Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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President Donald Trump USA, 21.03.2018

Dear President Vladimir Putin CCCP,

Don't worry, I'm doing O.K.,,,it's been a tough week. Let me tell you being President of the United States is not as much fun as I thought it would be! However,,,,
Every day I see Democrats walk by beneath my window here at the WHITE HOUSE and I whip out Mr. Gonzo and piss on them!! Nancy Pelosi is the best,,,she thinks that acid rain is falling and she runs around screaming when it gets into her hair!
Hey Vladimir, I have been to AREA 51! Really amazing place! I had the honor of meeting Adolf Hitler there and he put me to work washing his six-wheeled 1938 Mercedes! Anna Kreisling helped me wash the car and she just wore some denim shorts and an Afrika Korp hat and some aviator sun glasses! Wow!! What an ass! What a pair of knockers! I did such a great job washing that car!
Afterwards we took it easy in some lawn chairs and drank some German Beer! Anna loves to tan nude,,,and I was in heaven! Vladimir, how can Hitler and Eva look so good after all these years??? What is it about stepping into a GATE, that always remembers your DNA Sequence, keep you looking so young. I am 72 and I look like cat crap compared with Anna, Hitler and Eva! Heinrich Himmler looks the same now as he did in 1938!
Vladimir,,just wait until you ride that Elevator into space. They have a STEALTH PLATFORM and a tower that goes 135 miles straight up into space!
I have stood there with Anna, watching the ground disappear, and then you start seeing the curve of the Earth, they you are out of the blue and into the black!
It is an incredible sight! Then you notice a spacecraft docking with your platform and taking you on board as a passenger! Then you are off to the Moon, or Mars,, or wherever you want to go!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 21.03.2018

Dear President Donald Trump USA,
I would like to thank you for Congratulating me on winning another term as President of Russia. It was a tough race. Ann Coulter came over here and helped me campaign in Siberia, let me tell you campaigning in Siberia is brutal, you can freeze your nuts off shaking hands for eight hours. But each night Ann would snuggle up to me and tell me a bedtime story, about hunting Moose and Squirrel in Minnesota, about how Boris and Natasha are right now hunting Moose and Squirrel!
Donald, did you listen to Anna Kreisling and fire Mueller?? Did you listen to me when I told you to fire Mueller? No of course not. You are your own boss. We in Russia have NO COLLUSION with you. But you should listen to Anna Kreisling because she is trying to avoid a Nuclear War.
How?? When Mike Pence becomes President he is going to order a FIRST STRIKE against Red China. The Nuclear Exchange will kill 98% of all people on the planet.
Anna Kreisling is trying to save the people and the wildlife on this planet. That is why she is trying to save your Presidency.
I know she is great friends to Bill and Hillary Clinton. I know she thinks that you are a BUGER EATING NEANDERTHAL, AN INBRED CHIMPANZEE, A PIG, A RAPIST, etc. etc. But she is trying to save the planet.
So don't worry, be happy, think about the huge massive TRUMP TOWER you are going to build in Moscow!
Again thanks for all your help, and thanks for sending Ann Coulter over here to help me get elected.
By the way, I sent in 320 Mexican Gang Members dressed as Cactus plants to invade AREA 51 and take pictures of Anna Kreisling and the base there.
Donald did you know that they have cameras in Space that take pictures of AREA 51 and then report to the computers there of any movement!! We found all 320 Mexicans dressed as Cactus turned into statues of salt! The desert is filled with people who have been turned into statues of salt!
Donald this is why you must be careful and don't try to be clever and dress up as a cactus and try to sneak into AREA 51.
Again thanks for the new Mercedes Benz and the Dodge Diesel Ram Truck with the heated seats. I am going to use them to hunt for Moose and Squirrel in Minnesota!!

