Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Gen. Jeb Stuart, Gettysburg, 03.12.2016

Gen. Jeb Stuart The Army of Virginia

Dear President Trump,
Before you celebrate to much, Anna Kreisling has opened a portal from Wewelsburg Castle in Yosemite to Gettysburg. We may be few in number, but 2,700 soldiers of the Army of Virginia are camped just a few miles outside of Gettysburg. We expect that you a Republican, just like Abraham Lincoln will send the entire United States Army out to chase us through the countryside so you can continue your victory tour. Yankees like you started the Civil War, and folks here is why they did it. In 1838 over 100 of the wealthiest Northern Yankees met in Boston to plan a War against the South. Why? Because the South could sell their Cotton and Tobacco to Europe for far higher prices than these rich wealthy Yankees wanted to pay. Cotton and Tobacco were the two most important items in North America and these Yankees wanted all of it, to control completely the Southern Resources. So they began to plan the War. These Yankees knew that some dumb 18 year old kid would not die to make them rich, so they decided that Slavery would be the moral issue of this war. Soon every Book Publisher and Magazine was running articles about how cruel and horrible were the people who lived in the South, even though many people in the North also had slaves. Then Southern Women were openly attacked in cities in the North. For many years the South suffered at the hands of these Yankees and their propaganda. Make no mistake, the American Civil War was not fought to Free the Slaves, it was fought to make the Northern Industrialists rich beyond their wildest dreams.
Now with the help of Anna Kreisling, we are going to wait here at Gettysburg to fight with that Yankee from New York, Donald Trump! This time we are gonna win, then march to Washington and demand that the South be allowed to honor the Americans who fought in the Civil War.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 30.11.2016

Dear Dr. John Phillip Souza, MIT,
Most of the students that I have met at MIT are very bright and dedicated to their fields of Science. The Staff however, like yourself have become Circus Clowns.
Do you really think that I would allow you to bounce Quarters off my breasts and nipples?? Where did you find the girls to do these antics??? At a drunken Frat Party??
Now to some more serious problems. It is important for the American people to know how betrayed both Israel and Saudi Arabia feel by President Obama's Foreign Policy. This would have been corrected by Hillary Clinton, once she became President. She cared deeply for the survival of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Israel. Donald Trump remains a mystery. He does not seem to grasp the importance of nations such as Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia. He does not seem to grasp the power grab of Iran and Russia inside Syria. The only nation that is trying to stop Iran and Russia and Assad in Syria is Saudi Arabia.
Another nation that is not being treated fairly and with respect is Pakistan. Back in the 1980's Pakistan and the Taliban and the Mujahadein, the Holy Warriors of God were the Heroes to the entire world. The Russians who occupied Afghanistan murdered more than two million women and children. Pakistan suffered also during this time.
The world is in crisis right now because we have had two insane and stupid Presidents. Bush and Obama have been disasters, if Trump turns out to be as stupid and naive as both Bush and Obama were, Russia and Iran will be controlling the Middle East.
Remember this, the Roman Empire fell apart because they had SEVEN Emperors in a row, that were complete buffoons and imbeciles. The last great President of the United States was Bill Clinton. Since then it has been one disaster after another. I hope that Trump will show some courage and intelligence in the Middle East. America can not afford more Foreign Policy Failures.

Dr. John Phillip Souza, MIT, 29.11.2016

Dear President Trump,
I agree with Vladimir Putin, that Anna Kreisling needs to be arrested and locked up! Why? Because the Fourth Reich does exist, and this Political and Military Power may very well be the most powerful in the world. Make no mistake, as of right now they are loyal to the United States and their Military Power comes under the authority of the CIA and the President. But when does Anna Kreisling and Hitler and Heinrich Himmler go their separate ways???
While it may be noble of her to try to prevent a coming Nuclear War, what she fails to tell the American People is that after a Nuclear War it is the Nazi's who will rule this planet!
Even Ann Coulter last night acknowledged that the Nazi Party and AREA 51, the Nazi Moon Bases, are all essential to the Security of the United States.
Here at MIT, we have conducted research as to how Anna Kreisling's 38D breasts are so perky and firm and so heavenly beautiful! She can bounce Quarters of her Nipples and they can land in a Pickle Jar 22 yards away! We find this absolutely amazing! The Physics of this is impossible, yet she can do it!
We have also found that old Men who are dieing of Cancer, and can barely stagger around. They are getting massive gigantic erections when she walks by! They start whistling and hooting and screaming like bloody Apes! They lose all contact with reality and start swinging from the chandeliers and eating bananas and wanting to dance! Can you imagine if Rachel Maddow let her on television and those breasts started going around and around! The entire USA might go crazy and Hundreds of Thousands of Men would have to be hospitalized for going crazy!

