Junkers Ju 390
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Junkers Ju 390

Six-engined long-range development of the Ju 290. A wing section was inserted with an additional engine, and the fuselage was stretched. One made a transatlantic test flight to within 20km of New York. Two built.

Junkers Ju 390

 ENGINE6 x 1268kW BMW 801D radial engines
    Take-off weight75500 kg166450 lb
    Wingspan50.30 m165 ft 0 in
    Length34.00 m112 ft 7 in
    Height6.90 m23 ft 8 in
    Max. speed505 km/h314 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range9700 km6027 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 20mm cannon, 3 x 13mm machine-guns

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netany, shalomshekketti=yahoo.com, 20.08.2014

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
3 Kaplan St. Hakirya
Jerusalem, Israel 91950
Dear President Vladimir Putin CCCP,
You have my deepest sympathy. You do not want to get into a fight with Anna Kreisling. She is worse than ISIS, HEZBOLLAH, HAMAS and even Black September.
Every year she delivers to Israel 337 30 Megaton Nuclear Weapons and we give her tons of Gold and Diamonds. Many of our top military people ask her, "What should we do about HAMAS in Gaza??" Her reply is " Why don't you GAS the Cockroaches and then burn them in ovens, We will supply you with all the Gas and Ovens you want!"
So you see Vladimir, Israel is not like the NAZI Fourth Reich! Israel wants peace, but Anna Kreisling would not lose any sleep over using Nuclear Weapons against Iran and Russia. Anna can be a very kind person when you are talking about horses, but if you mention Iran or Russia, her ice cold blue eyes convey nothing but hatred and murder for you. Vladimir, my advice is to leave the Ukraine alone and be happy that you have the Crimea. My wife wants me to go shopping tomorrow, I have to go to Rosh-Haayin and buy some Yemenite Jewelry. Vladimir, I just hate shopping for women, whatever you buy them they are never satisfied. To all the people in Russia remember Israel loves you for chasing all those Nazi's back to Berlin.

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 19.08.2014

All of Russia is outraged by the capture of another Soviet Submarine off the coast of Antarctica! First our YANKEE Class submarine was there, then they had to make an emergency surface, then silence! We know that this was done by NAZI U-Boats in the area! In the past five years we have lost Seven Russian Nuclear Subs near Antarctica! I have called up President Obama, but he is to busy playing golf, or smoking weed to even return my phone calls. Again I am asking for President Obama to contact Anna Kreisling and the American Nazi's and to please give us back our Submarine! My Soviet KGB Agents in America are reporting to me a German U-boat in Morro Bay California harbor, taking on Beer and Bratwurst and fresh ham and eggs so they can set sail for their base in Antarctica! Adolf Hitler and Eva are waving to the crowds and a German Polka band is playing! What in hell is going on in America??? Why do you all German Polka Bands?? They are against the law in Russia!!

Col. John Hopkins U.S. ARMY, 17.08.2014

Last night I was watching the History Channel and they said a German Reconaissance Six Engined Junkers JU-390 took off from Norway and penetrated into Canadian airspace. Very early on the morning of August 28th, 1943 it was over Michigan photographing our key Industrial War Plants and factories. I called the Pentagon and talked with CIA Director Michael Hayden and he said," Yes, it happened, but stay quiet about this, we do not want to encourage Russian Bear Bomber Crews!" We talked for twenty minutes and could not believe how Vulnerable the United States is to over flying enemy bombers! Back in 1957 we had over 1,800 fighters guarding American Airspace! Now we only have 97 Jet fighters on standby to go up and defend American Airspace! Someone needs to wake up Congress!! What in hell is going on??? Are they afraid the public might find out how easy it is for manned bombers to fly over the USA??? What about OBAMA?? Why is he covering up the fact that BLACKJACK Bombers from Russia routinely fly into Cuba!!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 16.08.2014

