Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Vice President Joe Biden USA, 22.06.2017

Dear Sean Hannity FOX NEWS,
Did you know that there are still more than 27 pilots of the AT-6 Training planes that are still alive that remember the rendezvous with the Junkers JU-390 over Lansing, Michigan on the morning of August 28th, 1943!
More than 55 AT-6 Training planes were practicing formation flying that morning when out of the clouds came a huge monstrous six engined Junkers JU-390!
Eighteen of the pilots immediately noticed a gorgeous blonde flying in the right seat! They started yelling over the radio, who she was? What was her name? Did she have a sister? Where could they get a date with her later?
All of these pilots assumed she was flying a six engined B-24 Liberator, and had to be at a nearby base!
Then she started to blow them kisses and wave to the boys, it was a miracle none of them ran into each other! More than 25 AT-6 Trainers were flying all around this massive airplane!
Ten minutes later the bomber turned and headed towards New York, and the AT-6 pilots headed home! One week later when the FBI and the OSS officers showed up, they still wanted her phone number, and they were madly in love with this girl!
Sean Hannity, you must have these Veterans on your show so they can tell there incredible story of their encounter with this massive Junkers JU-390 over the skies of Michigan!

Kim Jong Un, North Korea, 22.06.2017

Dear President Donald Trump USA,

Me got a good deal for you! I will host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games if you will stop the NAVY SEALS from trying to chop off my head everytime I step outside to use the bathroom!
Here in North Korea it is freezing cold, and we do not have indoor bathrooms yet, our scientists are still trying to figure out how indoor toilets work!
But no problem, we have 437,000 State Operated Outhouses in North Korea. You got to go? You pay guard a penny to pray at my picture before you take a dump! The guard then spends this penny to buy lunch. Then all the pennies come to me. I use these pennies to buy Hookers and Beer and to buy cars so I can complete my FERRARI collection! Kim Jong Un is looking for a 1955 California FERRARI 250 GT,,,If you have one I will trade you a cow, 22 pigs, a chicken from Canton, China, and my own personal 1972 Mercedes Benz 220 Diesel, that I bought from Burt Reynolds when he was making the CANNONBALL Movie! He said I would win the CANNONBALL with this car! I paid $256 Million for this car, so it has to be worth a lot of money right now!!!!
Now back to business, dear Donald, if you let me host the 2018 Winter Olympics, I will let you have all the television Rights! The people all over the world will get to see our Winter Olmpics!
First event, Who can run to the Outhouse the fastest and take a dump, then make it back alive in -40 degrees below zero!
2nd event, who can survive swimming from North Korea to Japan!
3rd event, downhill rollersckating down Mt. Fukitaka!! You put on rollersckates and go down one mile rock drop off!
4th event, you get naked and jump out of North Korean airplane over Seoul, South Korea! You steal cow and a bucket of KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN and if you make it back to North Korea, I get the bucket of chicken and you win an OLYMPIC MEDAL!!
Donald, so stop these NAVY SEALS from trying to chop off my head!! They might miss and chop off my SUIKIYAKI TWO INCH DING-A-LING!!!

