Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Anna Kreisling KG-200, 28.02.2015

It is Friday night here at Porterville, Airport. It has rained just a little so I have ordered the top to be put up on Hitler's car. It is a magnificent 1938 Mercedes Saloon Car that of course is painted green, a deep forest green which is Hitlers favorite color. This car and our entourage was unloaded from the Junkers JU-390 and then the Junkers was covered with a Luftwaffe gray tarp to protect it from the weather and nosy Sattelites in orbit that like to take pictures. Tomorrow night will be a joyous gathering of all the top Nazi's in the world! We will all be attending the CITY OF HOPE SHOW at the Porterville Memorial Auditorium. This show raises money for cancer research and the Hope Hospitals in L.A. and around the world!
Here are just a few of the Nazi elite and heroes of the Fourth Reich who will be in attendance! Leni Reifenstahl, SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, Werner Von Braun, Hans Ulrich Rudel, Hannah Reitsch, Martin Bormann, Erich Hartmann, Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, etc. etc. Plus more than 275 members of the SS Leibstandarte to provide security.
We will be staying at my house in Three Rivers, California and be discussing the next three years if we have any chance in stopping the coming Nuclear War. But we have also gathered to hear my next door neighbor, my good friend James Newsom sing at the City of Hope show. He is singing one of Hitler's favorite songs and mine entitled 500 Miles, made famous by Peter Paul and Mary. Hitler loves music, especially Operas and Wagner and Folk Music.

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Robert Plant of Led Zepplin, 26.02.2015

that's not what I wanted!! I said I wanted stairway to heaven!! A STAIRWAY!!

Dr. Karen Jackson NASA, 26.02.2015

CNN NEWS has reported that you can indeed see the 125 mile high elevator that goes up and into space from AREA 51. This elevator was started in 1997 by President Bill Clinton and Anna Kreisling. The purpose of this elevator is to supply the large Starships being built on the Moon. This is the cheapest and best way to load a spacecraft with enough provisions to last 25 years in Space.
CNN NEWS is reporting that you can see this elevator from the LAS VEGAS STRIP, 110 MILES AWAY!!
CNN NEWS is also reporting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be attending the City of Hope Show in Porterville California this Saturday February the 28th. Show starts at 6:00 and that Adolf Hitler and Eva will be attending this show! Brad Pitt plans on dressing up in a White swanky Dinner Jacket and look just like Clark Gable!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 24.02.2015

Dear President Obama,
Our agents in America are reporting that several Flying Saucers have landed in Oakhurst, California. They have sent me pictures of these gray egg-shaped saucers and how strange rituals and ceremonies are taking place there!
We have reports that Anna Kreisling and Heinrich Himmler had dinner at a steak house in Oakhurst. That they were seen laughing and talking with soldiers from Finland. That the soldiers from Finland received a gift from Anna Kreisling, each was given a Soviet Tokarev SVT-40 Rifle and ONE Million Dollars in Diamonds! Obama, what is going on?
You should have had that report on my desk immediately!
Why is she going to Porterville? What is this CITY OF HOPE SHOW?? What is so important about this show? On February 28th this show begins at 6:00, and SS REICHSFUHRER HEINRICH HIMMLER will be there! Bill Clinton will be there! Senator Harry Reid will be there! PEE WEE HERMAN WILL BE THERE! YET YOU DO NOT TELL ME THESE THINGS!! My KGB Spies are even telling me that Adolf Hitler and Eva will be there! That over 236 members of the SS LEIBSTANDARTE will be drinking beer and celebrating outside the Buck SCHAFFER THEATER! WHY? There must be a reason why so many high ranking Nazi's are going to be attending this show!
Is this Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino making another movie? Is Mel Brooks making another movie? I want to be in this movie! Vladimir Putin deserves to have a movie made about my life! Why does Hitler get all the good movies? Hey, speaking of movies, Joe Biden is telling me that Uma Thurman is going to play Anna Kreisling in the movie titled,,,INDIANA JONES AND THE TOMB OF THE COBRA GOD!!
I, Vladimir Putin could play a Russian Archaeologist and you OBAMA could be my BANANA BOY! You could carry my luggage, and hand me a rifle to shoot! In the shower you could scrub my back! So stop farting around and find out why this CITY OF HOPE SHOW is so important? Why is Hitler attending this show? If Anna Kreisling lands her Junkers JU-390 at Porterville Airport, I want to know!