Dear Steven, Bill Clinton and Shania Twain,
I have cancelled my trip to Japan. Last night 8,000 Russian Troops and 300 T-92 Tanks crossed the border into Ukraine. A state of war exists between Russia and the freedom loving people of the Ukraine. President Obama is flying back to Washington D.C. at this moment. He does not want a Nuclear exchange between NATO and Russia, so he is giving the Fourth Reich full freedom to use our own Nuclear Weapons on the Soviet Union. Of course this will only be as a last resort. I am certain that with the Ukrainian Army, my 88,000 SS Leibstandarte troops plus 22,000 troops from Finland, 18,000 from Estonia, 287 from Ireland, 385 from England our famous SSGB Troops, and 8,000 from Amerika! With this Army and our superior weapons and firepower we are going to slaughter these Russian Dogs!
Angela Merkel has personally told me to revenge the three Million German women who were raped and killed by the Russian Communist Dogs in 1945. As I gazed into her eyes I promised her more than revenge, I promised her Victory!

Dr. Karl Oppenheimmer, London, londontimesesq=yahoo.com, 15.08.2014

Dear Rachel Maddow,
Good Lord, I am in Morro Bay, California and a large black Mercedes has pulled up to the curb and Adolf Hitler and Eva have just stepped out. Everything is calm and serene and peaceful here and you can hear violins playing as Der Fuerher goes into DORN'S Restaurant for some clam chowder and tea to discuss politics with Bill Clinton and Anna Kreisling! Hillary is here doing some knitting and listening intently and smiling as they discuss Obama, and his lack of interest in being President! Obama loves the parties and the golf, and everyone waiting on him. But he has no concept of what it takes to make decisions that are good for the American People.
Example; Obama wants to destroy the coal industry, yet this is the cheapest and best way to power our factories and towns. Solar energy and Nuclear Power Plants are for Morons and Turds like Obama who have never worked or lived in the real world.
Adolf Hitler understands this, this is why he is telling Bill Clinton that OBAMA needs some Common Sense, he needs to move to Georgia and start a Plantation and learn how to pick cotton. He needs to learn some practical skills!
Rachel, have you noticed that the Russian Records of World War II are more accurate than the American Records? Example; the Americans say that 438 German Luftwaffe aircraft were lost at STALINGRAD, while the Russian Records show that nearly 800 Luftwaffe aircraft were lost. This is also what the German Records show, however the Germans tried to cover up their losses and never told the German people the truth about how horrible the losses at Stalingrad were! Rachel, are you going to Japan with Bill Clinton?? Bill is flying tomorrow from AREA 51 in a Junkers JU-390 all the way to Tokyo!

Steven, 15.08.2014

I'm ready for whatever challenges I must face. I'm part Japanese myself actually. I wish it could just be another WW2 where we came out with new-generation technology, not a nuclear war that could set us back by over 100 years...

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 14.08.2014

Dear Steven,
I am so glad that you are alive and have survived the VOO-DOO Witch Doctors on this site. The CIA set up this site so I could communicate with the outside line and not be traced. Steven so much has happened since I last talked with you. So many sad things. The world economy is in a downward spiral, in 1996 the RAND Corporation released a TOP SECRET REPORT about this future. For the first time they used the term STAGFLATION to describe this downward spiral. We in the NAZI party have such advanced science and equipment that we know what is coming in the future. Yet we can not reveal the future. Why? A Nuclear War is coming, and coming very soon. My advice to everyone is to enjoy Octoberfest this year, it could be the last Octoberfest for the next 35 years. Steven, I am going to Japan to open up a Portal, a GATE into the 13th Century. The Japanese Samurai of the 13th Century are my favorite warriors. For much of my life I lived in Japan of this era, I am the SHINTO Goddess, just as I am the Death Angel of the Waffen SS. I do not take these responcibilities lightly. I have dispatched a Saucer to pick you up. You will step into the GATE with me and your DNA will be encoded. Yes you will have eternal life, but this carries a grave responciblity!

Steven, 14.08.2014

I've missed you guys so much! These voodoo love freaks have been driving me crazy! Anna Kreisling, please send a UFO to pick me up and take me to Tokyo. I can't stand being in Chicago anymore! It's been a long adventure since I first arrived on this line. Time to take it to the next step.

