Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Deghan
His Highness Prime Minister Achdamininutjob,
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Dear Donald Trump,
In the last three weeks you have tried to contact me seven times to get me to support you for President.
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For me to feel like supporting you for President, you must first give a speech saying how much you admire Hillary Clinton and while you may disagree about policy,,you feel that she is a great American Patriot. Donald, chivalry must return to Politics, you must start treating women with respect and honesty. I am sickened by your remarks about her. These are the words of a bully, not a gentleman and certainly not someone who is running for President.
Adolf Hitler cherished his mother, he cherished all women. He was very comfortable in a room full of women having dinner. He enjoyed listening to them and enjoyed their company.
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Dear Sean Hannity FOX NEWS;
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The reason the Nazi's have over Seven Rocket bases on the Moon is that it is impossible to target them with ICBM'S based on the Earth! This is why the CIA and the NSA and NASA keep these bases listed as TOP SECRET!
So Donald Trump, all you can do is make fun of Hispanic People, while Hillary Clinton is getting all the money and the support from the NAZI Party!!! You piece of monkey crap!! Whey don't you and Sean Hannity ask Anna nicely to support your Presidential Campaign?? Do you want to lose????

Dr. James Adkins, San Franci, 22.08.2016

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS;
I teach history here within the San Francisco schools and Gen. Robert E. Lee is correct about the NORTH and the Rich Elite starting the Civil War for their own financial gains. In 1838 when these rich land barons and wealthy men of Industry decided to wage war against the South. They honestly thought the South could be defeated in six months.
The South was also guilty of being arrogant. They were very proud to brag that one Southern Boy could whip 10 Yankees, because they could ride a horse and shoot a gun better than Turd Tick that came from New York!
Also Rachel Maddow another subject that is not taught in our History Classes is the War Crimes committed when Sherman marched through Georgia. He was ordered by President Lincoln to cut a 55 mile wide path of destruction through the South! This meant killing everything. Entire Southern families were nailed to barns and then they were set on fire. More than One Million Southern Women were Raped. Black Slaves in the fields were shot down, simply because the Northern troops were bored and hated the Blacks. This 55 mile wide path of destruction was described in Yankee papers as a glorious vengence brought on by God to punish the South. Today Sherman, Lincoln and Grant all would have been branded as War Criminals, but because the NORTH won the war, you will never see this accurately shown in history books in the State of California.

Adolf Hitler, 20.08.2016

Dear Edward Snowden,
You have my deepest sympathy, stuck inside Moscow, freezing your cajones off every winter. The reason Russians are such nasty smelly people is that they freeze their Heines off every winter and then when Spring comes all that dead Butt tissue starts to rot and smell.
Edward, you need to come back to the USA and bravely face the American People and tell them the truth. That yes Anna Kreisling did fly me out of Berlin, and yes I am having a great time here in Morro Bay feeding Sammy the Seal and painting great fantastic works of art!

Edward Snowden, Moscow, 19.08.2016

Dear Donald Trump,
By now you have had a Class Level VII in depth Intelligence Briefing. This is something only 300 people in our Government have access to. You have been told the following Top Secrets.
1. We are in the middle of an ALIEN Invasion by a Reptillian highly intelligent race.
2. They have taken control of IRAN and ISIS using a blood transfer that makes any human a hybrid. Part Reptile, part human and fully controlled by this ancient Race.
3. That the Nazi's have more than 227,000 people living on the Moon.
4. That the Nazi's have seven major Rocket bases on the Moon.
5. That the three most powerful people on the planet are Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Anna Kreisling!
6. That Vladimir Putin is very angry that Russia was never told the truth about OPERATION PAPERCLIP, and many other events!
7. Anna Kreisling and the Nazi's have developed Time Travel and GATE TECHNOLOGY from the humble BELL PROJECT FROM WORLD WAR II.
8. That Anna Kreisling and the Nazi's are trying to save the world from a coming Nuclear War, which is supposed to start in August, sometime in the next four years.
Now my question Donald Trump, what are you going to do with this information?? Hide it from the Public??

