Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Vice President Joe Biden USA, 28.04.2017

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
I have spent the last five days here in Porterville, California as the guest of Anna Kreisling at her Castle. Let me tell you folks, this is very impressive! First, it is exactly like the Bavarian Castle, Neuschwanstein, except in the courtyard is a large landing area for the Nazi Flying Saucers or helicopters which fly out. The only other way to get to this Castle is a small foot path which starts at Coffee Camp just above Springville and ends at the Castle Gate! I talked with President Trump and he told me the Castle was built within two months, using advanced robotics and slave labor!! He went on to exclaim that how in the hell did she get permission to build on Government Lands??? But folks to the Nazi Party, any land is good land to build on!!
Last night I was having dinner with Gen. Robert E. Lee, and he told me how the Yankees since 1838 had planned this war against the South. How they wanted to control the Cotton and Tobacco, which were the two biggest cash crops in North America. That Slavery was sold as the Moral issue of the War, that the election of Abraham Lincoln was done by fat Rich Yankee Tycoons who could care less about Black People, they just wanted to rape and kill everyone in the South so they could take all the wealth and resources for themselves. Kind of like why we invaded IRAQ!! After some cigars and brandy, Anna Kreisling introduced to us some Nazi 3rd Grade students who were visiting from the Moon! This was the first time they had visited the Earth and they loved playing in the snow! These Nazi school kids are so bright, and they have studied courses in American History, hell folks they know more about American History than our own kids in California who are not taught anything about Patriotism and American History until they get into High School!!!
Folks that is a real shame, because when I was in Third Grade we studied everything about American History including singing patriotic songs! Now the typical kid in Los Angeles can sing a Lady GAGA song,,but they do not know one song from the history of America!!
These 65 students from the Moon sang to us, DIXIE, THE ARMY OF THE FREE, AMERICA, etc. etc. etc. For One hour we were treated to music that ranged from Beethoven to THE BALLAD OF THE GREEN BERETS by BARRY SADLER!!
So Rachel, pack your bag, and get on out here, this Castle is breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 25.04.2017

Dear Dr. Lewis Barker,
University of Ottawa,

I would like to thank you for your OSS Pictures of Operation Iron Hammer. Yes in many ways this was the last major offensive by the Luftwaffe. It was a desperate gamble to try to win Air Superiority over the British and the Americans just before the Battle of the Bulge.
Many people who study AIR POWER do not realize the importance of the fighter-bomber. Planes such as the P-47 Thunderbolt and the Hawker Typhoon and Tempest were devastating to the German Army and our airfields. Aircraft like the P-38 Lightning and the British Mosquito were always a major threat to our troops and planes.
I remember a P-38 Lightning coming down, diving from up above and the four 50 caliber machineguns in the nose combined with a 20mm cannon, opening up at close range on a Junkers JU-52 Trimotor, ripping it apart, fire spreading rapidly, the crew having no chance to escape, this is why any sane person does not want to engage in war.
Is Donald Trump sane? I sometimes wonder. He is like a petulant child who tries to act innocent, but at heart he is a thug and a bully.
Canada who has always been a great friend of the United States is now being threatened by Trump. Why? Because Donald Trump sees Canada rich in resources, and on paper it looks like an easy military victory. Trump has dreams of conquering all of Canada and making it the 51st state.
Canada which has been so good to the Fourth Reich, by letting us build our bases near the North Pole and the Canadian Rockies, one of my favorite Nazi Castles is there! Over the years I have enjoyed flying many of the planes in the Royal Canadian Air Force. The American people could learn much from Canada. They spend half the money that we spend on Health Care, and they recieve much better health care than Americans do! The Canadian military and Air Force is one of the best in the world, and Donald Trump would be wise not to launch a military invasion of Canada. Such a war would destoy the friendship our two countries have cherished!

