Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Vice President Joe Biden USA, 17.12.2017

Dear Santa,
For the last three years I have been making a model of NEW YORK just using Lego's!! Everything looks just like it did in 1943 with the Empire State Building as the crown jewel of this creation.
But something is missing. Dear Santa what I want for Christmas is a 1/18th scale model of the Junkers JU-390, so I can hang it above the Empire State Building.
Folks this was done on August 28th 1943 when a Junkers JU-390 flown by Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling flew over the city of New York.
So all of you Warbird 1/18th scale collectors take note; Tell Santa you want a 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390 to be delivered to your Man Cave! Why? Because this is the most awesome airplane on the planet!!

President Donald Trump USA, 15.12.2017

My Fellow Americans;
I want to wish all of you a Happy and Joyous Christmas. This Christmas will be a very special one for Melania and me. We live in the greatest country in the world and my hope is for all of you to have a wonderful Christmas.
2,000 years ago God intervened in human history to send his son Jesus, to be born in Bethleham, he would live and he would die, and then after 3 days he was resurrected from the dead. He is in heaven preparing us a place.
This Christmas Santa and Anna Kreisling will be flying around the world in a sleigh that is incredible and fantastic! Before Christmas Bob Hope and Bing Crosby will be flown around the world to perform for our troops in the best of our traditions. Remember the USO this Christmas, and remember our troops!
May God bless America, and may God be with you all!
Merry Christmas,
President Donald Trump 2017

Kimberly Johnson, 12.12.2017

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Anna Kreisling KG-200, 06.12.2017

I am very tired of stupid letters from Military Brass implying that we have Alien Monsters at AREA 51. This base does serious work in space and the people here are very dedicated professionals!
Now to something very important. This year I will be flying with Santa Claus and we will be visiting every boy and girl in the world. When you go to sleep, we will be landing on your roof and coming through your windows to leave presents underneath your tree.
For those of you who have been naughty and bad, like Donald Trump, we will leave a big smelly piece of Reindeer crap in your underwear drawer!
Santa loves milk and cookies, and so do I!!! If you leave a cookie for Santa and I, don't be surprised if you get what you really wished for this Christmas!
To all the American Soldiers, don't worry we will fly into your base and bring BOB HOPE and Racquel Welch to sing and dance for you the way they did at Danang Air Base in Vietnam. We will also have Anita Bryant sing Silent Night for you.
This next year 2018, let us all pray that peace will prevail, and our World Leaders will be humble and pray for peace, not beat the drums of war.
Two days ago I drove my glacier white 1972 MGB from Porterville Airport to Three Rivers. America is such a beautiful country, America is a great country because the people are great. I urge the people around the world to remember how decent the American people are. Do not judge America by its leaders.

Gen. Mike McDonald U.S.A.F., 05.12.2017

Dear General Oh Gum Choi, North Korean Air Force,

Your letter to President Trump was very interesting. First you wanted to know about OPERATION PAPERCLIP. Well General even though World War II ended a long time ago, there are still over 18,000 documents that are still classified TOP SECRET and most of them entail OPERATION PAPERCLIP! 1945 was a time when we brought to the United States 55,000 of the most brilliant and dedicated Nazi's that we could find. Werner Von Braun, Anna Kreisling, etc. etc. etc.
We also brought over hundreds of Secret Weapons, and the greatest prize of all was DIE GLOCKE. Flown to Wright Patterson AFB by SS Col. Hans Kammler, in a six engined Junkers JU-390.
General Oh Gum Choi, this is why it is not wise to start a war with the United States. What they now have at AREA 51 is mind blowing! Imagine your worst nightmares and believe me they have worse things there. Creatures from all over the galaxy, spacecraft that are able to penetrate other dimensions and time. Human hybrids made for combat. At the center of all of this is the FOURTH REICH.
But a war in Korea would be a disaster for all sides. No sane person wants a war in Korea, there are no winners.
So tell Kim Jong Un to calm down, stop the threats, let some UN inspectors come in and see that you do not have Nuclear Tipped rockets aimed at Washington D.C.
We must stop this war, nothing is to be gained by war!