Stanislav Belkovsky Moscow, 21.02.2015

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
Here in Russia the exploits of Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe are widely known!
1. The 10th Victory of Lidia Litvyak, flying a Yak-3, shot down a white Junkers JU-52 on November 10th near Stalingrad. This aircraft crash landed and Anna Kreisling emerged from the wreckage to see our famous Russian Lady Pilot wave to her. This report made Stalin very happy.
2. Stalin our Great and Glorious Leader was very angry when Anna Kreisling was taken out of Germany in 1946 by the OSS. For six months she had disappeared and Stalin had assumed she was in Argentina with Hitler and Eva, but she was right under his thumb!
3. OPERATION PAPERCLIP is proof that England and the USA not only took the V-2 Rocket Program out of Germany, but also the Nazi Nuclear Bomb Program, and DIE GLOCKE, THE NAZI TIME TRAVEL MACHINE. This device is the basis for Anna and over 2,300 Top Nazi Scientists at AREA 51 to develop the STARGATE there!
4. Pictures of Anna Kreisling at the 1936 Berlin Olympics are numerous with her next to people like Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler and Leni Reifenstahl! Stalin had the most complete file on Anna, that was really astounding! This file and other documents went missing on the night that STALIN was murdered! Make no mistake, we in the NKVD and the KGB know that STALIN was killed and we suspect THE WHITE WOLF had a role in his death!
In conclusion, when our Leader Vladimir Putin meets with Angela Merkel and asks where Anna Kreisling is, Angela Merkel tells him to mind his own business. This is proof that the German Chancellor is fully aware of what Anna Kreisling is doing at AREA 51!

Vice President Joe Biden USA, 20.02.2015

My Fellow Americans!!!
I wanted to write all of you and tell you that all these SPELLCASTERS and VOODOO Witch Doctors really work!! Here is an example folks, When our new Secretary of Defence was being sworn in,,,someone cast a spell on me and I found myself giving her a foot massage, then a shoulder massage, then a full Japanese HATATSU MASSAGE!!!
Now to a very serious announcement! I am going to fly with Anna Kreisling in her Junkers JU-390 all the way from AREA 51 to Porterville Airport on Saturday February 28th, 2015! Why? Bill Clinton, myself and Anna Kreisling will be there to attend the CITY OF HOPE SHOW, that Saturday Night! This show will be at the BUCK SCHAFFER MEMORIAL BUILDING and they are raising money for the CITY OF HOPE HOSPITAL FUND! Once you are at this show, you will understand why Anna Kreisling will be attending. The CITY OF HOPE SHOW is having the top singers and dancers from around the world! Only the best are allowed to sing here! And it is for a great cause!

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Gen. Scott Mcdonald U.S.A.F., 19.02.2015

Dear President Obama,
At your request I did land at AREA 51 today and consulted with Pee Wee Herman and Senator Harry Reid of Nevada! Anna Kreisling who is head of Flight Operations here at AREA 51 is supposed to be dropping off a fresh batch of ZOMBIES, so they can terrorize the Russian Troops inside the UKRAINE!
Let me tell you Mr. President that you, OBAMA, should not be afraid to come to this base! Sure they have monsters here, and Zombies, but they also have some really cool spacecraft and airplanes here! I must say that Anna Kreisling has a gift for decorating the Black Hangar! Hundreds of huge German Swastika Nazi flags are here, Golden Eagles and even a German Polka band playing! They are serving Bratwurst and Beer and Barbecued Chicken and pork! Pee Wee Herman and Senator Harry Reid are showing me the Junkers JU-390 and the Junkers JU-86 Recon aircraft used over England in 1943 and 1944! Later, they will escort me out to the desert to see FRED, and I promise to bring a lot of pictures to show you!