President Hillary Clinton USA, killBill=YAHOO.COM937664597, 13.08.2014

Dear President Obama,
Anna Kreisling, the Flight Commander of AREA 51, is flying both Bill and me to Martha Vineyards to play golf and sit around naked in a hot tub and drink some wine and eat some cheese! Hey Obama, you should see the Hot Tub in the Junkers JU-390. Bill just loves it! He is so cute in there with five gorgeous Black Honeys, banging away at that Black ass and trying to eat some Peach Pie at the same time!! I just laugh my ass off when he starts screaming and moaning! Obama, YOU and Michelle COULD SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE, if you would just relax in a Hot Tub the way Bill and I do!!! By the way Anna Kreisling wants you to support the Ukraine in its struggle with Russia! Vladimir Putin does not have the right to send Russian Tanks into the Ukraine and run over women and children! As President you are going to have to get tough on that Russian Commie S.O.B. or else he will invade Alaska or even Arkansas!! Anna says the Junkers JU-390 WILL LAND IN ONE HOUR, SO HAVE OUR HOUSE READY!! Love, Hillary.

IRAQ Prime Minister Nouri Al- , zippytydodahBaghdad=yahoo.com, 13.08.2014

Dear President Obama USA,
I, Prime Ministrer Nouri Al-MALIKI, AM NOT STEPPING DOWN AS PRIME MINISTER OF IRAQ!! You Bastard, You Son of a Motherless Goat! How dare you try to tell IRAN, how to run things in IRAQ!! I take my orders from IRAN, NOT THE USA!! When America ran away from IRAQ and left me in charge, the first thing I did was call Hillary Clinton and ask her what do I do next?? She said to watch the movie DEBBIE DOES DALLAS and I could watch Bill Clinton in action!! I did,l watched that movie 267 times and I did not see Bill Clinton at all, but I did see his Penis, 897 times!! So after I got tired of Jerking OFF, I called Iran and they said," Just do as you are told and we will send you $55 Million a week and your own copy of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS signed by Bill Clinton!!" So this is why I am not giving up my job as Prime Minister of IRAQ!! Can you make me a better offer OBAMA?? MONEY TALKS AND CAMELS JUST WALK!!

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, 13.08.2014

ISIS COMMANDER Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,
Good Morning VIETNAM!!!
I would like to say to Hollywood that all of us in ISIS are mourning the death of Robin Williams. He was a funny guy and when we are not killing women and children we would sit around and eat pizza and watch his movies!!
Now to business, the Russians are spreading stories that Anna Kreisling is in charge of ISIS. This hot smoking hot Nazi is in the Ukraine, not in IRAQ! I am in Iraq, running around with my St. Pauli Girl Beer and Pizza and trying to dodge F-18 Super Hornets from the Aircraft Carrier George W. BUSH!! These American Navy Pilots are ruinging my day! Every time I try to kill children, I lose 22 tanks!! Here is a warning to Saudi Arabia and Jordan. If you are not a lunatic killer and like making love to Pigs and Camels, WE WILL NOT GIVE YOU AN ISIS CREDIT CARD!! It is good at Wal-Mart for buying Beer and Cigarettes!!

Col. Scott Walker U.S.A.F., edwardsafbcinn=yahoo.com., 10.08.2014

I remember like it was yesterday in 1946 at Wright Patterson AFB when I was taken with many other Military Leaders and President Truman to see the Junkers JU-390 that they had under wraps there. President Truman and all of us were in awe as we walked around the massive six engined Junkers! We had spent twenty minutes gazing, when we were told that one of the pilots who flew the JU-390 during the war had arrived and she would give us a briefing on the capabilities of the JU-390! As we gazed in the distance the most gorgeous Blonde on the planet began walking towards us! President Truman seemed in shock and his cigarette holder fell out of his mouth as it stayed open and he began to mumble," Jesus Christ, Good God, Oh my God,, Jesus where in the hell did she come from!" Soon Anna Kreisling was leading us around the plane, but no one was looking at the plane! President Truman kept nervously looking at her incredible muscle toned curvy ass, and her breasts, and her heavenly smile, and her crystal ice blue eyes. Many of the military leaders almost passed out from the sheer excitement of seeing her! Yes the Junkers was quite the airplane, but meeting one of Germany's best pilots nearly gave the President a heart attack!

