Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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President Bill Clinton USA, 26.11.2015

Dear America,
Hillary and I want to wish all of you a great Thanksgiving and may all of you give thanks to God for all the blessings he has given us.
America is a great nation not because we have a big Army or that we have nuclear bombs. Our nation is great because our people are kind and generous. We believe in freedom and justice for all. We believe in Pumpkin Pie, Peach Pie and Apple Pie. We love ham, Turkey and beef, and we love God for providing us with food and great family members who know how to cook.
Folks I tell you when Hillary gets elected, I'm gonna spend a lot of time in the White House Kitchen. So go ahead and kick back and enjoy Thanksgiving.
To all our soldiers overseas, Anna Kreisling says," America loves you and so does she! So until you can be with your sweetheart, here is a kiss from her!"

Pepper Gomez, Delano Californi, 25.11.2015

Si, My name is Pepper Gomez!
And I live in Delano, California!
I need a wife to cook and clean for Pepper Gomez! I have a 1977 Chevy Pick Up Truck and 45 chickens in my backyard!
Many times I drive by Porterville Airport and see this large six engined, German airplane come and land. It is so huge and beautiful when it comes in for a landing. The Junkers JU-390 is very impressive!

Ricardo, 24.11.2015

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Gen. Yitzak Pearlman, HAIFA, 21.11.2015

Dear President Obama,
We in the Mossad have known about Anna Kreisling for many years. Did you know her mother Hannah Kreisling was born in Estonia and is a Baltic German?
Did you know that in 1916 she went to Germany to work as a nurse? Did you know that in 1918 she was the nurse that helped a German Soldier overcome a Mustard Gas Attack along with emotional trauma and blindness? That this soldier was Adolf Hitler! After the war they both joined the Thule Society and they deeply fell in love. Anna Kreisling was born on January 10th,1920 in a hospital in Berlin with both Hitler and Rudolf Hess in attendance.
For those of you who do not believe that Kreisling is not a German name, you can check the hospital records of Hitler's nurses in 1918, and find the name of Hannah Kreisling. You can also verify her birth records in Berlin. To say that she is not German is a ludicrous comment.
What is a real mystery to the Mossad is the death of Hannah Kreisling by Communist Marxist mobs in 1923. Why did Adolf Hitler not claim this child as his daughter?? Why did Hitler give this child to Heinrich Himmler to raise with his other daughter who was named Anna? It has been confirmed in many pictures of the two of them playing together, Anna Himmler had dark hair, Anna Kreisling had blonde hair, all of you can see these pictures and confirm this. We also know at a very young age Anna Kreisling came to America with Ernst Udet to tour the famous Air Shows and Air Racing events. The New York Times Newspaper also carried pictures of her at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
Dear President Obama, you need better advisors especially on the situation in Syria. Might I suggest that you spend an evening discussing Syria with Anna Kreisling. You have access to her, but our records show that you have never been to AREA 51, and have only seen her briefly on three occasions. Why?

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 14.11.2015

To the brave people of Paris, and of France,
I wish I did not have to write this letter, but I want the people of Paris and of France to know that everyone here at AREA 51, our hearts and prayers go out to you.
Dealing with Terrorists is a very hard thing. The people of Pakistan have suffered, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, so many nations have suffered.
I am hoping that people will understand that the refugees that are coming to Europe are trying to escape these Terrorists in the Middle East. If a person has children, they do not want to raise children in a place of constant war. No one wants to see their child die simply because they are sitting outside looking at the sky.
Again to the people of Paris, America will stand with you, we the German people will stand with you. Free People everywhere will stand with you.
May God be with you.
Anna Kreisling KG-200

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 11.11.2015

Dear American Soldiers and Veterans,
Today is Veterans Day and I would like to pay tribute and salute all the American Soldiers and Veterans around the world. Why do I love you? Because you saved the women and children of Germany in our nations darkest hour. Without the American Army the Russians would have over run Europe.
American Soldiers helped me feed the children and people in Germany. These guys were real men, real soldiers, who cared about everyone.
Imagine the world today without the American Soldier. Our world would be filled with Terrorists and evil, out world would descend into chaos and anarchy.
To all of you brave men and women in our Armed Forces, remember this German maiden loves you, America loves you, and the world needs people like you! May God bless you, and may God Bless America.