Kim Jong Un, North Korea, 20.04.2017

Dear Ann Coulter,
I have been told that you were chased out of U.C. Berekley and not allowed to speak there! I just wanted you to know that U.C. Berekley has sent me a $100,000 Dollar check to come and talk about Peace in Korea, and what I think about Global Warming?? Ann you betcha your skinny Ask, that Kim Jong Un will come to U.C. Berekley to speak!!
I can take that $100,000 dollars and go to Las Vegas and turn it into $45 Million!!! I saw the movie where these guys go to Las Vegas and steal Mike Tyson's Tiger and then they make $43 Million playing BLACKJACK! So Ann Coulter, if you are really a smart Cookie, a real Hawaiin Nookie, Nookie, me take you to Las Vegas and we clean their Clocks, we Wax there Fords, we take all their money like Bonney and Clyde!! We Asian Boys really know how to play BLACK JACK!!
So Donald Trump, you want to invade North Korea and use a FLAME THROWER ON MY ASK???? Well Yankee Dog, Me won't be in North Korea!! Me Gonna be in Las Vegas cleaning your Clock and playing BLACKJACK,,,,HOW DO YOU LIKE DEM APPLES!!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 19.04.2017

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
Adolf Hitler's birthday will be this April 20th. Both Eva and Adolf plan on spending a quiet day in Morro Bay and then have dinner with Heinrich and myself in Pismo.
Rachel there are Seven major Lies and Falsehoods being portrayed about Adolf Hitler, and I would like to speak on these falsehoods.
1. That Adolf Hitler was a drug addict, helped by Dr. Morrell. This of course is complete nonsense and is part of the British Propaganda.
2. That Adolf Hitler was a homosexual. Make no mistake, Adolf Hitler sometimes could be shy and overly courteous to women, but he was no homosexual! In fact Adolf Hitler every friday night before the war started was provided a beautiful gorgeous woman that he would meet in the back seat of a Mercedes. Adolf Hitler was very much into having sex with vivacious German girls that were provided by Heinrich Himmler. 14 daughters were born from these sexual encounters and 3 boys. Autoerotica is the type of sexual encounter this would be classified as.
3. That Adolf Hitler poisoned his German Shepherd Blondi. This of course is a British Propaganda Lie, because Adolf Hitler took Blondi with him when he was flown out of Berlin.
4. That Hitler hated cats. More British Propaganda! Snitzel his cat was beautiful and had a black splash of fur under his nose which made him look like Adolf!
5. That Adolf Hitler was responsible for Germany's defeat. Again not true, Adolf Hitler was correct 90% of the time in his military decisions.
6. That Adolf Hitler was a sadistic monster. Again, not true, Adolf Hitler loved children, animals and art. He loved good humor and cherished women.
7. That Adolf Hitler had all his Generals shot and removed from power. Again false, if you want to see how thousands of Army Officers were shot and killed, then look at STALIN.
Finally, why did Adolf Hitler allow himself to be flown out of Berlin on April 28th, 1945?? So that he could help in the rebuilding of Germany. If you look at the prosperity that Germany had from 1945 to 1955, if is because of the Nazi Party Members around the world helping Germany to rebuild. Loyal Germans inside the U.S.A. were working on rockets and the space program. We were important and vital in the struggle against Communism. Today in 2017, from secret Military Bases around the world, the FOURTH REICH exists to make our world a better place.
So Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler! April 20th will be a nice wonderful day!!

Senator Harry Reid, Nevada, 16.04.2017

Dear Sean Hannity FOX NEWS,
Well I'm here, 110 miles north of Las Vegas at AREA 51 and I'm very busy washing the Junkers JU-390 aircraft that belongs to Anna Kreisling!
Great weather today, bright and sunny and it will get 82 degrees today! Pee Wee Herman is helping me wash this monstrous six engined plane, and let me tell you folks, she is really impressive! Have you ever walked around a Convair B-36 SAC Bomber?? Well folks, this is like that, big and massive, yet you can tell that every detail of this plane was well thought out by the Junkers Aircraft Company! Bill Clinton is also here helping Pee Wee, and let me tell you, Bill really knows how to work! If you come from Arkansas you know how to chop cotton and go to work. Donald Trump thinks that work is just swinging a golf club, like most people from New York, he likes to talk big, but he doesn't know how to repair an engine or even how to chop cotton!
All of us here at AREA 51 want to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER, and a great time at PASSOVER.
Also please tell Donald Trump to stop Censoring all the articles about Anna Kreisling. Americans should have the right to read about THE WHITE WOLF OF THE LUFTWAFFE! But now the White House is now trying to take down all the sites that run pictures and articles about her! This violates our FIRST ADMENDMENT RIGHTS to read what we want! So Donald, are you listening??? STOP YOUR CENSORSHIP,,,,WHAT IN TARNATION ARE YOU AFRAID OF????