Senator Harry Reid Nevada, 10.08.2014

Dear John Boehner,
You should come to Nevada and visit our great state! I will give you a tour of Las Vegas and then we can take a drive 110 miles North to AREA 51! I will personally show you the Junkers JU-390 inside the famous Black Hangar. You will find that Anna Kreisling's Aircraft collection is one of the best in the world. She is proud of over seven Junkers Aircraft on display! Then I will walk you over to the GRAY Hangar five hundred yards north of the Black Hangar where the GRAY Aliens hang out! You will see first hand their spacecraft and learn why Anna Kreisling and the Nazi's are able to build such advanced spacecraft on the Moon! As we leave AREA 51 I will let you get acquainted with FRED! Trust me, you will have a great time and you will come back to Washington D.C. a better man!

Dr, Harold Mosby, Bakersfield, 09.08.2014

I had the chance today to take pictures of Anna Kreisling!
She arrived at Ten O'clock in the morning in front of the Second Amendment Sports store here in Bakersfield. It is located at 2523 Mohawk Street here in Bakersfield and they sell hundreds of different types of guns. They are having a big sale right now so it was not that surprising that she would show up. When she walks in you know immediately who it is! She is amazingly striking! Every man in the gun store was quiet and we could not take our eyes off of her. Dressed in black, five feet eight inches tall, frost Blonde hair, crystal ice blue eyes, very tan and you know you are looking at a woman with Royal blood, a woman who commands thousands, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and people. Yet she is very kind and has quite a sense of humor. While there she bought a Browning shotgun and then bought every young person in the store a Walther P22 .22 Long Rifle pistol that holds 10 rounds. She told the young boys and girls that they must practise, and learn to be safe and comfortable with guns. At noon she left in an old black Mercedes and headed to the airport, she was escorted by five men and a driver. The rumor was, that she is headed back to AREA 51! Karen Atkins an eleven year old girl asked her if she had ever been to the moon, and she said that to watch the Moon tomorrow night, Saturday the 9th, that with a telescope you would be able to see her spacecraft land and she would be escorted into one of the many clear domes they have on the surface! She has really inspired many young people! So to everyone I urge you to get out your telescopes and watch the Moon tomorrow night! Anna Kreisling will be visiting many of the Lunar Moon bases there!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 976stavarskysquaremoscow732987, 07.08.2014

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
It is important that you and the United States understand what is at stake in the Ukraine. First the Ukraine is a vital part of the Soviet Union. During the collapse of the Soviet Union Ronald Reagan and Bush tried to take advantage of Russia by promising the people of the Ukraine a better life if they would join NATO and allow Nuclear Weapons to be pointed at Moscow! Your American Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now OBAMA all pursue the same goal, that Ukraine should join NATO and have Nuclear Weapons aimed at Moscow! This will not be allowed. OBAMA knows that the Russian Military can take back the Ukraine in Seven Days. So what is stopping us?? The fact that you have 78,000 NAZI troops under the command of Anna Kreisling in the Ukraine is the reason. During World War II the United States brought to America more than 56,000 high ranking Nazi's and Scientists. Anna Kreisling was brought to America in 1946 by the OSS in Operation Paperclip. So was Werner Von Braun and a host of other high ranking German Scientists! Not only did you beat us to the Moon, but you allowed these Nazi's to set up a vast empire and secret bases around the world! Today this is what Russia faces in the Ukraine. Nazi's that advanced weapons and technology that makes our Soviet Air defences hopelessly inadequate! Across the night sky in Russia we see Flying Saucers, these Nazi flying machines come from bases in the Ukraine and AREA 51, yet the American Public is never told the truth. Again, Rachel Maddow, I invite you to come to Russia and see first hand how Nazi's like Anna Kreisling are flying over our Soviet Airspace!
Our problems in the Ukraine began with the German invasion in 1941, when the Germans liberated the Ukraine they were met with people who were giving them flowers and wine and bread, they were so happy to get rid of Joseph Stalin, who murdered 55 Million Russians before World War II. More than 70% of the people in the Ukraine wanted to join the SS and help Germany win the war! Russia lost more than 135,000 soldiers fighting to take back the Ukraine! Today in the year 2014 we will not allow Ukraine to join NATO and be free and independent. This is why I am urging President Obama to get Anna Kreisling and the SS Leibstandarte troops out of Ukraine! Anna Kreisling must allow Russian Tanks to move freely around the Ukraine so that once again the rule of STALIN can be imposed on these Ukrainian peasants!