Gen. Jeb Younger U.S. ARMY, 09.11.2015

Dear President Obama,
Sir, you are not gonna believe this, so I am reporting this to you on this open line. Well sir, I was driving with my buddies in my jeep up above Oakhurst, near the upper Bear Meadow which is ten miles south of Yosemite National Park.
In the distance on one of the peaks is a Castle, just recently built which is an exact replica of Wewelsburg Castle in Germany. Well sir, I was looking at this castle through my binoculars, when in the distance I could see 2,500 Klansmen all dressed in white robes and they gathered around this rock. Soon darkness fell and a blinding light appeared, and I could hear a low pitched energy whine. Three massive rocks formed a gate, and from this opening out rode a large white Stallion with a woman clad in black leather with flaming white hair and carrying a sword! Behind her rode over four hundred members of the Confederate Cavalry. I recognized Gen. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Last came a wagon drawn by four mules. It carried Whiskey and Guns! For eight hours they celebrated then Gen. Robert E. Lee and Anna Kreisling passed out over 478 SPILLER and BURR Confederate Six Shooters! Then everyone lit a torch and went up the trail to this Wewelsburg Castle. Sir you should of seen this trail of lights going up to this castle! Absolutely Beautiful! It reminded me of the burning logs that they used to push off the cliff at Yosemite from 1872-1968. This was called The FIREFALL, and it was a spectacular sight! Then some liberal New York Pansy complained and they had to stop it. Well Mr. President, all these Klansmen going up the side of this mountain carrying their torches was really beautiful! I have a question for you? How can Anna Kreisling build a Castle like this on GOVERNMENT LANDS??? This Castle looks really spooky and spectacular! I bet it cost $125 Million to build! Just so you know, one of Klansmen was so nice to tell me all about this meeting, and he gave me the SPILLER and BURR pistol given to him by Gen. Robert E. Lee! Boy what a nice guy! If Robert E. Lee gave me a SPILLER and BURR, I wouldn't give to some General in a Jeep! What a nice guy!

Prof Henry Watson, London, 08.11.2015

Dear Dr. Samuel Feinstein UCLA,
Thank you so very much for sending me pictures of Hitler's Cat Snitzel. It is amazing that British Propaganda in 1946 came up with the story of Hitler killing his beloved German Shepherd Blondi in the Bunker. The remains of this German Shepherd were never found. They also did not find Hitler's body, or the body of Eva Braun, or the body of Martin Bormann. This leads to one conclusion, after Hitler and Eva were married, they were taken down a tunnel to a Junkers JU-52 on floats that was moored at the river a mile and a half from the Bunker. Late at night it is reported that Anna Kreisling flew them north to Denmark. Three of the best pilots in the world were in that Bunker, Hans Baur, Anna Kreisling and Hannah Reitsch. Any of them could have flown Hitler out. So why was Anna chosen? This is the clever thinking of Martin Bormann, who always arranged things with three choices. First he knew Hans Baur would be interrogated after the war. Next having Hannah Reitsch there draws suspicion away from Hans Baur. But Anna Kreisling was kept in the dark, away on missions in Japan. Martin Bormann saw her as the perfect choice, even more intriquing is that Martin Bormann may have plotted her death. We know today that after she flew Hitler and Eva to Denmark, she received new orders, very dangerous orders, to test fly the Horten V-9 jet and smuggle it out of Germany. Ziller had been killed flying this jet, and Martin Bormann may have thought that if Anna Kreisling died, then after the war, the entire world would focus only on Hans Baur and Hannah Reitsch! Both could tell quite honestly that they had not flown Hitler out of Berlin! The amazing thing is that Anna survived and was captured by Gen. Patton's Army! For six months Stalin looked for her, Werner Von Braun and the OSS looked for her, but she had disappeared. Then when the Christmas issue of STARS AND STRIPES appeared and the picture of Anna Kreisling pouring coffee in a tent for Gen. Patton was published, the OSS came and arrested her and flew her out of Germany! Stalin was so enraged that she had escaped it was at this time he ordered Gen. Patton to be murdered! For more information on this read everything you can find about OPERATION PAPERCLIP. More than 55,000 Nazi Scientists and important people were brought to the United States!

Pepper Gomez, Delano Californi, 07.11.2015

Si, I am Pepper Gomez,
I like to pick oranges, and cut grapes and eat Tamales and drink lots of Cervaza, also Tecquilla!
Me no lie, yesterday at Porterville Airport I saw a big jet land, and a really big nice Mercedes with six wheels was rolled out and then I saw Adolf Hitler! Behind Hitler was the senorita Anna Kreisling, so nice, mucho grande bonitas! then I saw Heinrich Himmler!
Pepper Gomez got to go! Lots of stuff happening at Porterville Airport!