President Donald Trump USA, 19.06.2017

My Fellow Americans,
Sergei Lavrov is right! More than 20 Million Russians were killed by the Nazi's, and so you can understand his perspective on history! It is a shame that Sean Hannity on FOX NEWS will not allow Anna Kreising on his show! Why? This is supposed to be a FREE COUNTRY and if the nation wants to hear how pilot Hans Pancherz and Co-pilot Anna Kreisling flew a Junkers JU-390 from Norway over Canada, and then over Michigan, and at noon on August 28th 1943, right over New York, why not?? It is a fact that we had no radar coverage on this route in 1943, but finally they were finally spotted over New York! What I want to know is who telephoned the NEW YORK TIMES and leaked the information that a Long range Luftwaffe Recon-aircraft was approaching New York from the west! We know of three photographers that took picures of this six-engined aircraft! Al Simpson of the NEW YORK TIMES took some fabulous pictures from the top of the Empire State Building! This gorgeous hot Nazi Blonde probably waved to him and he even probably got her phone number!! The Lucky Bastard! Why is it that the NEW YORK TIMES gets all the good information before the President does?
My Jerk-off Lawyer says I'm not being investigated, but the NEW YORK TIMES says I am being investigated! So who do I believe? You betcha your ass, I believe the NEW YORK TIMES!!
I know those Democrats are out after my scalp, you bet your 1932 Ford that the NEW YORK TIMES knows what they are talking about!
In conclusion my fellow Americans, I love history and I love being your President! I want to do some great things for our nation. But take my advice, don't listen to these FANCY LAWYERS they have here in Washington D.C.,,,,First they tell me to fire Jim Comey because he caused Hillary to have a cow and lose the election and every Democrat wanted him fired. So I fired him,,,and now they want me Impeached because I fired him!
But Sean Hannity, do me a favor and allow Anna Kreisling to come on your show! She is a hot, hot, hot, Blonde, and she really knows how to fly advanced spacecraft, aircraft, you name it.

Sergei Lavrov, Moscow CCCP, 14.06.2017

Russian Foreign Minister
Sergei Lavrov CCCP

Dear Yale University,
To understand Russian history and culture, you must understand what we are deeply afraid of! Our history is filled with invasions that bring death and destruction to our people. The last time this happened was when Adolf Hitler invaded Russia with more than six million soldiers.
Many people in smug rich decadent western cities will never know the suffering of the Russian people.
This is why here in Moscow we have such a great fear of the WHITE WOLF, Anna Kreisling.
If you understand the history of OPERATION PAPERCLIP and the bringing to the United States the BELL PROJECT, and the vast advanced NAZI weapons projects, including the NAZI NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM. Then you will begin to understand the paranoia that STALIN faced in his final days.
Stalin knew the truth. He knew that Hitler was flown out of Berlin in April of 1945. He knew that Martin Bormann made it to South America. He knew that Martin Bormann gave the orders to Anna Kreisling in Tokyo in February of 1945 to return to Germany and bring to Berlin two Junkers JU-52 Trimotors so that Hitler could be evacuated.
Things do not happen by accident. In April 1945 three of the greatest rescue pilots in the world were at Hitler's Bunker in Berlin. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling. A special SS unit was there with the Fake doppleganger of Adolf Hitler. This body was found by the Russians and they took pictures of it and proclaimed that Hitler was dead. But within weeks Stalin knew that this was not Adolf Hitler. That Hitler had escaped, along with Martin Bormann and Eva Braun. Here is another fact from history. All three of these pilots not only survived the war, but all three could not confirm that Hitler had died in Berlin.
In 1955 all three would tell Martin Caidin that Hitler died in Berlin, but this is what the OSS and the CIA wanted them to say. In 1962 President John F. Kennedy welcomed to the WHITE HOUSE, Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling. Look at the pictures! This included going for a swim at the White House, and our spies confirmed that they discussed with Kennedy how the war against Communism was going to be a victory for the United States!
Now in the year 2017 many people assume the most powerful person in the world is President Donald Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth!
The most powerful person in the world is Anna Kreisling, THE WHITE WOLF. She is far more powerful and dangerous than Donald Trump! To understand the FOURTH REICH, you must understand the NAZI HOLY TRINITY. Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Anna Kreisling are all alive, and all play a vital role in this vast Nazi empire.
When you talk about Nazi bases in Antarctica, or AREA 51, or even Nazi Bases on the Moon and Mars, you are talking about their technology and their power.
Recently the Nazi's have been building Castles around the world. Why? To rule the world after the coming Nuclear War? Every leader in the world knows that Nuclear War is very near. How? Because Anna Kreisling has had talks with many leaders of the world warning them about the coming Nuclear War. This building of castles is for the world after the coming Nuclear Catastrophe!