DALBY, zabaza.logan=yahoo.com, 07.08.2014

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President Bill Clinton USA, runhillaryrungogogo=whitehousenewyork873, 04.08.2014

Dear Anna Kreisling,
I need to go to Japan, so get the Hot Tub ready on your Junkers JU-390, CAUSE Bill needs to go! Hey Darling, have you been a good girl? I heard you have 85,000 SS Leibstandarte troops under your command in the Ukraine and this is giving Vladimir Putin a nightmare. Hillary told me that you landed a Fiesler Storch in RED SQUARE so you could buy a bottle of Vodka for the Rock Band PUSSY RIOT!!! Putin watched you take off and could not believe that you did not come into the Kremlin and have a drink with him!! Hey when Hillary wins the election in 2016, the first thing we are gonna do is throw the biggest party you have ever seen! Hey guess what! I was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and we talked about AREA 51 and your Junkers JU-390!! Jimmy wants to visit AREA 51 and see FRED and your entire airplane collection! Senator Harry Reid is teaching Fred to walk slower so that Jimmy won't have to run so fast in front of him!! If you scream and run fast, this only gets Fred more excited!! Man I can't wait to party on our flight to Japan!!

Joe King, jking=knsv3.com, 03.08.2014

Breaking news!! Here at KNSV channel 3 Las Vegas--your station for news and much more--we have been flooded with reports of what a appears to be a giant tarantula crossing Interstate 15 just north of Nellis AFB. One motorist, Mr. Nat Reely of Hoboken New Jersey described it this way, "craziest thing I've ever seen! This huge tarantula-must have been 55 feet across just ran across the highway right in front of us! He was dragging a man by a long rope. The man looked just like Senator Harry Reid! He was yelling 'stop Fred stop! I'm a liberal and I must save America!' Yep, craziest thing I've ever seen! I think I picked the wrong week to stop drinking!" Well you heard it here on YOUR news channel 3. This is Joe King.

Billy Bob Jeter, billybob83=yahoo.com, 02.08.2014

Britney Spears? Hmmmm...Sorry never heard of ya. But I have heard of Anna Kreisling. She's the one I done seen on my beer cans! Ya know there's somthin bout that frost blond hair and deep blue eyes that speaks right to yer soul! She's built strong as an ox! I wish my ox Ralph looked that good! Then I'd never leave the farm heh heh--cept to git more beer and cigarettes and cash my welfare checks. They rebuilt our local Walmart after it burned in the riot and now they got plenny of them "Berlin Baby" planes so I got me one. Like them little figgers of Anna, Adolp, Heirich but my favorite figger is Bill Clinton. You know they put a robe on him like he's gitten ready fer that hot tub! Yeeeehaaaw! Now you gave me an idea--I'm a gonna hang that plane in my bathroom too! Cept I gotta cut holes in the outhouse walls fer the wings and tail to stick out. Yep I'm gonna do that right now then sit down and have a good read!

Britney Spears Hollywood, 01.08.2014

Dear Billy Bob Jeter!!! You are so sweet! I dressed up as a Wal-Mart HO-HO-HO, and went shopping two weeks ago and bought a 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390 at Wal-Mart! I love her classy Pin Up shot of Anna Kreisling diving through the clouds and in Huge Big letters on the side, BERLIN BABY!!! Lots of people make fun of Anna Kreisling just because she is a very HOT, SMOKIN HOT BABE, who flew over New York back in 1943. When I did my Las Vegas show I met Anna Kreisling, and I was amazed at how tan and athletic and gorgeous she was!! She is five feet eight inches tall, Frost Blonde hair and these crystal ice blue eyes! Jesus, she is nice! She gave me a necklace with BRITNEY spelled out in Diamonds!! Guess what Billy Bob, my 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390 in hanging from the ceiling in my bathroom!!!

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