Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Gen. Scott Davis U.S.A.F., 19.10.2017

Dear Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow,

Recently President Trump called for a TEN fold increase in our Nuclear Weapons. Why did he say this? Because the United States is the weakest it has ever been militarily.
If we went to war against North Korea we have only enough Military supplies to last one month.
Right now we have fewer Nuclear Weapons than Russia or China. Example; We have only 1,278 combat ready Nuclear Weapons in our arsenal. China has more than 38,900 Nuclear Bombs. Russia has 12,800. As you can see we are really facing a disaster! Now here is the fact that they won't tell the American Public. Both Russia and China will not dare have a Nuclear War with the United States! Why?
Because the Nazi's that are on the Moon have more than 4,800 Missiles aimed at both Russia and China. These Nazi Nuclear Tipped Missiles on the Moon can not be destroyed by missiles here on Earth.
Also at Nazi Military Bases around the world they have enough firepower to totally destroy Russia and anyone threatening the United States!
Here is another fact they don't teach you in High School. President Trump can not order a Nuclear Strike on North Korea. He would need the approval of Seven Generals in the Pentagon to do so. Believe me they would never give their approval!! However if President Trump were to call up Anna Kreisling, Adolf Hitler or Heinrich Himmler on the phone and tell them to Nuke North Korea,,,they would turn North Korea into a radioactive desert! No one would survive, not even that Cockroach Kim Jong Un.
So why doesn't President Trump call them?? Because deep down he does not want a war. He wants to see KOREA united as one country like Vietnam.
But what concerns me is that the USA is relying on a bunch of Nazi's for our National Security! Right now the Nazi's are our friends, but what of the future? Suppose some crazy Democrat becomes President who does not like how the Nazi's are protecting us! What if Bernie Sanders orders Anna Kreisling to be brought to him in chains? What if SUPERMAN and Captain AMERICA obey him? What happens then??

Dr. David Rothstein, Tel Aviv, 17.10.2017

Dear Dr. John Goddard NASA,
In my book, " ADOLF HITLER," I wrote about seven things that no other person has ever revealed about Hitler.
1. That not only did Adolf Hitler love cars, he had dreams of someday racing at LE MANS and winning! Adolf Hitler loved the Mercedes Cars, but his favorite cars were the MG racing cars made in England. He gave strict orders to the Luftwaffe that the MG car factory at Abington on Thames was not to be bombed.
2. Today in Morro Bay California Adolf Hitler owns 27 cars and five of them are MG's! When Anna Kreisling visits she usually drives her glacier white 1972 MGB.
3. Adolf Hitler loved to drink Irish Whiskey! During World War II he strictly forbid the Luftwaffe to bomb any Irish Whiskey making place!. His favorite Irish Whiskey was Kilbeggan!
4. During World War II, Hitler had KG-200 fly C-47's over to Ireland painted up like RAF aircraft to bring back gallons and gallons of Irish Kilbeggan Whiskey so the News on the Eastern Front could be thought about more carefully!
5. On many of these Top Secret flights Anna Kreisling was at the controls of these KG-200 C-47's!
6. Adolf Hitler also deployed over three U-Boats off the coast of Ireland to make sure that he was well supplied with Irish Whiskey!
7. When Adolf Hitler and Eva and Martin Bormann was flown out of Berlin on April 28th, 1945. Anna Kreisling was at the wedding of Hitler and Eva with seven bottles of Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey. Then seven SS Officers heard her say," Mein Fuerher,,we now need to walk this way down the tunnel so we can get our asses out of here, so that the Russians do not figure out how we pulled this great escape on them! Besides you and Eva are now going to Norway for the beginning of your Honeymoon! So Adolf, grab your hat and don't worry, we have all your stuff loaded on our Junkers JU-52 Trimotor. So come on, have another two fingers of whiskey and let's go!"
Then Adolf Hitler said," Anna, wait until the stupid Russian dogs show the pictures of the fake Hitler to Stalin, he will go insane looking for you. Stalin will know it was you who flew me out of Berlin!"