Harrison Ford, Santa Paula, 13.04.2017

Last night I was studying some ancient Sumerian writings when Steven Speilberg called. We chatted for awhile but then he wanted me to fly him to Porterville to see this Nazi Castle which Anna Kreisling has built. So I said sure, and the next morning we escaped the smog and traffic of Los Angeles and flew my Piper Super Cub, which I call a Husky, because it is equipped with Tundra tires for flying in Alaska! After an hour flight we were lined up with 30 runway at Porterville and came in to land. Porterville is a great place to fly to!! 6,000 foot runway, No Tower, No Problems, just a place which is perfect if you own a Junkers JU-390 and you want to fly into a friendly place.
From the airport we took a taxi up to Springville and rented some mules and donkeys, we could see the Castle in the distance, snow all around, clouds sometimes obscurring the castle, but it was breathtaking!
We had eight eight mules and donkeys loaded down with supplies and three cowboys to escort us to the castle! By noon we were at Coffee Camp. It was there, that the Cowboys became afraid and rode back to Springville!
Coffee Camp is a dangerous place, because back in 1968 the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club came into Porterville and scared the crap out of the local residents. That night they parked their Harley's at Coffee Camp and threw a drunken party. Little did they know that five Polar Bears had escaped from a train and were there! They were so drunk that 33 of the Hells Angels tried to mate with the Polar Bears! Three of the Hells Angels were torn limb from limb, but they were successful! The babies that were born were half human and half Polar Bear! To this day, the local Cowboys are terrified of Coffee Camp!
But this did not stop Steven and I from going to the castle! After another three hours we were hot and sweaty, so we stopped at a mountain stream to go skinny dipping!
The water was icy cold and we did a lot of screaming, but it was wonderful! We felt clean and alive! As we were dancing around naked, some Indians were watching us and they thought we were smoking some Loco Weed so they came down to join us. They also got naked and started swimming and screaming because the water was so cold!
Suddenly, everyone became very quiet, something was moving in the brush. Even the Indians were afraid and we all held our breath and waited. Then she appeared!
On a magnificent white horse, a woman wearing white fur with a red cape, frost blonde hair, crystal ice blue eyes, and she suddenly smiled and patted the side of horse's neck and then with no effort slid off the saddle. She walked up to the bank and smiled and looked down upon us and said, " Well Indiana Jones,,,we meet again."

President Bill Clinton USA, 11.04.2017

Dear Ann Coulter,
I'm here in Texas visiting with President George W. Bush and his entire family. We just finished eating some Possum Pecker Pie with some Grits and Gravy. Good hot Black Coffee and all the donuts this boy from Arkansas could eat!
Ann, I heard you are going to do PLAYBOY!! Way to go girl! I wish they still published PLAYGIRL Magazine, I'd love to get naked and pose the way ole Burt Reynolds did! Every girl in the South had 23 orgasms over Burt posing in dat magazine!
Ann, did you see that poor Doctor who got beat up and dragged off the Delta Airlines plane, just because Delta got a hot new Stewardess that wanted to fly to Chicago, so they kicked this poor Doctor in the Nuts, then dragged him off the plane!! Then he comes running back on the plane, all bloody, and he is screaming he has to treat his paitients in the morning, So Delta Thugs come on and beat the crap out of him some more and dragged his body down the aisle!!
This is why you will never see Bill Clinton flying Delta! When I fly I call up Anna Kreisling, and she lands with her Junkers JU-390, it has a Hot Tub and seven gorgeous Black Girls all ready to go rub a dub dub in the tub!!! We got Weed, we got a Blues Band and some grits and taters and all the Possum Pie you can imagine! I tell you Ann Coulter, flying with Anna Kreisling is the only way to fly!

Kim Jong Un, North Korea, 11.04.2017

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS;
Kim Jong Un, is ready to destroy the U.S. Navy! I have 110 pedal-powered airplanes made of Bamboo and bathroom tissue paper ready to be launched at the ships in the U.S. Navy!
Charmin tissue is ze best! It wipes my butt really good and then we make airplanes out of it!
Underneath each of our Korean Jazzuki Suicide plane is a basket that holds a rabid dog! We fly over American Aircraft Carrier and land and let dog loose! He bite Sailors really good and they come down with rabid rabies! Then the sailors bite each other and soon everyone on Carrier is foaming at the mouth and has Rabies! My Generals tell me that for every 110 Jazzuki Suicide planes I launch, 22 are guaruanteed to get through and land on Carrier, and let dogs loose!
What do you think of dem Apples Donald Trump!?? I can just hear Donald Trump yelling,,," Who let the Dogs out!!"
"WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!!" " Who let the dogs out!!!!"

