Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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President Bill Clinton USA, 27.07.2016

Dear Heinrich Himmler and Anna Kreisling,
Well I gave a great speech tonight! I was so good, I had the entire Democratic Convention in the palm of my hands! The only thing I did not do was sing them my favorite song,,,,I wish I was in Arkansas,
sitting on a rail,
Sweet Potato in my hand,
and a Possum by the Tail!!!

Anna, I was so good! I didn't tell them how I failed at becoming Governor of Arkansas and then went back to picking cotton. That day I was picking cotton and Hillary was drinking some sweet tea under the tree, barefoot and pregnant,,,,me just picking away,,,and then I looked up and saw you!! Sweat was coming down my face and I thought I was dreaming, you were on a beautiful white horse adorned with black leather. You gazed down at me and said,,," Bill do you want to pick cotton,,,or become President of the United States??" That was the beginning of my political Career!!
Anna thanks for all your money and time, and for helping me and Hillary. You were so brave when you came to the White House in 1997 and told me not to quit! That the Republicans were disgraceful to spend all that Taxpayers Money trying to impeach me! Then you helped me fight off all those Midget Whores that Newt Gingrich let loose in the White House! Then you saved my life in 1997 when I was kidnapped by Iranian Terrorists, and they had me tied up in Teheran, asking me all kinds of things about Arkansas and they were torturing me by painting my toenails pink!
Then here you come, slaughtering those Persians with your Samurai Sword and we were running for our lives down the streets with half the city chasing us! Anna your Douglas DC-3 looked so good and Hillary so brave as she held on,,, firing that 30 caliber Browning Machinegun,,,just mowing those Iranians down so we could jump in the DC-3 and make a spectacular takeoff over thousands of those screaming lunatic ice cream eating terrorists!
This is why Hillary needs to be President! Hillary knows how to mow down terrorists and shoot a Browning 30 cal. Machine gun!! Donald Trump only knows how to pick his nose and fart, and eat some more Bean Taco's and fart some more! You might say he has made a career out of this!
This is why

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 25.07.2016

Dear Aviation Week and Space Technology Editors;
What we know today about the Junkers JU-390 and OPERATION PAPERCLIP would fill volumes of books. Why? Because only in the last ten years have TOP SECRET Projects and Missions from World War II been De-Classified. We must continue this to earn the public's trust. Anna Kreisling and Hans Pancherz and the Junkers JU-390 flight over New York on August 28th 1943 is an example of a Luftwaffe mission by KG-200 which was kept secret throughout the COLD WAR. What really amazes me about Anna Kreisling and Hannah Reitsch was how fast they adapted to living in America. Both women visited President Kennedy, and we have the pictures to prove it! Both of these women were at the Bunker in April 1945 with Adolf Hitler. Along with Hans Baur, you had three of the best Luftwaffe pilots there with Hitler! Another fact about Anna Kreisling is that she spent time at Danang AFB in Vietnam in 1967. Why?? I do not know? Perhaps to study and evaluate the Air Operations that were going on there.

Dr. Dean Koontz UCLA, CA,, 24.07.2016

Dear Donald Trump,
So you have a picture in your office of President Jimmy Carter?? Big Deal!! Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and found a 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390,,,A HUGE AIRCRAFT,,,SIX ENGINES,,,TWIN TAILS,,,superbly done in Luftwaffe sky blue underneath and green and gray on top! This wonderful aircraft came with two pilot figures! Hans Jacob Pancherz and Anna Kreisling! We know today that Hans Pancherz was the Pilot in Command when this Junkers JU-390 flew over New York on August 28th, 1943.