Cynthia Morgan, 27.11.2017

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Dr. Ben Weinstein, HAIFA, 24.11.2017

Dear Christopher Shores and Max Hastings,
There are two aspects to the Anna Kreisling biography that I find fascinating. The first is Hitler's nurse who attended to him in the hospital. After two years of research I can confirm the story of Hannah Kreisling coming from Estonia, part of the German Baltic Territory is quite true.
She served from 1916 as a nurse, and was the one who not only nursed Hitler back to health in 1918, but she was the one that told him repeatedly that he would someday save Germany, that he was destined to be a great Leader.
We know at the time she was a member of the VRIL Society and they were supposed to be in contact with not only the spirit world but also Alien beings who landed spacecraft in the forests of Germany to make contact with this group.
Today in 2017 this all sounds like science fiction, but the VRIL did exist, and many nurses and German women belonged to this group. It was in 1919 that the VRIL recognized Adolf Hitler as the Messiah that Germany was waiting for. We know today that both Adolf and Hannah were in love and participated in these ceremonial AWAKENINGS, in which they could see into the future. On January 10th, 1920 Anna Kreisling was born in Berlin with both Rudolf Hess and Adolf Hitler in the room witnessing her birth.
It was Adolf Hitler who knew the child was in great danger. Communists were everywhere, murdering anyone who believed in the right for Germany to exist. After Hannah Kreisling was murdered in her apartment in Berlin in 1923 by Communists. Hitler gave the child to Heinrich Himmler to be raised with his other daughter. It would not be until 1927 that Hitler would see her again and Heinrich had nothing but praise for the girl. One of the most famous photographs of Anna Kreisling as a young girl is with Heinrich Himmler looking together at a star on top of a Christmas tree. You can see that they have the same joy in their eyes.
In todays world the media tries to portray Heinrich Himmler as a monster. But the truth is he was very much a student of history. He was a pilot, a soldier, and a devoted family man. All of the children raised by Himmler have nothing but great things to say about him. Anna Kreisling has described Heinrich as the father who taught her how to fly and to use a sword. At the age of 16 he sent her to America with Ernst Udet to see America, and to learn more about flying from the airshows in the United States.

Kim Jong Un, North Korea, 21.11.2017


Dear President Trump USA,
So now you are calling me a Terrorist? Didn't you call me that last year?
Just wanted you to know that THANKSGIVING is coming and I hope you come to North Korea to help me carve a Turkey. We are giving Thanks to our Rocket Program and our Nuclear Bombs we keep making.
For Christmas I think I will blow up HOLLYWOOD,or Pearl Harbor, or maybe even Tokyo. Donald what do you think about dem apples? Just remember we have the 4th largest Air Force in the world. We have 66 rockets that can hit Hawaii. We also have enough soldiers to BLITZKREIG South Korea in six weeks. This is what the Pentagon says, not me!
What I am really worried about is the Nazi Army which has invaded North Korea twice when OBAMA was President. This force had over 26,000 half human, half wild pig soldiers. Each weighed around 987 pounds and had body armor and weapons that slaughtered my North Korean troops. Then these beasts would eat my troops. These wild pig monsters scared the crap out of my soldiers! This SS LEIBSTANDARTE Division led by Anna Kreisling killed over 110,000 of my troops. They used a flamethrower on my Korean butt, and I ran five miles with these Pig Monsters chasing me! Do you know what it is like to have these hogs after you! The fact that your butt is on fire is the least of your problems!
So Donald arrest Anna Kreisling and then we can talk about my Nuclear Weapons!

Adolf Hitler, 18.11.2017

It is with great sadness both Eva and myself to learn that Malcolm Young, one of the greatest musicians in the world has passed away at 64.
AC DC was not only a great Rock Band but an inspiration to all of us. Malcolm Young and his brother formed the greatest Rock and Roll Band in history!
My sincere condolences, all of us here are very deeply sad. May God be with you.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 13.11.2017

