Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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the ghost of Steve Irwin, 19.12.2014

I meant crikey! Bloody auto fill!!

the ghost of Steve Irwin, 19.12.2014


Scott Davis, Australia, 19.12.2014

Good day Mates! Being from Australia is very exciting. We have Kangaroos and women who are really stunning! I am in Morro Bay, California having coffee every morning and studying the German U-Boats that come into the harbor here and take on supplies. When they cruise into the harbor there is always a German Polka band playing and Nazi Flags everywhere! The people that live here think that Steven Speilberg is making another Indiana Jones Movie, but that is not the case. This is all very real. The sailors come off the boats and have a non-stop party for three days! This is when I get the chance to talk with them! First they patrol mainly off the coast of Antarctica. But every two years they go on a long range patrol, like from Antarctica all the way to Alaska. This is when they attack and sink Russian ships, and capture many. They take all the Nuclear Warheads and missiles off these subs. Some of the Russian Subs are towed back to Antarctica, but most are scuttled. By the way, the Germans still operate many Diesel powered Subs, but their weapons are numerous besides torpedoes. One weapon is the size of a backpack. It goes through the water and attaches itself to the side of the submarine and there it starts drilling holes, others like it can leave bombs. You can imagine the terror onboard a Russian Submarine when this drilling starts. This forces the sub to surface and then they are easily caught. President Vladimir Putin has talked with Obama about this, but Obama denies that NAZI'S AT THE SOUTH POLE EVEN EXIST!! But the Russians swear that not only the Nazi's down there have submarine bases, but advanced Flying Saucers! Also here at Morro Bay Friday Nights are really incredible! You can see Nazi Flying Saucers landing on top of Morro Rock and then they drive into town in these Funky old Mercedes Benzes. Adolf Hitler and Eva, Anna Kreisling and Himmler, Hannah Reitsch and Leni Reifenstahl all enjoy having dinner together and drinking Beer with these Submarine Crews. Adolf Hitler looks like he did when he was 33 years old, and Eva is really stunning! Anna Kreisling looks so very much like the actress Veronica Lake back in 1942. Five feet 8 inches tall, very tan, athletic, frost blonde hair, crystal ice blue eyes, breasts that are mind-blowing and an ass that is very firm and so incredibly round! How do women get to looking this good??

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 12.12.2014

As the year 2016 approaches, we in the Fourth Reich are troubled about who will be running for President! We urge the Presidential Candidates to look at these seven things that America needs!
1. The U.S. Government does not have the right to TAX and take away 40% of your income. We support that the U.S. Government only be allowed to take 5% of your income in taxes!
2. The same Gun Laws in Nevada and Arizona, should be in all 50 states. I am tired of seeing the Democrats in California make criminals out of Law Abiding Americans because they own a gun.
3. Secure the Border with Mexico. Each day Obama is letting 2,600 Mexican DRUG CARTEL Killers cross the border. They are murdering and trying to take over every city in the United States.
4. Start flying Nuclear Armed B-52 Bombers over IRAN, IF THEY Continue working on Nuclear Weapons, WE NEED TO SHOW THEM WHAT 136 nuclear Bombs sounds like when they go off.
5. We need to balance all Budgets. Congress must not be allowed to waste ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, AND ALSO SPEND ONE TRILLION MORE THAN THEY TAKE IN.
6. We must stop OBAMA and the Leftist Elitist Communists in this Country from dividing everyone, pitting Neighbor against Neighbor! Adolf Hitler brought Germany together, our next President must show Americans that they must support each other and love each other. OBAMA has done nothing but try to destroy and divide our great nation!
7. The sick and the Elderly and the Poor must feel that they will be cared for. That being an American gives them the right to demand that they not go to bed hungry, that we as Americans will care for each other! Adolf Hitler did this for Germany, our next President must do this for America!