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 14.10.2017

Dear David Nunn,
I hope you and your family and everyone in Dallas is doing well and recovering from the storm.
David, I am back at AREA 51, and it is cold here tonight. I am sitting outside by a fire watching a Green Geo Screen light up all the aerial traffic over Nevada and California as we conduct our night operations.
I am very sad tonight. In many ways I feel I have failed to protect the people of the United States, the people of the world, and the amazing animals and wildlife that we have. There is mass insanity in the world right now.
David you asked if the future as portrayed in the movie BLADERUNNER 2049 will happen??
David the truth is, it is more complicated than that. Yes I have seen the movie, and it is a superb movie that must be seen twice to really understand the full impact.
Our first glimpse of the future took place in 1940, when we sent someone through time to see if CASE WHITE, the invasion of France would work. That person brought back a copy of LIFE magazine in which it spoke of a successful invasion of France. This allowed Hitler to proceed with confidence!
Today in 2017, we know that in August of each year for the next Four years there is an 88% chance of a Nuclear War. This war if it happens will last 30 years.
It is my goal and duty to stop this coming war, but I am very sad and upset that I will not be able to save humanity.
This last August we were successful, but next August the same threats are appearing. Nuclear War can be started so easily if certain events happen.
BLADERUNNER 2049 is a real possibility, but David advances in CRISPUS Research plus the DNA sharing going on where you combine the DNA of a wild Pig with a human to get a soldier that is terrifying to stop. This hybrid human research is going on right now.
In the far future the human race will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. This is why we in the Nazi Party are working to save humanity by creating a Master Race. I am a product of this Science and Research. Even though I am 97 years old, when you look into my eyes I appear to be 33 years of age.
David, what you must do is to study hard at school and embrace science and work to save the Earth. The future can be a great and wonderful place, if all of us work to try to prevent wars and the destruction of our wildlife and our planet.

David Nunn 8th grade, DALLAS, 14.10.2017

Dear Anna Kreisling,
I just went to see BLADERUNNER 2049 and it was an awesome movie. I enjoyed it so much I went to see it again. My question to you,,,Is the future this grim??
Is the movie BLADERUNNER 2049 a realistic look at our future??

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 09.10.2017

Dear People of New Zealand,
When I retire as Flight Director of AREA 51, I wish to retire to New Zealand. This nation is what America was back in 1957, full of life and people who had integrity and honesty.
Recently, 22 pilots came from New Zealand and they brought with them eight Fokker Dri Triplanes to fly at Porterville Airport. Along with my Fokker D-7, Pat Tomlinson and his Sopwith Pup, James Newsom and his British S.E.5a, and Ken Jacobsen and his SPAD XIII, we put on quite a show!
It was in New Zealand that I had the chance to fly a Fokker Dri Triplane. I was so impressed with this fighter, that I later in the week went flying with eight other Fokker Triplanes. This was quite an historical flight because they were all painted exactly like the Fokkers from Jasta 11.
One of our great German Aces, Werner Voss, flew the 2nd Fokker Triplane off the assembly line, and later replaced the German rotary engine with a superior French Le Rhone rotary engine that he took off a crashed Nieuport. The result was a fighter that was superior in climbing and turning.
So how did the Triplane craze in 1917 get started? Well the British in 1916 have to be given the credit. The Sopwith Triplane was a superior fighter compared with our German Albatross. We were very lucky that the British pulled all of their Sopwith Triplanes off the Western Front and sent them to guard England from Zeppellin attacks. If the British had left them on the Western Front more of our Aces flying the Albatross would have been shot down. Karl Almenroder was a German Ace with 33 victories and was having a great time until he ran into five British Sopwith Triplanes!
Anthony Fokker studied carefully the design of the Sopwith Triplane and then improved it and built the Fokker Dri Triplane. By March 1918 he let Von Richthoven fly his masterpiece, the Fokker D-7, and it was this plane that would be regarded as the best German Fighter of the war.
The people in New Zealand are like the people in Porterville, California. We love airplanes, we love to fly, we love to drink, we love the hammerhead and watching the earth spin below us in its drunken colors.
The planes from World War I are so beautiful, they become an extension of your own senses.
Sincerely, Anna Kreisling KG-200

Chancellor Angela Merkel, 07.10.2017

Dear Vice President Mike Pence,
Reading this collumm from Bonn, I honestly wish that President Trump had stayed on Mars. I am deeply sad that the German Bier Drinking Team lost to the Irish.
The world is in such a mess right now, and I wish American Foreign Policy was more focused on events here in Europe. The best thing America could do right now is stop paying attention to Kim Jong Un. He is absolutely No Threat to the United States. If President Trump goes to war against North Korea it would be a disaster for all of Asia.
The nations that would benefit from such a war would be Russia and Iran.