Dear Tommy,
I am glad that you are reading about Erich Hartmann. During World War II our fatherland produced many great pilots. One of my favorite pilots was Hans Joachim Marseille who served in JG 27 in Afrika, with 158 victories. He was a wonderful fun person to be around. He loved music and dance and I wish he had survived World War II. The sad thing about war is the people and friends that you lose.
Tommy besides the many pilots in the Luftwaffe, you should also read about the brave pilots who flew in the Italian Air Force in World War II. They did an outstanding job and many times they were outnumbered in the air, but they still kept flying. The Royal Air Force in North Africa lost many superb pilots to the Italian Air Force. One of my favorite planes was the FIAT BR-20 twin engine bomber. Japan bought more than 300 of them and they were also used as a Japanese Bomber over China.
Many people have written to me wanting to know why do I have a great friendship with President Bill Clinton. He was the last great President that this nation has had. When he left office we had a Balanced Budget and America was a respected nation around the world.
Both Bill and Hillary are great Americans. They love this country and understand what the Middle Class is struggling with. The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for always trying to harass and make up their false propaganda to try to destroy them.
America and the world was a better place in 1997.

Tommy Adkins, Fresno, CA., 13.11.2017

Tommy Adkins
Roosevelt High School

Dear Anna Kreisling,
My teacher read to us,"GERMANY'S GREATEST ACE, the story of Erich Hartmann 352 kills."
This was an article on the internet. Who do you think was a great pilot?

Sergei Lavrov, Moscow CCCP, 10.11.2017

We are watching your News broadcast here in Moscow and you are saying that Donald Trump can launch Nuclear Weapons anytime he wants to! Nothing could be further from the truth!
For President Trump to launch a FIRST STRIKE Nuclear Attack on Russia he would have to confirm to 7 Generals in the Pentagon that there was a need to launch Nuclear Weapons. This is nothing new, this has always been referred to as LEVEL 7, or Commander 7.
However we in Russia are very concerned about the NAZI'S and their arsenal of Nuclear Weapons. If President Trump got on the phone to AREA 51 and ordered Heinrich Himmler, or Anna Kreisling to destroy Russia with Nuclear Weapons, they would not hesitate! The problem with having NAZI's is that they follow orders! There is no doubt that if Anna Kreisling received an order to attack and devastate North Korea with Nuclear Weapons, she would.
The real reason the United States keeps secret Nazi Air Bases and Moon Bases is that it prevents both Russia and China from controlling the Earth.
Both China and Russia have ten times more Nuclear Weapons than the United States. But we do not have Nuclear Weapons on the Moon. These NAZI Bases on the Moon can not be destroyed with ICBM Missiles from the Earth.
This is why we urge the United Nations to address this problem. We must dismantle and destroy all the Nazi Bases on the Moon. It is time for the Germans to come back and live on the Earth!

President Donald Trump USA, 07.11.2017

Dear Sean Hannity FOX NEWS,
Sean I am leaving Japan a changed man. What I saw at Anna Kreisling's Castle has really humbled me. I used to think that opening a big Casino in Atlantic City, or being the President of the United States was a big deal. But now I realize that if it wasn't for people like Anna Kreisling, our world would descend into chaos and war.
First Sean I am flown to this Castle in a small two seater Flying Saucer and my pilot is this young Japanese Girl! I kid you not! She is 18 years old and she is wearing an SS Uniform with a Swastica armband and she lands right in the middle of this vast courtyard!
There to greet me are some of the meanest looking Warriors I have ever seen! 22,000 Samurai Warriors all standing and gazing at a massive white ivory throne encrusted with jewels. Then the drums began beating with some flutes and I can see the Emperor of Japan walking to this throne followed by Anna Kreisling and Heinrich Himmler!
Sean I am in the middle of this vast dome which is eight times bigger than a football stadium! As I watch a firey Gate is activated and the power that is surging through this Gate is scaring the crap out of me! I may be the President of the United States, but here I am just one of 22,000 warriors watching this GATE open up!
The first thing to emerge is two dragons that come out and go to either end of the stage. Then four Horsemen ride out and the riders stay with the dragons!
Two horses are brought, Anna's which is her magnificent white War horse, and a smaller Black horse with a red leather and gold saddle is brought for the Emperor! They mount and ride into the GATE and disappear! They are gone! And fear is gripping my stomach! For five minutes nothing happens and then the blinding white light is seen coming from the GATE, and the prescence of power can be felt coming from the GATE! Then Anna Kreisling comes riding through, followed by 12 of the last Emperor's of Japan. Behind them come more than 300 more Samurai Warriors.
Sean, this ceremony lasted more than two hours, and I'm stunned and in awe. Kim Jong Un has to be the biggest Moron on the planet to want to awaken this kind of power.
Sean, tomorrow I will be in South Korea.