Kate Upton and Britney Spears, 11.12.2014

Britney and I were so excited to be invited to AREA 51, THAT WE were jumping up and down and squealing with delight! Imagine us at AREA 51! Maybe we could jump up and down in front of some ALIENS and see if they would get a hard On!!
Well we took the elevator up to the 14th floor of CEASARS PALACE and entered a room with Anna Kreisling! WOW! groovy vibrations, and a tunnel of light, stars, and then we were stepping out of a lighted tunnel into the biggest room you can imagine! We were now in the famous Black Hangar at AREA 51! Lights and more lights flooded our senses, then massive airplanes like the Junkers JU-390, and enormous spacecraft just floating above the ground. So many people working on so many things! So many Uniforms! So many Nazi flags all over the place! Wow, it looked like an Indiana Jones Movie ONLY SO MUCH MORE INCREDIBLE! After six hours of touring the incredible 51 levels of underground Labs and hangars, we finally met an Alien, an ILLEGAL ALIEN, his name was PEPPER GOMEZ and he was in charge of guarding Anna. Pepper was dressed like a Mexican, with a big Somrero, a big cigar, and two Colt Navy 1851 revolvers! His job was to look around and pass Anna some Tequilla when she needed it and to shoot any Russian Gringos that might show up! Finally let me say that Anna is indeed gorgeous, she stands five feet 8 inches tall, very tan and very athletic! But it is her eyes, so beautiful! Crystal ICE BLUE LIKE A WOLF! Frost blonde hair, and very refined features.

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 10.12.2014

Dear President Vladimir Putin CCCP,
So you lost another three submarines this month? Now a Soviet Bear Bomber? Our spies in America report that Anna Kreisling has taken the two Kangaroo Cruise Missiles apart and are studying them at AREA 51. She is impressed, each carries a 30 Megaton Nuclear Device and the Kangaroo Cruise Missile has a range of 2,000 miles. So Vladimir, take my advice and stop flying your BEAR Bombers over California! My spies are also reporting that President Obama will let a Russian Spy Plane take off from TRAVIS AFB in California and take pictures of all military bases on the West Coast! This proves to us Chinese, that OBAMA is crazier than a Raccoon on LSD fighting with a Chinese Tiger! This is so insane, but my NEWS says its true. By the way Vladimir, take my advice and get out of the UKRAINE. Russia will make more money by being friendly to Germany and Anna Kreisling! Invite her to Moscow, and she will bring Bill Clinton! Then you have really good party! Life is good when you are watching JLO Shake her Booty!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 09.12.2014

Dear Anna Kreisling,
I demand that you release at once the seven crew members of the Russian Bear Bomber that accidently landed at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California.
They were on a routine training flight with Nuclear Weapons on board. They wanted to take a short-cut to Cuba so they left the Pacific Ocean and flew directly to Cuba. It is not their fault that California was beneath them! In the future all Soviet BEAR BOMBERS will be allowed to fly over the U.S.A. without being brought down by Flying Saucers from AREA 51. Anna, remember that Russia is far more powerful than the United States and you do not have the right to bring down any Soviet Nuclear Bomber!

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President Bill Clinton USA, 06.12.2014

Dear CNN NEWS and the Great American People,
As you know, Anna Kreisling, my personal pilot and all around great Lady has urged President Obama for the last three years to impose a NO FLY ZONE over Syria!
President Assad of Syria should have been removed from power five years ago! Two years ago Anna was shot down over Syria flying supplies to the FREE SYRIAN ARMY, but with the help of the REBELS, she managed to escape into Turkey.
Anna Kreisling is a great friend and supporter of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey! He has come out many times with Anna Kreisling and has urged President Obama to have a NO FLY ZONE over Syria!
So friends and neighbors, if you are in Las Vegas and you see a stunning knock out Blonde driving a glacier white 1972 British MGB. You are looking at the Flight Commander of AREA 51, AND MY OWN PERSONAL PILOT!!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 04.12.2014

Dear Tim,
It is night here at AREA 51 and AIR Operations are in full swing! Tonight we are testing the F-271 fighter with both Ram-Jet engines and Ion Engines. This requires a takeoff that uses no runways and to fly 200 miles above the earth and to do this within 15 minutes,,,and this is the careful slow part of our testing.
Like most people, you honestly think that Germany started World War II. Tim the real reason World War II happened was because STALIN and England wanted Germany destroyed. British Bombers were to be based in Poland. The Pact signed between Hitler and Stalin was a British idea and plot to bring about a war with Germany. Hitler was wrong to sign this non-aggression Pact with Stalin. Once this document was signed, World War II could not be avoided. The British and the Russians had far more spies and better spies than Germany ever had. England may act innocent, but the British were working with France and Russia to bring about the destruction of Germany. Adolf Hitler struck first, and we came close to winning. But this war should never have happened. This is why today the Fourth Reich exists in great secrecy. I am allowed to speak, but we survive because we care about our security. Tim if you read all the documents about CASE WHITE, you will learn more about the real history of World War II.
I wish a Merry Christmas to all the Police and Firemen in the United States. You are really the true heroes! It makes me very sad to see on the television so many punks and LEFT WING Communists marching around trying to rob Licquor Stores. In 1938 in Germany you could not get away with such behavior.