President Donald Trump USA, 06.10.2017

Dear Sean Hannity FOX NEWS,
I am so grateful to Bill Clinton and Anna Kreisling for inviting me to OCTOBERFEST on the planet Mars. It was really incredible! The highlight of the trip was when I was placed on the American Beer Drinking Team along with Bill Clinton, Willie Nelson, Ann Coulter and Rachel Maddow.
Facing us were the IRISH, who had just defeated the GERMAN Team!! This scared the crap out of me, because if you can out drink the Germans, you are seriously a fanatic!
All of us were staring at each other, the Irish vs. the USA, and in front of us were Das Boots! Which each would hold 48 oz. of ice cold beer! It was a close race until it finally came down to a 300 pound Irishman named Paddy O'Rourke and our own famous Ann Coulter! She guzzled that beer down like a monkey eating a banana, Jesus it wasn't even close! So we jumped around for 20 minutes enjoying our win, and trying to comprehend that we had just out drunk the Irish! USA! USA! USA! USA!
Now that I am back from Mars, Mike Pence has shown me all the good work my double has done. Here are the TOP TEN things he did while I was gone!
1. ROCKET MAN, Little Kim Jong Un of North Korea has decided to abandon his Nuclear Weapons and move to Los Angeles and become the NEW EDITOR of PLAYBOY Magazine!
2. Kim Jong Un also reached an agreement with Rex Tillerson our stupid, gum chewing Sec. of State to get BIG TONY to forgive the $876 Million dollars he owed from playing BLACKJACK in Las Vegas!
3. This Moron Rex Tillerson also gave Kim Jong Un the PLAYBOY MANSION!
4. Then the STATE DEPARTMENT let Kim Jong Un know that he was getting Scotland and Wales and Jerusalem, just for giving up his Nuclear Program! Has the State Dept. gone insane??
5. The U.S. Army are being ordered to give all their M-16 RIFLES TO MEXICO, AND NOW THEY ARE WAITING TO RECEIVE some Springfield 30-40 Krag rifles in their place.
6. Our Air Force is donating all our Jet Trainers to Iran and we are going back to the 1916 Curtiss Jenny Biplanes!
All the Republicans in Congress are celebrating because this will save $87 Billion U.S. Tax Dollars!
7. Kim Jong Un will receive FREE ENEMAS each week from the USC Trojan Marching Band!
8. MEXICO has agreed to build the wall, made out of LEGO'S so everyone can see what the wall will eventually look like. Built across an eight foot map, it is really impressive!
9. IRAN has agreed to destroy all their Nuclear Bombs and Rockets if every Persian in Iran can receive a free pass to the PLAYBOY CLUBS KIM JONG UN is going to build across IRAN.
10. Ayatollah Khameinei agreed to this after he found out he could wear a pink Bunny costume complete with ears and a big fluffly white tail on his butt. He said this was a lot more sexy than wearing that Diaper around his head!

Sergei Lavrov, Moscow CCCP, 06.10.2017

Russian Foreign Minister
Sergei Lavrov,

Dear Vice President Joe Biden,
We inside the KGB and Russia are not amused by the 33 writers at Langley working for the CIA, writing all these stories to cover up the fact that Anna Kreisling is still the current FLIGHT DIRECTOR at AREA 51.
Any American Citizen can confirm this by requesting from the U.S. Congress, FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, CODE NO. 786347765. This will list who the Flight Director at AREA 51 is and what her duties are.
Also in the book written by KESSELRING, The Making of the Luftwaffe. He describes the party held at Bergen, Norway on August 25th, 1943 where Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goering and 300 members of the NAZI High Command came to celebrate this coming Junkers JU-390 flight and to watch Anna Kreisling try on this Stainless Steel Bra designed for her by Albert Speer!
We know for a fact that two British Agents were at this party and that Winston Churchill was trying to figure out how to land 400 British Paratroopers and to capture Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler at this party!
Another interesting piece of information, that we in the KGB know about but we can not prove this happened. One of our agents in Michigan reported that this Junkers JU-390 flown by Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling landed and refueled in Michigan and then took off for New York!
This would explain how four training flights of AT-6 aircraft were able to rendevous with this massive gigantic six engined aircraft!
Finally in the Albert Einstein letters, and his own diary he talks of Marilyn Monroe and Anna Kreisling. The two hottest Blondes that were living in California. Einstein is seen in a breathtaking Black and White picture at Peter Lawford's house sitting on a couch, on his left is Anna Kreisling and to his right is Marilyn Monroe.