Cardinal Andre Segovia Vatican, 18.02.2015

Dear Vladimir Putin,
To understand the SS and the Third Reich and the Nazi Party. You must look at the makeup of the SS Leibstandarte, Hitler's personal bodyguard, to which Anna Kreisling and Heinrich Himmler were both leaders and members.
90% of this SS Division were Austrians and Catholics. God Honor and Country are very important to the Nazi's. This talk that Adolf Hitler is an atheist is nonsense. Hitler not only believed in God, but he also beleived in Destiny. That it was Destiny for the Aryan German people to rule not only Europe, but also the world. So what motivated him to start World War II?? This blame must fall on Anna Kreisling! When the Germans invented Time Travel in 1936, Anna was one of the first to be sent through time to the future! Why was she chosen?? In 1926 Anna was a child, yet I believe that it was in 1926 or 1927 that Anna came back in time as an adult, to encourage Hitler and Heinrich, that the future demanded great things from them. When you read the report of Wewelsburg Castle in 1938 of the Vril Fire and the Golden Coffin in which she slept. This was the adult Anna Kreisling there with Heinrich, revealing the future to both him and Adolf Hitler! Albert Einstein said that once Time Travel was invented, that you could go back in time and see yourself as a young child. This confirmed to Hitler what lay ahead. This is why Hitler did not die in the Bunker in 1945. Martin Bormann oversaw this deception, and this is why Anna Kreisling was ordered to the Bunker. The proof that Hitler did not die in 1945, is because Martin Bormann did make it to South America. If Bormann made it, it is certain that Adolf Hitler and Eva made it!
Just as Christianity has a Holy Trinity, the Fourth Reich and the Nazi Party has a Holy Trinity! The father of course is represented by Adolf Hitler! The Son, the heir to the Kingdom, is of course represented by Heinrich Himmler! The Holy Ghost, The Death Angel of the SS, THE White Wolf, is of course represented by Anna Kreisling! Once you understand the Catholic Church, you will also understand that the Fourth Reich views itself as a Holy Order! If you doubt this, watch as 100,000 Nazis come to silent attention and Hitler, Himmler and Anna Kreisling walk together ascending the stairs into a STARGATE! The Three walk as one, they speak with the same authority! What they say matters, and the loyalty of any Nazi is not questioned. This is power, this is an example of Holy Knights in a Holy Order! When you stare into the face of Anna Kreisling, you are staring into the face of a person who has Holy Blood.

Senator Harry Reid Nevada, 17.02.2015

I am 99 miles north of Las Vegas on a beautiful Tuesday Morning driving my LAND ROVER DEFENDER, and listening to Paulette Carlson and HIGHWAY 101 on my Cassette Player! Paulette is my sweetheart, she is my LOVE Bug! She really inspires me to sing to Buck Owens and stand naked in the middle of the Freeway and pass out flowers to everyone! I just love the song," SOMEWHERE TONIGHT, it brings back memories of when I was in the Senate, and I was in Charge!! I was the big Kahuna, the big cheese, the Big Mac!! OBAMA would come over and get down on his knees and pull out my weiner and put some Mustard on it! Man he begged me for every little thing I could do for him!
WOW! IN THE DISTANCE I CAN SEE FRED,,,Holy Holstein Cows! That is a really big spider! Wow! I just love spiders! After you have been ate alive three times by one, that thrill of screaming and looking at Jesus right in the face really gets the adrenaline going! It is better than the HOLY ROLLER REVIVAL MEETINGS IN MISSOURI i used to go to and pass our the Rattlesnakes! That is kid stuff when you see FRED!! 88 YARDS WIDE AND GENTLE LIKE A PUPPY DOG! hey, hey, my my, ROCK AND ROLL IS STILL ALIVE!!! NEIL YOUNG is singing right now, so I'm gonna stop this buggy and get a good look at FRED!!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 17.02.2015