Dr. Albert Bernhardt , MIT, 07.11.2015

Dear President Obama,
I am writing to you so you can convey to the CIA to stop this nefarious falsehood of having 35 full time writers write crazy insane stories about Anna Kreisling and AREA 51.
All of these writers I'm sure are talented people who are paid by the CIA to write insane things. But the problem is no one is fooled by this.
Fully 98% of the public knows that Anna Kreisling is a real person. Recently a picture of her from 1955 emerged and she is absolutely gorgeous! Ice blue eyes, red lips, she looks like Grace Kelly who later became the princess of Monaco! Then the writers at the CIA went nuts and had her teaching PEE WEE HERMAN how to ride a Giant Tarantula at AREA 51. According to British MI6 Intelligence they honestly believe that the United States is raising Giant Spiders at AREA 51! 72% of the people inside Syria are terrified that Giant Spiders are outside and walking around!
Then we have the Russians, Vladimir Putin is giving speeches at the UN demanding that you President Obama arrest Anna Kreisling, and that he will release Edward Snowden when you hand over the WHITE WOLF OF THE LUFTWAFFE to him in Moscow! What is the CIA up to??? Is their a reason behind so many writers at the CIA writing such insane stories about Anna Kreisling???
There is a cover-up going on! Here are reasons!
1. When the BELL project was brought out of Germany and flown to Wright Patterson AFB in 1945 by a Junkers JU-390. This was all part of an agreement reached by the OSS, Martin Bormann, and Heinrich Himmler.
2. This was why Anna Kreisling was brought back from Japan in April 1945 and told to report to the Bunker in Berlin. That she was to have two Junkers Ju-52 Trimotors prepared to fly important people out of the Bunker.
3. On April 28th 1945 she flew Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and Martin Bormann out of Berlin. All three of these people reached South America.
4. On May 7th 1945, Anna Kreisling was captured by the U.S. Army while landing a Horten V-9 jet. We know today that three Horten V-9 jets were completed. Ziller was killed flying the first Horten. Anna was captured in the 2nd Horten. The Third Horten Jet was captured also by Patton's Army sitting pristine in a hangar north of Frankfurt Germany.
5. Now comes the intriqing part! Why was both Hannah Reitsch and Martin Bormann ordering Anna to test the Horten so late in the war? We now know today why! Anna Kreisling not only was assigned to test the Horten, but to smuggle it out of Germany. Why? What was so damned important about the Horten Jet and why did the Nazi's want it brought to South America? Many German Scientists I have talked to tell me their was a secret Device installed in the Horten that would make it possible for it to fly through time. That this was considered part of its STEALTH Configuration.
Another thing I do not understand is once this jet was captured by Patton's Army. Why did Anna Kreisling hide for so long amongst the soldiers of Pattons Army?? It wasn't until January 12th, 1946 that the OSS found her and flew her out of Europe to Wright Patterson AFB to meet with Werner Von Braun. He had been demanding that the OSS find her and bring her to him.
As you can see Mr. President, please inform the CIA that all of these writers must do other assignments!

Mabel Raymond, 05.11.2015

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Senator Harry Reid Nevada, 03.11.2015

Dear President Obama,
I am here in Ar Raqqah, Syria, helping our brave 55 American soldiers do a good job releasing the 58,987 ZOMBIES that have been flown in. This is a good batch of Zombies, all moaning and groaning wanting to eat some brains and livers.
Mr. President we do have some problems, first I had to kick John Kerry out of Syria. This piece of Cat Crap was trying to sell our boys some defective bicycles. Dangerous machines that should have never been passed out to our boys, hell Mr. President, even the Zombies refuse to ride these things!! They'd rather just walk down the roads looking for someone. This leads us to our next problem! The ZOMBIES do not like the taste of ISIS. These Arabs have no brains, they are to skinny, they have no testicles to eat, these poor ZOMBIES would be better off trying to eat a dead cat! Plus Mr. President, once the ZOMBIES are loose, who is going to round them up??? What happens if they cross the border into Turkey??? Thanksgiving is coming soon and everybody in Turkey will have a big fat Turkey on their table and they will be celebrating the first Muslims to land in America! The Muslims had a rough time that first winter, but when the Indians saw how beautiful the Arab Girls were, they showed them how to plant corn and fish and shoot Turkeys. Since that Day Turkey has always celebrated THANKSGIVING DAY.
Tonight I'm sitting around the campfire, got my guitar and a mess of beans a cookin. Got 22 Cowboys singing KUMBAYA and even Pee Wee Herman is here trying to get some sleep and dreaming about riding FRED tomorrow across Syria, spreading the good News that the Zombies are coming! Yes sir Mr. President, BUSH and Cheney may have destroyed the Middle East, but were going to make it better!