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 08.04.2017

Dear President Donald Trump,
Everyone in America is proud of you. Why? Because someone has finally stood up to Bashar Assad, the Dictator of Syria and let him understand that he can not go dumping SARIN GAS on his own people.
But remember, RUSSIA and IRAN both supply Assad with SARIN GAS. 90% of all SARIN GAS attacks in Syria are done by Russian Pilots.
The problem with President Obama was he did nothing to help the women and children in Syria.
Once again everyone in the world who is civilized and does not support Terrorism supports you.

Gen. Mike McCaffrey, U.S. ARMY, 06.04.2017

Dear New York Times,
We know today thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, that a Horten V-9 captured in 1945 in Germany went through flight testing at Edwards AFB in 1947 to 1948.
We also know of a Horten V-9 that went to Wright Patterson AFB in 1945 and 1946, which was captured in Germany in 1945 when Anna Kreisling shut down her engines and was captured by tanks belonging to Gen. Patton. This Horten now sits in the basement in the Smithonian Air Museum in Washington D.C.
None of this is new information, but the history of OPERATION PAPERCLIP is shown by this. Thousands of TOP SECRET NAZI PROJECTS and Weapons were brought here to the United States. But what was really valuable were the scientists and people captured and brought here. Werner Von Braun, Anna Kreisling, etc., etc. It is this elite intelligent determined group of people which helped America go to the Moon and win the Cold War.
All Americans should be proud about what we have achieved at AREA 51.

Kim Jong Un, North Korea, 05.04.2017

Dear Donald Duck TRUMP,
What does your words mean? First you say that I Kim Jong Un the Emperor of Korea smells like a Dead Skunk that was run over by a Caddilac?? Then you say that TIME HAS RUN OUT FOR NUMBER ONE MAMA-SON, That Kim Jong Un has a date with a Tokyo Hooker and will soon lose his Gonads??? More phrases like you are going to clean my clock,,,that your Weiner is bigger than my Weiner and that if you showed me your Weiner I would die of a Heart Attack???
At least you are not invading North Korea with this Nazi Army and chasing Kim Jong Un across a field with 38 Zombies! I hate war, especially when these SS soldiers use a flamethrower on my ASK!!! MAMA MIA THAT HURTS! My Butt looked like a Pizza from Tokyo Gardens! My Butt hurt so bad that my Nuts Surrendered!!
Please keep this Nazi White Wolf out of North Korea, and I will disarm all my Nuclear Weapons!

Dr. John Goddard NASA, 05.04.2017

Dear Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany,
You and I both have a friend who cares deeply about the people of Syria. She flew me to Syria to see first hand this latest SARIN GAS ATTACK by Russian Hind Helicopters on the women and children of Syria.
Anna Kreisling like myself does not understand why President Trump does not hold Russia responcible for their insane SARIN GAS attacks! Russia has launched more than 237 such attacks in the last five years which has killed more than 10,000 women and children inside Syria.
Make no mistake if President Trump gave Anna Kreisling the GREEN LIGHT to attack the Russian Air Base in Syria, she would do so. The Russians used SARIN GAS in Afghanistan, and now they are using SARIN GAS in Syria.
When World War II ended virtually no one knew of Hans Pancherz or Anna Kreisling. No one knew of Operation PAPERCLIP, or of Werner Von Braun and the 55,000 Nazi's brought to the United States, but now they do. They are vital for fighting the Russians around the world. No one hates the Russians more than the American NAZI's!!!

stephine, 02.04.2017

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President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 02.04.2017

Dear President Donald Trump USA,
I received your letter and I am sorry the Democrats and Republicans are not listening to you! You do not need these agitators and demonstrators, you are in charge!
In your letter you said you can not do JACK SHIITTE!! What does that mean? You also said you wanted to CUT A RUG with Nancy Pelosi?? What does that mean?? You said she really TURNED YOU ON?? That she was a STONE COLD FOX??? What the hell does that mean?? You need to speak clear and concise English when you are tweeting or sending me messages! You also said you were so mad because you could not attack AREA 51, or even arrest Anna Kreisling! Why not? You are the President, trust me you can do this! Then you said that NELLIS AFB was part of the Defense of AREA 51 that even the German Luftwaffe had a Mig-29 Squadron based there to defend AREA 51, and the Air Force had 278 F-16's and F-15's there to guard AREA 51.
Listen Donald, don't worry, I am sending Anna Chapman or sexist Russian Spy. She will seduce all your U.S. Congressmen and they will then support your attack on AREA 51! Also remember Donald, the bigger the Lie,,,the more people that will believe you! Tell the American Morons that ALIENS are escaping from AREA 51 AND THEY ARE DRESSED AS WAL-MART Shoppers! Then the Congress will vote for you to attack AREA 51!!!

