Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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President Vladimir Putin CCCP
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My fellow Americans,
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By Morning the Aliens were charred and burned beyond recognition, but FRED also was dead. This is a sad day for AREA 51. Both Gov. Rick Perry and Pee Wee Herman and Senator Harry Reid are going to dedicated their lives to raising FRED'S Babies and make sure they remember their brave mother. That Spiders never die, they just move on and spin more webs!

john Q. Public, 14.11.2014

Poor Fred! He was more than just a spider to me. He was 16 tons of energy and excitement! He viewed the world with marvel and wonder! I really enjoyed his penchant for consuming crooked politicians. After a moment of silence, I would like to invite everyone to share their memories of Fred.

john Q. Public, 14.11.2014

Poor Fred! He was more than just a spider to me. He was 16 tons of energy and excitement! He viewed the world with marvel and wonder! I really enjoyed his penchant for consuming crooked politicians. After a moment of silence, I would like to invite everyone to share their memories of Fred.

Steven Downs, 14.11.2014

Fred died :(

SVEN, 12.11.2014

Colonel ? In the RAF ? I don't think so. You'd be more likely to find a Captain of the Swiss navy.

Col. Gavin Lyons R.A.F., 12.11.2014

Royal Air Force,
Col. Gavin Lyons,
London, England

The really big issue and debate about the Junkers JU-390 is how many were built, and what vast distances did they cover that we know about!
First, remember that the true numbers of Junkers JU-390's built was a secret! Why? Because the JU-390 from the beginning was tied to the Nazi Nuclear Bomb Program. Next New York was the ultimate target that Hitler wanted destroyed! If you understand Hitler's desire to see New York destroyed, then the secrecy involving the flights of the Junkers JU-390 makes profound sense.
We know for a fact that Four Junkers JU-390's were always based in Norway around the Bodo Airfield. Next we know that six of the Junkers JU-390's were built in Poland. Another five were built at the Junkers factory in Germany. As for range of operation, we know they sometimes flew from Odessa, Russia to Japanese airfields in China. We have proof that they flew from Bodo, Norway nonstop to Tokyo, Japan, flying over the North Pole. We also know that at the close of the war one flew from Norway all the way to Argentina non stop. We also have documents that a Junkers JU-390 flew from Italy to South Africa. Then the Recon flights of the Junkers JU-390 over Michigan and New York.
The final controversy comes from the so-called experts that say the Junkers JU-390 could not carry an Atomic Bomb. However these chaps all agree that a B-29 could carry an Atomic Bomb. Yet even though the JU-390 is a much bigger plane than the B-29, with a much larger range, they still proclaim that the JU-390 could not carry an Atomic Bomb! Absolute stupidity! Some of these blokes even try to compare the B-36 bomber with the Junkers, and discover that the Junkers JU-390 was more responsive, a true STOL Aircraft compared with the big heavy B-36!
In conclusion remember this, President Roosevelt never based the B-29's in Europe to threaten Germany with Atomic Bomb attacks! Why? Because the Recon Flight over New York flown by Hans Joachim Pancherz and Anna Kreisling demonstrated in 1943, that New York could be destroyed by an Atomic Bomb.

A. Nominus, 09.11.2014

Anna, you are absolutely right! We should be proud of all service members past and present!

Keep up your great work!


Anna Kreisling KG-200, 07.11.2014

This Tuesday November 11th is Veterans Day, a day to honor our men and women who have served our nation. Make no mistake, it is very important to honor those who will never return, who died in battle. It is also vital that we show our living Veterans that we care about them and honor them.
During the Vietnam War far to many Veterans came home and were spit upon and called horrible names. Many of these people that spit on our Veterans now hold political office. They have let our Veterans down by making them wait seven hours to see a doctor, or making them drive four hours to even see a doctor. What really is upsetting is the way HOLLYWOOD still portrays our soldiers. In the Brad Pitt Movie FURY, it shows that American soldiers went around Germany raping women and killing German Prisoners. This is not the truth! The American Army saved countless numbers of German Men Women and Children from starving to death. They helped feed the children of Germany. For Hollywood to portray them like Russian Soldiers is an insult. Gen. Patton and the soldiers of the U.S. Army were real men, real soldiers who helped whenever they could to feed the people of Germany. To provide shelter for the women and children of Germany. Americans everywhere should be proud of their military.

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