Edward Snowden, Moscow, 23.07.2016

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
One of the reasons that President Obama does not want me to return to the United States is that I would be put on trial. At this trial many National Secrets would have to be revealed. This is something that the U.S. does not want.
An example of this involves Anna Kreisling. Make no mistake, the United States does not want the history of OPERATION PAPERCLIP and OPERATION BLUE MARS fully revealed. If the American public found out about the seven major cities on the Moon, all ran by the FOURTH REICH. That the Nazi's on the Moon have rockets trained on Russia and a host of other countries that threaten America. That Anna Kreisling is at the heart of AREA 51 and the secrets and technology that are guarded there. If the American public found out about the bases that the Nazi's have on Mars, and the GATE TECHNOLOGY that they are using there. That they have found evidence on Mars that a Nuclear War was fought there 22,000 years ago. That Mars is the home planet to the ARYAN RACE. That the book of Genesis in the Bible is actually the story of a Spacecraft coming to Earth and ADAM and Eve were the first true ARYAN Humans to colonize this world. In the Bible it talks of Angels guarding the gates to this paradise. To keep the Monkey Men out of the Garden of Eden. How Cain went to the land of NOD and married a Monkey Girl! Most people do not understand that the story of ADAM and Eve is about members of the Aryan Race trying to colonize this planet.
This is why Vladimir Putin is so afraid of the Nazi's at AREA 51. They are 300 years more advanced than the best science that the Russians have.
At this moment in time America could not survive without this advanced science and technology. China understands this and this is why China does not challenge America in the Pacific Region, even though they have the world's biggest Air Force and Army!
Finally I would like to thank Burt Reynolds and Anna Kreisling in trying to rescue me! Burt arrived here in Moscow in his Black Trans Am, and we drank a lot of beer and Vodka and were chased by over 287 Yugo Cars carrying the Russian KGB! Burt tried to jump the Volga River in his TRANS AM, but this is not Mississippi, so he did not make it and boy did we ever crash! However this made a great movie, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT in Moscow! Or HOW AN AMERICAN TRANS AM took on the entire Russian KGB!!

Col. David Langley USAF, 18.07.2016

Dear Anna Kreisling,
I wanted to thank you on behalf of the U.S. Forest Service for helping us put out so many fires in California. Our biggest problem is getting the chemicals and fire retardent to Porterville Airport. Over the last three months huge four engined Jet Tankers from AREA 51 have been bringing us stuff non-stop from AREA 51. We could not put out these fires without these supplies. AREA 51 is only a two hour flight due east of Porterville Airport. These huge massive jets kept us in the fight against these forest fires! Folks it is good for morale to have Anna Kreisling around. My pilots would see her drive by in her glacier white 72 MGB and they would stop complaining and would just stagger around and mumble about horses and cars for over an hour! By the way Anna Kreisling has a 1918 Fokker D-7 stored in a hangar on the northern end of the airfield, right next to Al Quatikers hangar and he owns a 1915 Fokker Eindecker.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 15.07.2016

To the brave People of France,
On Bastille Day, a cowardly Islamic Fanatic used a truck to run over and kill innocent women and children.
One scene that I saw was a brave French Man holding a baby and taking it to safety! This is what courage and bravery are all about.
To the people of France you have my deepest sympathy. Remember that all the people of Germany and America are praying for you. That every decent person in the world is standing with you! Paris and France and Nice are an eternal light to the world.