President OBAMA USA, 14.03.2018

President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama,
The Society of Irish History
Washington D.C. USA

My Fellow Americans,
As we celebrate St. Patricks Day it is important to understand the history of Irish Whiskey.
Bill and I have done a lot of research into Irish Whiskey and after 25 years of drinking Irish Whiskey non stop, 24 hours a day. We have learned the following.
During World War II, it was the responsibility of KG-200 to keep Hitler supplied with KILBEGGAN IRISH WHISKEY.
Every month a Junkers JU-390 would fly into Ireland and load up on Kilbeggan. Hitler had to have this stuff so he could think more clearly about the War with Russia.
Later when the RAF finally figured out what was going on Adolf Hitler always had a submarine off the coast of Ireland to load up on this precious whiskey.
Finally in 1945 when Hitler ran out of whiskey in his Bunker in Berlin,,,this is when he ordered Martin Bormann to send for Anna Kreisling to come and bring him some more Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey.
When she showed up in the Bunker with only 55 bottles that is when Hitler knew the war was lost! But thank goodness she also brought an Irish band and they played the song,,,WHISKEY IN THE JAR,,,as Hitler got married to Eva!! Then they all danced Irish jigs down the tunnel and finally to a river where Anna Kreisling had a Junkers JU-52 Trimotor on floats ready to take off.
When Hitler and Eva arrived in Denmark some Leprechauns had left them 500 cases of Irish Whiskey and Hitler was jubilant. This was enough to last them on their voyage by Submarine to Argentina!
So folks, have a great ST. Patrick's Day,,,and remember that Whiskey has played a great part of Irish and German History. The Germans will tell you that Beer is good,,,but if you want to really see Leprechauns and gorgeous women,,you drink Irish Whiskey!

President Donald Trump USA, 13.03.2018

Dear Kim Jong Un,
The Leader of North Korea,

I have received your message, and I will be honored to meet you in Hawaii on April 5th 2018.
Let me tell you I have not surfed in years, but I am looking forward to the Surfing Competition. If I win you will have to give up all your Nuclear Weapons. If I lose you can have the entire State of California!
Kim we are gonna party like its 1999!! We are going to drop acid, take some roofies, smoke all the dope in China, and dance, and dance until we fall over! I'm going to contact Anna Kreisling and she is going to fly in 55 barrels of Kilbeggan Whiskey from Ireland! We are going to have so many Hookers that Las Vegas will have a prostitute shortage!
Yes Stormy Daniels will be there in Hawaii and she will judge the surfing contest! The winner will get her! For Five hours! Man let me tell you, you are lucky to last One hour with her! She will wear you out! She is better than going to the gym for One year! She is so gorgeous that she makes me pant like a dog, and howl at the MOON,,,,what a Blonde!!
Speaking of Blondes,,,Kim the most dangerous Blonde on the Planet will be there!! Remember, she invaded North Korea twice and her SS LEIBSTANDARTE used a flamethrower on your naked butt, and you ran a mile under 4 minutes!
That's right buddy, Anna Kreisling will be in Hawaii also! So Kim I will see you on April 5th,,,GET READY TO PARTY!!!

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Kim Jong Un, North Korea, 10.03.2018

Dear President Donald Trump USA,
I am deeply honored that you have accepted my invitation to meet and discuss my Nuclear Weapons Program.
I will be flying into Hawaii on April 5th, 2018 and I am bringing many things to celebrate our Historic Meeting.
BLUE HAWAII is one of my favorite movies, starring ELVIS PRESLEY! So I am bringing my surfboard and 22 of my most gorgeous girls to be in this movie I am making!
Donald you bring a surfboard and in this movie I am making we will see who is the King OF THE BEACH!!
I will take movies of you surfing, then I will surf and of course all my Korean Bitches will scream and yell, that I Kim Jong Un is the greatest surfer in the world!
Donald then you bring Stormy Daniels and we film her making love to us both! After three hours of hot love making, the world will see that I, Kim Jong Un, the leader of North and South Korea, that I have the biggest Penis in the world!!
In the final scene in the movie, Stormy Daniels and I get married just like in BLUE HAWAII, then we fly off in the sunset and go back to North Korea and party!
Donald, remember you will be in Hawaii to greet KIM JONG UN,,,when I walk down the gangplank from my private jet! Together we will make Hollywood history!