Dear President Obama,
I am mad as hell and I can't take it anymore! I wake up this morning and someone came in and stuck a banana up my ass! Then I look at the wall and I see Love Letters from Anna Chapman stuck on the wall everywhere! So I read Love Letters and she is in love with Edward Snowden! Snowden has given her the KEYS to the Kingdom. She now has the encription Data to the IBM BLUE PROJECT. OBAMA you RETARD! Do you have any idea what this means! It means Anna Chapman can sell this data to anyone! So I imagine you are smoking Dope and do not care! Look at your LAUNCH CODES, WHERE DO YOU THINK THEY COME FROM??? OUTER SPACE?
You must contact Anna Kreisling! She has the tech to go into Blue! I am going to torture Edward Snowden until this little bastard shows me the KEYS TO THE KINGDOM!!
Meanwhile please wake up and sober up! Most of time I am talking to you, it is like you are in Disneyland on a BAD ACID TRIP!! Go talk to Joe Biden, he is not very bright, but at least he is not on drugs! By the way where is Anna Kreisling now? Where is Anna Chapman?

Jorge Dominguez, 17.02.2015

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President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 17.02.2015

Dear President Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel,
As reported by CNN NEWS THE SS 7th PANZER and Anna Kreisling have invaded the CRIMEA and have killed more than 35,000 Russians and have captured all of our Nuclear Weapons based there! At this moment a heavy for has descended on the Eastern Ukraine and my Russian Troops report violent attacks by Zombies and half human half pig Monsters which weigh up to 800 lbs and love to eat Russian
Troops while they are still screaming! This is against the rules of warfare to send Zombies and Pig Monsters after our Russian Heroes who have invaded the UKRAINE!
At this very moment we have word that Anna Kreisling, THE WHITE WOLF OF THE LUFTWAFFE, has released 7,000 ZOMBIES FROM AREA 51 300 MILES FROM MOSCOW! JFC, Do you know what will happen when these ZOMBIES learn how to ride our beautiful Russian Trains?? They will arrive in Moscow and infect 65% of the city within 7 days! President Assad in Syria said he had to shoot his wife 16 times to get her away from his gonads!! She wanted them for lunch!
Please President Obama, if you can stop this attack, I will give you the entire island of Cuba!

Moshe Levin, San Diego, 15.02.2015

Last night on the History Channel there was an hour long program on THE FLIGHTS OF THE JUNKERS JU-390. It went into great detail about how five miles from Auschwitz the Germans were producing custom built Junkers JU-390's! They showed the blueprints for the RECON VERSION Junkers JU-390. My question to all of you Experts,,,IF THE BLUEPRINTS TO THE RECON JU-390 exist,,,and the people at Auschwitz say they built these planes, why do all the experts say only ONE JU-390 was built?? Absolute Nonsense! The Germans had a need for a SUPER LONG RANGE PLANE, and the Junkers JU-390 could stay airborne for 33 hours! On the History Channel they spoke of Anna Kreisings flight over Michigan and New York on August 28th, 1943. They talked about the JU-390 FLYING over the North Pole flying to Tokyo, JAPAN. They showed footage of DIE GLOCKE and how it was loaded into a Junkers JU-390 and flew all the way to Uruguay! But what really amazed me was the Japanese Version of the JU-390 and how Anna Kreisling was in Japan training the Japs on how to fly this aircraft! This was a great hour long show and I am glad that the HISTORY CHANNEL is doing more aviation shows!