Jack Anderson, Dallas Texas, 28.11.2016

Merry Christmas from Dallas,
Yesterday I was at WAL-Mart here in Dallas and I saw the girls wheel in a cart with plastic wrap all over it. Well they took off the plastic wrap, and at first I was just watching their sexy butts. But then I saw FIVE 1/18TH Scale Junkers JU-390 aircraft for sale from China! These are huge!! So I grabbed one and it cost me $137 dollars! This plane comes with five figures! So folks, good luck, and this really made my Christmas!! There is nothing more impressive than a Junkers JU-390 unless I get to see a picture of Anna Kreisling's breasts straining against a red lace bra, so tan and so wonderful!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 26.11.2016

Dear Harrison Ford,
I am hoping that your Thanksgiving was nice, and you had a very relaxing holiday. I was very impressed with the recent magazine that showed your life and movie career.
Do you still have that Ryan PT-22?? My latest aircraft is the two seater Fokker D-7, painted in the colors of the Dutch Air Force in 1922. James Newsom my next door neighbor is very impressed with all aircraft from World War I.
I sometimes understand this, modern technology is necessary, but if you want to fly for fun, the older aircraft are much more enthralling. I would rather fly a Junkers JU-52, or a Douglas DC-3, anyday compared with some of the Modern Jets. In many ways the older aircraft were even safer. No one has matched the safety record of the Fokker and Junkers Trimotors, or the Douglas DC-3.
While I grew up in Germany, James Newsom grew up in America during the 1950's and 1960's. He can remember buying as issue of AIR PROGRESS Magazine every month and saving every issue. Back then there were six Major Flying Magazines available, and now there are none.
This is very sad because America from 1903-1993 was the leader in the world for promoting Aviation and Flying. But now in 2016, very few young people have the opportunity to learn how to fly.
One of the things that President Donald Trump should implement is a Private Pilots Course at every American High School. Upon the completion of the course, the U.S. Govt. should pay for six hours of flight training so that the Young Person could then be on his way to earning a Student Pilot's Liscence. James Newsom was 17 when he soloed a Cessna 150. Heinrich Himmler let me solo in a glider when I was 13, but the time I was 16 I could fly the Bucher Jungmeister in aerobatic competition. When I was 18 I traveled to America with Ernst Udet and I loved the Cleveland Air Races!
So goodbye for now. Harrison Ford, may all your landings be safe ones.

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 24.11.2016

Dear Madonna,
I was deeply saddened when I heard that your 16 year old son was busted for smoking WEED in London. I always thought that everyone in England was smoking Weed and doing LSD and Shagging at Austin Powers Groovy Pad!!
By the way, even though Hillary Clinton won the election by more than 2 Million Votes, thanks to our great Russian Hackers we were able to electronically change the votes in Seven of the Swing States in the Election!
Yesterday I received a report from Hossein Salami and Soleimani Qassem from inside Syria screaming about these 900 pound WILD PIG soldiers armed with the A-10 FULLY AUTOMATIC 12 Gauge shotguns. They can fire 250 rounds in 88 seconds and many of these rounds explode like grenades!
Then of course they bitch and complain about the ZOMBIES!! What can I do?? Do they think that fighting in Syria is like drinking Vodka at a Russian Party??
Well Madonna, I am going to do my Judo now. I turn on your music and get into my Leotard and dance around the room. Madonna did you know that the MG car Company in England was Adolf Hitler's favorite Car Company?? When he sent Rudolf Hess to England he wanted the British to supply him with thousands of MG Sports Cars so they could drive to Moscow faster! We in Russia are very thankful that you did not supply the German Army with the MG-TC. We would not have survived with German Teenagers running us over in the streets of Moscow in their HOT ROD MG Roadsters!
By the way it is a fact that when Anna Kreisling flys to Porterville Airport. She always has her 1972 Glacier White MGB stored away in her Junkers JU-390 aircraft!