President Donald Trump USA, 10.06.2017

My Fellow Americans,
We are now facing a grave crisis, perhaps the gravest crisis in the last 25 years! At this moment in Maryland a small group of 300 Patriotic American Women are bravely taking off their tops and showing the men that they have the right not to wear tops just like the Men do!
I fully support the right of all women to enjoy the Sun topless! There is nothing wrong with all the women in America to enjoy the sun this way! I used to be against women baring their knockers until I saw Melania and Anna Kreisling laying out in the sun! What a pair of Knockers! What a heavenly sight! This only proves that GOD DOES EXIST! Holy Toledo,,Mama Mia,,,KARAMBA,,,these girls are really incredible!!
Now to all you Southern Baptists, get ready for a great summer! You are going to see things you have never seen before! You will not have to go to Las Vegas! You can save a ton of money and just go to the beach!
I wish to thank Anna Kreisling for a great time at AREA 51,,ALL AMERICANS should be proud of the great work the Nazis are doing out there! There is nothing greater than to be frying some hamburgers and watching Melania and Pee Wee Herman wash that Junkers JU-390!! Such a great airplane!

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KellyAnn Conway, WHITE HOUSE, 06.06.2017

Senior Advisor to the President
KellyAnn Conway
White House

Dear Rachel Maddow,
This morning the Genuine and Real Donald Trump was returned to the White House! Anna Kreisling flew her small Flying Saucer and landed on top of the White House and Donald and Melania came off the ship laughing and screaming like they had been to Disneyland and won $100 Million Dollars! Is AREA 51 that much fun?
I had to brief the President and told him that while he was gone this ALIEN that took his place really blew it! First this bitch comedian took a Samurai Katana and chopped off his head, which grew back the next morning, but the good news is the bitch got fired and Sean Hannity made mincemeat out of Kathy f****** Griffith!! Back in 1957 she would be a hero for trying to kill the ALIEN that was replacing the President!! But in 2017 she got her skinny ask fired!!
Anyway folks everything here is back to normal, but we do have one problem. While at AREA 51, Donald lost $987 Million dollars playing poker with the GRAY ALIENS!! So the American Taxpayers will have to pay the bill! Also in the simulated world of AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Donald crashed his 1957 MGA Sports Car doing 95 in a turn and the car rolled 22 times and looked like Napalm being dropped on the Viet Cong!
He had to go through a complete regrowth! Luckily his DNA survived and Anna Kreisling was able to reconstruct him in their NAZI Labs they have there. You can spot on the side of his head this white zipper that is holding his head together! Other than that he is better looking than before, because now he has lost his Pot Belly flabby stomach and his old wrinkled sagging Buttocks! He actually looks a lot better when he is walking around naked and takes a piss out the window when he sees the Democrats outside!
But Thanks to Anna Kreisling, the Donald is back!! The real Donald is a lot better than that FAKE ALIEN DONALD!! He was disgusting at the NATO Meeting when he took a salad away from Angela Merkel and told her it was murder to eat plants, that the Germans were always going around and killing Lettuce and tomatoes, that plants have feelings, that everyone should adopt and raise Lettuce!!
When Chancellor Angela Merkel walked up to him and kicked him in the balls, he just smiled back at her because ALIENS that are made of Plant Material, do not have gonads!!
This scared the crap out of everyone at the NATO Meeting!

President Donald Trump USA, 05.06.2017

Dear Megyn Kelley, Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
Hello girls, this is the President of the United States and I really need your help!
I am stuck here at AREA 51 and the people here will not let me leave! This is not a joke! I have lost $Millions playing poker with these GRAY ALIENS! They can read your mind and you can not bluff these guys!
Now they have me in a simulated world based on the movie AMERICAN GRAFFITI,,,They have this guy who looks like Harrison Ford driving around in a Black 56 Chevy looking for a guy in a yellow 32 Ford Hot Rod to race!
I'm driving around in a 57 MGA with my hair dyed black and I'm singing these ELVIS Presley songs while Melania is riding around HARRISON FORD in that Black 56 Chevy!
Man there is no end to this simulated world! You spend all day and night stuck in the FIFTIES! So far I have sang 357 Elvis songs and the girls just keep screaming for more!
I feel like a Hound Dog who just keeps howling all night! Megyn Kelly,,,Rachel Maddow you must help me escape from AREA 51!!
Hey I just saw Suzanne Sommers drive by in that white 57 T-Bird!!! What a fox! What a stone-cold fox!