Adolf Hitler and Eva,,Morro Ba, 13.07.2016

Dear Donald Trump,
I like you. I like your ideas and your speaking ability is fair, but entertaining. I especially like your idea of a fence. Donald do you realize that the most important thing you can leave to posterity is your words or the buildings you construct. This is why Eva and I love Morro Bay. We can travel the world, and this is a quiet peaceful community with no BLACK LIVES Matter dumbkoffs running up and down the street mouthing off their Communist Slogans and then refusing to pay for their meals when they eat at DENNY'S!!
Donald while Anna Kreisling and Heinrich Himmler think that Hillary Clinton would make the better President. I think you have the will and the courage to be President of the United States! However you remind me of that dimwit Benito Mussolini. I was always bailing him out of trouble! But did I like him? Ya! I even rescued him with my best German Paratroopers! Donald, we in the Nazi Party are blessed with some really advanced Scientific Machines. One of these is of course the descendant of the Die Glocke, OR WHAT YOU AMERICANS call THE BELL PROJECT. Actually Donald it was this device that allowed the Third Reich to make a deal with the Americans and the British. This is why I married Eva Braun in 1945 and flew to Denmark to celebrate. Did Anna Kreisling fly me out of the Bunker? Of course she did! Why should I stay? The SS and Martin Bormann made a monkey out of STALIN!! Remember the doppleganger, DNA Testing has proved this was a woman, yet in your history books they still say I died in the Bunker! Amazing, this shows the value of propaganda! Not only did I fly out of Berlin, but I took my dog and my cat with me! I hate this story from the British Propaganda that I poisoned my dog Blondi! I would never hurt an innocent animal,,,do they really believe I would kill my own dog?
From Denmark we went to Norway, and then to Antarctica by submarine. After a year we went to live in Argentina. In 1964 on my death bed, Anna Kreisling came to me and she took Eva and I into a GATE of Light. Very frightening and awe inspiring. When we emerged from the GATE, both Eva and I looked like we were 33 years of age. Both of us in superb health. Once your DNA is encoded, we will live forever.
This began for the Fourth Reich our shared power. Eva and I are part of this. Anna Kreisling is part of this and she is the one who holds the keys to eternal life. For only she can activate the GATES. Heinrich Himmler has gone through this process and is alive and always very busy!
If you are wondering Donald, do the three of us get along, the answer is, superbly. Anna looks upon Heinrich as her real father, the man who taught her to fly, the father she shared every Christmas with. The great leader of the SS that she brought back to life using science.
Both Heinrich and Anna love both Eva and myself. We share this love of Germany, and this love for our Nazi Party. In these dangerous and perilous times, for our planet, for the animals of the Earth, and for our Aryan People. We are a blessing and a hope for the future!

Gina Moore, 12.07.2016

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Anna Kreisling KG-200, 12.07.2016

Dear Donald Trump,
Why do you call yourself President Donald Trump??? Did I miss voting??? By the way give my regards to your wife, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. How did you ever get so lucky??? She is gorgeous! Donald, if you ever invite me over, do not serve me any booze. After a few drinks my passion could run very wild!!
Donald do you really want to know the future? Trust me, you do not want to see what happens, it breaks my heart. Mankind has such great potential, yet we bring so much death and murder to this world.
Donald, just because one can see the future does not mean that you can change it. An example, for many years we sent teams of shooters into the future to stop the Kennedy Assassination in Dallas Texas. We were not successful.
CASE WHITE was our greatest success. In 1940 we had traveled into the future and we verified that CASE WHITE would be successful, the Invasion of France.
But Time Travel is difficult, dangerous, and sometimes you appear in a possible future, not the actual one that takes place. It means that their is more than one possible future at any given moment, but all are very real when you are there and experiencing it.
So who should you choose for Vice President if you want to win? There is only one choice and that is Newt Gingrich.
If you choose Gov. Mike Pence you will lose the election. If you choose Newt, you will win, it is that simple. But you are basically a Moron and will not take my advice, so you probably will choose Chris Christie, and you will lose the election.
Believe me, Hillary Clinton is in the same predicament! If she chooses Bernie Sanders, she will lose the election, if she chooses another woman,,,she will lose the election! If she chooses a certain man,,,,she will win. But her judgement is good! Hillary will make a great President!
Does Hillary win the next election??? Is the Pope Catholic???

President Donald Trump USA, 12.07.2016

Dear Anna Kreisling AREA 51,
I know for a fact that the Nazi's developed Time Travel in 1938. I know for a fact that you have traveled into the future! So, Anna, who should I choose for my Vice President?? I want to win so badly! Who should I choose!
Also I have a question for you? If the Nazi's developed Time Travel,,,HOW COME YOU LOST THE WAR???
Why are you so reluctant to tell the American people what happens in the future??? Does Donald Trump win??? Does Hillary win??? I want to know!