Group Captain Malcolm Scott, 09.03.2018

Group Captain Malcolm Scott
Royal Air Force

Dear President Trump USA,

I have many concerns about you taking the advice of the known Nazi Fourth Reich Woman. Good God man, she is the personal pilot of President Bill Clinton!
You can't be so stupid to think that Bill and Hillary want what is best for you!
MI6 has been writing reports on this woman since 1946, and before that during the war you can read the cables of Winston Churchill, Stalin, and FDR, and see the name White Wolf, mentioned all the time.
Do you honestly think that Stalin would not have paraded Adolf Hitler's body in a Victory Parade in 1945. Instead he told the truth when he said that Hitler was not in Berlin and had escaped! During 1945 he mentions the name White Wolf more than 50 times in his cables! That is because he knew she had been called back to Berlin on orders from Martin Bormann.
Mr. President if I may speak freely, why is AREA 51 the most heavily guarded Air Base in North America?? Why is OPERATION PAPERCLIP so connected with AREA 51?? Why did President Kennedy have both Hannah Reitsh and Anna Kreisling visit him in the White House in 1962???
President Trump, you must do some reading and avoid taking any advice from this dangerous woman.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 06.03.2018

Dear President Donald Trump,

This is a very important message to you. Two days ago we had a team that returned from the future. The Nuclear War that we have been trying to stop happens after you are removed from power. What does this mean?
It means that as long as you are President, a Nuclear War will not happen, therefore I am giving some advice so that you can stay in power as President of the United States.
You must fire Mueller and everyone connected with him immediately! Why? Once Mueller files charges against you the Republican Party will betray you and force you to resign.
If you fire Mueller now and his entire staff, you will survive and the Republican Congress will support you. If you wait, four months from now you will be removed from office and the Nuclear War will happen this August.
The future is not firmly set, we have the technology to observe the future, and we can make changes, but we are still limited in our overall influence on future events.
None of us want this Nuclear War to happen, you must remain as President of the United States.
Do not waste time, Fire Mueller and his entire team. I know that you will receive this message, and may God be with you.

Sergei Lavrov, Moscow CCCP, 04.03.2018

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,

Can't you see what is going on! The CIA has over 35 writers covering up the fact that Anna Kreisling is real, OPERATION PAPERCLIP is a factual part of history, and Adolf Hitler is alive and well!!
The OSS was instrumental in carrying out OPERATION PAPERCLIP and this included SS Col. Hans Kammler in April 1945 flying DIE GLOCKE out of Germany in a Junkers JU-390 and landing at Wright Patterson AFB!!!
At the same time another Junkers JU-390 flew a 2nd DIE GLOCKE out of Norway to South America!
Hitler, Bormann, Eva, and a host of other Top Nazi Officials made it to South America! Yet, everyone in Europe was celebrating that the war was over. The only person in Europe who was not celebrating was STALIN our beloved leader who knew Hitler was alive, and that this was the beginning of the Fourth Reich!
Now you Americans have television shows celebrating that Hitler is alive!

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, 04.03.2018

Dear President Trump USA,

Recently both SUPERMAN and Captain America arrived at AREA 51 and were very depressed and angry with many of the orders you have given them!
They have both decided to join the winning team and have joined the Nazi Party. Why? Here are the Seven Reasons!
1. You have failed to present a plan that will ensure Victory in Afghanistan.
2. You have failed to explain to the American People why we are in Afghanistan.
3. Why is the former President of Afghanistan, KARZAI THE TURD, now living in Switzerland in a fabulous mansion valued at $85 Million Dollars,,,all paid for by the American Taxpayer????
4. Anna Kreisling tells me that you have insulted Pakistan a great nation that has supported the United States in its war against Communism.
5. Anna Kreisling tells me that the Taliban, the Holy Warriors of God helped defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. They should be treated with respect and dignity. Anna Kreisling tells me that this is their land and they have the right to live there.
6. Both SUPERMAN and Captain America are tired of fighting these insane wars,,that have no plan for victory,,,and they have decided to go fishing in Antarctica for the next three years. Anna has promised to go fishing with them and they are just amazed at how firm and wonderful her ass looks!
7. Finally President Trump, remember when I was the Leader of Germany? I wanted the Germans to love Germany and to love our people. In 1936 Germany was united in our love for the Fatherland and our people! You must stop trying to divide the people of the United States. There are many great and decent people in the Democratic PARTY. Bill and Hillary Clinton are great Americans! When Bill left office he balanced the budget, and he was helping every Gun Store in America thrive and prosper! More Ruger Mini 14's and AR-15's were sold when Bill Clinton was President, than has ever been sold! That is why crime went down 88%!!!
So President Trump, invite Bill and Hillary to the White House! Listen to them, you have a chance to make America Great Again! Do it! Unite the country, then you will go down in History!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 01.03.2018