Miki Rei , Tokyo, Japan, 23.11.2016

Dear President Obama,
We in Japan are very sad and depressed tonight. Our nation survives Earthquakes, and Tsunami's, and even GODZILLA, but Kim Jong Un of North Korea has no right to threaten Japan with Nuclear Bombs.
You should understand that China controls North Korea and that if they say jump, Kim Jong Un will jump! China regards North Korea as a FIRST STRIKE WEAPON. This means that China can order North Korea to launch Nuclear Weapons at JAPAN, and then claim that they are innocent, and that America should only bomb North Korea. President Obama, you must make it clear to China that if North Korea launches a Nuclear Missile at my beloved city of Tokyo, the USA should launch Nuclear Weapons at both China and North Korea.
Finally everyone here in Tokyo would like to thank Anna Kreisling for helping the people in Japan. Many say that she is the SHINTO Goddess, who protects Japan. Yet I know she is human, because of the tears she cried when she learned that Hiroshima had been destroyed.

Kim Jong Un, North Korea, 22.11.2016

Dear Dr. David Adkins of San Francisco,
You sound like such a nasty violent person! You live in very nice city, and yet you sound like President Obama when he threatens North Korea! We in North Korea want only Peace and Love, we also want to Liberate South KOREA and all of Korea will belong to me, Kim Jong Un, the Greatest Leader on the Planet!
Dr. Adkins, did you know that if I invaded South Korea I could conquer it within Six Weeks! We have much bigger Air Force and Army than South Korea. After I conquer South Korea, then I want to conquer Japan! So what is stopping me?? Anna Kreisling has invaded North Korea two times, her Army is very small,,,but so deadly,,,they slaughter my troops and they used a flamethrower on me. Do you know how it feels to have your butt on fire and you are running across a field with 35 Zombies after you??? She rode a massive white horse across a field with over 800 Samurai Warriors, their swords flashing silver in the sun, they rode down on my troops and cut them to pieces! Blood everywhere! How can I Kim Jong Un conquer South Korea, when I can't even defeat an army of 26,000 fanatic Lunatics! This is why President Obama says he does not have to use Nuclear Weapons in Korea! He knows that Anna Kreisling and her Samurai, and her 26,000 SS Leibstandarte troops will fry my Korean Butt and serve it as bacon to her troops!

Dr. James Adkins, San Franci, 22.11.2016

Dear Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister,
You can kiss my ass. You stinking Russians are only good for one thing, killing and raping. I loved it when I saw RAMBO hunt down your SPETZNATZ Troops in the jungle of Vietnam! Yesterday I was reading that you stinking Russians want to invade Alaska with 100,000 Airborne troops and take it back within Seven Days! Well Sergei, go right ahead, you dumb bastard! Everyone in Alaska has a gun, and they would love to blow your head off! You might take a few cities, but within three weeks your Airborne troops would be in serious trouble! This is the fault of that CHICKEN CRAP OBAMA, WHO REFUSES TO USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS, NOW THE CHINESE ARE TALKING ABOUT INVADING HAWAII AND AUSTRALIA!!
Now Sergei, let's talk about Anna Kreisling, of course she is a Nazi, If you grew up in Germany in the 1920's and the 1930's you would be a Nazi to! I was talking with Dr. Joseph Mendelstein who is in NASA, and I asked him about Anna Kreisling, and he showed me pictures of her! He showed me pictures of the bases that they have on the Moon! He showed me pictures of the Mars Rover finding a German Helmet on the planet Mars, he even showed me a Russian Satellite picture of AREA 51, and it showed clearly a Junkers JU-390 parked out front of a massive hangar! The real story folks is how our U.S. Government has kept OPERATION PAPERCLIP and all of this a secret for so long!