Megyn Kelley NBC NEWS, 04.06.2017

The following is from my interview with President Vladimir Putin of Russia on June 1, 2017.

Megyn; Can you tell us what you know about AREA 51 and the UFO coverup which happened in the United States?
Vladimir Putin; I can only say that the UFO story begins with OPERATION PAPERCLIP in World War II. As you know more than 55,000 high ranking Nazi's were brought to the USA. Many of these such as Werner Von Braun were actually officers within the SS. It is not surprising that SS Gen. Hans Kammler flew the BELL PROJECT to Wright Patterson AFB. in May of 1945 with a Junkers JU-390 aircraft. That over 36 American Officers were there to greet him and welcome him to America! Anna Kreisling was an SS Officer and she was flown to Wright Patterson AFB at the request of Werner Von Braun in January of 1946. So many high ranking German Scientists, Test Pilots and engineers came to America!
Megyn; Many people refuse to believe that Nazi Scientists like Werner Von Braun were in the American Space Program,,Why is that?
Vladimir Putin; I really don't know. So many Americans have been told that AREA 51 does not exist,,that Anna Kreisling does not exist,,,that UFO's do not exist,,,yet, anyone who is educated knows that UFO's exist,,,and Anna Kreisling is a real person, a very dangerous and beautiful woman,,just as AREA 51 is a very real place!

Daura, 01.06.2017

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President Donald Trump USA, 31.05.2017

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS;
For the last three weeks I have been here at AREA 51, playing poker with some of the ALIENS, helping Melania bake cookies, getting a suntan and watching the News!
This Alien who has taken my looks is fooling everybody in Europe! Can't they tell that this is the FAKE Donald Trump?? I would never push an ambassador out of the way! Also every time this FAKE Donald Trump has a drink he pisses out of his index finger! When he goes to the bathroom he craps out of his left ear! I would never say anything bad about Germany! I love Germany! This Alien, this FAKE is saying that the Germans are now on their own! That if the Russians attack, Donald Trump is going to head to the golf course! The real Donald Trump would never say such things!
Folks even though AREA 51 is an amazing place, I am getting bored here! I'm also losing Millions of dollars playing poker with these GRAY ALIENS! Also I am losing Melania to PEE WEE HERMAN!! He goes out to wash Anna Kreisling's Junkers JU-390, and Melania is right there helping him!! She wears this white bikini with red polka-dots on it, with white Hooker Pumps that really show off her great fabulous ass! Mama Mia she is so good looking!
I wrote a Rap song about her, a real HIP HOP HOT PATOOTI NUMBER,,,It goes like this,,,Melania you are my babe,,,Your my girl,,,your my Lucy in the sky with diamonds! Baby you know you gots it, you know you wants it, you know I'm your SUGAR DADDY, SO BACK IT UP,,,BACK IT UP,,,BABY DON'T BE SHY,,,JUST BACK THAT butt up here,,,Just back it up,,,MMMMMMM,,,GOOD,,,Lord have mercy,,,DAT GIRL AIN'T WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR!!! SO BACK IT UP!!!
Rachel, do you think the FAKE Donald Trump could write a RAP SONG?? Rachel you must tell the world,,,that the FAKE PEOPLE ARE REALLY ALIENS,,,WHO ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 29.05.2017