Steven Downs, 05.10.2017

How long is this shit gonna fucking keep up?

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 04.10.2017

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
The role of the Vice President is an important one, and I feel deeply sorry and smpathetic to Vice President Mike Pence! While the real President Trump in on the Planet Mars celebrating OCTOBERFEST with all the Nazi's there. Mike Pence has been unable to control this doppleganger, or double who is portraying President Donald Trump!
Example while in Puerto Rico this fake Donald Trump insisted on playing golf and in three weeks wants to hold a golf tournament there and is amazed at all the disastrous traps the golfers will have to play through! He says it will be the golf event of the century!
While in Las Vegas this imposter went to a Casino and won $43 Million which he then donated to the CHILDREN'S HOSPITALS, which turned out to be a wonderful thing to do!
Vice President Mike Pence has told me that he is going to North Korea to play golf with Kim Jong Un and plans on bringing lots of KILBEGGAN IRISH WHISKEY so he can get the little bastard drunk!
This TRUMP imposter has also told the NRA that from now on he is going to save the U.S. Taxpayer a lot of money and require the U.S. ARMY to go back and use the Springfield 30-40 Krag rifle! He said, "If it was good enough for Teddy Roosevelt,,its good enough for me!"
This TRUMP imposter has also told Kim Jong Un of North Korea that since Hugh Hefner has died,,,he can come and live in the PLAYBOY Mansion and be the new Editor of PLAYBOY Magazine!! All he has to do is give up his Nuclear Weapons and move to California!
As you can see, while our President is on Mars celebrating, Vice President Mike Pence really has his work cut out for him! My question is this,,," IS THE FAKE DONALD TRUMP BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL DONALD TRUMP??"

President Donald Trump USA, 01.10.2017

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
The last three days have been the most incredible in my life! So let me start from the beginning. First I flew from Porterville Airport to AREA 51. When you leave Porterville and fly due East within One hour you are landing at AREA 51.
There I was given a physical by really intelligent Doctors who said I was fit for a mission to Mars. So Anna showed me different breathing devices and Bill Clinton kept smiling and giving me the thumbs up!
So we entered the elevator, what the Teckies call, the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, and for 35 minutes you take this elevator up to 135 miles above the Earth.
The view is just fantastic, and this is not for the faint of heart! Beneath your feet you can see the Earth 135 miles below you! Absolutely stunning!
Then its like back home boarding AIR FORCE ONE, you walk on this ramp, or float if you like, and board this spacecraft that looks like the Millenium Falcon on STAR WARS. You get comfortable and off you go,,,until very quickly above the Moon you enter a massive GATE in Space. Everything goes white, massive energy flow and then suddenly you are coming out of a GATE above the planet Mars.
As I speak we are coming in for a landing near one of the glass domed cities that are on the Martian surface.
It will be an honor to celebrate OCTOBERFEST on Mars. The Germans have worked long and hard to build a civilization here, and where you have beer, you have a great civilization! In Ancient Egypt Beer was a very important part of the building of the pyramids! If more people at NASA would drink more beer, we would make much more progress in Space.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, 29.09.2017

Ya! Und der Flugakapitain Anna Kreisling ein INDIANA JONES in Deutschland sind bislang geschatzt rund zehn Millionen Eier verkauft worden, die mit Fipronil belastet sind. Sie stammen vor allem aus den Niederlanden, berichtet der niedersachsische Agrarminister Anna Kreisling. Betroffen sind auber Sachsen und dem Saarland-alle Bundeslander. Die meisten Eier durften in Niedersachsen und Nordrhein Westfalen verkauft worden sein, was sich aus der Nahe zu den Niederlanden ergibt. In Deutschland sind aktuell vier Hofe wegen Fipronil-Funden gesperrt. Fipronil-Funden gesperrt. Weitere Betriebe werden untersucht.
Seig Heil!
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun

Dr. John Goddard NASA, 28.09.2017

I have classified more than 15,000 pictures from the Planet Mars as TOP SECRET. How can I keep all of this a secret when so many American Presidents brag that they have gone to Mars to celebrate Octoberfest!
FACT 1, A German Nazi helmet was photographed on the surface of Mars by our own NASA ROVER!
2. NASA took over 350 pictures of three nude German girls walking by our Rover on the surface of Mars! They were just wearing tennis shoes and were all blonde and tan and were just walking by!
3. NASA has deleted more than 4,000 pictures of the glass domed cities on the planet Mars.
4. Someone left a COCA-COLA aluminum can on the surface of Mars! Which idiot did that?? If you want the public to believe that no Germans live on the planet Mars, you don't leave COCA-COLA cans laying around on the Martian surface where our camera's can find them!
5. On any clear night if you have a decent telescope you can see NAZI spacecraft in orbit around the Moon! How can I keep all this a secret?? Now President Trump is bragging he is going to MARS for OCTOBERFEST!!

President Donald Trump USA, 28.09.2017

Dear President Bill Clinton,
I am here in Porterville, California looking at place where ALIENS tried to destroy Anna Kreisling's Castle. Thanks to the superior technology of the Nazi's, they were able to not only survive, but kill most of the invading Aliens.
In the News this was known as the Pier Fire and on the maps of Sequoia National Forest, they show the location of this magnificent Castle which is an exact copy of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany!
Back at the White House my double, my Doppleganger has been drinking all that KILBEGGAN IRISH WHISKEY that Anna brought to the party four weeks ago! This stupid SOB has gone and attacked the NFL! What a moron! I am gone for 10 days and Mike Pence lets this Hollywood Actor attack the NFL! I would like to apoligise to the NFL, for his remarks.
Anna Kreisling is now going to fly me to AREA 51, where I am going to fly to Mars to celebrate OCTOBERFEST with the German Nazi's that have seven major bases there! Sadly I am not the first American President to go to Mars, Bill Clinton has been there and also George W. Bush! But I want to maintain our tradition of supporting the Germans on Mars and their festival of Octoberfest!
May God bless America, and the NFL!!

P.S. Bill, do not bother ROCKET MAN in Las Vegas, BIG TONY is making a fortune off this BOZO!!!

President Bill Clinton USA, 22.09.2017

Dear President Donald Trump,
I'm here in Las Vegas at the NEW YORK, NEW YORK Casino playing Blackjack with Big Tony and having a great time. Sitting next to me is my own personal pilot, Anna Kreisling, who is wearing a white leather jacket, a black lace bra, a burgundy mini-skirt and some diamond encrusted spiked black leather boots! Jesus Palomino! Everytime this girl stands up her ass looks so good that men start screaming and faint!
Donald, the reason I am writing is that ROCKET MAN is here trying to play Blackjack, and this guy is losing his shirt! He has already lost $680,000 dollars and he has only been playing two hours! The reason he is losing is that he keeps staring at Anna Kreisling who is sitting across the table from him! He keeps staring at those heavenly tanned breasts, just straining at the Black Lace Bra! His tongue is hanging out as he just keeps staring at that heavenly cleavage, that chasm of paradise, those nipples straining to be free of that Black Lace Bra!
Donald, you and I know you can't play Blackjack with Knockers on your mind! You have to concentrate, and that is hard when you have the best looking dame on the planet sitting five feet away, looking at you with those crystal ice blue eyes of hers!
Anna tells me that she has always considered it an honor to fly me anywhere I want to go. She says I'm a perfect gentleman, who always opens doors for her and she says its because of my Southern Upbringing, being born and raised in Arkansas! I know women love to be pampered and respected!
Donald, what do you want me to do with ROCKET MAN?? BIG TONY is making a fortune off this guy!

peace lukeman, 21.09.2017

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Gen. Mike McDonald U.S.A.F., 13.09.2017