Ted Penderton, New Zealand, 01.04.2017

Dear Senator Harry Reid,
We flew our Corporate Jet into Porterville Airport to take a look at this Castle that was built by the Nazi's in the Sequoia National Forest.
As our jet touched down on runway 30, we stepped off our jet into a beautiful sunny day. In the distance there was snow on the cobalt blue mountains, and in the distance some 35 miles away on top of a snowy mountain, we could see the castle! It was then that Senator Harry Reid took us to his Huey Helicopter for a scenic flight over the Castle!
We passed over Lake Success and suddenly the Castle could be seen in the distance in stunning detail! It looks like the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany! Sitting on top of a snow covered mountain, one could see a very tiny trail leading up to Castle that a horse could use.
As we flew over in the courtyard of the Castle was a landing area, and down Harry flew and made a great landing! The Castle is at 6,800 feet elevation, so snow will not surround it during the summer. As our helicopter powered down out stepped four SS guards with Anna Kreisling and she greeted us warmly.

President Bill Clinton USA, 29.03.2017

Dear Dr. John Goddard N A S A,

I am always so impressed with the people that work for NASA. Hard word combined with intelligence and determination, this is what NASA is all about.
Many people have asked me,"Why are you friends with Anna Kreisling, perhaps one of the greatest pilots in the last 75 years??"
My answer to that is that she has always inspired Hillary and I. When I lost a race to become Governor of Arkansas, we met her for the first time and she told me that one day I would be President of the United States. She helped Hillary and myself to get back into politics and the rest is history!
In 1997 she saved my life in the White House when Newt Gingrich let loose 15 Midget Whores, hoping they would bite off my Willy Dilly Humdinger!
Also in 1997 she saved my life in Bahrain, when some smelly Iranian Terrorists kidnapped me and took me to Teheran, to the Persian Pussycat Psychedelic Palace and asked me all kinds of Top Secret things about Arkansas and the bastards were painting my toenails pink!
Anna flew in and landed her Douglas DC-3 in a Soccer Field and she emerged with her Samurai Katana Sword and killed more than 88 Terrorists! She was cutting up those HEZBOLLAH Thugs like a Hillbilly cuts up a Hog to make Bacon out of him! Lord have mercy! That girl looks so sexy when she is cutting off someone's head!
From what Anna has told me, someone has changed Time and History. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the election, and she did by over 3 Million Votes! But someone, or something caused a disturbance in Time! Now all of future history has been changed. Anna Kreisling is trying to determine if a Nuclear War in the future is soon going to happen, also how this will affect our war with different ALIEN forces. I try to be optimistic about the future,,but with Donald Trump as President, you never know what will happen next.
One thing is for sure, the people at AREA 51 and NASA are vital for the Defense of America!
Folks, it may not be very fast, but flying in a Junkers JU-390 is the only way to fly! I love that Hot Tub!

Dr. John Goddard NASA, 27.03.2017

Dear President Donald Trump,
I am deeply sorry you lost your vote on Health Care, and we remain under OBAMACARE,,,but you know deep down you can't trust those crazy Republicans. They always talk big, and never keep their promises! They always say they want a BALANCED BUDGET,,,but when they get in office they spend more money than the Democrats.
But Donald, I am writing to you about a serious subject. You can not order an attack on AREA 51. Right now our planet is under attack by a Reptillian Race, what you would call ALIENS. They have been fighting with the Nazi's on the Moon, and even on Mars. But for the last eight years they have tried to penetrate the human population on the Earth. What they do is inject a DNA Sim into your bloodstream which slowly turns you into a Reptillian Alien with no human feelings. If you look at ISIS in Syria, they are 99% infected with this ALIEN DNA. If you look at the body of OSAMA BIN LADEN he was infected. This is why they burned his body to ashes and buried him at sea. They did not want the world to know about his ALIEN INFECTION.
Most of the Leaders in IRAN are infected with this ALIEN DNA. This is why they eat the brains and livers of young boys and girls, and have to wear human masks.
Proof of this is to closely look at their structures they have built on the Moon. The extreme flashes of energy coming from the surface of Mars when the Nazi's are fighting with these Reptillian Aliens.
Anna Kreisling and Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler are the only people on the planet that can stop these bloodthirsty ALIENS!
President Vladimir Putin of Russia may already be infected with this ALIEN DNA!! Why else would he be urging an attack on AREA 51??