Dear President TRUMP USA,
As you know this morning I announced that our new SATAN II Hypersonic Missiles are now being deployed.
But I have a problem that only you can fix. When are you going to arrest Anna Kreisling? When are you going to close down AREA 51???
The Nazi's have a microwave weapon and also Lasers that can destroy hundreds of ICBM Missiles within seconds.
This is why you must send SUPERMAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA to kidnap this White Wolf of the Luftwaffe!
Quit tweeting about Jeff Sessions. I do not want Jeff Sessions!! I want Anna Kreisling in chains and brought to Moscow! We must learn more about this Nazi Technology.

Dr. Jack Anderson, Austin, Tex, 26.02.2018

My Fellow Americans,

What is happening out in California is a fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. Recently I visited Exeter, California and in the distance, due east of the town you could see this jagged mountain, but to the south of this snow covered mountain you could see a huge massive round castle.
From a distance it is some 30 miles away, and it is so enormous,,yet when I talk to the local people they say that it was built in three months.
So I asked who built it? And they did not know! Yet many tell me it was built by advanced Nazi technology.
Why is this happening? Is it to save some of humanity from the coming Nuclear War?
25 miles to the south is another Nazi Castle, just above Springville, California near Coffee Camp. This one is very different with massive towers.
10 miles south of Yosemite National Park is another Castle! All three of these incredible massive Castles have been built in the last two years! Why?
Then we come to the bloodline of Adolf Hitler! Who we know survived World War II and is alive today.
Next we find out that Gen. Hans Kammler delivered DIE GLOCKE in a Junkers JU-390 to Wright Patterson AFB in 1945. That the massive GATES that have been built by Nazi Scientists at AREA 51 are a result of the technology derived from the DIE GLOCKE.
If a coming Nuclear War does happen, what remains of mankind will emerge from these castles, to rule the world!

Lenard Patten, Porterville, 21.02.2018

Lenard Patten
Flight Instructor
Porterville Airport,

Dear Britney Spears,
Brad Pitt?? You haven't seen me fly an airplane! If you want to fly to New Zealand I can get you there in 42 hours! We have a Lear Jet and it is nice!
Hey if you want to see Anna Kreisling she is usually found at the North end of the field, she owns six hangars down there and right now she is testing a 1918 Fokker D-8 that was custom built for her!
On takeoff she can climb that Fokker up to 3,500 feet in just over 3 minutes! She can also turn that Fokker on a dime! In a real dogfight if you were flying a French Spad, she would be on your tail in no time!
Britney once in a awhile she will fly that monster of a plane the Six engined Junkers JU-390 in and land. A ramp comes down and out she comes driving her 1972 white MGB sportscar. The MGB used to blend in, because back in 1968 it was a very common roadster, but now in 2018 they are a rare sight on the roads. Hey Peter Egan, eat your heart out! Here in Porterville we have the hottest Blonde you have ever seen driving an MGB! I miss your articles in ROAD AND TRACK Magazine!