Dear Sean Hannity FOX NEWS,
The real reason you will not allow Anna Kreisling to speak on your show is because you are secretly supporting Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.
The connection between Bill Clinton and Anna Kreisling is very well documented! When Bill first ran for Governor of Arkansas and failed, where did he get the money to run again? We know today this is when Anna Kreisling intervened in history and gave him more than $140 Million dollars to run again. She convinced him that his destiny was to become the President of the United States!
During the eight years that Bill Clinton was President more than 33 secret Nazi Air Bases were built around the world! The vast space elevator that can take supplies 135 miles above the surface of the Earth was completed!
It was in 1997 that Anna Kreisling visited the White House and encouraged Bill not to resign!
Sean, you know all about this, and you did nothing to stop Anna Kreisling!
Sean, recently the White House has redoubled their efforts to remove the famous picture of Anna Kreisling standing in front of the Junkers JU-390 taken in 1944. This picture shows her standing in front of the JU-390 surrounded by four other Men. So why does President Donald Trump want this key evidence erased from history? Why do the Russians want her story to be forever banned??
The answer my friend, is because it shows how incompetent STALIN was in history. STALIN failed to capture or kill Hitler. STALIN knew the truth, he knew that Anna Kreisling had flown Hitler and Eva and Martin Bormann out of Berlin on April 28th, 1945. That she flew them to Denmark and from there other Luftwaffe pilots had flown them to Norway where they boarded a submarine and escaped to Argentina!

Martha Andersen, Los Angeles, 24.05.2017

Dear Jack Conner,
I want to thank you for your advice and the map on how to find the Castle above Porterville, California.
My daughter Lynda had cancer and the Doctors said she only had a few months left to live, so I was desperate and did not know what to do. When we talked you told me about the GATE Technology developed from the BELL Project from World War II. That once you stepped into a GATE, your DNA was encoded and even if you were badly wounded, or had something seriously wrong with your body, your body would be reassembled on a molecular level and you would emerge from the GATE in a restored and perfect condition. However, within the Fourth Reich, there was only one person entrusted with the technology of the GATES, and that was Anna Kreisling. But what did I have to lose?
We drove to Porterville, and then up past Lake Success, which was beautiful and full of shimmering blue water. Most of the snow was gone, so we drove on past Springville and then past Coffee Camp, it was here that two members of the SIERRA CLUB helped me carry Lynda. We hiked along the trail and went past pools of water and a waterfall, but we could not see the Castle! So we camped for the night, and built a fire, which really helped calm me. The next morning we began a strenuous climb. We had almost reached the top of a rocky mountain when suddenly we saw her! On the trail in front of us was a woman riding a huge magnificent White horse. She was wearing a red cloak, but it was her hair and her eyes which sent a wave of fear through me. She turned the horse around and we followed her up to the top of the mountain.

Kim Jong Un, North Korea, 22.05.2017

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
This is Kim Jong Un,,,LIVE FROM NORTH KOREA!!
Hello Baby Doll, you sweet young Bamboo Sprout!!
Rachel, Me have Question for you???
How do I get the Donald so mad,,,he will start a war with me??? All the Leaders of China say for me to start a war because this will bankrupt the USA,,,and then China will be No. 1 power in the world!! CHINA say I am FIRST STRIKE WEAPON,,,that I Kim Jong Un can blow up Tokyo,,,but they can't!!
Me do not want to blow up Tokyo!! Me want more Pizza and beer,,,and more trips to Las Vegas so I Kim JONG UN can clean their clocks!! Want to know what my two favorite movies are??? 1. DEBBIE DOES DALLAS,,,,,
2. THE HANGOVER,,,where the four Dorks go to Las Vegas and drink some JAGERMEISTER on the roof,,with some ROOFIES in it and then put the President of China in the trunk of their Mercedes,,,and then he shows his naked butt,,and beats the crap out of them!! This movie I really like!!

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Chancellor Angela Merkel, 20.05.2017

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany;

Dear Sean Hannity,
You really need to allow Anna Kreisling to come on FOX NEWS and discuss the Nuclear War which will begin in August. America is not prepared for a Nuclear War and she could give some valuable advice.
At this very moment President Trump is at AREA 51 which has vast underground Bunkers that can survive any Nuclear Attack. One of the reasons we in Germany keep two squadrons of Luftwaffe Jet Fighters at Nellis AFB is to protect the ALIEN and UFO research that goes on there. Germany has benefited greatly from advanced Alien technology.
Sean, perhaps all of this information is not allowed on American T.V.?? Have you noticed that the picture of Anna Kreisling with four other Luftwaffe pilots, standing in front of a Junkers JU-390 in 1944 is being removed and erased off the internet! That her original picture that was published in PACIFIC FLYER in the JUNE 2001 issue, p.23 has never been allowed to be published in North America! You can see her picture in Australia but not the USA.
Every year in America there are over 1,800 books that are banned by your Government because they are discussing sensitive issues. So much for your so called FREEDOM OF THE PRESS and the right to read factual information.