President Bill Clinton USA, 13.02.2015

My fellow Americans,
Yes I know James Newsom, a really nice guy and like me he was born in Arkansas. When he was one month old he came to California and his dad and mom only had $50 dollars in their pockets, but they were from Arkansas and believed in the greatness of America! When James was four years old he developed a love for flying because he would stand on the edge of the cotton fields and watch these yellow Stearman Biplanes come down low and fly straight at him and then they would pull up and sound like thunder overhead! James grew up on a Portuguese Dairy ranch in California, but his Mom like most Southern Women raised her child to believe in God, our great country and the goodness in people. Then James and his family moved,,and it was in High School that he met Anna Kreisling's children, Kurt and Deanna. It was his friendship with Kurt that led to his talks and discussions with Anna. James soloed as a pilot when he was 17 years of age. It was at this time that Anna Kreisling revealed to him who she really was. James who loved history and aviation was very amazed. Yet all the Veterans from World War II had impressed him. Anna Kreisling had been given many opportunities and she had not let them pass her by. The way that Anna Kreisling came into my life is very similar. Hillary and I were struggling in Arkansas and when I met Anna and her husband we discussed politics and I told Anna that I wanted to become the Governor of Arkansas, and she encouraged me to do this! She openly told me that it was my destiny to become President of the United States. This faith and her encouragement really helped me through the years! James Newsom is encouraging Hillary to run for President! Anna Kreisling is telling Hillary that destiny is calling her, that it is time for a woman to become President, not because Hillary is a woman, but because Hillary is the best person for the job.

John Q. public, 12.02.2015

I know James Newsom too, and he would never say anything that wasn't true.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 12.02.2015

At the moment I am Ice Fishing here in Antarctica and relaxing and drinking a lot of Bier with my comrades in the Kreigsmarine and the Luftwaffe and the SS.
I am very sad that you are coming down hard on Bryan Williams and treating him like trash. Bryan is a very prefessional Journalist and deserves to be treated with respect. Why is it that President Obama can openly LIE and deceive the American People and yet Bryan because he embellished a story or mistook RPG Rounds from real Anti-Aircraft fire is now called a Liar! Outrageous!
Years ago Brian was given clearance to come to AREA 51 and was shown my Junkers JU-390, Alien Spacecraft, Alien weaponry, humans who had been modified by Alien DNA to mix with the population, but who were cold blooded killers loyal only to the Snakeheads, a reptile Alien Race.
Brian Williams was told by the NSC and the CIA that to repeat any of this to anyone was forbidden. HE NEVER DID.
This is honorable loyal behavior, which is rare outside the SS or the Luftwaffe. I admire Bryan Williams just like I admire James Newsom my next door neighbor. By the way the reports from New Zealand are wonderful. Yes I do miss being with the New Zealand Tiger Moth CLUB! It is breathtaking to watch the sunset while flying formation with 35 other Dehaviland Tiger Moth Biplanes!
This February 28th I will be attending the CITY OF HOPE SHOW in Porterville, California.

President Barack Obama USA, 11.02.2015

Dear Timothy Andrews,
Now you know why I love Joe Biden! Man this cat has all the answers! Man just yesterday he came a struttin into the White House, and I said," Man, how are we doing in Yemen?" My little Joe then said," Man, we are WINNING!! WE HAVE CONVERTED ALL OF ISIS TO DEMOCRATS, AND THEY THINK THAT GAY MARRIAGE IS GROOVY!"
Man that's what I love about my Little Joe! He just makes me smile and he is always making with the Positive Waves! I said," Man, that's what I love about my Little Joe, that's a GROOOVE DADDY, Give me some skin and sit down and drink an ice cold Schlitz Malt Liquor with me!"
So Joe sat down and took out the latest pictures of Ann Coulter naked and taking a shower! " Man that's what I love about being President of the United States! You can see anyone in the good ole USA Naked whenever you want!"
Joe said, " Man this is so cool, baby, how come we can get naked pictures of Ann Coulter, but we can't get naked pictures of Anna Kreising?"
So I said," Man, I don't know? The Homeland Security can't install cameras in her shower like they do to 187 Million Americans! Man we have camera's in every car, store, shower and television set in America! Those Stupid Taxpayers don't even suspect anything!"
Joe looked at me sad and disgusted," Man that's a BUMMER! Man do you realize what a foxy ask dat girl has! Man, SHE IS A STONE COLD FOX! She gives me a BONER that even ICE CUBES CAN'T GET IT TO GO DOWN!!"

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