Craig Larson, Reno Air Races, 15.08.2016

Despite the fact that this lady, Anna Kreisling is protected by the CIA and the NSA. Many pictures of her exist. Those of you who remember when Steve Hinton crashed the RED BARON P-51 Race Plane at Reno. He hit the ground right in front of the grandstands, and the airplane tore itself to pieces. Before it could explode three people were pulling him out of the cockpit. One of these was a Blonde wearing a brown leather flight jacket. This was Anna Kreisling. Her Douglas DC-3 was parked in front of the hangar to the right of the grandstands. Also go to the Pacific Flyer Flying Magazine, Australia, June 2001 issue, page 23 upper right hand corner. This is a superb picture of her. Try getting it published in North America and you will discover that because of CENSORSHIP you can not do it.

President George W. Bush USA, 14.08.2016

Dear President Obama,
Who cares about Fried Chicken? Here in Texas it is Steak and Beans, Steak and Chili, Steak and Tatters, Steak and Beer, Steak and Tecquila, and my favorite, Steak with roasted Pig with Green Beans!
Dear Gen. Robert E. Lee, you will have to forgive President Obama, he has no idea who you are, or what is going on around him. If he isn't playing golf, he is smoking Weed, or else staring at a map trying to figure out where IRAN is!! Man I really blew it back in 2002, I was looking at a map and a General asked me where we should invade, and I pointed at IRAQ!!! I wanted to point at IRAN,,,BUT I COULD NOT FIND IT!! SO we invaded IRAQ!! That was a real BIG SURPRISE TO SADDAM HUSSEIN, our best buddy in the Middle East! Did you know that Ronald Reagan said he was worth five of our Aircraft Carriers! That he fought IRAN for eight years and killed SIX MILLION PERSIANS!
Saddam and the IRAQI ARMY was the only thing stopping IRAN from taking over the Middle East! And we go in and hang him, then disband the Army and invite IRAN to come in and take over! No wonder people think OBAMA and myself smoke to much weed!
Last night Mahmoud Ahmadinijad, also known in IRAN as the President, and ACHDAMININUTJOB called me up last night and wanted me to help him steal Anna Kreisling's pristine 1972 British MGB roadster!
I asked him why he could not buy one?? And he tells me it is a challenge to steal her car, and it would be a lot more fun! I was thinking that he was on drugs, but he said he would pay me $25 Million if I could help him steal this car! Now I did some research, and this car is usually at AREA 51, THE MOST HEAVILY GUARDED AIR BASE IN NORTH AMERICA! Why does this crazy NUT JOB from IRAN want to steal her car?? Then it dawned on me that the entire water supply in Teheran must have lead and LSD in the water!
So President Obama, after you clean up the water in Flint Michigan, we must clean up the water in IRAN!!!

President Barack Obama USA, 13.08.2016

Dear Gen. Robert E. Lee,
Man it is Saturday Morning and I just woke up and some of my aides are yelling about someone wanting me to apoligise?? So I gets in the shower and get my weed on, and then I head to the golf course. It is Noon here in Washington D.C. and all your Congressmen and Senators are hard at work, in other words they are all out here playing golf! Now while I am playing golf with Col. Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken, I will let him say a few kind words to Robert E. Lee,
"Son when you living in the United States, you need to kick back and eat some of my fried Chicken! It is finger lickin good! And my mashed potatoes and cole-slaw is so good that you will feel like a hound dog who came across a plate of Tatters and gravy and black-eyed peas and some really nice barbecued Baby Back Ribs!! I love dem Baby Back Ribs! Son, you need to kick back like America's Greatest Hero Bill Clinton! You don't see him complaining or whining or crying like so many people these days! He gets out of bed and he goes flying around the world with Anna Kreisling and that Hot TUB in that Junkers JU-390, AND HE SAVES AMERICA'S BACON EVERY SINGLE DAY! Take China! The Chinese President wants to invade and take over the Phillipine Islands, and Vietnam, so we send Anna Kreisling and Bill Clinton! After 14 days of partying, the Chinese Communist Party and Xi and Hu are all passed out drunk and they do not want to invade anyone. They just want to find the bathroom and barf in the toilet! They want peace and calm for three years so they do not have any more headaches!
So in conclusion Robert E. Lee, count your blessings, go into business like I did and sell that Southern Fried Chicken!! Get rich and go play golf! If you are to lazy to work, become a U.S. Congressman!!