Britney Spears, Las Vegas, 20.02.2018

Dear Anna Kreisling,
I saw you at the pool at CEASARS six months ago and JFC you are so gorgeous! You had a Coral bikini on, frost blonde hair, red lips, but your skin! Jesus, it was a honey golden brown, a perfect tan! Jesus Palomino!! How do you do it??? Forget Brad Pitt, I want to spend the night with you and I can tell you Bed Time Stories!
My latest song is Oooops Pop Bitty Ding a ling a Ding Dong! Anna, you were born on January 10, 1920? That means that you had to know CHER!! Are you cousins? Because CHER is a STONE COLD FOX, and that is how people describe you!
Anna, the real reason I am writing to you is that I would like to learn to fly one of those two seater Flying Saucers that you have at AREA 51.
I want to be able to go to New Zealand in 45 minutes and escape the traffic here in Las Vegas! It would be so fantastic to be able to fly anywhere in the world in one hour! If the Pope can do it, then why can't I learn to fly one of these FLYING SAUCERS!!

President Bill Clinton USA, 19.02.2018

Dear Dr. David Rothstein,
Tel Aviv, Israel

Anna Kreisling is in Dubai and she asked me to answer this question for you, since she is very busy preparing for the War with Iran which will be happening very soon.
Well David, or should I say Dr.???? Well Doc, the usual answer is that Hitler was out of his Cotton picking mind.
British MI6 says he flipped a coin,,,and so he invaded,,,but the truth is much more darker. Also remember this,,,,the war with the Communists and STALIN had been going on for Hitler since 1923 when Communists murdered Hannah Kreisling the mother of Anna, in her apartment in Berlin.
In 1936 Stalin had sent more than 1,000 Red Air Force pilots to Spain, with them they took the World's first fighter with retractable landing gear, the Polikarpov I-16,
also known as the little donkey by the Spanish.
Soon Hitler would send German pilots which were a part of the Condor Legion. So as you can see this War with Stalin began before the Invasion of Russia in 1941.
By 1939 German Scientists had finally developed Time Travel, but it did not work perfectly. However the Germans did learn that CASE WHITE the invasion of France would be successful. But Time Travel for OPERATION BARBAROSSA, the invasion of Russia provided no conclusive answers, not in the summer of 1940.
David, Anna has recommended two books for you to read, one is HITLER'S WAR by David Irving, the other is Hitler Moves East,,,by Paul Carell.
David, the two books I would recommend would be,,,,STUKA PILOT by Hans Ulrich Rudel and ,,,,PANZER ACES by Franz Kurowski.

Dr. David Rothstein, Tel Aviv, 18.02.2018

Dear Anna Kreisling,
Something I wish you would respond to is the question, Why did Hitler invade Russia in the summer of 1941??
Many books have been written about the War on the Eastern Front, but none of them have given an insightful answer into what made Hitler decide to invade the Soviet Union??

Dr. Joseph Lopez, Mexico City, 17.02.2018

Dr. Joseph Lopez,
Mexico City, Mexico,

Dear Dr. Alex Hastings UCLA,
Yes, the aircraft that we found in the barn in Sonora was an Albatross C-111, from 1916. It was a two seater with a 125 h.p. Mercedes engine.
Back in 1916 Germany shipped two Albatross Recon Aircraft to Mexico to help Pancho Via. One of these aircraft was used when Pancho Via led the attack into Arizona.
Gen. Pershing of the United States Army was ordered into Arizona to push Pancho Via back across the border and to kill or capture him. This was a violent time in Arizona. Many hundreds of people were killed in this Mexican Invasion that almost succeeded. Pershing brought with him five Curtiss Jenny's and this set the stage for the first aerial combat above the soil of the United States.
One of the German Albatross 2 seaters was flying along keeping an eye on the U.S. Army below. When two Curtiss Jennys flown by civilian pilots with American Army soldiers in the back seat armed with 30-40 Krag rifles.
The Albatross was armed with one Parabellum Machinegun in the rear seat. The two Curtiss Jennys dove on the Albatross and flew along side and the Americans opened fire with their bolt action 30-40 Krag rifles.
The Mexican in the back seat of the Albatross was hit and fell out of the Albatross. The pilots of the Curtiss Jennys also had Colt 45 pistols and they blazed away also at the Albatross. The Albatross landed severely damaged and the German pilot was very angry and upset, and so was Pancho Via who knew the rear seat gunner quite well.
The black and white pictures of the ALBATROSS and the recent find of the 2nd Albatross confirms that Germany did help Pancho Via when he invaded Arizona.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 16.02.2018