Dr. David Hansen, Reno Nevada, 29.10.2015

Dear Anna Kreisling,
Like many pilots who went to the Reno National Air Races from 1972-1992 I remember you. You flew a silver and red Douglas DC-3, which you parked on the ramp near the hangars and many children and adults saw the cockpit of the DC-3. My favorite picture of you was when you were wearing pink shorts, and a brown leather flying jacket. You looked like a Las Vegas showgirl, and their were always many beautiful women who went to the Reno National Air Races!
I also remember you from the Merced Antique Air Show, because many times you flew a Beechcraft Staggerwing Biplane and parked it near my Beechcraft.
I also remember meeting James Newsom who flew into the show with a bright yellow Taylorcraft. In 1978 you took James Newsom up in a Green and cream colored GREAT LAKES BIPLANE and the crowd was in awe! You put the GREAT LAKES into a death spin at 8,000 feet and did the same thing that Ernst Udet did in 1938 at the Cleveland Air Races.
When the GREAT LAKES landed James Newsom was smiling but as soon as his feet hit the ground he had to go and sit down. Anna Kreisling had done so many spins and rolls and high G turns, that he had to take it easy for two hours to get his stomach back to normal!
Many people today do not know what a GREAT LAKES Biplane is or what she can do, but that day at the Merced Antique Air Show, the crowd could see what a German Lady Pilot could do!

President Barack Obama USA, 25.10.2015

Dear Donald Trump,
I have read your letter and would like to respond to it! Yes as President I do have access to some really TOP SECRET information. Here are Seven Examples!
1. Yes Anna Kreisling did fly Adolf Hitler, Eva and Martin Bormann out of Berlin. She even flew Blondi, Hitler's Dog out! Even Hitler's Cat, SNITZEL!
2. Yes a Junkers JU-390 did fly over New York on August 28th at Noon! Altitude was 6,500 feet. Edward Simpson of the New York Times took over 16 magnificent photos of it as it circled once around the Empire State Building, then headed out over the Atlantic Ocean!
3. Yes President Kennedy was killed in Dallas Texas by the Russian KGB and the Mafia.
4. Yes there are over 27 different Alien bodies at AREA 51, and yes Donald, they have many live Alien Monsters there! This is why you won't see my black ass at AREA 51! Do you think I am crazy??
5. China now has a Nuclear Submarine cruising off the coast of California, loaded with Ballistic Nuclear Missiles aimed at more than 21 Major American Cities. This Submarine Commander Hu Wang Tow does not need permission from Hu Jin Tao, or Xi Jinping to fire these missiles! This scares the crap out of me! If this Chinese guy wakes up with a Hangover we are in big trouble!
6. Yes their are Secret Nazi Bases on the Moon and Mars, NASA WILL CONFIRM THIS TO YOU.
7. Finally Donald Trump I can confirm that you will not be the next President of the United States. Hillary is going to beat you by 26 million votes! I don't care if this upsets you, but facts are facts! Look on the bright side, at least you will get the Republican Nomination!

Richard Summers New Mexico, 24.10.2015

Dear V.P. Joe Biden,
Man I know how you feel, I was in London watching the Royal Family dress up their potatoes. Prince Harry has over 127,000 Potatoes all dressed up for the Battle of Waterloo. I thought at the time that only the Brits were BATSHIT CRAZY, but now I can see that Americans have been infected with this desire to command an Army and to sing to your Potatoes!
Hey forget all this STAR WARS toys! What I want for Christmas is a 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390, Just like the one that Anna and Hans and Peter and Max flew over Michigan in 1943! I would love to hang this Junkers JU-390 in my Living Room right above the Fireplace!

