakota, 01.05.2015

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Hassan Nasrallah, Beirut, 30.04.2015

No. 1 A NO. 1 in Beirut!

Dearest Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,
They stole your bra and panties?? And your gold? All that beautiful gold? Those dirty thieving American Baditos! Those Yankee Doodle Doos! Those dirty pigs from a motherless goat! How dare they steal your bras and panties!! Do you want to borrow some of mine?? I have plenty and they are so cute and frilly! They look fabulous with my new Gucci Bag and lavender Jaguar!
Hey, we in the Hezbollah still need the $100 Million a week we get from you! You must send money or my Terrorist Army will simply go back to IRAN and just quit!
Also you must tell Assad to stop crying and screaming on the phone to me, he is giving me a headache bitching about those ZOMBIES that Anna Kreisling released near his bedroom Palace last year! Over 78,000 Syrians have been infected and he even had to shoot his wife 18 times to stop her from trying to tear off his Cajones with her teeth!
Tell OBAMA to stop Anna Kreisling! No more ZOMBIES! They are everywhere!

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, IRA, 30.04.2015

Ayatollah Ali Bin Khamenei

To; President OBAMA USA,
You have three days to return my gold. Over $400 Million in Gold was taken from my bedroom vault here in Teheran, Iran! This had to have been done by SEAL TEAM SIX, TWELVE AMERICAN COMMANDO'S came into my bedroom with a Chinese girl and a Russian Girl and interrupted me while I was trying on my new Bra and Panties I got from Paris! They made me open my safe, and hauled away all my gold. I want my gold or else NO NUCLEAR DEAL. It is important that I get my gold back!

Senator Hillary Clinton, USA, 28.04.2015

Dear Sean Hannity FOX NEWS,
I will be the next President of the United States. Despite Moose Turds like you who run articles trying to depict me in the worst possible way. I will prevail! Why? Sean Hannity, do you understand the world in which we live? Do you understand real power, and why America is surviving against two major Super Powers like China and Russia?
It is because both Bill and myself support the right for the Nazi's to have bases on the Moon! Russia and China are not impressed with our feeble Nuclear Arsenal. What they do fear is the seven major Rocket bases the Nazi's have on the Moon! Each base has over 475 rockets, each rocket has the MIRV Capability of five 30 Megaton Hydrogen Bombs that can destroy both Russia and China 30 times over. It is impossible to destroy these Nazi Moon Bases. A rocket from the Moon can easily destroy a target on the Earth, but just try firing an ICBM from the Earth to the Moon, it will just fall into the sea or else just orbit the Earth!
This added security of German Nazi's protecting the USA is why Vladimir Putin has not crushed the Ukraine. It is also why both Russia and the USA have No serious Moon Program. The Nazi's are already there, and they control the Moon! This is real power, this is why the USA is safe at night! This is part of the secret of Anna Kreisling and AREA 51. Sean, have you been to AREA 51?? Well I have and let me tell you its an eye opener! You think you are ready to see ALIENS and Spacecraft just floating off the ground, but LORD HAVE MERCY, IT IS MIND BLOWING! I think this is why Anna Kreisling has her Junkers JU-390 parked out front of the infamous Black Hangar. At first you walk in and you see a huge six-engined propellor aircraft and you think, well this is familiar, then you look past the Junkers and you start gasping for air! What you see is stunning, shocking and has to be seen to be believed! Then you start riding the elevators to the 51 Levels underground, and what is down there would scare the pants off the devil. Sean you have no idea how scary and frightening it is to see some of these creatures! The only people in the world who can deal with this is people like Anna and her SS soldiers and scientists! This is why I want to be President! To make sure the United States stays the No. 1 power in the world! As long as we honor our agreements with Anna Kreisling and the Fourth Reich, all will be well! But if you have some Buffallo Turd eating cowboy like Ted Cruz win the election, he will do something really stupid like announce we are going to wage war against the Nazi's on the Moon. Then you will see the protection of the United States disappear! So to all of you thinking about voting for Rand Paul, forget it, he is to stupid to be President! Jeb Bush? Are you kidding, he is a Turd just like his brother!
In conclusion we won World War II, we brought to the United States the smartest scientists and flight engineers in the world! Today America is the greatest nation in the world! If you want Peace and Prosperity, you will vote for me. This is what I want! Peace and prosperity for all Americans! My husband Bill Clinton can tell you, this is what Anna Kreisling wants for all America, Peace and Prosperity!

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