President Donald Trump USA, 06.11.2017

Dear Vladimir Putin,
Well Boris, I am in Japan! What a country! The people are so gracious and kind. I wish more Japanese lived in the USA, I would be a lot more popular!
Vladimir, you really need a new first name! It sounds like I am talking to Dracula and you live in a big Castle!
Speaking of Castles! I am going on a tour of one of her Seven Castles she has built in Japan! This one I am going to is 100 miles north of Hiroshima. Why did she build seven Castles? I have been told that each Castle has incredible firepower and can hold underground up to 35,000 people. They are built to ensure the survival of Japan. Tonight I am told there will be 22,000 of her own personal Samurai Warriors that will witness a ceremony at this castle.
In two days I am going to China, and President Xi Jinping is upset that I have not brought Bill Clinton and Jennifer Lopez so we can party! I know how to party! I brought my Chubby Checker albums and Baby I do know how to do the TWIST! I also have all my BEACH BOYS ALBUMS and the BEACH PARTY MOVIES on VHS TAPES! The Chinese are going to go crazy when they see Annette in a bikini!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 02.11.2017

Dear Steven,
Yes it was 35 degrees below zero, one of my nuts is frozen solid, my eyeballs are freezing and I have to watch INDIANA JONES have mad passionate sex with Anna Kreising! Do you know what its like to have to watch those breasts bouncing all over the place and my eyeballs are frozen and I'm trying to watch all this! Then I see her beautiful tanned ass, bouncing around and my vision is gone! The next morning INDIANA Jones is prying me off the wooden strut like I am a statue! If I wasn't a Russian, I would have died!
What does she see in him?? He is a tall athletic looking American Bumb and she is the hottest Blonde on the planet. He is supposed to be fighting Nazi's, not making love to them!

Steven Downs, 02.11.2017

Hello President Putin,
I never did trust that Vickers. It felt like that thing was about to fall apart in the air. You may have nearly lost your nuts to hypothermia, but at least we did not break up in mid-air.

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 02.11.2017

Dear Steven Downs,
Hello, the last time I saw you I was freezing my nuts off in Syria strapped to the wing of a Vickers Vimy Bomber. Even though Anna Kreisling did not kill me, it was not nice to strap me naked to the wing of that massive Biplane and fly me out of Syria!

Fred Joseph, 02.11.2017

¿Está en busca de un préstamo para iniciar un negocio o para pagar facturas, por eso estamos aquí para ayudar a aquellos que necesitan un préstamo con un interés del 2%, así que vuelva a contactarnos. Espero su actualización con respecto a este asunto.
Gracias por su tiempo y comprensión!
Así que re

Steven, 02.11.2017

Hey there President Putin! How have you been? It has been quite some time!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 29.10.2017

Dear President Bill Clinton USA,

Please explain to President Trump that using Nuclear Weapons on North Korea, so close to China and Russia could start a Nuclear War.
War is not the answer in Korea, it is not an option. Kim Jong Un poses no threat to the United States. He does pose a threat to Japan, South Korea and China. This is why this is a Regional issue, not a Nuclear War issue.
Bill, for many years we have both known THE WHITE WOLF, Anna Kreisling. For more than 50 years her history and story has been TOP SECRET. Don't you think the time has come that she be revealed to the American Public??
We in Russia are very upset that Adolf Hitler was allowed to escape the Bunker in 1945 and to be flown out. Everyone seems to have been fooled except for STALIN who for more than a year tried to tell the world the truth. Three of the greatest Rescue pilots in the world were with Hitler in the Bunker in 1945. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling! Any one of them could have flown Hitler and Eva and Martin Bormann out of Berlin! But the facts point to Anna Kreisling!
Martin Bormann always did things in three's. He knew the British would interrogate Hans Baur. He knew the Americans would focus on Hannah Reitsch, but Anna was flown from Japan for this special operation. She was ordered by Martin Bormann to prepare two JU-52 Trimotors for this operation.
Then she was ordered in Denmark to go back and test the Horten V-9 jet and make sure it did not fall into Soviet hands! This was all part of the OPERATION PAPERCLIP!!
President Vladimir Putin CCCP

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