Sergei Lavrov, Moscow CCCP, 21.11.2016

Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister

Dear President Obama,
It is not to late to secure your place in the glorious history of Mother Russia. You must arrest Anna Kreisling! Why wait for President Trump to do this and get all the prestige? Here are some facts that will support our claim that she is a devout Nazi!!
1. On March 28th, 1945 a Junkers JU-390 flew from Bodo Norway over the North Pole and landed in Tokyo Japan. Anna Kreisling was in Tokyo at this time and helped unload this cargo along with a very important Japanese Scientist and a Japanese Officer. It was here that she received a letter from Martin Bormann to report to the Bunker in Berlin and prepare two Junkers JU-52 Trimotors to fly Adolf Hitler and his staff out of Berlin.
2. Anna Kreisling was involved in the Japanese Atomic Bomb Program. She was also working on THE BELL Project in Japan.
3. Martin Bormann had three of the greatest rescue pilots in the world at the Bunker, Hannah Reitsch, Hans Baur and Anna Kreisling. He also had special tunnels in which to escape and TEMPLEHOFF Airfield was still operational.
4. So now the big question,,Why would England and America allow and want Hitler to escape? The answer is easy, advanced NAZI Weaponry and Science. The agreements between Martin Bormann and the OSS is evidenced by the Junkers JU-390 flown to Capetown South Africa with Martin Bormann on board with signed documents.
5. Further proof is shown by Anna Kreisling and what she was ordered to do. After she delivered Adolf Hitler and Eva and Martin Bormann to Denmark. She was then ordered to fly and evaluate the Horten V-9 Jet equipped with DIE GLOCKE. Her orders were to turn it over to the Americans, and this she did, although unexpectedly, when she was captured by three Sherman Tanks. The American soldiers under Gen. Patton could care less when the Scientists showed up and hauled the jet away. They had the most gorgeous Blonde in Germany to pour coffee for them!

Nadia Johnson, Dallas Texas, 16.11.2016

Dear Joel Osteen, The Television Preacher,
All I want for Christmas is a pair of 38D Knockers so my husband will stop talking about Anna Kreisling! Jesus Palomino! He saw her at an airport in Austin, getting into a GREAT LAKES Biplane and he has been babbling about her ever since! He said her black leather jump-suit was zipped down to her belly button and her breasts were just heavenly!! A chasm of paradise! Frost Blonde hair, red lips, he has been on the couch moaning and groaning ever since! At work all he does is moan and groan, but since he is a U.S. Congressman, no one has noticed!!
So Joel Osteen, go pray to God, and I will see if God really does answer your prayers! Also tell me how to buy a 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390 Aircraft. My husband wants to hang one above his office desk in Washington D.C.!!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 16.11.2016

Dear President Trump USA,
For over 24 hours we have lost contact with the Russian Hmeimim Air Base in Syria! Our last report was that a fog had descended over the base, and all defensive weapon systems were not working, even the firing pins on their AK-74 rifles had melted!

RUTH, 14.11.2016

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Hillary Clinton USA, 11.11.2016

Dear Anna Kreisling,
I want to thank you for all your support, and I want to thank you for rescuing Bill in 1997.
This afternoon after walking our dogs, I turned to Bill and said," Let's go somewhere that is beautiful and quiet, where we can get away from the noise and just enjoy the moment." Bill looked at me and smiled and called you up on his telephone.
Anna as always you were there for us! You walked out of the Saucer and helped us up the gangplank. You strapped us in and soon we were accelerating straight up! Neil Young once wrote a song,,,OUT OF THE BLUE,,,AND INTO THE BLACK,,,I thought about that song as we left the blue atmospere behind us! Two hours went by that were so exciting, where one can see the Earth slowly fade away and the Moon become ever larger! Then we were in orbit around the Moon and seven other spacecraft came alongside and flew formation with us! Smoothly and quietly we came down and a massive glass dome opened up and then we landed. The glass dome closed and our spacecraft opened it doors. As we walked down the ramp, more than 300 school children were there to greet us. They sang the song Edelveiss from the Sound of Music,,and Bill and I were very happy.
Later as Bill and I sat down and we were watching the Earth in the distance,,,he said," Hillary, don't worry,,You did a great job,,,you did your best,,,and that is all any of us can do!"
As I gazed at the Earth, I began to remember when I used to watch STAR TREK so many years ago.
"SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER, THESE ARE THE VOYAGES OF THE STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE, It's five year mission, to go where no man has gone before!"