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 22.10.2015

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS;
I was walking out of the White House and I was getting ready to announce that I was going to run for President, when a beautiful green and red Hummingbird came and whispered something in hairy fuzzy ear! He said," Don't forget about your Potatoes!"
Then memories of the night before flooded my senses! Every night I arrange my potatoes and dress them up in their tiny little uniforms, and I pass out the tiny little band instuments and then I begin to sing to my Potatoes! After three hours of singing, I wander into the White House garage and look at my Harley Davidson! I remembered the good ole days of listening to STEPPENWOLF and blazing down the Highway with my Coon Skin Cap on and wearing just a Silvery G-String, looking for adventure and scaring the crap out of every Willie NELSON fan in Texas!
I'm 72 years old and I really miss my life back then! Do I really want to spend the next eight years as President when I could be riding around on my Harley and watching Blondes with Ray Guns burn the pants of my Hairy Biker Bros!! Man I just want to sing to my Potatoes, eat some clam chowder, drop some Acid and listen to the Jefferson Airplane!! If Jerry Brown can do it, why can't I??? This is America, and we should have the freedom to sing to our Potatoes!!! God bless you all, and God bless America and my Potatoes!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 22.10.2015

Dear Anna Kreisling,
As you have read in my speech,,the United States is supporting all kinds of Terrorist Groups in Syria. You have been working with the Free Syrian Army for the last four years. You have also met with the leaders of ISIS and Al-Quaeda to try to destroy ASSAD, the most kindest, nicest guy that I know! He is so decent that when we are playing Poker and I have to go use the bathroom, he does not look at my cards! This wonderful happy guy is under attack, just because he has murdered 300,000 women and children in Syria. So what if he has used SARIN GAS, so what if he has used Russian Hind Helicopters to drop BARREL BOMBS on civilians! If you are a leader of a nation, you have the right to kill anyone in that nation!
So Anna, I hope you go back to Germany, drink some beer and calm down. The Russian Air Force and Army are in Syria to help ASSAD kill anyone he wants. ASSAD has given me a list, and I'm checking it once, I'm checking it twice for all the Arabs he wants to kill. It is a big long list!!!
Wow! Anna, would you believe it, but Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the leader of Iran has given me a list also, and the same people are on his list!! This is a lot of Arabs for our Russian Aircraft to bomb! So Anna, get out of Syria, go back to AREA 51, stop trying to help the Arab people!

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 21.10.2015

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS;
The reason I am going to run for President is not because I want revenge against Anna Kreisling. Every hot gorgeous beautiful Blonde has the right to defend herself. Most Blondes know karate, or they will throw a fork at you, but this Hot Hot German Blonde was using a ray gun and burned our pants off! Just because they tried to grab her and have their way with her! In Yemen they give knives to their women so they can protect themselves against Bikers and Tourists. But Ray Guns?? I should be grateful that her SAMURAI Bodyguard was not with her, they would have used their Katana Swords on us!
But Rachel the real reason I want to run for President is to bring some Common Sense and some sanity back to our Government. I want to unite this country and bring back this respect that we used to have for each other.
When I spoke with Anna Kreisling when I was recovering in the hospital, she told me how Adolf Hitler united all of Germany, that Germans shared this great love of family and country. That it was this love for Germany which drove and motivated the people to pull themselves out of the Depression and to make Germany a great nation again. Anna spoke of how the SS LEIBSTANDARTE was filled with many young Germans who used to belong to Socialist and Communist Youth Groups. But because they loved Germany so much, they united as one with Adolf Hitler. Once they were in the SS their past was never spoken of again, instead everyone was working for a better future.
America has greatly benefited from the many Germans that were brought here in 1945 and 1946. Anna Kreisling loves the people of Mexico and all of South America because they are Catholic, Christians, they love their families and they love their nations. She reminded me that many Germans were welcomed into Argentina and everywhere in South America. This is why today there are many Top Secret Nazi UFO Bases in South America! This is why you can see so many FLYING SAUCERS in the sky over Mexico. Rachel, speaking of Mexico, did you know that Germany sent Pancho VIA FOUR Albatross C-III two seater aircraft in 1916! That four German Pilots came with the planes and were used by Pancho Via during the Mexican Revolution. That when Pancho Via invaded Arizona, their were Germans overhead flying Recon Missions and telling him what was going on! That the U.S. ARMY tried to counter this by flying Curtiss Jenny's and the observers many times would shoot at each other from the back seat of these aeroplanes! Using various weapons such as the Colt 45 pistol, the 30-40 Krag Rifle, shotguns, Mauser Rifles, Luger Pistols, Mauser Broomhandle Pistols, etc. I tell you Rachel, the sky over ARIZONA was an exciting place in 1916 and 1917!

jenny wilson, 20.10.2015

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