Dear Stephen King, Author of many great books,
I am back in the United States and it is a cold chilly night here at AREA 51.
Stephen I read your comments about wanting more Gun Control here in the United States. I can understand after the tragedy in Florida why you feel this way.
However think about this, from 1950-1960 there were no major High School shootings in America. Why? America back then had plenty of guns, but no major attacks! Why??
What is different about America in 2018, than the way we were in 1957?? Here is what my research shows.
1. Most teenagers today in 2018 have seen over 500,000 violent images seared into their brains by computers and Violent Video Games.
2. Most 14 year old boys today think they are not a man because they have not killed anyone.
3. The U.S. Government supports Violent Pornography to be shown to children. They have down nothing to stop this, therefore they support this.
4. This is what is different about America from the year 1957. The U.S. Government is not protecting our children from Violent horrific Pornography and Video Games and Computers that within seconds show children violence and rape.
5. Stephen, the reason this is being done is because of the many Communists and Leftist Marxist Liberals in the U.S. Government.
When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, he had to burn many books that were Pornography. Books that supported Communist ideology were burned. If Hitler was in power now, he would BAN Pornography from the Internet.
He would BAN violent Video games that only try to Brainwash young people into wanting to kill.
He would support the rights of all Americans to own a gun, so they can protect their families from the thousands of Gangmembers that terrorize our streets.
The greatest thing that Adolf Hitler brought to Germany was the love that one German has for his fellow volk, of people. This love of the Fatherland, our people, our children, our Mothers and Daughters is why Germany by 1936 became such a great nation.
Hitler taught us to love each other, to work together, to do sports together, even once a week to eat together as one community!
America was a truly great nation in 1957, I know because I was here. In Montana you could walk down the street with a Colt Six Shooter on your hip, and no one thought anything of it. You could go in and have breakfast and no one was afraid. Now in the year 2018 if you go and have breakfast with a Colt Six Shooter on your hip,,the Police will be called.
In 1957 poor people in the United States were not required to buy Car Insurance. They could buy a $300 dollar Clunker, and drive to work, or look for work in it. Now in the year 2018 the cost of insurance etc. is making it impossible for poor people to own a car!
America was a great nation in 1957, we had common sense and No Violent Video Games, No Sinister FACEBOOK, NO Pornography on the Computers and the U.S. Government cared for our children.
Well Stephen King, what do you think????

Agent smith, 08.02.2018

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President Donald Trump USA, 08.02.2018

Dear Vice President Joe Biden,
I was very impressed with your honesty and courage to tell me not to appear in front of Mueller and answer his questions! Let's face facts, Mueller is a Anal Retentive Jackass!
Now to my Military Parade! Joe, did you know that when Adolf Hitler turned 50, the German Military Parade was over five miles long! This is true! Millions of Germans came out to celebrate his 50th Birthday! In the movies from 1939 you can see Heinrich Himmler and the SS Leibstandarte march by! You can see Anna Kreisling standing to the left of Hitler as Heinrich salutes him! You can see Hitler pointing to the sky and talking excitedly to Anna Kreisling about the Luftwaffe and the Heinkel HE-111 bombers flying by.
Joe, you know what I like about the Nazi's?? These guys follow orders! Just as soon as I said I wanted a Parade, Anna calls me from New Zealand and says the SS Leibstandarte will be happy to be part of my military parade!!
This is absolutely fantastic! I can just see those Bozo's at CNN,,,WHEN THEY SEE THE SS LEIBSTANDARTE march by!! This is great!
Joe Biden, I have a question for you? Why did President John F. Kennedy have Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling visit the White House in 1962? No reports exist that tell what was said and why they spent four hours alone with President Kennedy?? Joe, think about it, the top two women pilots in the Luftwaffe in World War II, and they spend four hours talking with Kennedy? Joe please write to me and let me know what you found out!

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