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 09.11.2016

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS;
It is Election Night and Donald Trump is now holding at 257 Electorial Votes. Unless a Miracle happens, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.
As you know both myself and Heinrich Himmler supported Hillary Clinton for President. Yet Adolf Hitler always told us that Donald Trump and the building of the Wall, really caught his enthusiasm and so Hitler supported Trump!
Tonight Heinrich Himmler and I and Hitler are watching the election, and it turns out that Hitler was right about so many things!
Make no mistake I still value Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are great Americans and have fully supported our NAZI Bases around the world, and on the Moon, and Mars and beyond. It was Bill Clinton who allowed me to build the 135 mile high ELEVATOR into space that is based at AREA 51.
2016 will go down as the year the CUBS won the WORLD SERIES, and DONALD TRUMP became the President of the United States.

Pepper Gomez, Delano Californi, 08.11.2016

Si Amigos, My name is Pepper Gomez!!
Viva la Revolution!! Viva Pancho Via!!

Today is Election Day! So get your Mexican Butts out there and vote for Pancho Via! ADELANTE!!
Amigos, I am at Porterville Airport helping Anna Kreisling unload all her guns and an ALBATROSS C-111 from her Junkers JU-390! This 1916 Biplane is really interesting. It has a 160 h.p. Mercedes Benz motor, a straight six cylinder, and it holds two people. Amigos, back in 1916 Germany shipped two of these planes to Mexico to help Pancho Via in his invasion of Arizona! Pancho hired two American Gringo Pilots to fly these planes because they supported the Revolution and he paid them with gold!
Each of these Albatross biplanes was armed with a Machinegun in the back seat, their job was to provide information to Pancho where the American Gringo Army was!
The American Army was flying Curtiss Jenny Biplanes looking for Pancho Via and his Banditos shooting up American towns!
HEY AMIGOS, I PEPPER GOMEZ has got to get back to work! Karamba, Anna has such beautiful breasts! She is a Senorita Bonita, such heavenly breasts! Me Pepper Gomez is in love with such EL GRANDE BONITAS!!
So calm down Amigos, and remember to go vote!

Dr. Adity apradhan, 08.11.2016

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David Parnell, BYU UTAH, 07.11.2016

Happy Birthday James Newsom,
You lucky dog! You get to go flying in a Fokker D-7 with the most interesting woman on the planet! Remember Pat Tomlinson and his Sopwith Pup?? Well I knew Pat, when you were doing the AIRSHOW ANNOUNCING for him! That show that you did in Salinas is still remembered fondly. James you were part of the German ground crew manning a Maxim Parrabellum Machinegun on a tripod! Down came Pat in his SOPWITH PUP firing blanks through his Vickers Machinegun, and you firing back,,,,then your 88 pound Machinegun came off the tripod as Pat flashed by overhead,,,and you kept blazing away at him,,,and then the gun hammered you into the ground! It took the other two Germans to lift that Machinegun off of you! This was really great and everyone,,,250,000 people could tell that this was not fake. You showed clearly what happens when a heavy machinegun comes off its mount!
Anyway I remember Anna Kreisling fondly from the Merced Antique Airshow.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 03.11.2016

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians!!! Here at AREA 51 even the Aliens are big BASEBALL FANS and they could not believe how tense and exciting this game was! Why is Baseball important? Because Baseball is the game that defines America. When my next door neighbor, James Newsom who taught at an Elementary School for 35 years, wanted to make the kids into Americans, the first thing he taught them was Baseball. During the morning he taught them Reading, English, Math and History. But in the Afternoons it was Baseball and Science. Both the Boys and the girls played together, and they learned teamwork!
By the way, James Newsom is celebrating his birthday soon, and on his birthday I will be taking him flying in my two seater, 1918 FOKKER D-7. Anthony Fokker made many of these two seaters for the Dutch Air Force in 1919. When you remove the twin Spandau Machineguns, the Fokker D-7 makes an excellent two seater biplane!
James soloed when he was 17, and went through High School with my son Kurt, and my daughter Deanna. All three of them love flying.
The last plane that James owned was a 1914 Fokker Eindecker, and he found it to be a dangerous plane. He was very sad to sell it, but I told him he would be much happier with a GREAT LAKES Biplane or a Piper J-3 Cub.
Again Congratulations to the CUBS and the INDIANS on a superb Baseball game. Baseball is what America is all about!!

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