President Barack Obama USA, 11.07.2016

Dear Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Beirut,
Man I just finished smoking a Doobie here with Willie Nelson, and man I just Love your idea!
GUESS WHAT?? I was planning on bringing over 32 Million of you Islamic Jihad Broadway singers! Man you are perfect! I am going to make you a star!
Now here are some rules! I get 70% of your money in taxes. I also get 50% of your money you make working and singing on Broadway. I also expect you to vote 100% of the time for the Democrats. I also want you to pay me $10,000 dollars a month for Health Care Insurance. Whatever you have left will go for buying soup and Ramen Noodles.
Sheik Hassan Nasrallah,,,WELCOME TO AMERICA!!!

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Beirut, 11.07.2016

Dear President Vladimir Putin CCCP,
My best Hezbollah fighter Major Hadi Juvadi is just outside my steel door. I am watching five Zombies eating on him! One Zombie has ripped off his gonads, another is heating up his Penis using a ZIPPO Lighter. Another Zombie has a leg, another has his head ripped open and is eating his brains.
Vladimir, what is this crap about BLACK LIVES MATTER??? Don't HEZBOLLAH LIVES MATTER??? Why can't we ship the Blacks to Syria and me and my boys THE HEZBOLLAH TERRORISTS can come and live in the United States!! We could live in Florida and work at Disneyland! We could become Democrats and vote for OPRAH for President! Please contact President Obama and tell him Sheik Hassan Nasrallah is fed up with living in Lebannon and Syria. I want to come to America and become a singer on Broadway!! I could star in CATS!!! I could buy a pink chiffon dress!! I could buy some new panties! I could go on THE VIEW and talk about how much I love the ZIONIST MOVEMENT, AND HOW TO MAKE PANCAKES!!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 09.07.2016

Dear President Obama USA,
At this time I would like to express my sadness for the Policemen who were killed in Dallas, Texas.
It is hard to understand why people who live in America want to kill Policemen. Yet we see on television that there are many people in America who do want a society of anarchy and violence and bloodshed. You have so many Hollywood celebrities who urge Black People to kill Police.
My deepest sympathy to the Police and their families in Dallas, Texas.

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Beirut, 08.07.2016

Dear Emperor Kim Jong Un of North Korea,
Fidel Castro is right! RUN FASTER!! These Zombies will rip your balls off and eat them with some spaghetti! They will eat your BRAINS and then have your liver for dessert! Do you know how many of my HEZBOLLAH GUARDS they have eaten!! More than 3,567!! I have to stay locked in a cave and a steel door is the only thing that is saving my Persian butt! Why does the United States allow a Nazi airbase to exist in Nevada??? AREA 51 is where they raise these Zombies. It is AREA 51 THAT THIS BLONDE FROM HELL calls her home! Can someone get word to John Kerry that all of Hezbollah wants to surrender and go live in ISRAEL!!
ISRAEL is the only decent country to live in, in the Middle East! Everyone in Hezbollah wants to become Jewish and get circumcised!! We are tired of being eaten by Zombies and having to fight ISIS!! We want Peace!!

President Fidel Castro CUBA, 08.07.2016

Dear Gringo Kim Jong Un of North Korea,
Why are you calling me at 12 o'clock Midnite?? What is wrong with you? Didn't your MAMA teach you not to call anyone past nine O'clock at night??
You Gringos are driving me crazy! I do not care if Zombies are chasing your Kung Fu Korean Ass! What can I do??? Nothing!! Nada!!! Zip!!! You think that I am some LONE RANGER with TANTO who can save your Fat Gringo ASS???
Hey Kim,,,I do have some advice,,,,RUN FASTER!!!