jorge, 19.05.2017

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President Donald Trump USA, 18.05.2017

Dear Sean Hannity FOX NEWS,
The last 18 hours here at AREA 51 has just been incredible! When I rode in, in the back of an old Army truck, the base looked dismal and barren but with some really big hangars. As I stood in the bright desert sun, Anna Kreisling showed me how she could turn off the power to a grid of projected images, and then you could see this elevator that goes 135 miles up into space. I gasped looking at it disappear overhead. She activated the power and then it was invisible again. This is the same STEALTH Technology that she uses to hide her castle near Yosemite and the other one near Porterville California.
Sean, you would not believe the Intelligence Briefing she has given me! First off I must warn America and the world that the Donald Trump that is flying at this moment to Saudi Arabia is not the real Donald Trump. Did you ever see the movie,,,THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS???? Well Sean, this is now happening around the world. I am here at AREA 51, THIS DONALD TRUMP in AIR FORCE ONE, IS A FAKE!! You know about FAKE NEWS,,,WELL THIS GUY IS AN ALIEN, A CREATURE GROWN FROM A SEED POD TO REPLACE ME!! The Vice President is also a CLONE, an ALIEN GROWN FROM A SEED POD!!
Sean, I am not kidding! Do you think the real Donald Trump would act so stupid?? These ALIENS do not really know how to act like Human Beings! They are CLONES,,,FAKES!!!
Now I know why Vladimir Putin brought me here to AREA 51, he was trying to save my life. This is why Anna Kreisling brought Melania Trump here, to save her life! This is why SUPERMAN and Captain AMERICA are here! Together we are going to attack Congress and chop the heads off all these ALIENS, which have taken over Congress and the Senate!
It is time America to get some RANCH DRESSING and make a SALAD out of these SPACE ALIENS!
Folks, this is why when you see a NAZI, you should go up and shake their hands, because folks, these are the only guys who are trying to save America!
By the way Ann Coulter,,,,, YOU ARE FIRED!!!!

President Donald Trump USA, 16.05.2017

Dear Ann Coulter,
Who cares what you think, or what 55 million Republicans think? What matters right now is the fact that my Soul Mate, my buddy, Vladimir Putin can not drive a
URAL Motorcycle! He drives this thing like a sissy girl who just got on a Honda for the first time!
This Gigantic Hairy Spider is gaining on us! And what really scares the shiite out of me is the fact that Senator Harry Reid is on top of this spider urging FRED to walk even faster!
Why did Vladimir show up with a slow, obsolete, machine like the URAL?? This motorcycle is a copy of the BMW used in World War II!! Why didn't he show up on a Harley Davidson?? Then we could out run this monstrous flesh eating spider, and go back to Las Vegas and play some serious Black-Jack!!
Now Vladimir has pulled the pin on the side car, and he is leaving me to die, out here on a desert Highway, all alone, completely deserted by the world and the 55 Million Republicans who elected me to office!
Who is going to save me? You Ann Coulter??? SEAL TEAM SIX??? WHO is going to save my bacon??
Now I am surrounded by three GIGANTIC SPIDERS! This is worse than going to a Nancy Pelosi dinner party! This is worse than watching CNN NEWS for 18 straight hours!
Suddenly overhead a bright light flashed and the feeling of intense energy singed the air. A small Flying Saucer landed and the top hatch opened up! For a few seconds I gasped trying to take in what I was seeing!
The most gorgeous Knock out Blonde on the planet was getting out of this spacecraft! Dressed in black leather and her breasts showing the best cleavage I have ever seen! A chasm of orgasmic beauty! Her hair the color of Frost, her eyes sparkling blue, her red lips, her look of royal blood, I was standing in front of a goddess!
As Anna Kreisling approached me she said," Welcome to AREA 51 Donald, we have been expecting you!"

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