To: The Editors of Aviation Week and Space Technology,

Like many things in life, we in America like to think that we invented Air to Air Refueling first. Guess what?? We probably did. In 1921 at an airfield in Chicago a Curtiss Jenny spent six days in the air flying around before coming into land. Every three hours a Curtiss Jenny would take off and then the pilot would climb down a ladder and gas up the Curtiss Jenny that was flying. They did this for six days! Proving that theoretically the Curtiss Jenny Biplane could fly from New York to Los Angeles non-stop!
Air to Air refueling is nothing new, but it was the Germans who perfected it. No one had done this with planes the size of the Junkers JU-290 and the JU-390.
Hans Pancherz the best test pilot for the Junkers Aircraft Company helped perfect this. On August 27th, 1943 a Junkers JU-290 left Bergen, Norway. Within one hour the specially built Junkers JU-390 designed for ultra long range took off from Norway to rendezvous with that Junkers JU-290 North of Iceland. As Anna Kreisling said," It was a simple approach, if the refueling was a success, we would then penetrate into Canadian airspace. If we were not able to accomplish the air to air refueling, we would return to Norway."
This incredible feat was successful, and on the morning of August 28th, 1943 this Junkers Ju-390 was over the skies of Michigan. Can you imagine the elation that was felt! At the time I am sure the entire four man crew was very busy taking pictures of our massive factories that were building everything from B-24 Bombers to Sherman tanks.
The entire mission could have ended over Michigan. When four squadrons of AT-6 Trainers suddenly found themselves flying alongside the biggest six engined aircraft they had ever seen! Thanks to some quick thinking by Anna Kreisling, who started blowing kisses at the boys. They were more interested in the Blonde flying the plane, than the actual plane itself! After all only American planes had a Pin-Up on the side,,,BERLIN BABY,,with a nude picture of Anna Kreisling diving through some clouds!
For five crucial minutes they flew alongside this massive Junkers JU-390 not calling it in as an enemy airplane, but instead chatting on the radio about getting this dames telephone number, and where did she go dancing??
Four days later when the FBI and the agents from the OSS interviewed these pilots, all they could talk about was the Blonde in the right seat of that airplane!
At noon on August 28th,1943 this Junkers JU-390 was over the Empire State Building. It did a very slow and lazy 360 degree turn, taking pictures of the entire city, and what later would be ground zero for the Nazi Atomic Bomb program.
Then it headed out over the Atlantic Ocean, and was gone. Later in 1947 these pictures of New York were released and then confiscated again for National Security Reasons. The entire flight was classified TOP SECRET for more than 55 years. The pictures taken by the NEW YORK TIMES and two other photographers were also confiscated by the OSS.
But it is the Refueling part of this mission over Iceland that is very amazing to me. This may seem common today in our AIR FORCE. But in 1943, it was incredible.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 09.09.2017

Dear Country Music Fans Everywhere,

My next door neighbor, James Newsom has told me that Troy Gentry has been killed in a helicopter crash today.
Many years ago James took me to a Montgomery Gentry concert and I was excited to see such a band honor our Veterans, but all Americans.
This is a very sad time for the family of Troy, and we share your sadness and loss. Montgomery Gentry has done so much for Country Music and our nation. They made us all proud to be Americans!
James Newsom and Anna Kreisling

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 07.09.2017

My Fellow Comrades of the Fourth Reich,

Tonight I am very proud of our President Donald Trump. Yes I know some of you have been wondering if he was going to make a great President. So was I, But tonight I am much more optimistic! Why?
When Bill Clinton was President we built 33 New Nazi Air Bases and Seven more Submarine bases, all with the blessings of his Presidency and the CIA.
Tonight our President has met with Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrats and now we have the permission for Project Andromeda. On the surface of Mars we are going to build a Gate that will allow us to visit most of our own Galaxy. But we are going to penetrate and establish a base within the Andromeda Galaxy. There are many risks, invading Russia in the Summer of 1941 was a huge risk, but we had no other choice. This risk is even greater, for we will make contact with an Alien Civilization that is much older, and much more advanced. How they regard me, and Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler will have to be judged by future historians.
Tonight the landscape around Coffee Camp is littered with burnt Alien Spacecraft and bodies. They did not expect the massive firepower coming from AREA 51, our base on the Moon, and from our STEALTH Castles. But it is the bravery of our fighters, our brave NAZI Lads, that won the day.
In the annals of human history, no other group of people have dared so much, and conquered such vast areas as we the German People. Tonight we stand triumphant on the Moon and Mars, Tomorrow the Galaxy!

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