Gen. Robert E. Lee, 12.08.2016

Dear President Obama,
Since coming through the GATE at Wewelsburg Castle, just south of Yosemite National Park. I have been reading a lot of history books. Most of these books depict the South for starting the Civil War, my dear President, nothing could be further from the truth.
In 1838 more than 150 of the wealthiest men in the North met in Boston to plan a war against the South. They were very angry that the South could sell their Cotton and Tobacco to Europe for far better prices! At this time in history, Cotton and Tobacco were the biggest Cash Crops in North America. These fat corrupt Yankee Tycoons wanted not only to control all of these crops and resources, they wanted to destroy the South. Slavery they decided would be the moral issue of the war. No young man in the North would die to make them rich, but they would die for something called Freeing the slaves.
By 1878 Slavery would have been gone in the South. The new machines would have made slavery a thing of the past. This is what is sad about the Civil War, it did not have to happen. For 22 years the Southern People were treated like dogs by the Northern Yankees. The Federal Government told the Southern States that they had no rights, that they must obey all the commands of the Federal Government.
By 1860 War came, and the South was unprepared for a long war. The Yankees knew this, yet for a year and a half we won every battle, but we could not win the war.
President Obama, you and the U.S. Government owe the South an apology for your rape and terror of the Southern People. I am here as a guest of Anna Kreisling awaiting your answer.

Stanislav Belkovsky, MOSCOW, 11.08.2016

Dear Dr. David Steinbrunner UCLA,
We want to thank you for your article on the BELL PROJECT. Most of the public does not know that the BELL that Germany developed in 1945 was not only a new propulsion system but also a way of traveling through time, and even Dimensions! This Bell device when reduced to a ten foot sphere was the basis for the famous FOO FIGHTERS that Allied Bombers saw! This is what Anna Kreisling was testing on the Horten V-9 Jet on May 2,1945, the day she was captured by Gen. Patton's tanks. When the American brass took away this Horten as part of Operation Paperclip, they assumed the pilot had been a man who had run away! Little did they know that the real pilot Anna Kreisling was 55 yards away making a deal to pour coffee and keep her mouth shut, so she would not have to be turned over to the OSS!
The American Sherman tank drivers weren't about to turn her over to the brass, when she could pour coffee for them and cook breakfast!
By 1955 it was common over America to see Flying Saucers that would climb away and then just vanish! This matches the flight characteristics of the FOO FIGHTERS over Germany in 1944!
Make no mistake, Nazi Scientists were captured by the thousands by Gen. Patton. It was Werner Von Braun that insisted to the OSS to find Anna Kreisling.
Stalin was enraged when a picture of her in the Christmas issue of STARS and STRIPES 1945, showed her pouring coffee for Gen. Patton! The OSS flew her out of Europe and she was sent to Wright Patterson AFB. to meet with Werner Braun. This was at the time all part of what was called OPERATION PAPERCLIP!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 07.08.2016