Tim Carson MSNBC NEWS, 04.12.2014

Dear Anna Kreisling,
Two months ago I met you in New York and without your knowledge we took pictures of you. However when we arrived back to the studio, the entire grid on our camera's had been fried! How is this possible? What kind of CIA technology exists that can fry the inside of all cameras within 300 yards of you? A Police Chief told me it has to do with Microwave transmissions, but there are pictures of you! In the issue of Pacific Flyer, June 2001 issue, page 23 upper right hand corner is a fabulous picture of you! This Australian flying magazine issue is easy to get, yet your picture in this magazine has been banned on the internet by orders from the White House! Why? We can't get the authorities to allow us to even interview you! Why? From many people including Bill Clinton they tell us that you are kind and easy going, that you will talk off the record. I know that you have strong opinions, and I know that you are in charge of Flight Operations at AREA 51, BUT THIS KIND OF SECURITY EVEN MAKES THE RUSSIAN KGB LOOK LIKE BOY SCOUTS! Why is our Government so afraid of OPERATION PAPERCLIP?? Why are more than 76,000 documents still classified TOP SECRET, even though World War II ended in 1945?? I talked with Senator John McCain about this and he said the same thing President Obama said," That we can not discuss Operation Paperclip or what NAZI Scientists were working on!! Unbelievable!! So Anna can you answer one simple question for me,,," Didn't Germany start World War II by invading Poland??"

Dr. Thomas Davis, UCLA, 02.12.2014

An aspect of the Luftwaffe that has never been explored is the unique custom built planes to serve a specific job. A classic example of this is the Photo-Recon planes such as the Junkers JU-86 Aircraft that were custom built with large tapered wings so that they could fly at 48,000 feet over England. For two years they could fly over England without worry. Finally the British modified some Spitfires to fly this high, and so the Germans switched to the ARADO 234 Recon Jet to fly over England. The last Luftwaffe Jet Recon flight over England took place on March 7th, 1945.
As far as the Junkers JU-390 is concerned, many Junkers JU-290's were converted to Junkers JU-390's! This would only take two months of easy work for the Junkers staff and workers to do. Make no mistake, the RECON JU-390 flown by Hans Joachim Pancherz and Anna Kreisling over Michigan and New York was a custom built LONG RANGE Junkers. Factory diagrams show that it had EIGHT Huge fuel tanks just in the fuselage, and more fuel tanks in the wings. Also it had the capability to refuel over Iceland with a Junkers JU-290 Tanker Aircraft! So why would the Germans want pictures of factories and military facilities in the United States? Because the Germans always took Recon-pictures in any of their military planning. KG-200 was a vital part of the Nazi Nuclear Bomb Program. KG-200 was selected to actually drop the bomb when the time came.

Lisa Morrison, 02.12.2014


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Anna Kreisling KG-200, 02.12.2014

Dear President Obama,
On Christmas Eve, a flying Saucer will land on the White House Lawn piloted by Hannah Reitsch and she will fly you and your family to the Moon to see our latest STARSHIP THE GRAF ZEPPELIN being built. I will be busy flying with Santa on Christmas EVE, and it is an honor to be his Co-pilot! Just as it was an honor to be the co-pilot with FLUGAKAPITAN HANS JOACHIM PANCHERZ in the Junkers JU-390 on August 28th, 1943 when we overflew New York City.
Merry Christmas to all, and remember all of us here at AREA 51 are working hard to keep America FREE and SAFE. America is the greatest nation in the world, and Americans have the Constitutional Right to own an airplane, a boat, all the guns you want, and to travel anywhere you want! The United States Government does not have the right to take any of these rights away from you! Merry Christmas and MAY GOD BE WITH YOU! May the light of Christ be with you and may joy fill your hearts!