Kim Jong Un, North Korea, 08.07.2016

Emperor and President Kim Jong Un
North Korea
Dearest Sec. of State John Kerry,
I was only kidding when I declared WAR on the United States. I am also sorry I called you THE SON of FRANKENSTEIN!
At this moment I am running for my life across an open green meadow, the yellow sun overhead is hot and behind me are 45 Zombies chasing me for lunch!
How did this happen? Anna Kreisling has invaded North Korea and 33,000 of my best troops have been slaughtered! Then these special shock troops hit my summer Palace and not much is left! Now I have Zombies after my Korean Ass and they are terrifying! Please stop Anna Kreisling! She do not understand me, I only care about Pizza and Playboy Bunnies,,,I do not want WAR!! PLEASE SAVE MY CAJONES!!!

Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS, 07.07.2016

Dear President Vladimir Putin of Russia,
Like most Americans we want to have a deep and warm relationship with Russia. We know from your past comments that you both admire and are very afraid of Anna Kreisling. I also find her amazing, and let me tell you why!
NASA has confirmed to me that our latest Satellite that we have in orbit around Jupiter got off course when it went into orbit around Mars to pick up speed,,,it went the wrong way!! NASA contacted Anna Kreisling at AREA 51 and within two hours they saw that a Nazi Spacecraft took off from its base in Mars and rescued this Satellite and sent it on its way towards Jupiter! This saved the American Taxpayers ONE BILLION DOLLARS!
Next in 1997 Anna Kreisling was at the WHITE HOUSE trying to encourage Bill Clinton not to quit,,,that he was a great President and he could survive this Republican attack on his Presidency! It was at that moment Newt released 15 Midget Whores at the White House,,,and their job was to bite off Bill Clinton's Swarzenneggarholstein!!!
For over one hour Anna Kreisling helped Bill Clinton fight off these Midget Whores! Since that time Bill Clinton has called Anna Kreisling his Guardian Angel!
So you see Vladimir, Anna Kreisling is important to the security of the United States and she is important to Hillary and Bill Clinton! America needs SUPERMAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA,,,,BUT AMERICA ALSO NEEDS ANNA KREISLING!!

Alecia Dave, 06.07.2016

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President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 04.07.2016

Happy 4th of July to America,
It is time for all Americans to understand that we here in Russia want to be your friends! At this time I would like to wish you a happy 4th of July, and to give you some good advice.
First, in 1957 no country was better protected than the United States of America! You had 1,457 Jet fighters protecting North America! Your Air Force Commanders used to brag that not one Russian Bomber could penetrate American Air Space! This is why the Junkers JU-390 flown by Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling over New York on August 28th, 1943 was such a TOP SECRET. During the COLD WAR it would have been embarrassing to reveal such a fact to the American People!
Today in 2016 it is just the opposite, America is so weak, that this is now considered TOP SECRET! In 2016 you have only 88 fighter jets on alert to guard the United States. You have another 100 that can be brought to Alert Status in two hours. This is so weak and pathetic that my own Air Force Commanders feel sorry for you Americans!
You are either broke, or you have lost the will to defend yourselves! Yet you spend $Billions of dollars listening to every telephone call in your country??? Your NAVY is getting smaller each day,,,and your ARMY is a joke. It is so bad that the Pentagon says that unless President Obama uses Nuclear Weapons against North Korea, Kim Jong Un and his Army could over run South Korea in SIX WEEKS!
Your own history proves that you need a good friend like Russia! First you invade IRAQ and kill Saddam Hussein, the No. 1 enemy of IRAN. Then you get out of IRAQ and let IRAN take over! Then you insult Israel and Saudi Arabia! Then you declare WAR on ISIS, and do nothing for three years! Then I send in the Russian Air Force to help you, and we kill 18,000 ISIS in three months of bombing. Your OBAMA Air Force only killed 227 ISIS killers in three years. This is bad, this is pathetic.
Now you Lie to the American People and tell them that they are safe. That they have a strong military. That your Veterans are having great hospital and medical care.
This is why you need Russia to be your friend, so we can protect you, and tell you what is going on in the world. Happy 4th of July America, good luck with your Presidential Election!

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