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 26.03.2017

Dear President Trump USA,
You still have not arrested Anna Kreisling! Get off your fat lazy New York Ass and go out to Nevada and arrest Anna Kreisling and then shut down AREA 51!
Why are you wasting your time trying to get Good Health Care for the American People?? As long as OBAMACARE provides FREE MUSIC,,,FREE DOPE,,,FREE VIAGRA,,,FREE WEED,,,FREE PIZZA and BEER,,,these American Morons will be happy! Your job is to make me happy! And if you want Vladimir happy,,,you will go out to Nevada and close down AREA 51 AND BRING THE WHITE WOLF BACK IN CHAINS. I want to show the Russian People what a real Nazi looks like! This is the pilot who flew Hitler out of Berlin on April 28th, 1945.
This is the pilot who flew Hitler, Eva, Martin Bormann, to Denmark,,,and then had orders to test fly the Horten V-9 with the Bell Device on board. She was responsible for letting this Horten V-9 fall into the hands of the American Army! We know today that three Horton V-9's were flown in Nazi Germany! Ziller was killed testing one, another was captured inside a hangar by the American Army and sent to Edwards AFB in California. The Horten that Anna Kreisling flew and when she landed was captured by the U.S. Army is now in the basement of the Smithonian Air Museum in Washington D.C.!! All part of Operation Paperclip!
So Donald, get your heine out to Nevada and find her and arrest her!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 24.03.2017

Dear Chancellor Angela Merkel,
Thank you for your coded message. As always you have handled yourself with grace and dignity, you are a symbol of our New and Modern Germany.
To Rachel Maddow and the MSNBC News Team. You are doing an incredible job showing the Mafia style of Vladimir Putin and his many killings of innocent Russian statesmen.
However, I can assure you Rachel, that Donald Trump is not part of any Russian Conspiracy against the United States. Donald Trump is right about TRUMP TOWER being under surveillance. This of course was not done by President Obama, but by our advanced technology of the Fourth Reich.
President Trump mentioned Microwaves, which means the CIA and the NSA briefed President Trump to our capabilities here at AREA 51. Our Plasma Microwave inducers can see into any building, we can see any World Leader in the World. Even the fat grotesque Kim Jong Un of North Korea! When this FAT BASTARD takes a shower we can see his ugly nasty butt. Technology does have its downsides!!
Finally tonight, I wish to explain why we in the Nazi Party have built two Castles in California and plan on building more. A Nuclear War will soon happen and these Castles have the STEALTH Technology to survive in a Nuclear War. Anyone who has an SS Deathshead Ring, or is a member of the Nazi Party will be a part of our family at these Castles. These Castles have vast underground facilities so that the survival of the Aryan Race will be assured.
Make no mistake, many people who are not members of the Nazi Party will also be our guests, but 95% of our people at these castles will be loyal Nazi members.
Finally, I received a letter from Mrs. Vivian Schmitt of Chicago about what to get her 16 year old daughter for her Birthday. Well,,,Flying Lessons would be great! Does she own a gun??? Every 16 year old girl in America should own a rifle, and become comfortable handling it, with safety being very important. A great rifle for any 16 year old girl is a RUGER Mini 14. This is a superb rifle and with a 30 shot clip using .223 ammo,,,,this will help to protect the family farm from two legged Wampus Cats or other VERMIN who want to steal your cows and chickens.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, 23.03.2017

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany;

Dear Anna Kreisling,
Das Kreischen enes Affen weckte ihn.
Stuckchenweise kehrten die Sinneseindrucke zuruck; ein Schmerz in den Scchultern, der Geruch von Feuchtemn Lehm und Zimtgewurz, ein teigiger Belag auf der Zunge, das Summen eines Moskitos, eine druckende Feuchtigkeit in der Luft. Sein Blick verschwamm und klarte sich, dann verschwamm er wieder. Ein Feldbett. Ein Zeltpfosten. Eine hangende Laterne.

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