President Barack Obama USA, 02.12.2014

The President of the United States

My fellow Americans,
If Anna Kreisling can drop 300 ZOMBIES into Syria, Why can't I drop 3,000 into Moscow!! This is not fair, and Anna Kreisling should personally deliver these ZOMBIES to the AIR FORCE, so they can parachute them into Moscow!
Also my entire family last year really enjoyed flying around the Moon in a flying Saucer from AREA 51. They are bugging me to do it again! Dear Anna Kreisling, can you please come and land a Flying Saucer on the White House Lawn and take my girls and myself for another flight?? Please? If you do this Anna I will provide money so that every child in Chicago and Detroit has a Christmas meal and a toy from Santa! After all if we can spend $287 Billion a day on Syria and Iraq, we should be able to spend some money on the children here in America! Anna did you know that one in every six American children go to bed hungry?? That one in 30 is homeless! Why is Congress doing nothing to help the children here in America??
So Anna, this is the only way I can contact you, can you give my family another flight around the Moon?

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Phil Collins ABC NEWS, 28.11.2014

Under the Freedom Information Act, I have obtained more than 27 photographs from the 101st, 115th, and 110th Training Squadrons based in Michigan in August 1943. More than 35 AT-6 Training airplanes the morning of August 28th,1943 were surprised when a six engined B-24 Liberator came out of the clouds and merged with their formation. The pictures taken are outstanding! For more than 10 minutes these cadets in these AT-6 Trainers though they were flying along side an enormous American Airplane with the most gorgeous Blonde they could imagine blowing them kisses and flirting with them through her cockpit glass on the right side of the Junkers JU-390! That's right, this turned out to be the famous "BERLIN BABY" flown by Hans Joachim Pancherz and Anna Kreisling on this historic flight that saw this huge Luftwaffe aircraft overfly the North East of the Continental United States. When these Cadets landed and proudly talked about their pictures, at first they were not believed! But within days members of the FBI and the OSS showed up and did interrogations and confiscated all their film. My personal favorite picture is a close-up of the cockpit of the Junkers JU-390 and you can clearly see the Blonde on the right side of the cockpit smiling and waving to the airmen. She looks like Veronica Lake, the hottest Blonde in Hollywood in 1943! You can imagine the thrill these lonely farm boys felt when they flew close to this huge six-engined aircraft and saw the hottest Blonde in the world smiling and waving to them! No wonder nobody believed them when they landed and they were telling the brass about what they saw!

Steve Henderson KSNV NEWS, 23.11.2014

KSNV Radio Station
Las Vegas, Nevada

Every year more than 12,000 people come from around the world to Las Vegas to get a glimpse of AREA 51 and Anna Kreisling! Each time I see this lady I am really stunned !! Two weeks ago I saw Shania Twain riding her beautiful Black Stallion out in the desert! Next to her on an all white horse was Anna Kreisling! This horse Bismark is as large and muscular like the Budweiser Clydedales, except Bismark is all white which matches the hair you see on Anna Kreisling. A Glacier white frost hair that has a tint of Blonde in it! Together Shania and Anna riding their horses are the most striking women on the planet!
The best place to see Anna is at CEASARS PALACE! She loves swimming in the pool even in the middle of December! Most of the time when she swims it is all natural, what we call skinny dipping! When you see her dive into some ice cold water and swim 35 laps, you begin to understand what kind of lady you are dealing with! At 94 year of age she is still Gorgeous beyond beleif! You are seeing someone with royal blood, a princess, from another time and era!
This Thanksgiving Anna wants everyone to be proud that they are Americans. To give thanks to God for all our blessings and Freedoms. She also urges all Americans to make sure the story of THANKSGIVING is taught in all our Public Schools. The Pilgrims and the Pioneers who founded America are real HEROES!!!

Jim Clarke, 22.11.2014

This is Joe King back at KNSV. All over Las Vegas there are millions of people claiming to be spellcasters running up and down the streets. This is insane! It's like a Harry Potter lookalike convention! These people are nuts! Local hospitals report at least a dozen injuries from being poked in the eyes with magic wands! Many are posting fantastic claims on the internet, so if you see any of these posts, delete them immediately! This is KNSV news and I am Joe King.

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