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
I am in Rio with the girls watching the Olympic Games. Eva, Hannah Reitsch, and Leni Reifenstahl are all here with me cheering on the wonderful atheletes. My favorite is the Women's Beach Volleyball, while Hannah and Eva are in love with the swimming competition, while Leni is a big fan of archery and fencing. The opening ceremonies of the Rio 2016 Games brought back so many memories of the 1936 Berlin Olympics!
I think the two girls that played for Holland against Canada really did an outstanding job. The Canadian girls were so tall and amazing, but the Dutch girls really had spunk and pizazz and were excellent at Beach Volleyball. I wish the CIA would let me play Beach Volleyball for either the American Team or the German Team. This is not a sport for wimps! James Newsom my next door neighbor was playing this game for fun against us girls, when he went flying through the air and dislocated his shoulder. Beach Volleyball will get you into shape very fast!
At this time I would like to congratulate James for Volunteering every Monday Morning to sing at the Old Folks home. He is accompanied on the piano by a beautiful 73 year old lady from Holland,,JoHanna,,,together they bring back wonderful memories to these people and this is a great contribution to the community.
I have to return to the games, to the world, to all the wonderful atheletes, remember this German Maiden loves you!

GARY PEGGY, 06.08.2016

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Jeb Bush, 04.08.2016

Dear Hillary Clinton,
I would like to thank Anna Kreisling for letting me stay at the Wewelsburg Castle ten miles south of Yosemite National Park. This Castle is a work of art, very vast and with incredible views.
Anna invited me here to train with her, and to undergo some assertive aggressive training. It is a fact that when Donald Trump insulted my wife, I should have crossed the stage and kicked him in the cajones, then beat him to a pulp. If I had done that, I would have won the Republican Nomination for President. Let's get one thing perfectly clear, being nice does not mean that you are weak. Anna Kreisling is very kind and gracious, but if you threaten Hitler or Himmler, she will kick you right in the cajones and then carve you up like a Turkey Dinner!
At night here at the castle, Anna sleeps in her coffin which is golden as it is suspended in the air above the VRIL Fire! This green fire burns in the crypt of the Dead, and it is more about bombarding her body with this fire to purify her and rid her of all toxic poisons. When she enters a GATE, her DNA is encoded and this is why she will never age. This gift of life is given to all the heroes of the Third Reich, and they have a choice whether to remain in death, which is like a sleep, or to come and work for the Fourth Reich. To understand the power that this woman has, no one else has the keys to open these GATES.
Two very important people I have met at the Castle is Gen. Robert E. Lee and Gen. Longstreet. Gen. Lee is busy reading and discussing events with Anna and myself and he has conveyed a warm thanks to Harry Turtledove, the author of the book, GUNS OF THE SOUTH, he has found this book to be very entertaining and instructive on how he should have fought the Battle of Gettysburg!

Gordon Thomas, Bakersfield, 03.08.2016

Dear Anna Kreisling and Shania Twain,
Yesterday morning,,,I was driving through Bakersfield, Californy,,,,listening to the colored Gospel radio station,,,I just love Jesus! Da Preacher came on and said if I sent him $1,000 dollars dat all my dreams would come true. SO I DID!! Well he asked on the air what I would like to have for my $1,000 dollars!! And I said,,," I want to be just like Bill Clinton and get some of that fine Black Ask and some Peach Pie, and some ice cold watermelon and kick back and dream of Shania Twain naked!
Well folks, Bill Clinton appeared to me and told me to drive to Porterville Airport 55 miles north of here and all my dreams would come true! So I gets in my truck, and smoke me some weed and I'z a start driving right through a rainbow all the way to Porterville, California!
Man I get there and there is a big six engined Junkers JU-390 parked out front. And there is a big ramp in the back, so I just drives my truck right up into the plane! Lordy, rights in front of me is Bill Clinton, sitting in a HOT TUB, with some seven gorgeous Black girls all naked as a Jay Bird! Lordy all my prayers have been answered and I have died and gone to heaven! The ramp closed and Bill and me we just partied until I passed out!
Folks, I awoke with the wind blowing in my hair,,,and I looked over to my left and the most beautiful angel I have ever seen was driving the MG. She said that Bill and I partied for 37 hours, and Bill had passed out. She was driving me to CEASARS PALACE where I could relax for a week before going back to Bakersfield. Folks this Angel is Anna, and the Junkers JU-390 is back at AREA 51. Lordy she is gorgeous! Folks have you ever realized that this is proof that GOD EXISTS??? Women like this just can't be made in a Laboratory!!!

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